Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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  • As a budding psychotherapist, I was both glad and sad to read this article (and others like it). It’s natural now to wish to flee after you’ve tried fighting. Breaking through cognitive dissonance and ignorance from multiple angles is hard. Sadly this battle will wage on until the dinosaurs die out and their methods with them. Hang in there and fight the good fight, remember you’re getting through to some but likely won’t save them all. Some are better than none. Use your appointed “power” for good as you’ve been. Find that inner strength to carry forward in the face of the very adversity you warn clients about… continue to embrace those emotions and use them as fuel for the fire in your belly. Keep on fighting the good fight. Whether it’s always readily apparent or not, remember there are others who align with your perspective and goals, and behind the scenes, we’re collectively doing the work that hopefully will come to the foreground (or close to) as society evolves. Keep the hope alive! Resilience is not futile! (borg reference therein).

  • Great discussion all!! Continue to be enraged, engage in truth-telling and help to collectively ignite the flames within people’s bellies and foster that eminent culture shift!

    I was coming here to suggest the work and specifically the book Rebel Minds by Susan Rosenthal….when I noticed Megan Wildhood appreciates the work of Susan Rosenthal… as well, I quote: “Rebel Minds makes a superb case for why failing to imagine the end of capitalism will guarantee the end of the world” – Megan Wildhood.

    Megan’s full review of Rebel Minds by Susan Rosenthal:

    Susan has over 30 yrs. experience within the medical, mental health and educational fields and has seen up-close the lasting biopsychosoical effects brought on in-part by the dominant capitalist culture.
    Susan is also a contributing authour to MiA as well.

  • I’ve struggled half my life thinking I was the problem first and society was the problem second… and when I almost awoke, my well-intended but manufactured education crippled me and society pulled me down with it… fortunately, I later clawed my way up and out of their quicksand.

    People are easier to control when homogenized.

    The acculturation of “them” has been going on for decades… it appears we’ve turned that “gun” on ourselves.

    People are sick of feeling doubt, shame and guilt for questioning “authorities” and for instinctively feeling nonconformist.

    Well said @Megan Wildhood, thank you very much for sharing.