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  • Because they are of course not always successful is what I mean. And they have no way of knowing what is happening to them. It’s very damaging to the emerging sense of identity. Even learning about withdrawal decades later can be a sort of aha moment. So that’s what was going on.

  • Very good post thank you. I think one group that has suffered from this are children and teenagers who learn to hide their pills or spit out most of the drug laced juice secretly. This can leave them in an ongoing state of withdrawal and lead to all the devastating things you mentioned. It’s a horrible position to be in.

  • B I think that would be a better idea. Like the man who ate nothing but fast food for ninety days.
    Start by an interview with someone about things he believes and things that trouble him. Establish an atmosphere of intimacy. Then afterwards take it apart. I feel sad or disappointed is accompanied by a DSM number flashing on the screen for depression or whatever. I believe in God or feel the presence of someone who died will have a DSM number for psychosis etc. Then the pharmaceuticals are started and just follow someone and watch what happens. If side effects or disturbing behaviour occurs it will be an indication for additional drugs and more diagnoses. Brilliant idea!

  • Not spam. he was replying to my question:)

    I looked at the website and I believe I may have had some contact with that group in the early nineties. It was an mha sponsored group. At that time they were massively focused on medication compliance but at the same time they were very kind and supportive and tolerant when I offered different opinions. ( This was in direct contrast to Icarus where I was blocked the first week I posted for not being properly deferential and sheeplike) I left the mha group because it wasn’t my cup of tea. According to the website it is not active in my area now.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Dear film makers

    Were you being intentionally ironic when you said These are people we don’t touch? (since obviously these are people your profession has strapped down and given convulsions, spreadeagled and strapped down, injected toxic chemicals into, locked behind doors etc. Actually it seems like these are people you can’t keep your hands off of)

    Was the list of clips organized by participant part of the project? (Since the peoples with labels (the ones you believe are hot stoves) were conspicuously missing except for famous novelist Greenberg) What does that say about your unspoken attitude toward them? Or did you make that choice intentionally to illustrate stigma?

    The rain shots were beautiful and sad but at the same time a cliche. The words were moving but almost predictable. Don’t all crazy people believe they are God? But still it was beautiful and grand And then the tacky crazy frames. And the mood was smashed. You framed the shots what did you want to say?

    I’ve only managed to watch 2 minutes, I find it difficult to watch, so far but I would like to hear from you! New york is a foreign land to me and I wonder if I lack the sophistication to appreciate your intentions. Clue me in!

  • I’m sorry if I embarassed you with my comments ted. I think I was overtaken by nostalgia for my teenage years. Of course I don’t love you and I don’t even really know what you stood for just that one phrase mental patient liberation liberation front. You did nothing at all to help us. But you can do very little and still inspire others. There’s a sort of ripple effect and that is valuable too in its own way. If you want publicity maybe you should get a public relations firm? I’m not being snarky I’m serious. Any way sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I notice you didn’t acknowledge me. If this is the way you welcome newcomers it might be a bit offputting to some.

    I think the heroes are those of us who did do the everyday work and loved each other not a “movement” that talked about it. That includes people who were professionals and even NAMI in some cases. I care about kids who are still locked up and people who are being drugged into submission. I don’t understand how excluding people will really benefit anyone in the long run. All power and control is centered in a very small group of people. Really sad. But they are really great at publicity. They might be able to help you. I just want results I don’t care who gets the credit.

  • Indeed. Very disturbing.

    Could you ladies possibly use any professional cred or connections you may have to help defeat the Murphy bill expanding involuntary treatment or to stop the forced drugging of children or convince your colleagues to stop prescribing drugs that ruin people’s lives? That would really be so much more useful and much appreciated. Thanks

  • Yes the opposite of oppression is no oppression. And liberation for a mental patient is to stop being a mental patient not to form a movement to get civil rights for mental patients.

    I think a lot of people get thrown into the mental illness system because they are independent or eccentric or creative or rebellious or misfits. I don’t think many of them want to march in lockstep for another label. I don’t. Mental patients are not a group like African Americans or gay people or women. It’s just a label imposed from outside. The most radical action is to stop labeling yourself!

    Project Icarus doesn’t speak for me. Neither does Mad in America. Neither does Ted. I want individual rights not a group identity. I want human rights not rights for a labelled group.

    But I think people need to unite behind clearly defined goals. Stop drugging children. Stop coerced treatments. Stop pharmaceutical advertising. Support the right to individual choice. And then if you want to have some kind of group identity with people who choose it go for it but count me out. All of humanity is my peer group.

  • Old soldiers never die
    Never die
    Never die
    Old soldiers never die
    They just have their comments deleted by the Icarist faction!

    Peer counseling is the new face of coercive psychiatry.

    I am not a peer I am a person. DO NOT LABEL ME. I want human rights not “peer” entitlements.

    Professional patients aka peer counselors do not speak for me.

    Project Icarus represents a tiny fraction of people who have been labelled mentally ill. Connections with the press and a good grant writer does not make a popular movement. I do not understand why they are so prominently represented here.

    The peer counseling movement is beloved by NAMI. If it is funded the vast majority of programs will be led by people convincing other to stay on their medications. It is an effort to coopt the leadership by offering pseudoprofessional status and monetary incentives to keep the patients docile. It is a cruel joke. Not being docile enough for “peer counseling” will become an indication for forced medication.

    I don’t know anything about movements or politics Ted but I hope you know that there were kids behind enemy lines in those days calling themselves mental patient liberation front because of you while they were being physically dragged into a room and given ect or forced to drink cups of haldol laced juice. And yes that was still happening in the South in the seventies.

    I am afraid far too afraid to come out publicly. I too have grown old and while all the other old people worry about becoming disabled I worry about being called gravely disabled and being forced to endure “peer counseling” or medication.

    I love you Ted. I hope this post is left up long enough for you to see it!