Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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  • odds are if david orginized a walkout I would have been there with him. I saw him around when I first become involved in all this. we frequently showed up at the same places. I simply believe I am building onto the foundation the individuals like David layed down for us.. I have an equal pay job and I know exactly what your talking about. there are a few “peer orginizations” that pay peers as little as possible while the ED is chillin in Cabo . we have created a coalition in Marion county much like what I saw in Lane County to address such issues. Dont think I have not asked myself if I am just being used as a pawn to press someone elses agenda? because I have given it thought. as far as meeting with psyciatrists the intent is for them to let me work with people on their caseload…. If we want to change the system we need to break it from the inside.

  • 3 years into this what works for me the peer movement as its being called I would like to express where my opinion differs. I Attended Alternatives 2012 and the voice I heard loud and clear was of a man expressing that “alternatives” was held in the begining on a college campus while students were out for the summer .. I get to work as a peer in a government job and I advocate for more of that happening. I also get to sit On a state advisory council. what I know about “alternatives” is it is planned by 3 different consumer run agencies and as of now is in a rotation that each year it gets planned by the next. I think if 2015 happens it will be planned by Mental Health America Of Oregon. I slept on the steps of the oregon state capitol for months in protest about being unable to access mental healthcare. Each morning a state police officer would wake me up and I would go about my day. the difference now is I sit in the rooms of the “government” I met with a room full of “pshyciatrists” yesterday. I really feel like I wedged my foot in in doors that were being closed and now I am being heard, the voice of my community is being heard… My question to you is what do you want Alternatives to look like? I really think it may be as easy as speaking up and showing up to the planning meetings…