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  • “it is just part how we should conduct ourselves as human beings” Tough to say because many people have “mental health” crisis arising from unknown sources. True, I had my issues growing up but by now, I don’t know who I am. This COULD be due to psychiatry but when I had my first anxiety breakdown, the “gold” standard was medication and therapy. There are MANY people in this predicament and we cannot abandon them. I know many websites LITERALLY struggling to help people manage to get off meds and live a productive life…

    I agree there are two issues; I’m just crying from my own pain where there is so little support.

  • What happens when the person is so mentally sick from the drugs that he/she is in a funk? I wake up in a funk every day. I’ve become a shell of my former self and have ZERO motivation to even start a lifestyle. I have acquired and inability to wait for my painful experiences to end. Now, I’m left hanging where I have NO MOOD to do anything to help myself.

    After all this, maybe I just say it’s bad luck that I started with psychiatry and continue with augmentation? What other choices do I have? I tried tapering, Natropath, etc…

    Now I feel burned out, worse than ever. I was even hospitalized mid taper. That sucks. The attending psych doc told me to never go off the meds again and to always follow those in the know.

    I don’t see a way out once I was so fuc*ed over and over again

  • I guess this doesn’t apply only to the “peer support” idea but to the entire mental health arena. Everything evolves around the notion of chemical imbalance and that psych drugs + therapy has seemed to show the best outcomes.

    However, I do need to say, as a depression/anxiety sufferer for many years, I now find myself feeling total apathy, lethargy, sadness, anxiety, crying, etc…

    I’m at the point where I cannot even start anything constructive for myself due to my severe symptoms that have NOT been ameliorated for a while now.

    If many people in my shoes (25+ years on psych meds), therapy, self help, etc, cannot find inner peace, it’s almost worth it for me/them to go fully on the bandwagon of psychiatry so they can be themselves again! Maybe!

    At least in my life, I see no way out other than fixing my “for no reason depression and anxiety” using the system. I’m sure many people out there have TOTALLY LOST THEIR MOTIVATION and it feels totally biochemical. In my situation, I actually missed appointments with therpists, don’t eat well, don’y sleep well and my life has become one big hell.

    What are my options? I already tried a drug tapering method that failed. So when talking against the medicalization of mental illness, many times there are no alternatives; especially when a person was already subjected to so many meds.

  • Hey, how about collecting small amounts of money and have these articles published in major news outlets like NY times, post, Washington times, nutritional journals and magazines! Get the word out first. Media is very important but not always is social media equal in effectiveness.

    What do you guys think?

  • Hi guys,

    I’m so frustrated, yes, frustrated. I’m however repositioning my frustration at you and me, unfortunately…

    In the holy Talmud it states that when the romans wanted to stage mass Jewish practice bans, a wise Knight in the kings court chastised the sages screaming “go out and protest”.

    Yes, we did, and the Talmud said we were successful.

    Yes, in the roman monarchy! Why not in the free america???

    Why shouldn’t we line the streets countrywide against this corruption…

    It will happen one day, when people will bang their fists on the table, saying: ENOUGH!!! Why wait.

    Media makes it easy to organize. No on city for all; all cities for all…

    Protests in CA, NY, IL, CO, NJ, PA, Etc.. I’m talking about masses in the millions.

    Peaceful though! Am I making sense? Have we lost our want and desire to become warriors like our country’s forefathers?

  • I agre 100%. However, please do a read up on saturated fats. It’s a lie fed to the public that it’s unhealthy. The brain is made of this stuff. Eat more coconut oil, organic healthy foods and you’ll be ok. Doctors in the medical field are just as guilty as psychiatrists in distorting the truth.

    Please site one confirmed death related to saturated fats.

    Otherwise, I’m with you on this.


    C. B.