Sunday, September 26, 2021

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  • Jeffrey,
    You did not deserve to be treated so abhorrently by the adults in your life. You were just a kid, and it was their job to look out for you, not to stigmatize you and set you on a course of iatrogenic injury from psych meds.

    I know it must be very hard to be so isolated. Small steps are good. I am close with someone who has some similar issues, although they have more family involvement. I am sorry that your parents seem to have abandoned you. It makes me very angry that someone in your life has not realized that, if they are not able to help you directly, they could at least try to support you in finding the right supports.

    So called medical professionals are betraying their oaths on a massive scale. I had negative experiences with medications, but was lucky that it happened as an adult and I was able to evade diagnosis, etc.

    It might help to find a psych survivors contact or patient advocate that may be able to at least be a source of comfort to you, and may be able to advise. You deserve love and support.

    If I come across such a contact, I will post here.

    Finding intimacy is difficult for anyone in this complex world (I don’t actually seek it for myself in a primary relationship because of my history as an adoptee. I have human connections through my work supporting people with disabilties).

    Take care