Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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  • The tablets are being used to help with bpolar and personality disorder to balance me out more than sleepers as I have imovane for that. My doctor is not to bad hence why she has dropped 100 my intent is to keep getting them reduced. I do meditate when I remember lol it’s crazy to say I forget but things just go from my mind I forget where u put things five minutes ago take me a whole day to find them. I just think a healthier alternative would be benefit and to be unlabeled to. What you did rings so many bells in myself it’s not funny. Thankyou for your response Did you seem dietician help to reorganize your diet or you just chose to eat 3 meals a day and followed with yoga meditation on your own? Sorry for so many questions

  • Thank you for your insight I’m taking 700mg a day of seroquel and I hate it. I’m 5ft 11 and weighed 55kgs and now weigh 71kg and I’m disgusted with how I look and can hardly fit my clothes. I have had the seroquel reduced by 100 and still have sleep issues so I have to take sleep tablets too, as well as stomach tablets to be able to digest them. I have told my partner I want to stop them but I think he is scared I will have another breakdown as am I. I have lived most my life quite happily without the need if tablets until I got diagnosed with bi polar and personality disorder and stuck on tablets which were upped every few months and then swopped to lithium which gave me a mental breakdown and 6 week in hospital. How can I get off these tablets and know I will be ok doing so ? I just want to be me again, no tablets happy without worrying what each day will bring and know I won’t have a meltdown .I feel like I have been lost somewhere along the way. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place