Monday, February 17, 2020

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  • Dear David! I came across this site by chance, while looking for side effects of antidepressants, as my sister has just been prescribed Paroxetine by a psychiatrist, after telling him that she has been experiencing panic attacks. I haven’t studied medicine, but, to tell you the truth, I’m quite skeptic about the use of drugs, as they try to tackle the symptoms, not getting to the core of the problem. I’m an anxious person myself, worrying about things; and it is probably due to both genetics and my personal history. I don’t want to see myself as an ill person; I’d rather think that I am special the way I am, just like any single human in this world. Who says that we should be “walking smiles” every day; life is made of ups and downs, we just have to accept it. Without darkness we wouldn’t appreciate light… I truly believe that the humans have the key to healing themselves; it’s just that it takes a lot of time, courage, energy and faith to undertake the path of salvation from one’s internal hell. I’ve recently read the book The power of now (Eckhart Tolle), and it simply opened my mind. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. Greeting to you and to all the people who shared their thought in this forum. Take great care of yourselves because you’re all worthy just the way you are…