Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • By his own admission “impressive sales”- – working in the medical field, being a patient and a carer , I have never heard this much raw honesty. Proud of being a drug pusher?! What an achievement, he should be in jail with every other scum drug pusher. I wonder how many lives his ego has taken. How much money went into his pockets with his clinic trials and “kickbacks”.
    The pharmaceutical industry should not provide financial gain, for a “favourable” drug trial outcome. A least he was kind enough to clarify that it was indeed HIS agenda ! I would call that “conflict of interest” but attach the title of DR and we assume incorrectly that this parasite is NOT morally and ethically bankrupt! Thank God he is gone! I think he needs to try one of his “trialled” drugs for 1. Lack of empathy. 2. Delusions of grandeur . 3. Megalomaniac. 4. Not caring about others only himself. 5. live for power, etc. the list goes on and his own diagnosis would be “white collar psychopath! ” FACT. Sadly they walk amongst us.