Saturday, June 6, 2020

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  • Matt,
    I just wanted to thank you you for addressing this issue. As someone who has C-PTSD (going on 20 years) and being put on benzos to counteract the panic attacks from SSRIs as a teenager, I was not forewarned; I simply trusted the doctor. I was not given the chance to deal with my early traumas (rape, fluke near death virus, watching multiple people die violent deaths and so forth), I was shoved on medications and told that my life was one sentenced to medication with no other options. I fought for 17 years and got off every medication, including the benzos twice. I did a slow taper. I did an Ashton Manual taper. I was cold turkeyed. Each experience was exactly the same for me. I ended up in the cardiac unit of an LA hospital before going out of state for help. I was hospitalized (via mental hospital) during both tapers and thrown on any drug that wasn’t “addictive” that they could think of, against my will and left with Akathisia. It was 6 horrendous months before I could trust enough to treat said Akathisia. I used to think my biggest fear was being locked in a mental hospital and going insane. I stand corrected. My biggest fear was being locked in a mental hospital, sane. For everything I went through, I did get a diagnosis and finally found experts willing to treat the symptoms, not throw drugs at me. I received an apology from the head of a large hospital here in California for what I had been through at the hands of psychiatry and that validation remains with me today. The trauma and horror of those hospitalizations was/is as traumatic as my previous traumas. So yes, I do believe hospitalizations as such can induce PTSD in some individuals. It compounded what I already had. I am familiar with Peter Levine and somatic work, which did help me calm my body, but did not give my mind relief from the PTSD. I also found Dr. Shapiro and now work with a trauma doctor whom assisted in her first studies with EMDR in addition to the somatic work, which has helped. I built a team for the purpose to treat myself in all ways naturally. It took me 18 years to get where I am today, on my own accord. I do hope you find your own relief and continue to thrive as well as those who have suffered the same and/or similar. My best to you.