Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • So people seeing blue people or talking on the phone when no one is there or opening all the windows in sub zero temperatures while blasting the tv on max volume while it’s on fuzz or kicking and screaming at animals for no reason at all or saying i see my dead mother or hallucinations or extreme emotions or torturing/eating/killing/raping/molesting innocent kids/adults whatever else i can’t think of at all moment is not a disease of the brain? Can’t a brain be sick?

    I’m new here… just registered to comment and share my story.
    My Mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was born. She has lost custody of me numerous times… usually around the holidays. I have suffered, yes suffered, all my life because of her illness. She also has SUFFERED the most (the ignorant one who says that those are not suffering with it should walk in their shoes before assuming.. and I mean REALLY be severely mentally ill). I take care of her and I will continue to until the day one of us dies. With that being said, yes, I do believe people can have a brain disorder/disease. I still do not understand how that happens or how one gets sick but I know that there is such a thing.
    I’ve witnessed it for 24 years and have lived with it for more than half of my life. I have not had any schooling and I haven’t even been to college yet.
    Right now all I can think of is that disease stole my Moms life away. She wasn’t/isn’t able to work, form close relationship/friends, her family ignores her and blames her, she doesn’t have a significant other and in ALL OF THAT HELL… she still loves.
    So maybe this gave me an outlet to vent/express and I most likely didn’t answer your question correctly but thank you for giving me this outlet. Just letting whoever looks at this know how I feel just made me feel a little bit better.