Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • I was wondering if I can be forced to give drug to my kid? The school been pressuring me since the grade 2 and he’s now in grade 7. I ‘ve been reading your post and it’s been a real help. My son does well academically but the complaints from the school is that he is fidgety and sometimes talk without the right to talk( impulsive) and have a hard time to stay on task for a long period of time. I really don’t want to medicate him and my son don’t want either. Each year,, at the end of the school year ,the school ask for a meeting and they go on and on ,how he is disturbing the class ect….making me feel like i’m a terrible mother and making it so obvious to me that their goal is to try to change my mind. The psychologist last year compared ADHD to diabetes and that if I don’t medicate him he would probably ;quit school, get into illegal drugs and be more at risk for suicide. Using this fear tactic almost worked,,,, because what mother wouldn’t do anything to prevent that outcome right??She also said that the information that i’ve been reading are false( witch she does not know the information I’d read in the first place) and said that parents like me that don’t want to medicate is because of misinformation. At the end of the meeting she offered me ‘” her “trustable “website information that I refused , because I said to her I do have trustable studies from different pediatrician and neurologue. Through the years I been changing the diet, given supplements and involving him in sports . The change that made the greatest change for him was the elimination of colorant and also the magnesium supplement. I just starting him on Zinc recently I ‘m hoping it will help too as alot swears by it . Sorry for the lenght of my post . Thank you to take the te to read it and give your opinion 😉