Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • That was a shocking story. I am searching the world for a story similar to mine. I had been “gas lighted” by my ex husband but no psychiatrist or psychologist could ever find a thing wrong with me (yes I had reactive effect of depression, anxiety due to events but no mood disorder). It would take all day to explain but when I found a case against my ex husband in a Supreme Court in Australia and I was also suing in a civil court I found myself carted off and made an involuntary patient and drugged (I would have destroyed the final hearing). This was in 2005. Only recently have I looked at the files and found a psych registrar had made up pages of fake notes and visit to me and other forgeries I allege. My life has been almost ruined due to this drugging as I then became the criminal and got a conviction basically for reacting when he stalked me.I know 100 percent my own lawyer and the doctor were involved in this and produced a massive document and it is with the police now and a medical board. I was fine when I went to hospital and so pleased with the evidence I found (which I did as I was socially seeing a barrister and this was another reason to shut me up).A LOT of money would have been paid out.