Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • I have been Google searching citalopram withdrawal and came across this. I am a working mum and my husband of 10 years and my children have not known me without this horrid medication. tonight I came home and abused you kids and husband and broke down crying. I feel like I’m going for mad. I’m physically I’ll feel mentally exhausted anxious foggy in my head dizzy depressed and awful. I have been tapering off now for 3 weeks. have cut down from 20mg a day to 20mg every 3rd day. I feel like the symptoms a wil never subside. I have been on these since 19. . I’m 35. doctors want me to stay on and they are not helpful. I am appealing to anyone for help and advice as I’m desperate and I want my family to have the mother they deserve. I am not sure how I can do it and if these symptoms will go! going to another type is not an option for me. Please help!