Friday, October 22, 2021

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  • Another wonderful story, Michael, demonstrating the profound effectiveness, yet simplicity, of being still enough inside one’s self to enable space for others to feel safe enough to communicate in their pain and confusion. The Open Dialogue approach operates by the same healing principles. Also, the Native American healer/psychiatrist/doctor Lewis Mehl-Madrona relates many stories, in his books, of effectively using this human and empathic approach for people in both physical and mental suffering. Ideally, the global mental health system needs to use a similar approach because the present system, in my view, does more harm than good. Thank you Michael for your life and all you give. 🙂

  • Thanks Michael . I agree that normal human emotions have become pathologised, particularly in DSM-5, but also in mainstream psychology. Another aspect of the problem, in my view, is that the right/wrong model reflects the materialist belief in an atomised world…where each thing is separate from the other. As such, the individual becomes the locus of ‘wrong’, when, in fact, the disturbance, or upset, or despair, is probably an indicator of the social milieu in which the person lives. ‘Wrong’ societies create ‘wrong’ feelings inside human creatures, particularly a society that encourages consumeristic individualism to the point of establishing widespread spiritual poverty. Of course many people feel ‘wrong’ under such circumstances. It’s a double displacement! On the one hand, not really aligned with the social script we’re encouraged to live by, therefore, out of step with mainstream society, yet, on the other hand, disjointed from the deeper spiritual self. A fringe-dweller in one’s own ontological and social landscapes. Maybe we can invent a DSM label for people who suffer in this way…Disengaged Economic Unit Disorder?