Saturday, October 23, 2021

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  • 100%, it’s a planned assault on parenting and the rearing of children, leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of addictions, that the same experts have medication and skills to cure, great!
    i was with a friend yesterday, working mother, comes home exhausted, her little boy is full of beans, with the child minder, now seeks the love of his tired mother, you can imagine the childs frustration when the mother can’t give it the attention it rightly needs, later the child will have attention problems etc.. the psychiatrists of this world, not all, but some, in cohoots with big pharma target the new product range, medication for children, marketeers dream, new product range, and they say it’s not a con, amen

  • i read a report issued in Ireland, or in an irish paper, that reported that 50% 0f children with ADHD, were from poorer backgrounds, basic point, children need nurture when young, and when resources are missing, children suffer, no big deal, total common sense. the reason this is of interest to me, was that a young pal of mine, kid without father figure and troubled mother, had relationship difficulties etc, school, friends, home, basic authority issues, nothing new. when i suggested he needed help to a doctor pal, the diagnosis was, after a gathering of expert opinion, put him on the ADHd meds.
    great, problem solved. the medication is untested, the condition is all social related, nothing chemical missing, yet all the experts direct medication, problem solved. the same professionals are doing the same today, child, attention issues, medication. I wonder how much more of this professional behaviour is mimicked elsewhere. i have for purpose of wisdom, and new insights, put together a webpage that might help those with issues as they say. the cure for a ADHD child, is Love, time, support, companionship and understanding. in our busy 24 hour world, social media and email, etc etc, we have all the money it seems but none of the time. for wisdom seekers only, i have a blog under the name paddypicasso which is available on wordpress.
    we live in a time, when wisdom is badly needed, and common sense is almost extinct. what kind of society dopes it’s unruly children, only a very sick one, amen.