Sunday, October 24, 2021

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  • The thing I liked most about this blog was reading that you are a <i<former therapist. Thank God. Your “attempt at humor” failed completely. I found each of these supposedly humorously re-worked diagnoses to be more offensive than the next. You’ve presented mental health clinicians as callous narcissists who only want to take money from patients and make fun of them in the process. Perhaps that’s the way you ran your practice, but the clinicians I’ve known are compassionate healers who truly dedicate their lives to helping their patients. Some of these “jokes” are not even accurate to the diagnosis. Antisocial Personality Disorder is not about sexual perversion, it’s about lack of empathy. Anorexia is not about vanity, it is a serious disturbance of self that results in eating disordered behaviors; and it’s the deadliest of all mental disorders. As a patient, I am deeply offended. As a future psychiatric nurse, I am horrified that you ever treated actual human beings, and I hope that your former patients have better help now. Do everyone a favor and stay away from all health professions in the future.