Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • As a fellow nonconformist I applaud your words and empathize with your struggle. The Nacirema-Orue way of life is designed to create a fundamental brokenness in the development of human beings. People being bathed in cognitive dissonance so intensely that to recognize it (and worse to question it) breeds contempt from the masses. It takes courage to stand in your truth despite such heavy opposition. I have found that my ability to do this is what makes me effective with other Nacirema people who are seeking validation for their existence, rather than serving as my crutch it has allowed me to release from the system by attracting like minded people who need a nonconformist spiritual healer.

  • As usual- I adore your viewpoint Daniel! I make my living as a therapist and I work primarily with teenagers and young adults. I typically spend the first few sessions helping my beloved kids look at the world of “mental health care” through a different lens. They are all so traumatized and usually present with a variety of diagnoses (and conjunctive medications of course) that they assume they are broken as a human being. We always discuss the history of psychiatric labeling, the conformist culture of labeling, and what it means to be a traumatized human being attempting to navigate through a largely uncaring community of collective people. Some times they are so overlabled, and so attached to these labels, that they get really pissed off when I refuse to give them another (or to confirm the ones they have). It often takes them some time to adjust to the fact that in our sessions we will talk about their suffering and not their diagnosis. It’s too bad that as a culture we’ve medicated the revolt out of our youth…how will we ever progress as a people without youthful passion? Thanks for your work.