Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Comments by John M. Austin

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  • I’m glad Washington is not like Wisconsin (not). I’m a nudist and also like to stretch my physical comfort zones. I’ll go nude in as cold temperature as I can stand for as long as I can stand, just because I want to find out what I can withstand. I can see myself walking nude in public at near freezing temperatures… what is “near” anyway?. Think about various polar bear clubs that require their members to swim in extremely cold water in the middle of the winter.
    Being a nudist puts me out of the norm. Walking or riding a bike nude in public is out of the norm (although LEGAL in Seattle), and the two conditions together is “extra” weird. However, I am about as sane as anyone I’ll ever meet.
    The point is, many many people do “weird” things while retaining full “normality”.

  • “Your daughters may not forgive you for this, fair warning.” And your sons who will be subject to genital manipulation by male or female guards… sorry, “nurses” who do it to assert control and assure themselves of “no drama” on the ward. Are males inherently immune to such sexual abuse? Hell no. Us guys suffer as much as the females. We’re just taught by society to suck it up. F that!

  • You should say this. You aren’t alone in your feelings. Many psychiatric patients who have been chemically or physically assaulted by staff feel this way. I am a little surprised that more nurses haven’t been followed as they left the hospital parking lot and then physically assaulted as they got out of their cars. Many of us family members and friends of patients who hear about this shit have fantasies of taking revenge for our loved ones who have suffered the way you have. We wouldn’t actually do it of course. That would be against the law.