Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Comments by Khursheed

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  • Hi Daniel,
    I am so glad, relieved i found this site and yr article n hopeful that someday in d near future ther will be less of “psychiatric killing” – harsh as that sounds n more holistic healing and life.

    It is also v. synchronistic that few dys ago i had seen yr utube on psychotherapists n really liked wat u said..n today thru a search on ECT landed up here only to realize u r the same person there 🙂

    being a psychotherapist i find it v. frustrating to see more n more clients getting drawn into d Psychiatrist -knows-best trap. While there may be may ethical/genuine good psychiatrists, i dont undertand why what is a NORMAL human emotion – sadness, has been made into the monster its become in our world – with the big D tag- DEPRESSION and the message that it shld be immediately ‘removed/ended’ – by giving medicine..
    – If only people cld accept that we all go thru various emotions ranging from Joy, happiness to fear n depression – n when sadness enters it doesnt mean we are “crazy” or need to take psychiatric drugs for it. If only we could FEEL our sadness n let it pass, it might not be that enemy its made out to be…
    much Light n al d best in yr work