Monday, April 12, 2021

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  • I did not notice, that was seredipitous. You’re “research” saved my life not two days ago and i am so much better, maybe 50% instead of 1%… I discovered in the nick of time. I don’t know if i was cautious enough about what i posted. But I wanted to tell my story because incredible people like you helped me so much, but do i need to modify anything in your opinion? Adding in that i tapered my zyprexa for 5 months might help. Antihistamines are very bad for me, but everyone? I just dont have enough info yet. I qaited until i dramatically improved to post anything. But I’m no doctor. Although my psychiatrist says I’m a true doctor and scientist for all these findings… I don’t know if this withdrawal is specific to what you were thinking (have you confirmed?) was a more severe autonomic disregulation, but everything fits for me. I’d love more info about what helped you. My body is detoxing and I’m learning all i can and seeing trusted naturopaths, psychiatrists, GI doctors and my primart care doc all of whom are on my same page even if all the research isn’t there… I’m trying to figure out sleep the most. Hopefully stopping the adivan and trazadone which have only been used a couple times. This ia a very interesting thing, and tragic too. I lost more than ten years to this… But its looking way up.


  • Monica Cassini,

    I’m a survivor and on my way to health, here’s my story, any suggestions or thoughts? Histamine was the absolute key for me btw.

    This is my experience, all the experiences on here and the internet led me to figuring out how to save my life, so here’s a thank you. I’m recovering and healing at last.

    This website was key as well.

    This site is from a desparate researcher as well, and they were spot on in my case.

    Note: I am wondering is an autonomic nervous system thing, but this may be the same cause that this histamine withdrawal occurs in some and not others. which may be the reason we got on meds meant for a different illness? (this is what I’m finding, do your own research and talk to very trusted physicians, all kinds… 😉 ) This seems to be unknown, but my doctor has changed my diagnosis to Substance Induced Mental Illness now. Take all this with a grain of salt and do your own research being done, but this is what helped me stay alive and start the healing for good.

    I’ve been going through this. The only way I’ve survived was when I discovered the Histamine connection. Then antihistamines were the poison I thought would help. They ended up helping at first, but then depleting probably all of my diamene oxidase (DAO). I discovered that for me I probably (I’m not a doctor but this proved to be my case) should never take any medicine with antihistamine properties, especially high level ones. I have to take some psychotropic meds to sleep, but they are low level histamines, and my body is okay with that as long as I get some sleep. It has to get out of my system and I in no way want withdrawals or dependency, so I need to find a better solution sometimes soon. Low Histamine diet and getting out of stressful things is the hugest answers I’ve found so far.

    Best diet I’ve found but test All things before eating large quantities, your body knows what’s good, listen to it.

    Vitamin C is supposed to help a lot. folic acid is bad? Anyway, I am on my way back to health now and detoxing my body. Low histamine is a special diet but looks a lot like a detox diet. Plenty to eat, but still very restrictive. Its better than what my body considers poison, but a little interesting as my body removes toxins and calms down my excited histamine receptors. I need my DAO back too, so I ordered DAOsin DAO enzyme supplement, which I’ll get tomorrow thank goodness. They need that at health stores for sure. I suspect that most are suffering from this rebound effect I describe. Insomnia, hyperactivity, talkativeness, energy, I have a GI thing probably related to the histamine (it is lots better on healthy low histamine foods) and hot flashes etc. I was almost gone yesterday when I discovered this. So I am basically allergic to all high histamine foods and all antihistamines to one degree or another are my poison. Misdiagnosed at 15 with bipolar. I think I have a radically disregulated autonomic nervous system. Causes many symptoms, even mental effects, I had deep deep depression around puberty (significant?) before I had an anti depressant and ended up in a crazy insane kind of situation for so long. I graduated college etc through the love of God and my family, but mostly flat emotions and anxiety were my experience on antipsychotics, they were treating something that was an autonomic nervous system thing, not a psychiatric thing. Needed a neurologist, not a psychiatrist… Holy Crap.

    And this website helped a lot to see my same story written by the author and all the commentors…

    I am fairly certain that this histamine thing happens mostly to those who are in this situation. I’m not a doctor, but I sure became an expert in neurology by myself in the middle of the night a lot of crazy energetic desperate nights. Every doctor should make sure that someone doesn’t have any form of dysautonomia or nervous system issues before any meds are given for the wrong thing and they have to fight to escape like me and lots of us.

    This is my story, I’ll post back later with updates, but I am sooo much better and my body is much more happy. Until then, stay calm and remember we’re all in this together. I don’t know that my situation is the common ailment, but here’s what I found.

    I need to see a neurologist soon to make certain, but it all adds up perfectly. My psychiatrist has agreed with all my findings, but obviously doesn’t know it all or have the research to make conclusions about this condition.

    good luck,