Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • What he does isn’t that different than the Psychiatrists and Psychologists in the Military Behavioral Health System. It is their protocol to give our returning Warriors multiple cocktails of chemicals with no followup to determine how their patients are doing. Same happens in most VA’s and Nursing Homes…they drug their patients to oblivion…till they drool….makes them dependent and passive receivers of these destructive chemicals. See our alternative approaches that work:

  • Hey, CCHR is the only consistent and persistent organization in our society that is disclosing the dangerous relationships and practices of Psychiatry, Big Pharma’s, DSM, and all of their support groups–psychology, clinical social work, counseling psychology, nursing, neurology and more…they are all trapped in this maze or this fuzzy world beliefs and practices of these crazy mental health professionals….come on, they took over mental health when they destroyed the countless lives of millions of their ‘patients’ who had no alternatives presented or introduced but shock treatments and lobotomies. Now they give their patients the opportunity to reduce their frontal lobes of their brains with these cocktails and psychic tattoos.