Saturday, May 25, 2019

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  • Hi David!
    I am new on here. I noticed you have not posted since February. Upon reading your last entry it sounded as though you may have had a relapse and had considered returning to the anti depressant. So, what has happened? did you relapse or make it through?
    I myself have gotten off of anti depressants several time and relapsed each time after a few month or more.. Sometimes though I never got through the withdrawals and had to return. Presently I again am weaning considering another option of treatment, feeling the withdrawal effects, trying to keep hanging in there for better days-but I do have an open mind if I have to return. I know when I first tried to get off of them I had very bitter feelings about using them and their damage. I was very critical about them. But I come from a family with chemical imbalances and witness daily the effects of not getting help with medicine when you need it. I now think-It must be far worse living a life of emotional turmoil just because you are against medical treatment than taking medicine to improve things? I have to say when my medicine is the best fit for my chemistry I feel better than I ever have. Healthier mentally and able to make good decisions with out all of the anxiety, and irritable feelings from withdrawals. I do not like the side effects that some brought me-mostly weight gain especially, but at least I could enjoy doing things and smile at life. Without it I am not so happy. At one time I had to be hospitalized for several days just to get through the withdrawals and only to start another antidepressant-that was when coming off of the paxil for the third failed attempt. So me-I just want to feel well and enjoy my family and life-whether I have to take medicine or not as long as it helps not worsens my issues. I am guess I am saying if we can benefit from it great. If not then we don’t take it. But even I needed to reevaluate my own thinking about to take them or not to take them. Also if you see some of childhood self in your child perhaps you might look at it differently. You see sometimes all of the education and self esteem building attempts do not change your chemistry of anxiety and depression. Just as the fact that some people can suffer many of the same type of life problems each of us deal with-but never have to deal with depression. They push through and get to the other side without that battle. Maybe they simply do have a stronger chemistry balance. I know my husband has has to deal with many of my ups and downs, on and offs of medicine, back and forth with work due to the imbalances, etc.-but he never once fell into depression. Did he get frustrated-for sure. But not depressed. Who knows but maybe the best we can do for our children who do inherit some of our genetics is give them tools to help themselves without accepting the stigma that comes with it. We are all different may we all succeed at finding what we need for a more functional life for us and those we love and love us.