Thursday, October 28, 2021

Comments by JoshB

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  • Hey Nancy,

    Thank you for such a quick response. Your experience with this drug is monumental. I agree the initial prescription could be considered criminal. Since I read this blog post I have been thinking of how many symptoms I blamed depression for….

    I am committed to raising awareness in my country, this needs to be herd by the medical community. You are a martyr for the cause as much as I don’t want to think of the pain you have endured.

    If you want to talk more or just have a laugh feel free to contact me at [email protected]😀

  • Hi Nancy,

    My name’s Josh, I’m 26, from New Zealand. I have been prescribed 100mg (One hundred) Quetiapine to help me sleep and combat anxiety. If I run out, I don’t sleep until I take one again, and have constant stomache pain.

    I was blown away when you said you were taking 1500mg initially. I couldn’t even imagine how that would make me feel, 200mg and I’m asleep for a day. From what I’ve read of peoples experiences with various medications is that American doctors ‘throw medication’ at their patients, and very high doses.

    Well done on making it through those withdrawals, to say it must’ve been tough doesn’t do it justice. I really hope the healthcare professionals in your area rethink the way Quetiapine is prescribed to patients.