Saturday, July 2, 2022

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  • Thanks for writing this article. Very interesting. I spent about 18 months helping run a Facebook withdrawal support group. It’s a tough role undertaken entirely by volunteers. Quite frankly it should not be this way, but until the denial and patient blaming by all levels of the medical establishment ends, it will remain so (for some considerable time I would expect).

    I wrote this paper on the Facebook communities which is a useful addition to your article.
    Its follows 16 groups, 13 of which were private gps partially of wholly helping people taper off antidepressants. There were 60,000 people in these groups (now 69,000!). You will be pleased to know there is work underway to extract the user experience from these groups in the hope it will help inform healthcare exactly what does and doesn’t work for people who are dependent on these medications and want support to safely withdraw.

    The paper was also covered here