Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I am so happy to have found this blog. I read Peter Breggin’s book, Reclaiming our Children, years ago, when my daughter didn’t even have any problem. I just found it amazing that so many of my kids’ friends were taking drugs for ADD, depression, etc. After my daughter had a complete meltdown in October and went into therapy I read Bob’s book, which is what lead me to sign up to this site. I will indeed stand my ground for my daughter. I want her to read his book, but she is a senior in high school, just trying to keep up, with covid making everything worse. She doesn’t have the time at the moment. I will stay away from this Nexalin and I’m going to tell her therapist to just keep doing her cognitive work and that we are staying away fro medication. I am considering Dr. Amen’s clinic to do a brain scan to see if maybe there is a physiological reason for her mental problems. Bless you for the incredible work you are doing and for your bravery in disseminating all of this personal information! I am very grateful for you.

  • Hello. Does anyone know if Nexalin therapy is the same as TMS? I am seeking treatment for my 18 yr old daughter that does not involve medicating her. Of course she believes medication is her only option after only 4 visits with a psychiatrist. I am desperately looking for alternatives. He told her father and I that he didn’t think she was bi-polar, but she thought she was bi-polar, and now he suddenly suspects, bi-polar 2. Just take the Lamictal though and if it doesn’t work, we know it’s not a mood disorder. Is this seriously a medical doctor telling her this? She’s a legal adult but I’m doing my best to stand in the way of this. No more psychiatrists for one thing. Thanks for any feedback from the group