Thursday, May 6, 2021

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  • I was a strong anti-medication advocate until my son was diagnosed with SCT and I gave in. This is a very type b personality kid who has been exceptionally lazy since he was born. No desire to crawl or roll over. Extremely happy but never energetic. He loved school but the teachers complained he was not motivated. I didn’t worry much – he was bored and he was smart. But by the 4th grade – he was falling behind and was starting to really have troubles at school because he didn’t do the work. He had more days that he just sat in a catatonic state. He did this at other times – I had called it the “possum” starting when he was little. He has done it at Disney World, at friends’ houses and school. He just stares and doesn’t talk. He acts uninterested but he is not unhappy. It is not about being interested. It was whether he was having a foggy day. He became more withdrawn and more scared. He constantly talked about being afraid because he couldn’t understand. I felt he had anxiety. I had all kinds of theories. But the doctor pushed 20 mg of Vyvanse. I resisted and then gave in. I don’t know what is wrong with my son. I do know this: he is a different kid that is extremely thankful to his doctor. He has slept 11 hours since he was little and it is not a sleep problem. That kid is a sleeper and continues to be a sleeper on the medication. He eats exceptionally well and has done 1 hour of exercise every day of his life because I felt it was important due to family heart disease. It is not something that only happens at school. That is what bothers him – he will have trouble with going into a fog at birthday parties and at times that it is really inconvenient. If it is anxiety – I will say this. A really small dose of Vyvanse does great things for his anxiety. My son hates the sluggishness but choses to not take the medication when he is not going to school. He is smart enough to research it all and he doesn’t want to “end up short.” He told me yesterday that he hates the summer months when he feels like he can’t keep up. But he would never go to school without the assistance because he knows the difference it makes for him. We are working on other solutions. There is some advantage to running (heavy cardio) in the mornings. But on a really foggy day – it is hopeless. Just an opposing viewpoint. Not everyone is just blindly drugging their kid. It kills me that he has to take this. But I will say that watching him sit in a catatonic state that you can’t get him to answer even simple questions is so much more horrible than my worries on what the medication is doing to him.