Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • I received 23 ECT treatments 15 years ago. For me, they were very beneficial when nothing else was. I had very severe depression and was non-responsive to medication. I eventually became suicidal. That is when I chose to receive ECT. Since the ECT treatments, I have not been clinically depressed again. Sure I have bad days still, but nothing compared to the magnitude of what I experienced before the treatments. I am personally not against it, as I know firsthand it can work. I am not saying it does not have its downsides. I have lost 22 points on my IQ. I also have a memory gap for approximately 5 years before the ECT. Since the ECT, I can tell you that I am not as intelligent, it is harder to learn knew information, and I have a very hard time remembering faces. However, I just graduated nursing school so school can be done after ECT. Just for me, not as easily. In Summary, receiving the ECT was worth it. I would gladly any day take the cognitive consequences that I now experience over the depression I once did.