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  • Hi, so I read this blog in Dec 2013, and decided to go off prozac. I felt weak that I needed to take that pill every morning. I went to see my gp and he said that it is fine to start tapering off. It was not an easy process and I suffered with up and down days, not sleeping well, agitation,irritability etc. In March 2014 I had taken my last pill and was looking forward to a life without ad’s. The next couple of months went well and I wondered if I had been taking the meds for no reason the last few years. In August 2014 things at work started to get busy and I had a very stressful situation. I noticed that I was getting more and more anxious every day. I was completely stressed out for every little thing. Over the next few months I was so anxious that I could not think straight. My mind kept spiraling into an abyss of negative thoughts. I would find my self just staring at the branch of a tree as it swayed in the wind while i thought about how nothing was going to work out. I also noticed that it was getting difficult for me to be around people. My self esteem dropped and it was difficult for me to get out of bed every morning. The one morning i could not take it anymore and still sure that I wanted to be off AD’s I phoned a psychologist and made an appointment.I prayed to god that he will help me to feel better. I had a few sessions and always felt a bit better afterwards. One Saturday morning I woke up at 3am. I had never felt it was this bad before. I lay on the couch awake with very bad thoughts. I thought that I could not live like this. That morning my fiance told me that I did not look well at all. I broke down crying and told her how I was feeling inside. She had known that i was battling with this but had not seen me that bad before. She had been so supportive and I dont know what I would of done without her. I drove straight to a gp that day and told him what was happening. He gave me a set of cards with symptoms on and asked me how many I recognized. It was weird, I felt that i was feeling everything. I was also sort of relieved that i was not going crazy. He told me that I was not realizing what was happening and that I am just going to get worse. He prescribed my old meds (prozac) and told me to immediately take 2 when I get home. It was difficult for me to swallow that first tablet as I had known how difficult it was to get off it. I have now been back on the meds for 5 days and can definitely feel a change. The anxiety feels much less. I get up much easier in the mornings. Feels like I can actually live in the moment and my thoughts are not wondering into negativity the whole time. I am just so happy to start feeling this way again. I am not sorry that I had this experience however difficult it was. I know now that i am sick and will probably have to be on Ad’s for the rest of my life. I also know that these meds does not work for everyone but I can say that i am lucky to have found it. I hope that anyone suffering will find a way to get through this dark sickness.

  • Hi David, your story inspired me to get off anti-depressants. I was put on anti-depressants at the age of 22 and I am now 30. If I look back at reasons for the anti depressants being given to me (relationship break-up, failed job attempt) I cant help to think that I was just going through normal feelings a lot of people would have. I live in South-Africa and was proud to see that you are originally also from here. I was on Nuzak(Fluoxitine) and started going off slowly in December 2013 as I was feeling that I did not need it anymore , my emotions were somehow blocked off and was not truly experiencing everything, I was also worried about what I read in connection with damage (memory loss etc..) caused by anti depressants. I went through not being able to sleep at night to extreme irritability, it was quite a battle. I have now been of the meds for 3 months and feel that I am doing ok. I feel more fragile and get my up and down days. My relationship of 5 years has also taken a knock in the last few months and I have thought about going back onto the meds if this is the cause. I hope that everything will work out as I dont want to go back to a.d’s. I think that when you go of anti-depressants all the issues that they were masking come to the survace and you are forced to face them, which in the long run I think will be better than supressing it with a pill until the day comes that, that pill doesnt help anymore and the problem is worse than ever. At the moment only time will tell what lies ahead for me and I am just taking it day by day. I am also curious to know how your battle is going as I noticed in your last post that you had gone back onto Anti Depressants. Thank you for sharing your story as it has had an impact on my life. I wish you all the best.