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  • Hi LunaNik!
    I am very well aware that there are biological processes happening in the brain in every situation that we are in. We can’t function without neural activity. I’ve actually studied a lot of the biological processes so it is not that I negate the fact that they exist. Just like I don’t deny that we as a society need a healthy economy.
    When I compare psychiatry to the Tea Party it is because from my perspective the Tea Party candidates make a lot of claims that they fail to prove – just like psychiatry has a 130 year long track record of failing to identify the biological pathology they always claim exists. If you can guide me to scientific literature documenting the existence of a biological pathology behind psychiatric disorders then I would indeed be very grateful and if the evidence base is sufficiently large I will definitely alter my views.

    As for your argument that we can’t remove your own gall bladder somehow proofs that we can’t recover from paranoid schizophrenia it is classical psychiatric proof. How are the two things linked?
    Your argument has no substance. You might as well claim that because a glass falls to the floor and shatters when we push it off a table thus you need a psychiatrist to recover from paranoid schizophrenia.
    Where is your documentation for your claim that you can’t recover from paranoid schizophrenia without the help of a psychiatrist. I know several people who have recovered in spite of the ‘help’ they got from their psychiatrist and I have heard several psychiatrist claiming that paranoid schizophrenia is a chronic, progressive disease.

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  • Hi cannotsay2013!
    I have never claimed that Fox News promotes coercive psychiatry . If you can direct me to the part of the post where I state anything like that I apologize and will immediately edit the post.
    Nor have I commented on Fox News’ staffs view on lowering the standard for invountary commitment.
    I have not commented on Rand Paul or Justin Amash in this article. The only politician named in it is Sarah Palin and her odd claim of knowledge of foreign policy due to the fact that she could see Russia.

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  • Hi JeffreyC!

    I know that the long term effects of treatment with psychotropics can be devastating – but if the treatment hadn’t been stopped the symptoms would have come anyway and they most likely would have been worse 🙁

    Hope you or if it is one of your loved ones get the best compensating treatments that can be given.


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  • It was actually a bit frightening to read my letter to myself. At first I was just relieved that the psychiatrists’ predictions were incorrect but then gradually the darker aspects of the letter has had me thinking.

    What if I had never met the people who inspired me. What if I had never heard of The Hearing Voices movement – would I then be dead?

    Scary thoughts but thanks for your comments 🙂

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  • I would love to train other pharmacists but most of my colleagues here thinks I’m delusional when I start to present the evidence base against psychiatric ‘truths’ – hence the title of my blog: The Delusional Pharmacist

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