Saturday, September 25, 2021

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    STOP CHILD ABUSE at the hands of psychiatrists
    FROM cfs treatment guide

    Justina’s Law, if passed, could have profound ramifications for the ME/CFS community. Hundreds of children with ME/CFS have been taken from their homes on the basis of psychiatric diagnoses that are just as unsubstantial as somatoform disorder. This law would give legal grounds to parents suing to get their children back. It might even help get some of these pseudo-psychiatric “diagnoses” relegated to the dustbin of history, which is where they belong.

    Please ask your representatives to support H.R. 4989, “Justina’s Law.”

    Find your representatives here.

    You may use the template letter below.
    Please support H. R. 4989, “Justina’s Law.” Justina Pelletier was incarcerated by the state of Massachusetts for over a year based on a psychiatric diagnosis for which there is not one shred of scientific evidence (somatoform disorder). As a result, Justina’s disease (mitochondrial disease, a rare inherited disorder) has progressed, and she is no longer able to walk. Justina is not the only child to have suffered this fate. In 2009, Ryan Baldwin, a boy with myalgic encephalomyelitis (aka chronic fatigue syndrome) was taken away from his family in North Carolina and placed in foster care, where he grew steadily worse.

    Please prevent more cases like Justina’s and Ryan’s. Support “Justina’s Law.”