Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • Freeme,
    I understand what you are going through. I used to be on Seroquel -Mirtazapine combination. Now I’m only tapering Mirtazapine. It’s been almost 7 most since I quit Seroquel. The first time I tried, I tried the pill cutter as per one MD advice but it was too fast. I had the same withdrawal symptoms you have experienced plus the weird dreams that the doctor thought my tapering was too fast so I went back to 200 mg.
    I would suggest you check the websites that Julie Greene posted. There you will find some discussions on how to safely taper. But do it very, very slowly. Listen to your body.
    I still look like I’m pregnant due to 25 lbs weight gain. My joints started to hurt and I have to buy a lot new stuff like clothes, shoes that would fit me.
    After getting rid off that drug, I became more of my old normal self, and I can feel the real emotions especially to be felt loved by my little children. When I was on that drug, I was numb- flat affect, no emotions.

  • Hi Nancy,
    I’m just posting again. I’m on my 3rd month off Seroquel completely. So far, I feel ok with good emotions coming back- feeling happy attending to my kids- unlike when I was on it at 200 mg. I was seeing stars, weird dreams, light flashes whenever I blink my eyes, red visual field when I close my eyes to sleep in the day, and weight gain. I tapered very, very, very slowly upon a friend’s suggestion. During the tapering, I experienced some unwanted thoughts, anxiety but I held back on my dosage and prayed. Then tapered again when I’m more stable. Weeks after withdrawal, some unwanted thoughts reappear but they became less frequent.
    Please continue your advocacy on anti-psych drugs to help educate the misdiagnosed and misinformed people.

  • Hi Nancy,
    I just want to tell everyone here that there is hope coming off of Seroquel. I’m 3 wks off of it now & felt ok, although, at the start it was hard but I was able to get through, with God’s help. I give my thanks back to HIM because I finally was able to very slowly taper off that medication by dry cutting. Again, very slowly. I’m still on Mirtazapine but I’m so happy to prove that I was misdiagnosed. I promised to come back here when I have a success story to tell and this is it. There is hope.


  • Hi John1,
    I have a few questions regarding the story you shared. First of all, would you share how you were able to find an orthomolecular MD? Is he/she a psychiatrist or a naturopath? If you can mention the name, it would be helpful for the rest of us who are seeking reliable MDs who are willing to taper patients from psychotropic drugs.
    Aside from that, was it expensive on your part and I wonder if insurance will cover that cost. What other psychotropic drugs were you on while weaning off from Seroquel?


  • Hi Nancy,
    I am glad to revisit this site with so many responses regarding seroquel withdrawal. It’s me, Shirley. who has been e-mailing you re my experience with seroquel. The reason I stopped searching and trying is that I feel hopeless trying to come off with seroquel given my situation- 2 small kids, being the breadwinner, etc. I need the meds to function at work but I feel I’m not myself. I have almost succumbed to self-pity again because of I just feel I am a hopeless case. I understand now why so many people chose to stay on the drug because they feel that they have no way out.
    I have almost quit the drug successfully but like Liloisabride, I reached the point when I can feel everyone in ,my household sleeping and I’m the only one awake. The frustration that sleep evades me. For a while, I thought it’s only sleep that’s going to be the problem but the panic attack came back big time. It took me 3 months to go back up to 200 mgs of seroquel and 45 mg of Mirtazapine to function again.
    Reading these posts makes me wonder how many people out there have successfully weaned off from this terrible drug. I’m afraid to try coming off again because I have to function to my family, now that I’m able to drive again to drop off and pick up my kids.