Thursday, October 6, 2022

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  • I don’t think this article or comments are very fair.
    I do not think we live in a culture of mandated happiness. We do partially, but we also live in a culture of victims. We also have a fetish with unhappiness in our contemporary culture.
    We have evolved gruadally from being community-oriented beings to being very individualistic beings. This causes al sorts of effects. One of them is that people feel less safe, and less comforted. The essence of humans in the early ages of our existence has always been community. Look at how tribes live. Now we are more and more focused on personal accomplishments. That creates all sorts of changes, and turmoil. One of them is that people feel more anxious, insecure, pressured. Another is that we are desperately looking for an identity. This can also create an overidentification with one’s own sadness and sedbacks. And like Zygmunt Bauman said indiviualisation is a defensive-mechanism to our fast-changing culture.

    Sadness and fear is human, but our modern experience with it is cause by sociological changes. So many people are dissatified with their existence. Both because the way humans always have lived is falling apart (community, nature, spiritual practice,…) and is being replaced by a relentless belief in progress and self-realization. But also because we cling to our sadness for identification. Nobody knows what this constant progress will bring and this causes fear.

    Being this unsatisfied like a lot of people are is not the human condition. So it is also a normal human reaction to look for positivity. Just like sadness is a normal human reaction to live events, so is the need for positivity/hope, positive social encouters.

    Nowaday we are just bombarded with negative news, with negative encouters. Gwendolyn Brooks said “one reason why cats are happier than people is that they don’t have newspapers.” We hear about the destruction of the environment, we here about war, we hear about animal abuse, we hear about civil rights abuse, we hear about disease,… That is a lot to bear for a person with empathic abilities. Also we are surrounded by concrete. Our most fundamental need for community is not there. So how can we as humans with a strong need for hope and postivity get that feeling?
    So many people do not feel well these days, so if you should listen to everyones pain one would have to hear misery constantly on top of the worldwide misery. Very few people are saints.
    Secondly, so many people who spill there misery on you are capable of providing care back to you. I have met so many people who just drop all there shit on you without giving anything back. There are so just occupied with theirselves. (the indivualisation-the defense mechanism) It is a viscious circle.

    I have had so many negative people in my life who are only occupied with themselves. After a while you feel so completely drained. I am a human and I have a basic need for the positive, I have a basic need for reciprocity. I try very hard to find meaning in this world. Otherwise I start feeling like killing myself. I have been really critical of the consumer culture, which indeed is also active in human relationships nowadays. However, I came to notice that you also have to protect yourself. Sadly, I cannot be a saint. Some people can and I admire them.
    Some people just expect everything to go right in life and today this is even more the case. We cannot expect to use people as our garbage bin for our own negativity. However, I have met many people how behave like that. We should support each other in a mutual way. Listening to each other and trying to find a silverlining in life. We crave connectedness so much.

    If we want to decrease suicide we have to get back to the basics. Nature, community, manual work, …
    The connection between civilization, modernity and alienation and depression have been documented and discussed by many anthropologists and sociologists and other thinkers.

    Anyway the point I want to make is that the need for happiness is a basic human need and that we are nowadays subjected to so much negativity on so many levels. There is nothing natural or human about it. There is a darker side to life, but there is also a brighter side to life and to be able to live is a balancing work between the two sides. The way humans have lived for thousand of years tells us something about our needs and human nature. Why are suicide rates increasing? Why were suicides rates so small in certain communities in the past ?
    Mandated happiness is not the cause. Mandated happiness (if it exists) is just like individualism a defense-mechanism and not the cause of the increasing suicide rate. The cause is more likely the increasing negativity, the constant progress and change, the lack of nature/the environmental destruction, the decreasing sense of community and therefor security,…

    So express yourself to your friends and family, but also let them express themselves to you.

  • I also think there is a huge pressure for humans who don’t feel so well to fit a certain category for illness.
    For example will feel really tired suddenly experience brain fog, stomach problems other ills and will go to the doctor the doctor will do a very random check up and will not find anything. However the persons symptoms will not go away and the doctor will suggest depression and because we have learned that we need a diagnosis to justify feeling bad the patient will embrace the term. We need diagnosises to justify ourselves to society for not performing like we should. And because the medical science has this tendency to call every thing they can’t explain mental, many depression diagnosises will be made. Furthermore, you need a diagnosis to justify your absence at work or school. You can’t just say sorry but I don’t know what is wrong but I feel like shit and can’t come to work.
    The way psychiatry is today is very logical, it fits perfectly in our modern society. Diagnosises will only drop when societal pressure to be productive will drop. And they will only drop when the social aspects in society regains his importance again. We are social animals so we need a social society.
    Many people have lousy jobs, they may be lonely, they don’t fit in and illness is there only way out. Often depression and axiety is the only way they know how to “deal” with there problems. We need to learn alternatives to dealing with emotions.

    (sorry for poor grammar or spelling I am not stupid 🙂 I am just not English speaking)

  • It is also hard to evaluate the efficacy of antidepressants. They do have an effect on our brains otherwise we wouldn’t have such withdrawal effect or they would not be able to cause adverse symtoms like mania. However, there are a lot of speculations about how exactly they work. The chemical imbalance theory is being disproven and inflammation seems to have a major role in mental illnesses and almost every disease. The question is what causes the inflammation ? Probably both physical and psychological reasons. Being under stress has an effect on your immune system and thus on disease. Diseases are just so more complex than the medical community wants us to believe. (especially the mental health community). It just baffles me that people with mental illnesses don’t get a full health examinations but instead get described pills that may or may not work and that not tackle the root cause. Mental health is both physical as psychological but as very little to do with being deficient in serotonin.

    Placebo, natural improvempent of mood, getting attention, … can all be helping with depression instead of the drug in the trials.

  • Every since being a little girl I had anxiety, fears, depressive-like feelings and rages. I was hospitalized for severe depression at age of seven, however at that time the biomedical model was not yet that established and I do not get any drugs. I recovered by myself after a year. However, first mentioned symptoms persisted. At the age of 15 I got really depressed again and my temper was getting worst my parents got really concerned because I told them I wanted to kill myself and sent me to a psychiatrist. By that time the psycho-pharmaceutical approach was fully engrained. I went with my mother to this psychiatrist and she spoke to him, but I did not say one word to him- nothing and I only saw him once yet I described my several medications! an antidepressants, antipsychotic and a anticonsulvant. How irresponsible is that ? I did not even asked me what was wrong, what I was feeling.

  • actually it is one in eight Belgians who are on antidepressants. I don’t know how on earth who got to the point were one in eight of our population is “depressed”. Are we such an unhappy nation ? Or are Belgian doctors very keen on writing antidepressant descriptions ? Maybe it is because here general doctors can prescribe psycho-pharmaceutical medication, so you don’t even need a diagnosis to be put on medication.
    You know I was put on an antidepressant and a anti-psychotic at the age of 16 after having seen a psychiatrist only once and I did not even said a word to him. Afterwards I continue taking the medication for 6 more years without ever seeing him , my doctor just give me a prescription when I asked for it without asking questions.