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  • The “meat robot” idea enables them to justify drugs as treatments. And of course that means profits. But like you say it is not effective treatments.
    I have found that with all disease, not just mental illness, it is a nocebo effect. This means that there are negative ideas that the person reacts to and that reaction is physiological. Those ideas don’t arise of their own accord out of any mythical subconscious mind, but rather they are presented to the person by someone related and inhumane and who has some agenda. This has been brushed aside by discrediting ESP and telepathy. They first used only unrelated subjects and now with related subjects but still with issues that are totally irrelevant like the picture on a card.
    Once the person realizes that the ideas are not their own thinking and thus carry no authority, they can then simply and easily discard the ideas. Thus they don’t react to them. They can then maintain their health.
    I am making a series of videos on the Underlying Conditions of Disease. If you are interested I can post the link here.

  • What you are saying is true. However there is the reason why they are going down this road. They, as well as the entire medical science in general, are saying “it’s a meat robot so disease is a malfunction or damage in the machine” This then leads psychiatrists and medical scientists in the area to say to themselves “well, if it a mental illness, then there has to be something wrong in the brain. Makes sense doesn’t it?”
    This reasoning has lead them down the path of chemical imbalances theory for mental illness.
    If only they were to put their thinking caps on. Some 80% of people with depression have severe anxiety. Anxiety is not just a form of fear / fight or flight response. If they ask patients they find that for the most part anxiety patients will talk about fear but they will also talk about worry. Fear and worry are not the same thing, not by a long way.
    They see a fight or flight response in patients with anxiety and depression. However they dismiss as delusional anyone saying that they have a bad gut feeling of there being others in their life wanting to do them harm. A fight or flight response cannot arise without the perception of danger.. real danger. So there is an elevation of the metabolism.
    Worry requires the person to be able to think and reason and try to find a solution to some perceived problem. In the fear response the thinking areas of the brain are declined in favor of perception in order to gain the information needed for thinking and finding a solution. So the body moves to resting metabolism to facilitate thinking and bring back the thinking parts of the brain to full capacity again.
    Once the person starts thinking they again become highly aware of the danger so back to fight or flight response and raised metabolism.
    SO, what is happening that can cause depression? What is happening is the heart becomes conflicted. The heart gets signals to go fast (fear response) then signals to go slow (worry needed) and then signal to go fast again and so on. Go fast, go slow, go fast, go slow. The heart becomes conflicted and there is spasm of cardiac muscles. The end result is that the heart is unable to pump blood sufficiently to facilitate all of life’s requirements and certainly can’t respond to excitement that is part of pleasure.
    This is seen in that the heart variability is affected. The heart becoming conflicted as a pump is the reason why the metabolism is low and stays low, i.e., depression.
    And there is more too. They see immune system markers, not in the brain but in the blood. This is not to do with any inflammation of neurons in the brain, but heart muscle spasm and sometimes damage happens so there is an immune response.
    So they haven’t thought the problem out properly. It is not a meat robot but a conscious being having physical experiences through their physicality, the body. This means ideas, negative ideas have a big impact. This is the source of the problem. Where do those ideas come from? This is not being addressed but in fact trashed so that the chemical imbalance theory, which is financially expedient is seen as favorable. They can see patients for 10 to 15 mins long enough to write a new prescription and next patient enters. They can see 30+ patients a day rather than 8! And life is easy.

  • Dr. Hickey, there is a bigger picture. Psychiatrists are the con men that big pharma use to make sure people don’t stray from believing in physical causes for physical diseases and no simple for the fiction of mental illness.
    Psychiatry labels as illnesses, the devastating effects of related, inhumane people’s foul game play. The suffering is real, but it is not due to any biological problem. However if people can be lead to believe in mental illness and those mythical chemical imbalances and now also genetic causes, then they are safe with selling their snake oil for cancer and heart disease etc. In the first video in this answer I discuss the foul game play that causes distress of the type which may be called mental illness. In the second video, which you will see also involves issues and a person’s reaction, I discuss how and why a person develops cancer. It is a nocebo effect. If the truth were to emerge and people realized they can make themselves well simply by addressing their reactions, then big pharma would take around an 80% correction. It would be financial ruin for the big pharmaceutical companies. So they employ psychiatrists to weave the magic and keep the profits flowing like the biggest river on Earth.

  • Sounds good but who’s gonna do all that?
    Anti-corruption campaigns don’t seem effective and I think they are not effective because the mates of the bad guys, with suitable “philanthropic” masks, fill the ranks of the Anti-corruption campaigns

  • I agree..
    “We need to strip psychiatry of its authority over this domain of our lives. The challenge for society is to figure out how to do that.”
    only I would have said “strip psychiatry of any and all authority over people’s lives.
    It is easy to do. We need to do the experiments, which mimic the foul game play that related, inhumane people do to others in their lives, in relationships. This will empower humane people to take control over their lives and not suffer any ill effects, no so-called mental disorders. Thus psychiatry and the drug companies take a huge correction. I would say like 80% of their profits go down the gurgler.
    How to do the experiments?
    I am making a series of videos on The Underlying Conditions of Disease.
    If you don’t have time to see them all then Video 6 is more or less a summary with some examples at the end.
    Experiments don’t need to use criminals to pose a concealed threat. They can use a snake in an adjacent room with a remote control on the door. The door is never opened. It only needs to create fear as I explain in the video.

  • Thanks for the video links. They appear to be the same video. Anyway, as you said they used methods to try an make themselves look clean, so the family of the children thought they had died of something else, which did not implicate the doctors in any wrongdoing.

    Where I see a big problem from then to now, is that psychiatrists, especially in America but also influencing other countries, is that they are making diagnosis on the flimsiest grounds.

    For instance they used to treat for major depression if someone had lost a loved one and was still depressed after two years. Now it is down to if you miss a meal or two in as many weeks. This doesn’t even take into account people, who choose to eat something whenever they are hungry rather than eat formal 3 meals a day.

    The criteria for diagnosis are totally subjective. They don’t recognize that people are individuals and no two are the same. So they have set up conditions that can be used against anyone. This is the same mentality, call it inhumane, psychopathic or whatever mentality that has taken a hold in the US and influencing other countries. And the drugs that they prescribe create many other health problems including diabetes, heart disease, strokes etc. 750 thousand die every year in the US from drug treatments and many if not most are psychiatric drugs. It is echoes of the same as in Nazi Germany. And what is worse if you read my blog page on Depression and anxiety Psychiatrists are essentially drugging people and claiming to fix imbalances in the brain when there are none. People are reacting normally under the circumstances.

    Experiments on ESP and telepathy have been done for more than 70 years and none done honestly, as apply in an individual’s life. These have to be done by the humane public. If the psychiatric profession continues as it is going, they will make evaluation mandatory, which means everyone will be diagnosed with something and drugged. This is the first step towards a NWO tyranny. The aim is to “cull” around 7 billion people to get the population down to 500 million. How easily that can be done if they can drug everyone and give drugs that kill to those they don’t want around!

  • I can’t seem to be able to edit my post with the CCHR link so I could strike it out. Hence I provide here two links about the same case of Canadian psychiatrists facing charges on torture of patients to replace the offensive link.
    Neither CanadianContent nor ctvnews has anything to do with CCHR.

    And to replace the quote about psychiatry and the holocaust my link to one of Dr. Peter Breggin’s videos “Peter Breggin, MD – Psychiatry and the Holocaust–The Violence Initiative – Part 1” which I posted above in response to streetphotobeing on Dec. 6th. It says basically the same thing.
    So now my post stands WITHOUT CCHR.

  • I am not interested in any debate. I am outraged that for a post citing some very serious issues and giving a pointer to how psychiatry can be blown out of the water, no one, including the OP seems to give a damn.

    No one seems to care a hoot that people are drugged and electrocuted, lobotomized etc., when there is nothing wrong with their brains. They are acting normally under the circumstances. And that can be shown beyond doubt by the general public. So what is Mad in America really about?

    The only posts up to here have been fixated on CCHR reference. Who care who CCHR is, the reference I gave is valid.

  • It is funded by scientology along with others. AFAIK it’s sole function is to work for human rights in the area of mental health. Every year millions are incarcerated and forced treatments are carried out. We can’t sit back and turn a blind eye. Regardless of who the Church of Scientology is, in founding and funding this organization, it has done good works.

    In Australia there was a shocking therapy done were patients were drug induced into “sleep” (if I remember correctly it was an insulin coma) and then electric shocked. 48 people died. These people are human beings, who are being shockingly maltreated by doctors because psychiatrists are doctors. CCHR investigated and helped to stop the immensely cruel practice. And they have acted around the world where ever they have seen abuse in mental institutions.

    If we are going to criticize them, then I say we can only do that if we ourselves are involved in protecting human rights and standing against psychiatry, which is totally without any scientific basis. Psychiatry has done AND IS DOING more harm than even the Spanish Inquisition, than what is said about the Church of Scientology.

  • You are trying to lead a movement against psychiatry on ethical grounds and I can relate to that since I am an activist for social justice, but it won’t work without addressing the core issues and thereby getting the public involved AND on your side, the side of social justice. These core issues are:
    1. the true nature of the distress being branded as mental illness and that as chemical imbalances in the brain needing psychiatric treatments.
    2. the manufactured public apathy towards those labelled as mentally ill, and
    3. the manufactured fear of the “mentally ill” as people, who are potentially violent and potential killers.

    ECT is a “treatment”, if we could ever call it a treatment, for depression, which it is claimed has failed drug therapies. It is also used to treat mania and suicidal patients. The main one is depression so I will tackle that one as an example of the true nature of the distress.

    I have explained in these answers on my blog on this page: , how depression (other than part of a grieving process) comes about and how it can be eradicated: You can see that it doesn’t need drugs and it sure doesn’t need damaging the brain enough for it to be dysfunction with ECT as a treatment. It may be harder to get rid of depression if a spouse or adult sibling etc., someone you are living with, is the chief offender, the abuser. However once you recognise that situation, then you have to break the relationship with the abuser. The abuser is inhumane and that means they have no conscience, they treat others as objects and they have no empathy as they have no love. This type of person is never going to reform. It is a waste of time staying with them and even though leaving holds many problems it is still the best option.

    The psychiatric profession has sold the public a falsehood, that there are chemical imbalances in the brain. And they have admitted it, while justifying their position as “it was a metaphor” to get people to take the drugs we give them. This is not only without a scientific basis, but without even rationality. Every thought and reaction that a person make to life, moment by moment changes brain chemistry. So wherefore is there a balanced state from which an imbalance can be gleaned?

    To get the public involved you not only need a public campaign of some sort because the media won’t do it, but you also need to show people that their health and life and that of their children and grandchildren are at stake. People need to realize that the chemical imbalance theory has a wider agenda, wider that is than justifying the sale of drugs. I strongly believe that there is a NWO and very sinister agenda here: the manufactured public apathy.

    A humane person is empathetic, and that means they will not only feel for the other person, they will move to try and help in whatever way they can. If they believe that the person labeled as mentally ill has a brain disease, there is nothing that they can do to help, hence they are at a loss to do anything other than leave them alone. This is essentially the manufacture of apathy.

    Why does the NWO and psychiatry as it major arm want apathy. To govern from a one world government they need to destroy societies as separate entities and that means destroying community and bringing in new rules and enforce them. The glue that holds community together is provided by the 80% of people, who are humane. That is, people, who have a conscience, which they value, and they have empathy, a form of love for others. This empathy cannot be destroyed but it can be made to be ineffective enough, so that community falls apart.

    Lastly, psychiatrists have been very prominent in the media in the USA (and only in the USA in this way) claiming that the mass shooter, especially where school shootings are concerned, was schizophrenic. This is not only a diagnosis that is subjective, but one where even the person has not been seen or talked to, fanciful diagnosis and one that aims to affect the public thinking, especially while people are afraid and thus impressionable. Schizophrenia is, in the public Mind, seen as synonymous with “mental illness”. Thus every person, with a label, is stigmatized. The public are not only apathetic towards them, they fear them too. This has given the psychiatrists the ability to:
    1. incarcerate anyone they want to stick a label on and then say maybe a danger to the public or needs hospitalization,
    2. administer any treatments they desire or even treat the person as a lab rat, and of course without the person’s consent to any treatments.
    3. they can do far worse, they can harm and even kill the person/ patient, with impunity, because they have public support. The unspoken reasoning is “if he or she is out of control and a danger to the public, then we are better off if they are dead.

    I want to point to this article I read recently:
    This article does show that it is possible to at the least bring a law suit against the psychiatrists for malpractice. However how much of this was in the media and how much public support was there or even public knowledge of it? It is very important for people to know because this article also points to the use of psychiatric practices to exterminate human beings.
    “psychiatrists played a central and prominent role in the abuses that occurred in Nazi Germany between 1939 and 1945 with the killing of 200,000 mentally unfit which, ultimately, morphed into the “final solution,” the mass extinction of much of Europe’s Jewish population. The proof of psychiatry’s role in the holocaust is so pervasive that in 2010 (70 years after the killing spree) Dr. Frank Schneider, President of the German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN), addressed a convention of psychiatrists about psychiatry’s role in the Third Reich.”

    The inhumane subculture, who are those wanting the NWO, want to reduce the world’s population down to 500 million. That means the extermination of 6.5 billion people or more. Starting with a psychiatric stigma, where a person is shunned and considered better dead, a mass extermination could be attempted.. a final solution that would leave anything the Nazis did as a Sunday school picnic!

    Your work is important but it urgently needs public involvement, firstly to show that there is no mental illness, no brain disease, but rather brutal, underhanded maltreatment of individuals. The humane people in the public need to do those experiments because they will never be done by biomedical scientists as their funders won’t fund them. They can never be done inside the universities. They are simple experiments, mimicking the foul game play, to restore public confidence in the truth. And you don’t need to use criminals to create concealed threats. Snakes in an adjacent room with a remote control door opener, can be used to pose a threat. Humane people need to know that they can help their loved ones and others around them who are humane. And they can do that by knowing the truth.

    You will have the public 100% on board if you can do this work as part of your antipsychiatry activities. And you will be instrumental in the taking apart what is behind psychiatry. You will be instrumental in the survival of the humane as multicultural and prosperous, peaceful people AND the taking down of the inhumane and the tyranny they desire to install.

  • Best of all is when there are no more consumers. I am nearly 70 and have had no need of any doctor for the last 23 years, bar one pap smear I had done out of curiosity. When everyone, who is humane, can handle their health as to not fall ill, then the ultimate in reforms is right there. See my answer to Frank above.

  • Trying to reform the wolf is never going to work. What is needed is to realize that life is possible without major suffering as causes long term or serious distress and stress. The only way forward is to make drugs and the whole of psychiatry.. even medicine in general, redundant! That requires educating the humane public so that they can regain and retain their health without the need of any doctors and drugs.

    Depression answers


    When you can justify mental illness, especially as a brain disease, then physical illness logically becomes a damage or malfunction in the meat robot.. hey, a business, big business. And my answers below on cancer clearly show that the real component is ideas and perceptions that cause an unsuspecting person to unwittingly react as to develop cancer.

    Cancer is a business. The official story on cancer is a hoax. And that can only be sold by first selling mental illness, thus the nocebo effect is wiped clean away. Thus they can sell the hallmarks of cancer, which in reality are none other than the hallmarks of stem cells.
    (long answer)

    Cancer is a novel organ and NOT a bunch of abnormal cells dividing out of control. It cannot arise from genetic damage and genetic scramble. In this answer I explain the features, which the medical journals confirms in this answer:

    And in this answer you will find one of my videos, which clearly describes how ideas and perceptions are at the heart of the matter and how it is a person reaction to them, which is none other than a somatic reaction. Understand the truth and cancer becomes a paper tiger!

    Once you see the truth, that mental illness is a myth, then you don’t need to suffer anymore in ways that are debilitating and dis-empowering. Sure we all eventually lose loved ones, we all face various losses, but they are not the issue.

    The only reform that is true reform is to cut of the money supply. And that is possible when the vast majority of people, the 80% don’t need medicines anymore. They can retain their health by knowledge, by themselves.

  • Americans have bought into exclusivism. Americans have been led to believe that they are the king pins and everyone else in the world is a cockroach that they can simply step on for some selfish reason, e.g., we want your government to be what we want, you got our oil under your sands, we want to fight some war and your country is a convenient stepping stone then we step on you etc.

    Problem is that this is an inhumane/ psychopathic attitude that has been sold to the public. Those, who are part of the inhumane subculture, won’t stop at exploiting and harming those outside the USA. They will also treat those inside the USA in the same way. Hence the average American has become the cockroach for the globalists/ elitists/ psychopaths within the USA and as such broken people, used to gain consent to use their money to exploit the world at large.

    To recover the average American needs to wake up and realize that all humane people the world over are one and the same. None are high and mighty, while others are cockroaches. You can’t just go round the world seeking regime change anywhere because others have a right to their own elected governments, just as you have a right to your elected governments. This is the strategy that has kept the elitists gaining power over you, while you crumble.

  • It is not 1%, far from it. It is more like 20%, who are inhumane and who form the subculture. These are the people, who are well masked and looking to deceive those who are humane to gain control over all our institutions and social structures. There are as many as 1.5 billion seriously inhumane people in the world, many of them in the West and in countries influenced by the Western powers. In the USA there are about 60 million maybe more.

  • How can any medication work when this sort of thing is happening.

    And this:

    It is all about underhanded abuse by someone related and inhumane in the person’s life. Unless this is seen and addressed there can be no fiddling with brain chemistry, which only causes imbalances that can make it go away.

    You can also ward off the offenders by a counter attack in the Mind

    And remember the best revenge is when their foul games fail and you can jump the hoops without being negatively affected. Spoil their game and give psychiatry the boot as well.

  • He is doing more than that. What is normal? There is no such thing. If we can pluck a definition for what a normal meat robot is out of thin air, then the DSM can be made to apply to 100% of the population. And notice they are claiming anti-social disorder, i.e., psychopaths etc., are the only ones that don’t need drugs! Can’t be treated. His strategy is consistent with the aims and agenda of the New World Order.. a tyranny.. government by psychopaths and the like. And if you oppose them then hey, you’re mentally ill.

  • The life issues that are being labelled mental illness are life issues but they are also underhanded, often serious maltreatment through the abuse of relationship. I have described and discussed how this is done in 5 videos I have named The Underlying Conditions of Disease:

    The foul game play involves mental suggestions by someone strongly related and inhumane. I explain how this is done, using a concealed threat in this video on ESP and foul game play:

    Humane, non-scientific non-medical community people need to get together and do these as experiments to prove the matter to themselves. And it does not only involve so-called mental illness but physical diseases as well. They can all be beaten! A person can regain and retain their health. It is vital that we do this.

  • You ask:
    “What do you propose be done with a person who behaves badly?”
    I overcame every attack because of the knowledge I was given by my late husband, who was toxic, and from using means such as insight meditation, to investigate what was going on in my body.

    When I realized the true nature of these attacks I was able to overcome them because my body stopped reacting to the ideas realizing that the ideas were bogus, hateful suggestions.

    Humane people can regain and maintain their mental and physical health and deny the toxic/ inhumane people their aims.

    While an awakening is effective, it doesn’t mean the humane person has to continually try to overcome the attack of ideas and being subjected to concealed threats. The humane person has a right to self-defence.
    This also does not need to involve anything physical. The counter attack is made in the mind, the place where the battle is fought and won. See here the last image on this page:

    Mental images of a counter attack against the inhumane offenders, made with intent, have a powerful effect. They either back off or suffer the consequences because a counter attack is effectively a directive to the Universe. An the Mind is not simply personal. There is a Universal Mind and it is through this Universal Mind that one can perceive the ideas and suggestions made by related others.

  • Yes a psychiatric label will hurt the person and create a nocebo effect. Partly it is because the label is used, by some people, against the person labeled. The person becomes isolated, not treated seriously and sometime ridiculed and it is hard for anyone to not react to these conditions.

    The label can also be made in clear cut cases where there is no question of any mental disorder (not that there ever is such a thing). For example many children, who are bullied at school and who as a result will naturall become anxious, are labeled as having anxiety disorder. And of course the motive is money. By drugging them the pharmaceutical company makes money and the psychiatrists gets kick backs.

    Children, who are started at school below the age of 5 years, will become bored and restless. These kids are labeled by the teachers as ADHD and the parents advised that they have to have their children medicated.

    It is not only the label that creates a nocebo effect but also the medication that become mandatory in some cases. The drugs can do horrible damage.

  • You said:
    “To use a classification and to say that some are toxic and “the rest of us” are not, I see a dangerous dichotomy here, and that, to me, is really eugenics.”

    Eugenics has to do with a preferred appearance of the body and /or enhanced ways in which the body may functions. Thus the aim is to modify DNA and at the same time disadvantage, sterilize or destroy any who don’t measure up to the standard perceived as acceptable or desirable.

    This really has nothing to do with eugenics. The body is a vehicle or an embodiment that allows for a conscious being to have physical experiences. It is the nature of the conscious being that matters. I used to believe that we were born as blank slates but I have since seen stark evidence to the contrary. One of the clearest pieces of evidence is that I have seen about a dozen toxic families with young children. I have seen that they do not attempt to train all of their children in the ways of collectively being harmful to others. They only train those that are already inclined in this way. Those that are not inclined to being hateful they usually torment and disadvantage, betray and sometimes kill but by disease such as cancer, mental torture and suicide etc.

    In society we do make distinctions and create a dichotomy for the sake of peace and survival by identifying, convicting and keeping criminals in jails (quarantine) or killing them (capital punishment).

    It is difficult to identify the criminals in the case of those I am calling toxic for two reasons. One is that the means they use are not obvious, and the second reason is because the medical industry denies the means, especially in ESP and the nocebo effect. Nocebo experiments in medicine / science have been outlawed. And it was done by having some researchers/ doctors do some shocking experiments, which are now pointed to as “what these experiments are about”.

    The reality is that the medical industry would be lost without diseases, both mental and physical. And I strongly suspect that without the foul game play and nocebo effects there would be no disease or at lest a trivial amount, not enough to plunder the public purse and the insurance companies for trillions of dollars annually. Hence the Nocebo experiment, i.e., the evidence, is forbidden. And psychiatry is used to condemn the victims as crazy and drug them, sometimes to death, AND at the same time white wash the offenders as simply having a “personality disorder that doesn’t harm them and hence they don’t need to be drugged.

  • Yes I understand your concern:
    ” Show me the actual poison, the physical alteration that makes a person cause others to become ill or have a fever”
    It is a valid concern and I will try to address it.

    The “physical alteration” that makes the victim ill is the victim’s bodily reaction to what they perceive as an idea coupled with emotion. There is a cheat involved, which causes the victim to upgrade the idea to a belief.

    The person who betrays the victim is using physical means but such means are not obvious. They pose a concealed threat and at the same time mentally present (through the abuse of relationship) a hateful idea.

    The aim of the concealed threat is to have the person react to the threat but in a way that leaves them only with knowledge of some bodily reactivity, because the knowledge is subconscious. Thus when they perceive the idea at the same time, they may use the emotional reactivity as evidence for the idea. Their reaction is a nocebo effect.

    Allergic reactions are the most simplest form of such cheats and the victim’s reaction may include anaphylactic shock. which can lead to the victim’s death. I don’t know if that is the case in every case, although I suspect as much, but it sure is the case in many cases, as I have seen both in myself and others I have known.

    I have started to document the foul game play that leads to allergies as you can find here in this video on placebo and nocebo effects: (16mins)

    If you want to see how a concealed threat is created and posed, you can view my video series on the Underlying Conditions of Disease. It is 5 video and a total of about 1hr 40 mins but I have added endings to most videos to help people lighten up with some nature studies of birds or goannas etc., because the subject matter is dark, or it was for me. I have posted the link in my comment to Nomadic here: in my first comment (Oct 17) to Nomadic.

  • The idea of an “ethical conundrum” to physicians because they do not want to deceive patients, is a load of rubbish. The problem is that the medical industry insists that the body is a machine, so to fit this paradigm they must consider the sugar or flour pills as having a healing effect. They know full well that this is NOT true.

    The sugar/flour pill is only an anchor for an idea, the idea that the patient will get well. The reason the patient gets well has to do with a belief and not the anchor of that belief. This however opens the Pandor’s box; That being that the body is purpose-driven and not a machine. Ideas and beliefs are instrumental both in healing (placebo) and in disease (nocebo).

    They have to admit that the treatment given is an idea given by an authority figure, a doctor. Thus the patient takes the pills believing they the problems they face in the body, the adverse bodily reactivity will be resolved. They stop reacting. This means they relax and thus their body returns to resting metabolism and health.

    They have chosen to use Latin words for placebo meaning “to please” and nocebo “I will to harm”. This is the real deception. The real conditions have nothing to do with pleasing or harming.

    Nocebo has to do with a perception of some harmful conditions and hence adverse reactions to that perception.

    Placebo has to do with relaxing confident that their bodily reactivity will cease and they will regain rest.

    They give an “open label” placebo meaning what? Do they tell the patient that as well as the treatment we are going to give you in the form of pharmaceutical drugs or a medical procedure, we are going to give you some sugar pills that have no pharmaceutical effect? I doubt it. I think they give the patient more pills that the patient sees as more treatment.

  • And I should add that the foul game play is brutal. The person’s suffering may be mental or it may be physical. At present the damage is labeled disease and traded for profit. It may include things like anxiety and depression but it can also include cancer and strokes and heart disease.

    This has nothing to do with disagreements and bad behavior.

  • My late husband revealed to me that he was, in his words “evil”. I call this character toxic and precisely because they are like poison. It has no medical or quasi-medical terminology. If you think it is all about disliking someone and “bad behavior” and maybe cultural differences then think again.

    What I was told and what I have since realized because of the violence leveled against me for speaking up and being an activist, and which is now being going on, on a daily basis for about 20 years now, is that these people are networked. None act alone.

    The way that they adversely affect another person is to use a concealed threat, which means the person will experience bodily reactivity but be unable to appraise it correctly. They then use someone amongst their group, who is related to the person they wish to harm (usually the chief offender), in order to be able to make mental suggestions. This is not a one-off occasion. The abuse is meted out systematically and repeatedly over time.

    The reason they do these things are:-
    1. To obtain power and influence over the targeted person in order to manipulate and control them.
    2. To hurt them, to punish or take revenge, which includes killing them. But of course their methods have a medical cover because the means they use, especially mental suggestions are denied by mainstream medicine.
    3. What they call the “quintessential”, which is to get pleasure from seeing the victim’s pain and suffering. This I was told is the defining feature of what it is to be evil.

    You might want to defend those that see it as lifestyle to do harm to others around them and to get their kicks out of see the other person’s suffering, but I don’t. And I don’t. I call a spade a spade. Yes, they are criminals but they are also poisonous. Toxic is an appropriate term in ordinary, everyday language. It has NOTHING to do with psychiatry. The psychiatric terms are all euphemisms.

  • Toxic EQUALS criminal. It is only those who buy into the psychiatric garbage that see toxic as mental ill, and rapist and child molester etc as mentally ill. That is garbage.

    The freedom to call a spade a spade is what is in question here. Speaking up about people, who for lifestyle, hurt others around them and do it because they get pleasure from seeing the other person’s pain and suffering are toxic or in their own jargon “evil”. This is NOT hate speech. It is psychiatry that tries to legitimize them by calling them psychopaths and sociopaths and narcissists etc.

    I remember too well a time when an abused child could not speak out against an abusive parent and it was also labeled as hate speech. A woman who was bashed by her husband was considered “a domestic” and her speaking up was also hate speech. She better wash her mouth out with caustic.

    Toxic people constitute as much as 15 to 20% of society at present and the problem is only getting worse. And yest they do have medical cover. Their handiwork is denied by denying the study of psi. I have a right to speak out against the toxic people, to blog, to make videos and expose the foul game play that leads to both mental and physical diseases in those that are unsuspecting of what is going on. I reject the notion of free speech being hate speech. Abusive individuals like to hide in the shadows and they can while their methods remain hidden and anyone speaking up is slammed.

  • Hi Nomadic and thanks for welcoming me. I have been here before but it is years ago.

    I agree that there is a lot of action we need to take that is both legal and political and it is necessary. As for disinheriting a child, a law is important but a law won’t stop them. I was essentially disinherited but not directly. My sisters got a power of attorney when my mother got very sick near the end of her life and they stripped her account (about 1-1 1/2 million dollars) so that there was only 60,000 left and that was then distributed evenly as the law required. So I got just under 20,000. I strongly believe that my mother was party to this as well.

    As far as child abuse I have seen two broad categories and one is in real terms abuse but the other is something quite different and more disturbing. The second sort, from what I have seen, is done not simply to abuse a child but to bring out very bad aspects of its nature. I used to think that we are born as clean slates and that life experiences affect us and makes who we are as individuals. But I have now a different opinion.

    I first saw many cases where some children in a family of toxic parent or parents were abused, while others were being aggressively trained in being toxic (or in their words ‘evil’). I then began to realize that this was not arbitrary. Those that had a humane nature were abused because they are hated. An inhumane person hates a humane person, regardless of relationship. Those that are inhumane are treated in ways that brings out the hatred and rage. I have started to appreciate something that I had always known but not really thought about until the last few years.

    What I have come to appreciate is that we are spiritual being embodied in physical forms to have physical experiences. The spiritual beings are all different but fall into two broad categories, those that are benevolent and those that are malevolent. A benevolent being will naturally express their qualities as they go through life. However the malevolent being doesn’t seem to have that ability. Thus they are conditioned or rather their physicality is conditioned in order for their malevolence to be expressed.

    Once their inhumane nature is expressed they are then trained in working as a team with other to abuse those around them. The problem here is that the medical industry, (IMO many doctors are well aware of what is going on), helps toxicity flourish in society for a number of reasons. One is purely for profit. They make money from treating the damage by first labeling it a disease.

    Secondly they discredit those that have a high awareness (probably not so much higher awareness but possibly it is more people who have come to realize that we can mentally perceive suggestions by related others, especially while being threatened). The people maltreated through the abuse of relationship and ideas that are troubling (as opposed to ideas that indicate a problem in the body, which leads to physical disease) are the so-called “mentally ill”. They have made people afraid of these people so as to reject them or refuse to listen to them or dismiss everything they have to say as crazy. And at the same time biomedical and parapsychology scientists are doing experiments badly thus hide the means, i.e., ESP within relationship.

    And thirdly psychiatry is political. It is not really medicine at all. It is about instituting tyranny inside of a democratic state so as to create a clandestine dictatorship and one they have persuaded the people is needed for their safety. Anyone can arbitrarily be “diagnosed” as mentally ill and even a danger to the public. In the DSM5 the boundaries have been widened so that possibly as much as 85% of people could potentially be diagnosed as mentally ill. This is why Dr Frances was talking about saving normal. He is about keeping psychiatry and broadening its scope. While ever we talk about what is normal and don’t appreciate individuality, psychiatry has the means to call everyone mentally ill in the end.

    So we are seeing more and more erosion of freedoms and rights of people to live their lives in community and to reach their fullest potential.
    I have been listening to many of the youtube videos by psychiatrists speaking for the MIA cause but I am very disappointed. They are using arguments that lead back to “we need psychiatry” and “drugs have a place”.

    I agree that some legal and political action is necessary but I want to see the ugly vine of toxicity ripped out with all its roots and destroyed. People who see harming others as a way of life and won’t change, have no place in society.

    So I think that empowering the humane by raising awareness about inhumane people and how they operate and how they can overcome the problems and retain their health, is the royal road. A lot of what we call “madness” is only a person’s terror at ideas, which they have taken to be true and don’t understand. Once they realize the ideas are just hateful suggestions the game is over and the person is freed.

    Raising awareness will deny the toxic people their ability to play power games. And the time is ripe because the same methods are used to cause people to react as to develop physical diseases. So we can get the majority, the 80%, who are humane on board. We only need to show them that it is in their own interests, their own health is at stake.

    Humane people will no longer suffer and will realize their spiritual powers. The inhumane are left to eat one another, which they do anyway, however the whole toxic sub-culture will destroy itself. And that will include a lot of psychiatrists because I would say about three quarters of psychiatrists are either toxic and/or greedy. In the end all toxic people will perish. Psychiatry will become non-existent and even mainstream medicine will significantly downsize. The bubble will burst.

  • I agree with these two comments
    “don’t understand what the real issues are”
    “it is how to address the social injustices which cause people to feel alienated and helpless.”

    But I disagree that this “start taking legal and political action” is going to help much.

    I found that the social injustices which cause distress, alienation and helplessness are due to the exploitation of close relationship by related toxic people, most commonly there may be some in the family, some in friendships and some in the workplace. The problems are at the grass roots level, within the person’s interpersonal environment, that which is mentally shared by closely related individuals and to which the therapists and psychiatrists etc., are not privy.

    The reasons for such exploitation and the foul games that are played are three. One is to gain power and influence over the other person, second reason is to punish or get revenge and the third reason, which is always the case, is to get narcissistic supply, i.e., to get pleasure from the victim’s pain and suffering.

    The way out is knowledge. Knowledge is power.
    I was told about the foul game play by my late, toxic husband when, near the end of his life, he “came out of the closet” and revealed that he was toxic (inhumane) or in medical jargon, psychopathic. I had, up until that time, only seen the mast that he wore and wore convincingly. I discovered much more from many other toxic people since becoming an activist.

    Here in 5 videos I have documented what I discovered.

    The only political action is for non-toxic (humane) people to network and to support one another. This will dis-empower the oppressors and deny them their narcissistic supply, i.e., the pleasure they get from seeing the other person’s pain and suffering, particularly when they have had a hand in causing such pain and suffering. It will mean the person not only overcomes their problems without medications and medical procedures but is able to maintain their health into ripe old age.

  • Daniel Mackler this is fabulous. It gladdens my heart to read how outspoken and bold you are. You say it how it is and I praise you for it. Bravo!

    I would like to add a bit more, to give you my opinions. From what I see the evil of psychiatry / biological psychiatry is only the half of it. You write “I know that biology is the study of life. What did I miss?” The body/ the biology is purpose driven! This is denied and instead there is the biomedical model, a model designed for profit. And how profitable it is. The medical industry is the biggest industry in the world. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry. The idea of the human being (and animals/plants) are machines enable the whole of medicine to become the industry that it is. But that is not enough for them. They want to dominate the world, as a government above all governments. It is about world rule by a hegemony, which not only includes corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical giants but corrupt people in every walk of life, from corrupt politicians right down to the bottom ranks of society.

    Psychiatry leads the way. Only a handful of them are decent. The rest, from what one reads and hears, see a psychopath every day, every time they look in a mirror! Using psychiatrists as the henchmen does two things. First it puts corrupt doctors in the position of being judge, jury, disciplinarians and/or executioners. And not only psychiatrists. I have seen cases where doctors wanting to give a child with cancer chemotherapy (what they wouldn’t have themselves or for their children) and if the parent refuse they tell the parents if you refuse we can have your child taken from you and we’ll give it the chemo anyway.The fact that the child most likely dies of the treatment is not of concern to them .

    Secondly they brutally blugeoning down anyone who points to something more than that disease is about “the machine malfunctions”. People with so-called “mental illness” are not sick at all. They are people who are being savagely maltreated by others and for three main reasons. One is narcissistic supply and the another is for power and influence and the third is revenge. The means not only uses underhanded threats but also hateful suggestions, mostly made through direct mental perception, which arises strongly only through relationship.This is discarded in the trash as magical thinking. And if the person voices their suspicions that someone wants to do them harm then they are called paranoid.

    In my blogs I have put forth what is done in the simplest case of anxiety that it has nothing to do with chemical imbalances and everything to do with the body trying to function in two opposing ways. Anxiety is not merely fear or anticipation as it is being portrayed. Anxiety is the mix of two metabolically conflicting emotions, mainly fear and worry or anger and worry. Fear /anger raises the metabolism, while worry tries to bring the body to rest, to give the brain an advantage over the musculature for fuel materials, eg glucose. I have explained it here: where I talk about the cheats. I would never have guessed what is done, but in the end my late husband, who was toxic/ psychopathic when he showed his true colors in the end, told me about them. These are what he called “his people” but he betrayed them in the end.

    He also told me that people who are being labelled as personality disorders of particular group, narcissistic, psychopathic etc., or what he called “evil” or toxic, form a sizeable minority of the world population (10% or more) and while they look benign, they are seriously harmful. Furthermore toxic people are networked in small loose networks. There are no leaders. It is a headless beast with people continually fighting each other for power. For the sake of narcissistic supply and/or power and influence or revenge, they play dirty games with other people’s lives. Those are always people with whom they are in relationship, eg., spouses, siblings, friends, work associates etc. A person with long term anxiety or depression (fear and sadness -again conflicting emotions wrt metabolism) can develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes or they can develop a whole variety of heart problems, cancer etc., etc., etc. As you can read in my main blog at and here at where I discuss cancer . And now we are talking mega big bucks.

    To help protect their profits and to help gain political power over and above governments they use the “art of doubletalk masquerading as healing”. The symbiosis and the parasitism goes a long way further than psychiatry. And they use corrupt politicians and corrupt people in the beaurocracy including corrupt police “with the special power that are supposed to fight terrorism” to try to terrorise and/or destroy anyone and everyone who seriously threaten to expose them, or people who might start thinking for themselves and are in a position to arrive at the truth. Look how many good doctors have addictions (self medicating) or serious medical problems! Is it a coincidence?

    The problem is that the person or personal self is made up of both ideas/ beliefs and the corresponding bodily reactivity, much of which is emotional or ways of coping. The problem is not fixed with drugs and /or surgery. And it not simply seen by looking at the brain but the whole body as well. It can only be treated with the truth. Once a person understands what they are up against, it is a whole different ball game. A therapist can be of immense help but only when they are willing to support the person in understanding and overcoming the reality. And when a person realizes that they do have power over oppressors they can win hands down because it is all about their reaction to ideas, so they are in the driver’s seat. They only need to realize it.
    kyrani eade