Monday, October 25, 2021

Comments by MadInFlorida

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  • Toe-mae-toe, toe-ma-toe. I do not agree that someone should be shunned from contributing to the site based on their religious or spiritual beliefs. Those in charge of the site are free to do as they please, however, I believe that silencing one’s voice because they may invite criticism is no better than those would be criticizers, who are dismissing their statements based on the speaker’s religious beliefs.

  • “Mad In America is a community forum for people interested in rethinking psychiatric care. It is important that people with differing views feel welcome to contribute their thoughts. We ask that contributers posting comments be mindful of that goal. We find that comments that attack a person’s character or underlying motives tend to shut down the dialogue. Please be civil and avoid posting comments of that type. See our Posting Guidelines for more details”

    ^The above is part of the guidelines for posting on this site. I find it amazing that we are essentially shunning (from the ‘community’), people who may have thoughtful opinions of psychiatric practice. If I were a scientologist, I would not feel that, “people with differing views feel welcome to contribute their thoughts”. I would feel that my criticisms were invalidated based on my religious/personal beliefs.

    Any criticisms of MIA for being related to ‘scientology’ are not addressing the arguments at hand and are more closely related to ad hominim attacks. This shouldn’t dictate who is ‘allowed’ to post on MIA. WE should dictate who offers valid and thoughtful criticisms of psychiatry.