Friday, August 19, 2022

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  • I am stuck on 1mg of klonopin. I am 33 years old. I was put on Ativan 4mgs in 2006, I was switched to Xanax because I thought my stress was increasing. Little did I know it was just tolerance. They told me it was harmless and I could take it forever. They told me the same crap they told you. Nice letter I often wonder this myself. How can they legally give these drugs out long term with clinical trials that last several weeks and tell you its all good and there is no withdrawal. I found a heroin clinic to withdraw from. Honestly they were the only ones to do it. I went from 6mgs of Xanax to tegretol and 3 Mgs of klonopin. I was weaned to 1mg , .5 every two weeks. I couldn’t stabilize after 30 days from 1 to .5. It can’t be done. They kept telling me to go back up and wait then try again. I can’t do it. They told me I need a psychiatrist. I went to an addiction specialist instead. I brought the Ashton manual. He dismissed it. He tells me I don’t want to do it, the withdraw could last years, I have a fast nervous system, I have a neurotransmitter off. I’m treated like a drug addict. I never took anything illegal. They look at me weird when I pick up my klonopin at the pharmacy. After 5 years I drove 3 hours to a benzo expert and was switched to 20mgs of valium. The guy switched me and I tapered to 16mgs. I was feeling better little by little. Then I was accused of taking too many pills and thrown out. The front desk called in like 90 tens during my taper I tried to return them, I swear. I was dismissed no letter nothing. I had 14 days left of medicine. No doctor would take me except my original doctor, the klonopin jokester. I’m forced to cross over to 1mg of klonopin again. Last week this happened after 4 months of tapering and crossing over to valium. I’m back at square one. My parents think I’m nuts, I’m not “strong enough” to stop. My wife believes me a little I forced her to read testimonials and the ashton manual but she’s still skeptical. I now know I am on my own. I am going to cross over to my klonopin for 30 days and lie to the doctor and say he was right I need it for life. I am going to shave the pills by a quarter one .5 at a time reducing by .125 until the end where I’ll reduce the .125 for another 30 days in half. A ten month plan .125 less a month. I can’t get anyone to do the valium taper or believe me. I’ve been in the “psych ward” the Er mass doctors I know th deal. I’m constantly told this is a low dose this is a low dose. Low dose my ass. There is no such thing as a low dose of this crap poision. I hate this country, I hate doctors, I hate psychiatrists. I’m sorry but I hate them all. Your letter is very good, from a woman’s point of view. I want to take a shotgun and blow the doctors head off or worse shove lock him in a room and shove benzos down his throat for a year or more and than let him out and say go for it jerk off. Sorry and I’m very religious I would never do anything like that but I’d be lying if I said that’s not how I feel. They know and its all about money. It’s all money. Plain and simple. The drug companies, FDA, and doctors would owe billions. And what’s better than a 200 doctor visit for a refill and quick “fix?” They know they have known since the early 80s, they might not know like we know but they know I’m convinced off it. There’s articles everywhere, in psychology today, everywhere. I love the stats a “minority of people can’t get off or will develop withdraw.” Blow me if you use it long term it will happen plain and simple. I can bench press 300 pounds, I wasn’t that anxious by nature, I don’t have an “anxious personality, I bodybuild and barely ever get sick. I’m pure muscle with low bodyfat and eat a healthy diet. I have been playing sports and lifting weights hard my whole life. I excel at academics. I have a Masters Degree with a 3.93 GPA. I’m happily married and 33 years old. I’ve never had an operation, allergy, or hospital stay in my life except when I was cold turkeyed off benzos. I took percocets a long while back before the benzos 6 Percocet 10s a day for a year stupid I know. I col turkeed in 14 days and never looked back on my own. I’m not bragging, but if I can’t come off 1mg of klonopin easily who the hell can?

  • I like this story. Barely anyone understands. I was taking prohormones in 2005 before they were illegal. I was also at lawschool. Because of stopping prohormones which are basically steroids n stress from lawschool I could not sleep. I was given 4 Mgs of Ativan.
    I tried going back to lawschool in a different state where the doctor switched me to Xanax. I ended up taking 6 Mgs a night. I tried a detox facility and went down to 1 mg of Klonopin and 200 Mgs of trazodone. I went back and got a Masters degree and got married. Now I have finally found a doctor who will do a valium taper. I was never able to get below 1 mg of Klonopin at .5 Mgs. The doctor kept telling me it was willpower which made me feel weak because it just could not be done. Finally they sent me to a psychiatrist, I know this system I didn’t go. The best I could do was find a doctor to give me the 1 mg of Klonopin and 200 Mgs of trazodone saying I “have a neurotransmitter off.” My wife I supportive but how can you explain this withdrawal to someone who doesn’t know who hasn’t felt it. Anyway I finally found a doctor 2.5 hours away that uses the ashton method. I live in southern New Jersey and no one will even listen to my story or about the Ashton manual or even take me I. As a patient. The original doctor wouldn’t do it because I switched to Xanax. I didn’t know the doctor in Michigan told me to take Xanax, “it works better her said.” Now I am treated like an addict like I did something wrong. I just did what these doctors said to do. I have done the research and now realize these medications should be illegal. Anyway I have found a doctor outside of New York. I take the 2.5 hour trip there and then back once a month. I came off all the trazodone and switched to 20 Mgs of valium which was tough in itself. My next appointment is July 28. I am scared I just hope I can stay same enough to hold my marriage together because no one really understands what it is like. I went from 6 Mgs of Xanax to 1 mg of Klonopin and tried going off the Klonopin before, the worst experience of my life. I hope this works out I try and have my wife read this. I have her sleep on the futon and me in the bed. She doesn’t understand that I have to be I a separate bed because my body is convulsing with pain. It did this coming off the trazodone and it did this just switching to the valium from the Klonopin. I wish there was some way to prove to people this is real and people coming off of these meds aren’t crazy but there’s only the Aston manual and no one seems to respect it because it’s from Britain. How could Britain no compared to us lol! I hope u made it off wish me luck my mind is set on this. I have taken benzos since 2006 I wish I could go back knowing what I know now but my mind is set on this I will not stop till I come off or die trying.