Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • This is a very interesting article…thank you.

    Medication infact can cause schizophrenic Symptoms.

    My older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia 10 years ago and it was an awful time. To see someone you love going literally changing over-night into someone I didn’t recognise. He was placed on medication which has over time turned him into a zombie.
    Years of stress sent to to the doctors office with anxiety and panic attacks. I was put on an SSRI and had a serious adverse reaction – Akathisia which I obviously knew nothing about, and unfortunately neither did my doctor. He diagnosed bi-polar after 5 days of no sleep and a massive weight loss. Mirtazapine given and was told to stay on medication as I was obviously suffering from severe depression (I wasn’t prior to meds). I experienced pyschosis and all sorts. Psychiatrist appointments started and not one doctor put my problems down to this drug. I was convinced I had schizophrenia as I had started to experience some of the problems my brother had….but these thoughts were the thoughts my brother had AFTER taking the same drug – mirtazapine.

    Five years later mirtazapine has pooped-out on me and then the research began. My mental health has never been the same since starting that drug. I have went from being a sensitive, caring and intellegent women to a doped up, brain damaged wreck who now cannot feel a single human emotion along with 50+ symptoms which I suffer with daily.
    Most of which could very well be looked upon as being schizophrenia.

    I can now see why my brother cannot function or has to cancel his bank card every week because he has forgot his PIN number. I am a victim of pharma meds….I have a toxic brain injury which has left me unable to participate in any life or care for my children because I feel like my frontal lobe has been scooped out and filled with cement…can’t plan, organise or even cook half of the time. Akathisia hits out of the blue…and this is just half of it.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is yes – schizophrenia is awful and I don’t know how my brother would be without medication but I can now see that these drugs have basically killed his brain. We pushed for a change in medication a couple of years ago…this was before I knew anything about the effects of these drugs. They switched him in 2 days….1 whole year of hell…he was obvioulsy having a reaction or maybe withdrawal but the pysch team put his behaviour down to his condition. It took me a whole year to get him into hospital and changed back to the other drug. He was getting himself into serious dangerous situations and this definitely wasn’t him – he was never like that even before the drugs.

    Labelled, pumped full of drugs and left. These drugs are not the bee all and end all doctors think they are. We need to look further into other methods besides drugs.

    I am an example that pysch drugs can actually be very detrimental to a persons mental health. I did not have a serious mental health issue but I certainly look and act like I do now thanks to antidpressants destroying my brain. Tragic.

  • I would have liked to have had the option of therapy.

    My doctor diagnosed my stress induced anxiety without any questions and within five minutes prescribed an antidepressant which he could see I was very worried about taking. He assured me that this drug would help me and even told me not to read side effects.

    I developed what I know now to be Akathisia and was back in his office everyday thereafter for a week, progressively getting worse. He was obviously not aware of this serious side effect and went on to prescribe another antidepressant. I became suicidal and developed many side effects, bit still, was dismissed by all health care professionals. This drug was impossible for me to withdraw and believed I would never be free and would have to live my life chained to this drug.

    I have now hit poop-out (something else we never here about) and have lost every single human emotion and have the harrowing withdrawal to do on top, including the terrible condition Akathisia.

    I feel well and truly let down by health professionals. I went to the doctors with an anxiety disorder. I am now unable to care for myself or my family and am 24 hour suicidal.

    We all had a right to know about the possible outcome of these drugs. I, for one, and I’m sure many others would seek alternative therapy and never touched a single pill.