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  • “That many patients can be treated at home instead of the hospital should come as no surprise when we consider the fact that hospital psychiatric treatment boils down to just three things: we talk to patients and their families, we give them medication, and a few get ECT. These can all be done in the community.”- yep, that’s great- drugging and shocking all done in the “community”. How much better to be fed neurotoxic chemicals and brain damaged briefly as an “outpatient” and sent home.Real improvement there. Let’s “drug” the poor victim of sexual abuse and trauma. What a great idea-

    This scheme is seen as an “alternative”? same kind of torture and lack of insight into how to treat the distressed and terrified. Appalling.

  • So, a guy who has dementia and thinks people are “conspiring to cut out his organs and sell them to the mafia” is considered to have “capacity” to consent to ECT? How does that make sense? So the brain damage caused him to be less “agitated”, less of a problem? Happy family, happy shrink. Dazed patient with more memory loss added to dementia- but perhaps he’s “forgotten” his delusions. With each jolt he will forget what he “signed up for”.
    This is not “treatment”. It is torture. It continues bc it brain damaged unruly patients into silence, makes them easier to handle and it makes big bucks for shock docs and hospitals. A few escape with less severe injuries bc of lower dose or numbers. It needs to be banned, not “regulated”, even if that’s at least a start.
    I was experiencing akathisia from AD drug WD, misinterpreted as “agitated depression”. Impaired by psych drugs I signed uninformed consent. I lost 30 years of memories and 27 IQ points, my career of 30 years, and all the books, movies, tv shows, important events that made up my life. The lunatics who did this to me wrote “quieter”, “less agitated”, on my forms. No cognitive testing. They continue disabling ppl every MWF at RUH hospital in Saskatchewan, Canada, paddles held by the most ignorant and dangerous “doctors” to stumble around the planet. They belong in jail.

  • A excellent article. You have always been the conscience of psychiatry.
    So many victims and so much false narrative.
    Shocked to hear Lady Gaga, worth $250 million speaking enthusiastically about chowing down on the anti-psychotic, olanzapine, plus an antidepressant and 2 other drugs- this is a serious neurotoxin (someone send her a copy of The Zyprexa Papers)- how many people are impacted or influenced by that revelation and think, good idea!
    And Anderson Cooper and tithe Doctors promoting Brn dmging ECT, with zero warnings of the real dangers – millions of viewers. Sick.
    Society is being bombarded by false messages that psychiatry provides “help”. How many ppl have they poisoned, disabled, driven to suicide?
    Psychiatry must be abolished, practicing this quackery made a felony.

  • Perhaps someone could send a copy of this book to Lady Gaga, who recently disclosed she was taking this neurotoxin (she called it “medicine”) as part of a psychiatric drug cocktail to treat her mental health issues, including a brief episode of psychosis, fibromyalgia, and PTSD from being a rape victim.

    How aware is she if the dangers of this drug and how many adoring fans are going to think taking this toxin is a good idea? Lilly executives and shareholders must have started dancing in the street when Gaga made this disclosure.
    So, diabetes, tardive dyskinesia, metabolic syndrome, suicidal ideation, and so on, guess this superstar has been convinced by some shady psychiatrist that this toxin is good for her brain and body. Horrifying.

  • It makes me sad and angry to hear of the death of this brilliant, kind, compassionate soul. How different her life would have been without the introduction of the black spider that Is psychiatry. To be tortured and misdiagnosed and electroshocked and drug poisoned by the worst of the ignorant cult of psychiatry is tragic.

    Her efforts to help others, to write and tell her story, to advocate for change will be remembered. She was so brave and special and psychiatry killed her.

  • Rachel, are you on Twitter? Your commentary is always insightful. Would love your input.

    Such an important article. Agree completely with Kindred Spirits’s comment above. These neurotoxins, all the psychiatric drugs, are ruining lives, disabling ppl, driving many to suicide.

    And those who do harm and the pharma ndustry are just grinning bc there are few individuals who have the ability or finances to take legal action- just like ECT victims.
    Too bad Dr. Breggin’s fees are out of many people’s reach-

  • Drugging and electroshocking traumatized veterans with PTSD or ABI from blast injuries is, I believe, a driver of suicides in veterans.
    So what is the President’s great plan?
    Another questionable neurotoxin. Putting more money in the pockets of Johnson and Johnson; dangerous and ignorant response, but pharma happy.

  • Dozen of comments on bland articles, hundreds of comments about a woman complaining about being locked up with dangerous
    “Addicts” in the psych ward, but 7 comments on this article on ECT- why does the most horrendous torture causing permanent brain damage get so little attention? Why are three brn injured women forced to be the main advocates for acknowledgement of harm and possible rehabilitation? Where is the support from human rights groups, feminist groups, doctors other than Peter Breggin? What will it take?

  • Just out of curiosity how much electroshock were you given? How much memory did you lose?

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you have found peace and healing.

  • 14 comments. Some woman writes an account of her psych experience, making bizarre comments about the “addicts” she shouldn’t be locked up with and the mean ppl she was maltreated by and get 100’s and 100’s of comments, mostly astounded at what she was saying.
    This extremely well- written article about shock that permanently destroys
    ppl’s lives, used on 13 yr olds, pregnant, elderly women gets hardly any feedback.
    Do ppl just not care about victims of ECT, which is simply brain damage as “treatment” or too busy focused on drug issues to care. This is electrical lobotomy and hardly anyone is jumping in to put a stop to it. Two protestors at one rally. Brutal.
    100,000+ signatures about shark fin soup and 397 against shock.
    Yes, save the whales and orangutans, but maybe these women and children first.

  • The absolute ignorance of the media is profound. I almost kicked a hole in my tv as I watched Anderson Cooper promoting electroshock on 60 Minutes with a obviously brain impaired Kitty D.
    No balance. No truth. Dr. Oz and The Doctors have similarly given shock the green light with their slick misrepresentations of electroshock. No mention of permanent amnesia, of brain damage, lost careers, suicide. Absolutely criminal.
    Yes, fail 2 useless drug trials and you are lied to and told Shock is your last hope.
    Don, you are a warrior. I want your article printed by all the major papers in Canada. What would it take for that to happen?
    On Twitter, every day, shock doctors defend giving ppl TBI’s through ECT, claiming they are saving lives and pointing to the industry sponsored and biased “studies” on shock which are devised to ignore and not reveal harms.
    The latest move by FDA to move shock to Class II for “special indications” and allowing 13 year olds to be shocked is pure corruption, ignorance, and insanity at its finest.
    Shock doctors and hospitals need to be pursued for assault, bodily and mental harm, and torture.
    Time to start chaining ourselves to shock machines and invading the “suites” where harm is being inflicted on the vulnerable and innocent.
    And I want David Healy and Eddie Shorter to update their book on shock- stating it DOES cause brain damage according to Somatics device makers.
    DK lawfirm reviewed my case for free, but I was outside timelines; hope they take on a raft of clients in Canada.
    What’s wrong with the Merchant lawfirm not seeing this as a class action long in the making? They have sued almost every other group on the planet.
    The emphasis on CTE with repeated non-concussive hits to the head adds to the reasons elec shocks and seizures benefit no one.
    Strange how one accidental shock to some other body part is considered an emergency which could result in sig CNS problems….

  • Think it is very unfortunate Kay Redfield Jamison wrote her books extolling the
    Virtues of lithium. Think it sucked many people into thinking they “needed” this toxin and that it was a miracle treatment. Moncrieff’s writings expose the flaws in the research and literature regarding this drug. Points out people who take lithium become more likely to have more episodes and “relapses” than if they’d never taken the poison.

  • Abolition is the only way to go, but how could that ever be achieved? The $$$ and power this sick construct has is overwhelming.
    Seriously, there hasn’t been anything but a growth in this industry of disablement and death.
    What would the steps toward abolition be? Critical and anti-psychiatry groups have achieved nothing-

  • KLD3019, the idea of a petition on requesting removal of the Nuland TED talk, especially in the light of recent admissions about damage is an excellent idea.
    Anyone here up for for doing that? My brn dmg limits me in taking on this task, but would sign if petition were set up…

  • Yes, it is terrible psychiatrists are unwilling to take a rock-solid ethical stand and speak out against ECT.

    But even worse, are those who promote it and advocate for its use, like Dr. David Healy. Have heard not a word from him in the face of the lawsuits in CA being settled and Somatics admission their device causes “perm amnesia” and “perm brain damage”.
    Where is the retraction of the book “Shock”’s (with Ed Shorter) statement “permanent memory loss is a myth”?

  • Psychiatrists use neurotoxic drugs and shock bc they have no clue what they are doing. They are throwing mud at a wall. They have sickened, harmed, brain damaged and killed hundreds of thousands of ppl with their stupidity.
    Psychiatry needs to be made illegal to “practice” on human beings.

  • You can’t be serious. You got enough brn dmg to forget everything, including where you were and were happy to “start fresh”?? You let these “doctors” erase your memories and identity and that was no big deal?? Our memories make us the ppl we are, they are connections to our knowledge, education, relationships. I was not told this would happen. No one benefits from this kind of injury to the self. It is traumatizing and drives many ppl to suicide.

  • I was convinced ECT was a good idea by the same nasty, inaccurate, stupid, and evil video. Nuland could have been given sham ECT for all we know or he knows and the shocks were much lower voltage in the 1970’s.
    I contacted TED talks to request they remove the video or add a warning about permanent memory loss and brain damage from this lunatic procedure. They refused.
    How many other family members and potential victims sucked in by this piece of garbage? Same goes for Kitty D interview by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. No risks presented. Propaganda. Kitty appears dazed and confused; in a diff video she doesn’t even know how old she is. Cooper should be ashamed of himself.

  • This latest blog by an ECT proponent throws shade at Dr. Breggin, embraces the lunacy of the latest reclassification of ECT devices and trumpets “safety and efficacy”. Reading the FDA comments that little evidence of damage exists and problems with memory resolve is sickening. The FDA that threw about 2800 negative victim testimonials in the garbage can and relied on useless, biased, badly constructed, industry funded and shock dr run “studies” of shock to defend or justifythe Class II.
    Encountered 8 pro-shock doctors on twitter discussing ECT that were rabidly defending this torture and rude and dismissive of victims of shock trying to inform and educate them.
    Right now we have ECT injured Sue Cunliffe trying to protect future victims of harm by taking on rcpsych and trying to dialogue with its president. She has little help but for a principled reporter and another shock advocate. Why aren’t neurologists and other doctors stepping u to help? Where are the women’s rights groups and the brain injury associations? Silent. No one seems to care. Sue has taken this to an MP willing to listen, so perhaps there is some progress.
    Why aren’t the 92% of psychiatrists who don’t use shock shutting down the bullies/brain damagers who do use it?

  • Yes, the monsters who administer brn dmging electroshock and “hospitals” like Mayo and McLean’s and others wil be dancing in the streets. More ppl to disable and destroy, including unfortunate teens as young as 13.
    The lies and excuses and misinformation just bleed across this malevolent, evil document crafted by the most soulless and ignorant batch of uneducated, blind, ignorant and dangerous bureaucrats to blacken an obviously corrupt “agency” better known for its blunders and fails than anything else. Think Vioxx, think vaginal mesh..,
    Silence aside from their initial release of the document. No time given to public discussion of the ruling and report.
    I encourage individuals to to make their feelings known on Twitter by tweeting Scott Gottleib and the FDA. I have suggested to Gottleib that he resign and questioned the kind of stupidity that allows for this kind of ruling after Somatics admits its torture device causes brain damage.

  • Based on the evidence, patient testimonies of harm, the outcome of the recent court case, and Somatics admission their “device” causes permanent amnesia and brain damage, the ethical/sane thing to do would have been for the FDA to ban electroshock completely.
    FDA completely corrupt and dangerous.
    Gottlieb worried about innocuous CBD oil in foods but fine with frying people’s brain, ppl as young as 13.

  • Well sure you would say that, as a bunch of other shrinks declare. Simple to say, bc unlikely to happen.
    So, you use ECT/TBI on patients and argue against its use. How does that work?
    I had ECT. It destroyed my mind, my life, my career, and made me suicidal. People kill themselves after decades of their lives are destroyed.
    This is a quack procedure. I would have been better to have been smashed in the head with a baseball bat.
    “Doctors” administering shock belong in prison, being shocked and given neuroleptic so they can really be educated about what they are doing to distressed, vulnerable people.

  • Looking over the update on the Thymatron posted to The web site, I found in very small print, a statement stating that “rarely, there is more permanent memory loss or permanent brain damage”.
    How can they get away with “rare” if they made no inquiries, filed no complaints or records of injury??
    Since there are ECT survivor groups with hundreds of victims of brn dmg and formal testimonies to the FDA counting in the thousands, and since no proper testing was done to determine the actual characteristics of the brn dmg and its manifestations, so brn dmg was missed (like using a feeble MMSE dementia instrument), how can they say “rare”. Think surveys showed at least half ppl injured or impaired in some way.
    When does the litigation involving Kendrick Moxton, ECT, and the FDA go to trial?
    Thank-you again for all you have done.
    I wrote the Boston Spotlight team suggesting this needed to be exposed- not even a comment. Wrote 60 Minutes to tell them they missed perm brain injury in their pro-shock interview with the obviously cognitively impaired Kitty D.
    Why is the media not making this horrific scandal front page news?

  • WHY has the FDA failed to do the right and ethical things to protect consumers from injury by ECT devices? Is it peopled by individuals open to bribery or with cozy ties to manufacturers and the APA or just no clue what they are doing?

    Why aren’t there effective groups lobbying their representatives to bring forward legislation to ban this procedure?

    Can the statute of limitations be voided if a “misbranded” device was used on a victim?

    Is this type of suit engendering interest nation wide?
    What would it take to get shock banned?

  • Isn’t there a problem with simply listing “permanent brain damage” without a clarification as to what that could manifest itself as? As in “patient could lose 10-30 IQ points, career skills, decades of memory, be unable to make new memories or learn new material, have trouble multi-tasking, suffer personality changes, become apathetic or hostile…” is the “permanent brain damage” going to be described in terms of the way it can impact the victim’s future quality of life?? Is it going to be stated some patients will need cognitive rehabilitation like that given to car accident victims??

  • Has the FDA not been dragging it’s feet for three full years on an attempt to have ECT given a Class II certification, (for certain ‘indications’), putting it in the same level of hazard as an electric toothbrush?
    Should the FDA not act on the new information they now have as a result of your litigation, Somatics admission, and the problem of “misbranding” which you have pointed out??
    Why is a jury trial ruling required before patients are fully protected with the type of ADEQUATE
    Warning you suggest? This warning should be part of consent forms and hospital “information” websites.
    It seems bizarre that hospitals and doctors should be able to keep assaulting patients, causing repeated TBI’s.
    I hope your efforts lead to a complete ban on this lunatic procedure, the electrical lobotomy.
    If Somatics has issued this warning, how can Mecta not follow suit, given its devices of torture operate on the same principles?
    It still is difficult to believe it has taken 80 years for the truth about shock to be exposed in a court of law.
    If the device is indeed “misbranded”, meaning its manufacture, distribution, and sale are illegal, who or what group or organization should file suit to address the question?

  • You are a hero as far as I am concerned. I have seen you toss paper aside during debates when you become frustrated by ignorance, and you can be abrasive, but so what? When you have ethics and integrity, you irritate those who don’t. Loved a scripted dialogue scenario exchange you did with Olga on anti-sex pills, the “anti-depressants” in a you tube video on a conference u spoke at.
    You are correct about it all- the harms of the psychiatric drugs, mammograms, and this particular vaccine. You are pissing off dangerous people with no humanity or decency, so watch out for yourself.
    I hope Cochrane can be purged of corruption and regain its original focus.
    You are a whistleblower who deserves to be reinstated- it is obvious that something is not right when half the board resigned in solidarity with you.
    Without people like you, Robert Whitaker, and a few others like John Read and Nial McLaren who are passionate about the truth and well being of human beings everywhere, the evil forces of psychiatry and pharma would have free reign. Good luck in all you do.

  • Is it likely that MECTA, even though it’s machines were not involved in this litigation, will move to protect themselves by adding “brain damage” to their risk disclosure? Why would they NOT choose to do this?
    And, if the Somatics disclosure to hospitals absolves them of liability, is it the job of the legal dept. and bioethicists in facilities to see the changes are made to consent and information websites for institutions and doctors offering and administering ECT in order to avoid lawsuits in the future.

    Why do you think media and so called whistleblowers like the Spotlight team have completely ignored publicizing this issue? I could find zero about it, anywhere. Is it bc the victims are bound by non-disclosure, so they can’t provide the grisly details?

    I recall feeling the great injustice when Dr. Dadi, the renowned cardiologist went to trial and the jury determined he had not been brain damaged by ECT. I think his family tried to proceed with medical mal rather than going after the manufacturers, so time frame would be up for a different approach?

    Hope this goes national. I encourage victims and families to call your firm to fill in necessary documents to proceed with litigation.
    Your firm is amazing.
    Sorry if I am wasting your time.

  • It should be a legal requirement that potential future victims and their families should be handed this page stapled to the front of the minimizing and reassuring wording of the hospitals’ ‘informed consent’.
    Just small type “permanent brain damage” doesn’t clarify never being able to do one’s job again or being cognitively damaged for life or forgetting your family, your life…

    Will hospitals be covered by simply stating “doctors will verbally review other risks and hazards” without specifically mentioning brain damage and what that could entail?

  • Bonnie, what are you contacts with/in the UK- the Royal college just advertising a two day “training session” in London in late Nov. Yes, training more sheep to electrocute and brn dmg people, and 2 “expert” presenters- Chucky Kellner and Declan McLoughlen with lovely ties to Mecta.
    Anything in the form of protests being planned by Mind Freedom or Human Rights groups or anti-ECT groups?

  • These drugs are neurotoxins. They are dangerous and serve no purpose but making money for pharma and corrupt or ignorant doctors.
    My GP prescribed them after I made the mistake of telling her about the insomnia, weight loss, crying I had been doing for weeks after discovering my husband of 25 years was cheating on me with his young secretary. In other words, I had a reason to be feeling real emotions. She was too ignorant and numb to comprehend I needed a divorce and support and counselling. She prescribed poison Effexor for 12 YEARS.
    Each time I missed a dose, I got a pounding headache, felt odd, and started crying. I did not know this was “withdrawal”, not a “relapse” of my non-existent illness. Terrified, I kept taking them as I deteriorated- high blood pressure, diabetes, massive sweating, nausea, irritable bowel, zero libido, skin issues- not connecting them to this poison I was ingesting. Stopping the drug spun me into massive depression, anxiety, agitation, brain zaps- which was “treated” with multiple poisons. I was screaming with pain, holding my head, which snapped and zapped and caused excruciating pain. Terrified and lied to, called “treatment resistant”, I submitted to TMS and ECT, which destroyed my life, cost me 30 years of memories, and 27 IQ points, and my 31 year teaching career. I cannot learn, make new memories, or feel love. Each day I pray for a heart attack. Deeply suicidal ever since, my identity and sense of self, gone.
    And each day, I read of more ppl disabled by psychiatry.
    I have no doubt the latest shooter was being “treated” with psych drugs for his PTSD and was suffering brain injuries from his motor cycle accident. But the stories are all about his “mental illness”.

    What can be done to get these poisons off the market?

  • It is deeply upsetting that pro- ECT propaganists have been marketing an even more dangerous torture device, calling it new, modern, safe.
    Now that the California federal court has
    stated the evidence shows ECT causes brn dmg and cog impairment, are the media who touted shock in programs, (Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, The Doctors) going to retract their bullshit and tell the truth?

  • Striking that there has been no media, that I can see, which has picked up this story. Complete silence. Why is that?

    And, we see 100’s of comments on many articles, bc ppl seem to be very concerned about or engaged in the topics.
    But here we have 12 comments, suggesting little interest in this topic.
    That is discouraging.
    Recognition also to Bonnie Burstow for her articles, her novel, and her efforts to have this lunatic procedure banned.

  • I felt very indignant reading this story. Your talk was excellent and the science is obviously supported by the research.
    I would agree that pharma and a pro-psychiatry bias played a role in the flagging. Which is humorous bc “psychiatry” is just a pseudo science and quackery at work.
    I have no respect for the TED organization since I complained about the inaccurate and dangerous TED talk by Sherwin Nuland on ECT. I asked them to add warnings about the risks and dangers completely omitted in his touchy freely non-science and non-evidence based talk that lulls ppl into thinking ECT is safe or useful. They refused. I asked them to sponsor a talk with an opposing view- Suggesting Mary Maddock, Jonathan Cott, Loretta Wilson, Deborah Schwartzkopf or Niall McLaren or Peter Breggin or John Read as speakers. Nope. Big veto to that idea and all the science that shows shock causes brain damage, memory loss, cognitive problems.

    Nutrition is central to maintaining or re-gaming mental wellness. The “mental death professionals” they cite think feeding little kids Ritalin and anti psychotics is a good idea and that their neurotoxins which shrink the brain are helpful. It is just wrong.

    TED should be embarrassed at its lies and efforts to explain away the flagging. I need to review their talks list to see how many pro-psychiatric crap science they have endorsed.

    I agree to shock after watching Nuland’s talk. It destroyed my life. It needs to be removed not flagged.

  • Agree with everything you have stated. But if Breggin didn’t care about money, he wouldn’t be charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a witness at trials related to psychiatric abuse and malpractice. Otherwise, he is a brilliant man whose books and work exposing psychiatry’s evil actions
    deserve applause. Instead psychiatry brands him as a kook and refuses to learn from what he has exposed.
    And, Little Turtle, we see what psychiatry has done- it is quackery, causing destruction and death- this pseudo crap “specialty” is known for insulin comas, spinning chairs, ice baths, prescribing neurotoxic drugs causing addiction, withdrawal, brain damage and death, and of course, lobotomies and electroshock, destroying lives and driving ppl to suicide. Every shrink I ever saw was an ignorant, uneducated
    Misfit with zero empathy and no people skills. They need to be stripped of their license to sicken and torture ppl. Probably 80% of them belong in prison, being fed antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, “mood stabilizers” and electroshocked 3 times a week… Real life monsters who poison little kids like Rebecca Riley….

  • More than “a bit stubborn”. Healy absolutely in denial and suffering from cognitive dissonance. How one can be so busy trying to point out the harms caused by drugs, and so concerned about sexual dysfunction, but blind to the damages caused by shock. Ppl injured by shock, losing decades of memories and losses of up to 30 IQ points, often end their lives.

  • Well, that’s good. I have had PSSD post Effexor for 7 years.
    It is a minor problem compared to the PTSD, brain damage, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction I have as a result of electroshock.
    Perhaps Dr. Healy could review the 500 reports filed with and present the case for banning shock. I don’t need to be viewing junk like Anderson Cooper’s interview with the dazed, confused Kitty D. Which completely minimized the risks and dangers.

  • There is this idea that “withdrawal” symptoms will eventually “end” in a year, or two years or when the drug is reinstated.
    As Dr. Shipko has pointed out, sometimes the reinstatement fails to restore a patient’s well-being and neither do other drugs introduced. He speaks of patients suffering for 5 years, 10 years, mostly suicidal, suffering often from akathisia triggered by disruption of their nervous system. What then?? He has found no solutions.
    With this as a potential outcome, the prescription of these neurotoxins can’t be justified.

  • Very little on “magnetic seizure therapy”- think the seizure part tells you it is bad for the brain and strength of magnets that have this effect of triggering this seizure is rather frightening. It is being passed off as a treatment that doesn’t cause the “cognitive dysfunction”(brain damage) and permanent memory loss (more evidence of brain damage) that shock results in. Just another lunatic approach to dealing with people in distress by harming their brains.
    Was it just me, or did anyone notice Kitty was dazed, confused, deferred to her husband to answer questions and couldn’t say more than two coherent sentences at a time??

  • Not sure about the strides. This past two weeks the media has been printing mega pro- ECT articles.
    On Sunday, 60 minutes is featuring Anderson Cooper interviewing Kitty Dukakis and putting shock in a positive light. Dukakis is shown having ECT, which is presented and benign and painless. So, the very day people are demonstrating on Mothers Day against shock, this dangerous message is lulling people into thinking shock is safe, benign, helpful. Millions of viewers.

  • Healy is a hypocrite who administers and promotes ECT, which causes more damage than psych drugs.
    He believes the horror stories of people harmed by psych drugs or drug withdrawal.
    At the same time he questions the veracity of victims of ECT, ridiculously babbling about their memory
    problems being caused by benzos or the anesthetic or just about anything else but electrical trauma and seizure injuries from ECT.
    He ignores the Janis studies and other research, preferring studies done by ppl like Chucky Kellner, who make their living off ECT.
    Any good he has done on the drugs front is wiped out by his role in promoting a human rights violation that is simply torture.

  • This is a wonderful idea. Psychiatry, evil, corrupt, dangerous faux science pretending to be a “medical specialty”. What a joke. These bloated, ignorant toads neurotoxic poisoning ppl and electrocuting them in the name of “treatment” is horrifying.
    The maim, cripple, poison, disable, and drive people to suicide.
    Real doctors, neurologists should lobby to have their “licenses” revoked.
    They should be give n jobs cleaning up toxic spills at nuclear sites, no gloves supplied.

  • More evidence that “psychiatrists” are useless, clueless, and dangerous, complacently polypoisoning vulnerable victims while spewing total garbage about imbalances and “diseases”.
    Your greatest luck came in not being electrocuted with ECT for your “treatment resistance” and suicidality. One can recover from years of drug poisoning. The same is not true of brain damaging ECT.

  • Yes, I think I was looking at the med mal side of things, the wrong lens in this case.

    (Black humor in suggesting these are real doctors and would be meeting a “standard of care” in “treating/electrocuting their patients/victims.)

    Really difficult to go up against these corrupt individuals who have all these financial resources to throw at defending their right to keep injuring vulnerable ppl for the billions this scam generates.
    And, would the size and number of potential settlements impact this industry or would it just look at it like Big Pharma settling suits in the hundreds (for drug damages or illegal off label advertising) of millions as part of the cost of “doing business”?

  • Thank you again for this clarification.
    I just cannot comprehend how any jury could not make the connection between multiple electrical injuries paired with grand mal seizures and brain damage.
    Probably an average 13 year old with basic knowledge of science would know this.

    Juries are probably contaminated by ppl listening to the pro-ECT propaganda that is advanced by the unscrupulous shock doctors and torture device manufacturers.

    I believe the last case used Peter Breggin, but obviously his testimony didn’t sway uninformed and uneducated jurors.

    I hope you do have success and open the floodgates, not just for settlement but for the abolition of this destructive and barbaric procedure.
    I see the first donations are popping up on go fund me. That is great.

  • Not impressed with the Justice system judges if they rule like the first one did in this case.

    Not impressed by the jury that decided Dr. Dadi, eminent cardiologist lost his memory, his ability to speak five languages, his medical skills because of “mental illness” rather than brain frying ECT.
    The brain damaging psychiatrist had experts and his lawyers giving evidence “ECT doesn’t do that”. And the jury bought that.

    It is difficult when the public has listened to the poster children happy with their shocks- like Kitty D., Sherwin Nuland, Carrie F., Julie Hersh, Carol Kivler.
    How does one explain that? Maybe ppl who are victims just had “bad ECT” given by incompetent doctors and are the “rare” malpractice case? Right.

    Most victims have been left permanently dazed, traumatized, cognitively impaired and unable to fight the powerful and immoral shock industry and the doctors who brain damage ppl for a living.
    I lost my $90,000 career I had
    excelled in for 30 years; I now am on disability, severely brain injured. It took almost two years to recover any functioning and then I could not find a lawyer to take my case.

  • Thank-you for this update. What is the time frame for rejecting or allowing the appeal?
    Yes, with no pre- ECT/TBI testing done, it is pretty likely the victims you are representing won’t be able to prove their injuries. Their “deficits” will be blamed on their “mental illness”, on drugs they have taken, on anything but shock.
    Not sure there are electrical injury specialists and neurologists who are willing to testify in this case.
    A psychiatrist I spoke with the other day stated neuropsychologists never connect the damages to shock bc they don’t want to point the finger at their brain damaging colleagues and that nothing is definitive enought to make the clear connection.
    What time frame do you envision for the start of proceedings on behalf of the five plaintiffs identified so far?

  • How is that Avalanche of publicity happening?
    There are exactly two of us rebuting the tweets by CAMH put out again today promoting lies about shock.
    Does that seem like something that will have an effect or build momentum.
    Why isn’t anyone else speaking out?
    Why can’t rotating protestors man an effort that isn’t the one day march and protest no one pays attention to?

  • How many years of chanting and marching and protesting and books, with the outcome being an increase in the use of ECT, particularly in England?
    Increased use in autism and dementia. Attempts by the FDA to reclassify the device to Class II- two years ago, still no ruling. FDA hearings in 2011 called for testing- never done.
    What has come of all the efforts of Dr. Breggin and Linda Andre and dedicated people such as yourself? What is happening? Shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors have in the last few months declared ECT “humane”, “effective”, and “safe”- showcasing pro -ECT doctors and patients who claim they were “helped”. No balance. No rebuttal. No horror stories presented. These shows reach multi-millions of people and the message they are sending is a big, evil lie. The press keeps printing “saved my life stories” and pointing to the Sherwin Nuland, Kitty Dukakis, Carrie Fisher promotions.
    Neurologists and other real doctors are not speaking out.
    Mayo Clinic, Macleans, CAMH, and other “renowned”, “teaching” hospitals are promoting and advertising shock.
    And, a judge just refused to certify a class action against Shock manufacturers and their brain boiling “product”.
    I am overwhelmed. How can one slay a monster like this?

    Thank-you to Mr. Gottstein for your review, and Bonnie for writing this book. It was good to see Bonnie and Nancy being interviewed on CTV- we need more media coverage like this.

  • Nothing new. CAMH just one big shock mill. They call it “neuro stimulation” and therapy.
    If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to respond.
    Also on Twitter, Dr. Wilkes, doctor and professor, promoting ECT with frenzied fervor. Sickening. I have posted multiple articles refuting his statements and claims. He calls these articles and comments “unsubstantiated”.

  • Exactly. The brain damage I have is the result of drugging and 2 rounds of ECT I was given. Will I “recover”. No. I lived a great life for 54 years, had a 30 year career, but fell into the evil clutches of psychiatry after a drug reaction. In 12 months they poisoned and electrocuted me. I lost 27 IQ points and 20 years of memory. I was in the hospital/lunatic asylum for 4 weeks on 2 occasions for drug induced iatrogenic illness.
    “Institutionalization” had fuck all to do with the brain damage- but it certainly caused severe trauma.
    What a pathetic article.