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  • I also wonder about people who do not become psychotic bc of a history of trauma. We have heard of people with no trauma or abuse history who were given SSRIs or smoked “skunk” PCP laced marijuana and experienced psychosis. In this case are we looking at a biological/chemical reaction in the brain causing the problem? If this is a FEP it could be handled without drugs, but might not respond to psychotherapy? Or am I wrong?

  • I think what Olga is doing is wonderful, especially in light of the evidence suggesting antipsychotic drugs can actually hinder recovery and often steal years of life from those taking them, while reducing that quality of life.
    I do, however, wonder how someone in a psychotic state, who may be hearing things, seeing things, feeling paranoid or tormented is going to actually function in a job or as a volunteer. These symptoms are different from having “issues” one can just work on. They are truly horrifying and debilitating, which is why many psychotic people crave isolation.

  • In 2016, I was “sectioned” after I attempted to end my life bc of despair over the loss of my cognitive abilities, my 31 year career, 15 years of memories, and the inability to form new memories as a result of 21 ECT I was given. My assigned “doctor” labelled me as “delusional” for believing ECT had harmed me, because she believed ECT was safe and effective and couldn’t cause that kind of damage.
    (The “doctor” who had continued to brain damage me with repeated Bilaterals for failure to “respond” is now the president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. His “rate my doctor” reviews describe him as incompetent, dangerous, clueless, an epic failure, unsuited to work with human beings…)

    My “new” psychiatrist, clueless, incapable of listening, lacking in comprehension and empathy proceeded to order forced injection of antipsychotics to rid me of my “delusions” and suggested “more ECT” for my “depression”. Ignorant, uneducated, evil, and dangerous. The nurses were quick to insist I certainly had not suffered memory loss or brain injury from ECT.
    So, I was returned to the place that brain damaged and traumatized me and made me suicidal, only to be re-traumatized, assaulted, and threatened with more brain damage. Neuropsych testing I later arranged for showed a loss of 27 IQ points and serious losses in memory, executive functioning, math skills, problem solving, visuospatial perception, attention, learning new skills…

  • I wish you had engaged the simpletons you observed in conversation bc they are ignorant and dangerous and need to be informed.
    Yep, the pro-ECT propaganda is in full force and apparently being soaked up by the public also.
    Recently a stunned and uneducated jury found the psychiatrist who was accused of brain damaging renowned, 5 language speaking cardiologist Dr.Shaul Dadi with multiple ECT was NOT GUILTY. They bought the argument that his massive loss of memory and cognitive skills right after ECT was the result of depression and mental illness not multiple craniocerebral traumas! WTF?? When does that happen?
    This time the jury got it wrong, unlike the Stu Dolin Paxil case where pro -ECT shock doc David Healy pointed the finger at the devastating effects of taking antidepressant drugs.
    The scary part is these nurses are so stupid they believe the stunned muteness or the mild euphoria caused by the traumatic brain injury of ECT is a sign the patient is better, the depression is lifting!! And the shrinks love to pretend that is the case.

  • People who have “consented” to ECT because of lies and misinformation are deeply traumatized when they discover they have lost 20 years of memories, are cognitively damaged, and have lost their careers. Being brain damaged by people you trusted to help you is deeply traumatic and with it comes self blame and anger at family members who did not know enough to stop the assaults.
    The FDA is still reviewing downgrading ECT devices to Class II- should they be looking at this review as they keep appeasing the lying APA and shock manufacturers?

  • How many more studies before this lunatic barbaric assault causing craniocerebral trauma is banned?? Well, all the $ making shrinks need to do is point to the the lines it is great for “select populations” and there is no doubt it “has been lifesaving”.
    And, of course, we know that failing two “adequate trials” of antidepressants means a patient is “treatment resistant” and therefore a “candidate” for brain boiling shock.
    And then we have doctors like David Healy advocating for the use of ECT and claiming it’s hard to really “pin down” if memory loss is the related to ECT.
    There was recently an exchange on Twitter where Richard Bentall pointed out that the use of ECT was not “evidence based” and what followed were claims of how many prominent psychiatrists, including Allen Francis, would have ECT if they were seriously depressed and posts of the stupid Sherwin Nuland TED talk on ECT…there are shrinks who rabidly deny the damage that ECT causes- why? Because they are ignorant, uneducated, arrogant, or don’t want to give up their big $?
    The claim of “improved memory” after ECT is just pathetic.
    Why haven’t “real” doctors, including neurologists worked together to see this barbaric procedure is stopped?
    Big surprise that there have been no adequate tests of memory and cognitive function during or after ECT. The Janis studies in 1950 clearly showed ECT caused brain damage. Did that stop it? Over 60 years later, more studies…
    There is, as the study showed, no informed consent or warning about ECT in most cases.
    Why hasn’t a documentary been made about all the damaged ECT victims out there? Why has the media spent its time telling the story of kitty’s Dukakis’s miracle cute in ECT while ignoring the fact she shows serious signs of cognitive damage?

  • Yes, good old CAMH. How many lives have they ruined with their backwards, ignorant, and dangerous approaches to “treating” people suffering from any variety of emotional distress.
    They actively advertise ECT, misleading potential victims by revealing nothing about brain damage, cognitive dysfunction, and permanent and extensive memory loss. They even advertised on Craig’s List looking for volunteers for an ECT study!
    Your son is lucky he didn’t get ECT instead of antipsychotics, terrible as they are..

  • Thank-you, Richard. That is very kind of you to say. I function at a very diminished level, having lost 27 IQ points, and with severe deficits in memory, recall, attention, executive function, and concentration, but these dangerous lunatics must be exposed for what they are and stripped of their power to continue to sicken, disable, and kill the distressed and vulnerable who are seeking “healing”, something the shockers and neurotoxic poisoners have no clue about so I will continue to write the truth about those things.

  • So just your typical psychiatric “treatment/care” story. Unnecessary medication causing more distress resulting in toxic polypharmacy and ECT, themselves agents of injury and trauma and often the drivers of suicide attempts.
    What did they believe they were treating you for?
    You are one of the lucky ones. The drug and ECT damages to my brain mean no amount of love can help me to recover.

  • I think the “precise” mechanism of ECT is simply extensive brain injury that causes petechial hemorrhages, breeches the blood brain barrier, kills neurons through excitotoxicity, destroys connectivity, etc.
    It is simply a form of barbaric torture that constitutes abuse. It should be banned.
    Your article was beautifully written and because you are such a bright, articulate, and accomplished writer, it must make people question your claims of brain injury and harm at the hands of psychiatrists and medical doctors.
    What were the things you did to help you recover and regain functioning?

  • Given your own experience of profound brain changes and brain damage from ECT, what is your opinion of the increasing use of ECT to “treat” self-harming autistic children? ECT seriously injured Carly Fleishmann, a very accomplished autistic young woman. And yet there are parents writing books on the benefits of ECT for their children. The children aren’t given a voice in these assumptions.

  • Agree with everything you have to say about the dangerous pseudo science that is psychiatry, but have a concern with the following statement:
    “So the facts are crystal clear: ECT is most emphatically non-essential. It is an option, an expensive one at that.”
    An “option”?? When should a lunatic bogus “procedure” that is an electrical lobotomy that causes brain damage (memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, despair at lost function leading to suicide) be characterized as an “option”??
    It is clear it needs to be banned, now. The “expense” is not the issue. First do no harm is the issue.
    Anything less than a total rejection of this barbaric human rights abuse is unacceptable.

  • It is interesting to note the articles written by Natasha Tracy, mental health writer, who tried the formula with no success. She reported her less than positive interactions with call Center support staff with no real medical training and indicated she had been threatened with legal action regarding her unflattering articles.Ultimately she had little good to say about the company and its products. She pointed out that there was a risk of “dangerous interactions” if the preparations were taken in conjunction with certain psychiatric medications and stated the many reported “adverse reactions” could have been the result of the withdrawal of “real medicines”. She had another article on the baby who died after his Truehope related family members failed to provide the appropriate medical care, relying on “natural” products.
    I think that Dr. Carey’s article was interesting, but I also believe her son “got better” largely bc of being taken off neurotoxic poisons he should never have been prescribed in the first place!

  • Oldhead,
    What do you suggest as ways or methods to “target the system” since what has been done is not working?
    I am all for poetry, books, and the elevated discourse of passionate intellectuals, but what has that accomplished?
    I see the annual “shock protest” is coming up again in May. And the media will ignore it and the practice will go on. What would achieve more or even something other than consciousness raising and some limited and soon forgotten outrage.
    Someone with a plan, an actual plan?

  • “Chemicals do not cause depression.” What about the instances when they do? As in taking accutane causing severe depression or antidepressants causing severe anxiety and depression? Peter Gotszche has stated these drugs create dangerous imbalances in the brain that were non-existent before their ingestion. Then what? This “depression” is then biologically or chemically created and may have triggered permanent changes in the brain. It may be drug trauma but how would it respond to psychotherapy?

  • These are all amazing, uplifting stories. Yes, it appears there is recovery and healing after years of bad diet and ingesting toxic psychiatric drugs.
    What happens, however, when one has been traumatized and brain damaged by ECT? What hope does one have in this case since the brain injuries have caused permanent damage?
    Is there anything that can be done? Anyone with any suggestions, including Dr. Brogan?

  • And it may not be a “common” intervention or “treatment”, but it is significant that Read and Bentall concluded that “…the risk-benefit analysis for ECT is so poor that its use cannot be scientifically justified” (because of permanent memory loss, risk of death, etc.). BUT doctors are still using ECT/TBI, citing it as the “gold standard” in treatment of severe depression and insisting it is “safe and effective” when research and patient/victim testimonies have shown otherwise.

  • I did not find that the SNRI I was taking blunted my emotions. It made me feel more and it made me hypomanic.
    The “blunting” I experienced came with ECT, which acted as an emotional electrical lobotomy, destroying my feelings, my memory, and my intellect. Like Matt, I would like to see Dr. Healy address the “blunt instrument causing more harm than good” aspect of the Craniocerebral trauma that is ECT.

  • “Professionals” providing “care”?? Nothing professional or caring about poisoning little children with neurotoxins that disrupt the normal development of their brains.
    These are simply confused, uneducated, dangerous people “not sure” about anything because they know nothing about human beings and distress or behavioral differences.
    Parents who allow pseudo doctors practicing pseudo science to drug their children with stimulants and antipsychotics for simply being children, bored or hyperactive or whatever, should be charged with child abuse.

  • So Carrie Fisher’s ashes were placed in a giant PROZAC pill??Her family thought it would be humorous and fitting since this pill was seemingly one of her Favorite things and she was a mental health advocate….is it just me or is this creepy given that psych drugs likely contributed to her premature demise? The people at Pfizer must be pleased at the free advertising…

  • Three anti-psychotics, a mood stabilizer, and a sedative? How are you able to function?
    What trials have ever been done to suggest such polypharmacy is safe or effective in the short or long term? What evidence base is your psychiatrist using to justify this type of polypharmacy?

  • Scientology? Yes, let’s blame that for the fact that ECT is a lunatic bogus “procedure” that is simply repetitive closed head injury concussion provoking damaging grand mal seizures and causing brain injuries/trauma. Gold standard? What a joke. According to the spin and propaganda generated by the ghouls who make money on this procedure. The Journal of ECT? Yes, fabulous source of information. ECT causes petechial hemorrhages in the brain, breeches the blood-brain barrier, destroys memory and causes cognitive dysfunction.
    I, like Deeo42 am an expert on ECT by virtue of having ECT. I am brain damaged and suicidal BECAUSE of ECT, given bc a “doctor” could not figure out my severe depression and agitation was caused by toxic psychiatric drugs.
    Why do you think there are multiple “survivor” groups around the world dedicated to saving other poor vulnerable people from being injured by ECT??
    Google “I got brain damage from ECT”. Read the stories, educate yourself, and stop buying into the lies and propaganda of the ECT lobby.

  • Your previous comment puzzled me. So WHY are all these people who are leading HAPPY and FULFILLING lives because they are drugged (“medicated”) spending their valuable but as Aurora said “perhaps shortened lives/time seeing a “therapist”? To chat about how happy and fulfilling their drugged lives are?

    Oh, and that is the other really COOL thing about psychiatric drugs- it is so difficult to PROVE they are the reason people had that stroke or heart attack or developed diabetes or hanged themselves (after taking the drug for bladder incontinence) or killed their neighbours or strangers or children….but strange that the drug companies paid out and settled or were found culpable in some well publicized cases…

  • Well, I think there are a LOT MORE people who have NOT benefitted from, and in fact have been seriously harmed, permanently disabled (or become victims of suicide or homicide) or died as a result of ingesting psychiatric drugs. We read about them and their experiences on this website, see stories about them in the papers, and on YouTube. These victims include children and teenagers. What are some of the “side effects” listed for these drugs? Akathisia, agitation, increased anxiety, increased depression, insomnia, mania, suicidal ideation, emotional blunting, abnormal thoughts, psychosis…and the really COOL part is that it’s anyone’s GUESS just who will develop these “problems” AND, if the patient reports the symptom it is quite likely the drug will be increased or another 2 or 3 added! The lunacy doesn’t stop there…

    So LUCKY for you, not so much for a LOT of other people.
    Strange how so many school shooters (and, apparently a number of suicidal pilots…)were on these “quality of life giving” drugs…probably just a big coincidence or a conspiracy theory….

  • Once again, they aren’t “medications”, they are “drugs”, many of which have been proven to be neurotoxic, shrink the brain, cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome, while also having a link to both suicidal and homicidal behavior.
    Psychotropic drugs that I ignorantly praised for 12 years destroyed my life. That has been my experience and that of countless other “patients”. There is never true informed consent given about psychiatric drugs. The few people who claim they improved their lives won the lottery….

  • Deeeo42:
    No room for reply above, but everything you stated resonates very strongly with me. Especially “direct action”, “Destroy the FUCKING MACHINES (of torture)”, and “revolution” rather than writing, writing, writing, playing nice. Why is there no support for this type of strategy?
    Obviously there will never be justice through the law; no law firms willing to fight for this cause; no credibility for “crazy people” who probably “needed” ECT.
    Where does MIA stand on this human rights abuse when it is willing to give space to articles by David Healy, pro-ECT “doctor”?
    Perhaps it would be next to impossible to seek a ban on “psychiatric drugs”, but why is the smaller goal of a total ban on electrical lobotomies impossible??

  • No, it is not just theoretical. About “going public” in the hopes “that sort of personal testimony could be powerful”? No, it doesn’t appear to be. Did Linda Andres’ going public and writing a damning indictment about ECT lead to any change? No. Did the wrenching written and spoken personal testimonies of about 1200 victims of ECT presented to the FDA in Jan., 2011 lead to a ban? Nope.
    Has Mary Maddock’s story of ECT harms influenced change? Will the personal testimonies of the 2500 or so “survivors” and families of survivors sent to the FDA in 2016 (with the intent of stopping downgrading of ECT devices to Class II for certain indications) actually lead to stronger regulations, actual testing of the devices (which had never been done), or, as any thinking, feeling, reasonable, intelligent, compassionate, and educated
    individual should vote for, a complete ban of this torture device and human rights violation?? Doubtful.
    Individuals like Lauren Tenney, Bonnie Burstow, John Breeding, and Peter Breggin have written and campaigned vociferously and logically and eloquently and continuously against this lunatic fucking practice. Has it changed anything? Will it one day? We need more people; we need acts of disobedience; we need a revolution.
    Thank-you Oldhead for all your posts. I find gems in all of them.
    And Bonnie, wonderful article. I admire everything you do as you work to see the abolition of psychiatry.

  • Agree with your comments regarding Carrie Fisher. Was her heart attack related to her ingestion of “bipolar drug cocktails” and rounds of ECT and “maintenance” ECT? Quite possibly.
    It is awful that Fisher, with all her fame, promoted brain damaging ECT as something wonderful and useful. I bought into her narrative and that of the famous Sherwin Nuland. The end result for me? Brain damage. Cognitive dysfunction. Memory Loss. An inability to form new memories. Loss of history and identity.A desire to end my life. How many other desperate, vulnerable people listened to the crap they wrote or verbalized, only to have their lives completely ruined?

  • You say you will “demonstrate” for a “total ban” on ECT, better simply called electroshock. What did the worldwide protest against shock (May, 2016) actually accomplish, peaceful and well -organized demonstration that it was?? It received pretty much zero press and amost 2 years have gone by. What will another “demonstration” like this do? Nothing.
    If ever there was an evil, barbaric assault and human rights violation, it is embodied by shock.
    Just recently, Dr. Dadi lost his lawsuit against the “doctor” who brain damaged him, destroyed his life and career as an eminent cardiologist. A jury of his peers did not believe ECT could cause the type and extent of injuries he suffered. Pathetic ignorance and lack of knowledge about ECT.
    So what will “work” to ban these instruments of torture and stop those who administer ECT, including well known shrinks like David Healy, expert on psychiatric drug harms.
    Yes, shooting electricity through the unique, creative, and delicate brain- what the fuck indeed.
    The clueless FDA needs to ban ECT starting now, today, this minute.

  • Agreed. Most mental death nurses are ignorant and uneducated about the poisons they are feeding to or injecting their poor “patients” with. And these are simply toxic poisons, not “medications”, with devastating effects on every organ and body system. People taking part in poisoing and sickening “patients” belong in prison, being forced to ingest the same toxins for 6 months or so, just so they “get it”.

  • Why does shock continue? Because prominent “doctors” like David Healy and Sarah Lisanby and Charles Kellner promote this brain damaging closed head injury concussion with added electrical injury trauma as a “treatment”. It is simply a violent assault and a human rights abuse that is simply torture. How many times was Garth Daniels shocked by the psychiatrists in charge of his care. He was also restrained and accused of being violent with the staff.
    These abuses just go on and on. Is there no way to stop these dangerous and ignorant fools who have no idea about “helping” anyone suffering from distress.
    Where is the latest FDA ruling on shock given the thousands of letters outlining horrific injuries and damages?

  • The way to avoid long term memory loss and cognitive damage, both reflective of brain injury is to ban ECT. No amount of niacin is going to change the outcome of multiple closed head injury electrical assaults on a delicate brain. Again, people all ears about psychiatric drugging causing harms but fairly disinterested in someone that does far more permanent damage. People can return to themselves after drugging stops, the same is not true of ECT. They are permanently destroyed.

  • ECT causes brain damage. It is unfortunate some people believe losing precious memories and cognitive functions equates with “better”. The ghouls who administer or promote this lunatic barbaric assault belong in prison for human rights violations regarding torture. ECT needs to be banned, immediately. There is extensive scientific and anecdotal evidence showing the brain damaging effects of ECT. I do not care if people like David Healy want to keep disregarding the research and the heart breaking stories of thousands of victims. Brain damaging someone and calling it “therapy” is immoral and evil.

  • So The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care has Dr. David Healy as a board member?

    Healy is an an advocate of ECT and a doctor who administers ECT. The victims of this electrical lobotomy have organized in groups to have their voices and stories of heart wrenching damage heard. They are survivors with lived experience who often work to warn other potential victims of the dangers of this assault.
    There is no “excellence” to be found in assaulting people with closed head injury concussions (craniocerebral trauma) that decimate personality, memory, and intellect. One of your “buckets” should include working to specifically ban brain damaging and PTSD inducing ECT.

  • Antidepressant use is already linked to increased risk of suicide, violence, homocides, more chronic depression, birth defects and autism, severe withdrawal syndrome, and now dementia. What did I miss? How many lives would be saved if “doctors” stopped prescribing them?

  • The CORRECT dose of an antipsychotic for a FOUR year old?? That would be ZERO. The mom is wondering about the longterm impact on his kidneys? What about his brain??
    So, once again an immature or hyper child is drugged with a toxic poison to control his behavior and the parents goes along with this obscene approach? Great idea for a pediatrition to “first do no harm”…to a delicate, developing brain…complete ignorance and stupidity.

  • Again, so few views and comments. People don’t seem to care about shock and its devastating outcomes for thousands of people. It is a barbaric, brain disabling assault on a delicate organ that works on millivolts. It needs to be banned and its practitioners sent to prison with their medical licences revoked. What better example of failing to “first do no harm”?

  • A beautifully expressed narrative that exposes psychiatry as the real “monster”. yes, fifteen years of that kind of ignorance and abuse is surely enough…

    You were given ECT for what? You were a teenager at that time?? How was this action justified? How many “treatments” were you given and what impact did they have?
    Wishing you more of the freedom and joy you have been experiencing since “backing away”.

  • Hopefully lawyer Jonathan Emord will be successful in taking on the FDA regarding ECT. Just reading about the damages incurred by the five citizen petitioners is stomach churning. How is it that this lunatic bogus “treatment” has not be banned? When will the shock doctors admit to brain damaging their patients with ECT? Or do they just say the injured had “badly administered ECT”, with an outcome that is not the norm?
    We learn more each day about repetitive head injury in athletes resulting in CTE.
    ECT is repetitive head trauma. Could it cause CTE in its victims in addition to the immediate amnesia and cognitive dysfunction which its victims suffer?
    When does the FDA plan to reveal their latest decision about ECT classification?

  • Canada’s psychiatrists are just as ignorant and uninformed and dangerous as those in the US. I know. They destroyed my life with unnecessary drugging and shock. Most of them should be sent to prison and tasered each and every day.

  • You need to add that these “professionals” are highly dangerous, profoundly ignorant, and quick to toxic poison and/or shock people they have no clue how to “treat”. One of the most dangerous things a person can do is see a psychiatrist. The “help” they provide invariably disables, kills, or drives people to suicide.

  • Now that Mr. Whitaker has published this comprehensive 46 page review and more studies confirm what he is saying, it would be great if he took a break and chewed on the bone Deirdre speaks of- ECT.
    Who better to investigate and “show the science” regarding this human rights violation/lunatic procedure?

  • I think that, with this report, you have made the science known. Hopefully prescribers will read it and draw the obvious conclusions about these dangerous toxins.

    However, I recently mentioned this off topic to the psychiatrist I am seeing. He considers himself an expert in “schizophrenia” and its treatment. When I brought up the studies of Wunderink and the Open Dialogue results he was agitated and started rolling his eyeballs and stating “those people relapse and go psychotic off the drugs; I have seen it!” (Apparently ignorant about withdrawal…). He the actually said ” antipsychotics are NEUROPROTECTIVE”. I asked him how drugs that shrink the brain and cause tardive dyskinesia could be considered NEUROPROTECTIVE. He told me I knew nothing and was “ignorant”! So there we go- strike out on attempt to inform and educate.
    Guess I will have to drop a copy of your report on his desk along with a copy of “The Bitterest Pills”. Thought the word was getting out- apparently not….

  • Good question here. Is it a matter of having to WORK at healing through neuro modulation, neuro stimulation, etc., rather than thinking the brain will just heal itself over time, no effort required?
    So, like the man with Parkinson’s forcing changes through walking?
    Or, are psych drug injuries that damage the brain especially injurious and permanent? Anyone with an insight?
    Does the good doctor have anything to address severe Tardive Dyskinesia, which is apparently antipsychotics gift that stays for life? Anyone out there with any success in overcoming or improving after brain injuries from psych drugs, and, as horrifically, ECT?

  • “Medicate them into non-violence through forced treatment”?? Forcing violent treatment on people makes them less traumatized and less violent?
    Drugs (they aren’t ‘medications’) that are documented to cause agitation, AKATHISIA, abnormal thoughts, psychosis, and homicidal and suicidal ideation and actions are likely to “medicate away violence”. Really? Drugs whose ‘withdrawal” also triggers the same effects are “medicating away violence” how?
    Worked well on all those “medicated” school shooters and homicidal/suicidal pilots didn’t it?

  • Absolutely agree that forced treatment with drugs or ECT needs to be abolished.

    Not sure about “misinformed consent is still consent”??
    And, again, the concept of “wising up” and knowing one has been harmed leading to rejecting more treatment doesn’t work so well for people with increasing brain damage who aren’t even aware they are being harmed because they are in a state of euphoric shock or post-concussive syndrome or so sick they just cannot think or make reasonable decisions.

  • Well, there is no “informed consent” because almost all shock docs and “facilities” offering the service LIE about and misrepresent ECT and the REAL risks it entails. And, after the first ECT induced brain injury, how is further ECT “voluntary”?? Is the person “capable” of agreeing to MORE after a few closed head injuries?
    Why is there a “demand” for ECT? Is it bc about 10 people on the planet survived it and a few high profile ones wrote books about it, claiming benefit or bc of the PR spin that has been put in place over the years?
    Desperate people should not be allowed to “demand” a brain damaging procedure like ECT any more than they demand a doctor smash them in the head with a bat multiple times causing similar closed head injury craniocerebral trauma.

  • Unfortunate that one of your acknowledgements goes to David Healy, who, while providing invaluable research and testimony and education and God knows what else regarding the dangers of psychiatric drugs, continues to advocate for and administer ECT, which is simply a bogus lunatic “procedure” that causes brain damage and disables its victims. It matters little if it is applied with or without supposed “consent”; the outcome is the same: memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, trauma.
    What was ultimately more damaging to Garth Daniels? The neuroleptics or almost 100 ECT?

  • One of the biggest sources of trauma? Psychiatry, and its psychiatric drugging (CAUSING ‘imbalances'”, psychosis, homicidal and suicidal ideation (or action), depression, akathisia, etc), its labelling, and its traumatizing electroshocking of the already traumatized. ECT for that poor girl with anorexia or the child with autism ? Is that enforcing one trauma on others pre-existing?
    As an off the topic comment, once someone has been “made” psychotic or “schizophrenic”, through drugging are they deemed to have a biological illness? And WHAT, once brain chemistry HAS been changed or chemical/physiological changes have resulted, is going to “help” to “heal” this patient once they have a now biological-physical problem?
    Talk therapy isn’t going to do much for a “chemically created” “brain problem”, is it?

  • Is using the phrase “chronically CRAZY ” as “layman’s terms” for the individuals in the “China” study really necessary? And later using it again, rather than replacing it with “seriously ill” or “distressed” or “symptomatic” or even “psychotic”?
    Otherwise, a wonderful article exposing the truly scary way these “renowned” psychiatrists “think”, or rather refuse to actually “think” and process scientific evidence. What would it take for them to actually admit how wrong they have been and continue to be if overwhelming evidence is not enough?

  • Interesting the route this needed to take to make it to “high places”. Luc Montague’s connections were central to having this issue go to a “work group” in Parliament. If he had simply been an “ordinary” casualty of toxic psychiatric drug prescribing, his story would have disappeared without a ripple.
    My question is if indeed the mandate for CEPUK is to shine a light on the harms caused by psychiatric treatments, why there is nothing written about the harms of ECT and the total lack of an “evidence base” for its “use”. The only reference we see is in the video by Mary Maddock who speaks about her horrific experience with both ECT and psych drugging.
    My email inquiring about this big deafening silence on the topic of ECT- no statements by the high profile docs making comments about the problems with the drugs- was given the response that “we are limited in finances and resources and personnel” seems ridiculous. How long would it take to post a 3 minute video by one of the expert psychiatrists or current articles by Bentall and Read or others on this site?
    If this is the council for EVidence based psychiatry why is it not stating the evidence shows ECT is torture and causes brain damage?
    So, a bit off topic, but just really wondering if anyone has an answer for this one.
    The scary part is that the state created by the toxic drugging, horrific withdrawals, iatrogenic insanity, supposed “treatment resistance” as outcomes of the drugging invariably leads to “ECT as a ‘last resort'”. So, the two become enmeshed.
    I look forward to seeing the video on this discussion/debate on antidepressants and disability.
    This is so obvious to me as I taught for 31 years without a break, only to end up on disability after receiving “antidepressants” for situational anxiety and insomnia that spiralled into a bad reaction and poly toxic poisoning. And there was ECT brain injury waiting In the wings to ensure the disability was truly permanent.

  • So, you are happy to have your child “medicated” with amphetamines so in the short term it appears there is some benefit. Regardless of the research that shows a percentage of these children will experience hallucinations or psychosis or that as many as 25% will go on to develop “bipolar disorder” as teens and young adults, setting them on the path to polydrugging with neuroleptics and mood stabilizers?? Have you READ any of the nightmare first person stories of the stimulant drugged young people “put on” what is basically kiddie cocaine??
    And your child’s “behavior” deteriorated after the “drugs” we’re removed?? Withdrawal anyone?
    I watched a bright little 6 year old medicated bc of her off the wall, bored with the dull teacher, behavior. She soon became a focused little zombie who had teachers smiling at their success in having her drugged against her parents’ protests.
    Today she is a “rapid cycling bipolar” barely functional young adult, compromised on all fronts- academically, socially, emotionally…
    I was a teacher for 31 years… And watched with disgust as I saw child after child drugged. One child stands out bc he was labelled with ADHD and ODD- he was drugged to the point of being catatonic- no one considered the impact of the fact he was watching his drunken father physically and verbally abuse his mother and was the victim of verbal abuse himself.
    Long term outcomes “not superior”?? How about catastrophic?

  • What if your story were sent to the “nurses” and the so-called “doctors” working in the mental death industry? Would they be capable, in the face of their ignorance, arrogance, confusion, and resentment, be able to actually comprehend what you have said and learn from it.
    Your story should be shared with those “training” to become mental health professionals.
    Reading this made me cry for my own traumatization after a spiral started by an antidepressant reaction. The “hospitalization” in this house of horror resulted in polydrugging, and the most violent, cruel, and barbaric assault on ones mind and spirit- ECT- “agreed” to in a drug induced desperation and based on lies and coercion. I had no significant other to protect me, no ability to understand the danger of the nuclear holocaust to be repeatedly unleashed on my manic, delicate, creative, gorgeous, unique brain- and with that failure came the consequence. The devastation of that amazing spirit, of joy, language, memory, identity, intellect. Left a shell, a butterfly with wings mangled, left to crawl through a fearful and now unfamiliar landscape.
    How did I fall into madness? The stress of over-achieving, over-working, being the doormat, the compliant, ever giving, ever self-sacrificing female, neglecting self, denying dreams, needs; so stressed, so busy there was no time to eat or sleep or provide the smallest modicum of self-care or love. And it pleased everyone. My “illness”, my “breakdown” pleasing no one. Creating resentment, rage, shame and a quick allegiance to lunatics who were the “experts” as they toxic drugged and electrocuted me in their ignorant, misguided “efforts” to “cure” me.
    Left broken, suicidal, brain injured; prolific career gone, friends/colleagues gone; respect/admiration/love, all gone, gone, destroyed by the “help” and “hospitalization”, administered by the real monsters who walk this world and would poison those who are magical or special, those who are innocent children, those who are abused and traumatized, those who are elderly or lonely or simply, those who are living, breathing human beings struggling to survive a difficult or different journey.
    You are lucky and blessed to have escaped, to have a wonderful partner to support you. Keep telling your story. It has such beauty.

  • Real doctors. The increasingly irresponsible GP’s writing prescriptions for antidepressants, sleeping pills, and a little Valium or zanax?? The drugs they prescribed causing the sickness or withdrawal that then lands them in the shrink’s office? What kind of “real” doctors??
    “Need” psychiatry? No.
    In addition, need, as Peter Gotszche said, to get rid of 98% of the psych drugs being prescribed….

  • Bang on. The blind, ignorant, and self- serving “psychiatrists” have not one fucking clue about “better”.
    I was, like you grandmother, destroyed by ECT that I “agreed” to based on lies and misinformation. It is barbaric, it is torture, it is trauma, and brain damaged all in one. Yes, shame on you, jfrye- how ironic that “fry” is part of your name here, for that is what you are doing to your “patients” with ECT.
    Thank you Stephen for stating the truth so poignantly. What a loss to your grandma and you.
    It reflects the rage I feel at what was done to me and by extension, to my children, who did not “consent” to having their mother destroyed by this kind of “help”.

  • “ECT has been effective in my pervasively clinically depressed patients.”
    Really? “Effective” according to whom? The nurses and doctors observing the stunned euphoric giddiness resulting from brain injury that they think equates with “improved mood” or patient “complaining less”.
    “Effective” for how long? Till the brain injuries resolve and “relapse” (lol) mean more ECT or “maintenance” ECT?

    Electrical injuries causing neurological damage and grand mal seizures disrupting the brain’s normal functioning is a lunatic approach to “treating” something labelled as “depression”.
    Garth’s case is particularly horrific, but where does it fall on the spectrum of the articles in MIA about the young girl with the feeding tube being court ordered to have ECT, or poor Elsie, agitated in hospital, ECT’d to death for being a “danger to herself”? Or the poor pregnant girl or elderly woman driven iatrogenically insane by psych drugs being “shocked”.
    No one should be given so much as 1 electrical head injury. ECT is not treatment; it is torture for everyone and anyone it is given to. It is “craniocerebral trauma” and the FDA wants to put it in Category II?

    ECT is a barbaric assault on vulnerable, sick, and desperate people.
    Read Lauren Tenneys article outlining the “outcomes” of ECT for hundreds and hundreds of victims.
    Yes, Garth’s story is horrific because of the numbers of ECT involved, the restraints, the drugs, the loss of 14 years of his life, the inability of his loved ones to free him.
    But we cannot

  • This is really beyond belief. I am certain the lunatic psychiatrists torturing Garth are intimidated by your integrity and obvious success in ministering to the sickest of the sick without resorting to their horrifying methods cantered around restraints, toxic drugs, and brain boiling ECT.
    Where, however, are the other dissenting voices of the “decent” psychiatrists besides yourself? Why are they silent?

    ECT is an abomination. The fact anyone calling him or herself a “doctor” can promote or administer brain damage and call it “treatment” is beyond sickening and unethical. And 93 and counting? For what purpose?

    Why have John Read’s efforts fallen on deaf ears? Why have the protests achieved nothing?
    Why are Amnesty International and the United Nations unable to intervene?

  • And of course, this woman was incredibly lucky in that she called you and that she was not electro shocked after meeting the minimal standard for a label of “treatment resistance”- (her lol) “failure” to “respond” to TWO “adequate” trials of antidepressant drugs (yes, the ones little better than placebo that also increase agitation, anxiety, depression, suicidal thought…). Let’s see- what time frame would that be? Well, 6 weeks per drug, so 12 weeks, and perhaps a 2 week taper or not? Just switch to next? So, frighteningly, after as little as THREE months a lunatic psychiatrist could be “meeting an ‘acceptable’ standard of ‘care'” by signing her up for brain boiling/damaging ECT.
    What is wrong with this picture? Lots, but the scariest is that ECT is there, waiting to decimate another life. And because of pro- shock “doctors” like David Healy and Sarah Lisanby, this lunatic barbaric assault on the vulnerable continues.
    And, other philosophical articles and posts get 50, 100, 300 and more posts. ECT? Hey, lucky if one gets 10 or 12. It does not affect most people so they do not care.

  • Well of course, since “nothing else has worked”, ECT/brain injury is obviously indicated. So, when multiple “psychiatrists” provide the type of care that leads to a severe decline including a wish to die and serious “self-harm”, the obvious conclusion is that it is time for some “psychiatrically administered harm/brain injury”. More stumbling, bumbling, refusing to “give up” and say “we have no fucking clue what we are doing”.
    Perhaps love, care, trauma informed support, and removal from a coercive, hope-sucking, and frightening institution would be a start?? Why are her parents supporting continued abuse and accepting misrepresented statistics/facts about ECT’s efficacy and dangers?? Is there a child advocate who can intervene? Mind freedom?
    Torture of a child mandated by the court. Disgusting.

  • Off on a bit of a tangent, but are there any ECT victims who have found ways to help remediate their brain damage? Has anyone tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy or holistic approaches that provide even minor benefits?
    What do neuropsychs suggest? Luminosity? Brain training games? Or just get a pile of sticky notes, a chalkboard, and program your phone with reminders, alerts, and notes to self like a dementia patient might?

    I noticed one particular damaged patient asking for help, suggestions, and assistance during the NIMH
    Facebook question and answer with Sarah Lisanby. Just the sound of defeating silence and a blank space in response. No surprise there.

    And yes, there is no doubt the majority of people would “recover” or “heal” without being administered multiple traumatic electrical head injuries via shock.

  • Yes, there should be a list of the names of those people calling themselves “doctors” who brain damage people for the sake of ignorance and money. And a list of those fine institutions like the Mayo Clinic that offers up ECT/TBI/ABI as “treatment” at a time that the evolving research about injuries and repetitive insults to the brain makes it obvious that this “practice” is stupidity and medical malpractice at its finest.

  • No, not hallucinogens. Too benign. Feed them huge doses of the antipsychotics with a side order of benzos, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. The “full meal deal” and preferably have the neuroleptics injected… Then, after a month of restful incarceration, take them off all the drugs cold turkey…
    I think this “training” and “lived experience” would go a long way to informing their future practices…

  • That essential piece of advice should be given to every single potential future victim of psychiatrists and the mental death industry.
    Or, if they are unable to process this in their pain and despair, it should be given to their advocates or loving family members. These quacks have been the source of such misery, suffering, disability, terror, and death that it is hard to comprehend how or why they have not been driven out of “business”. Who would trust the well-being of a child, a teen, and mother, a wife, a husband, in fact, any human being to the ignorant, dangerous, useless, and arrogant fools who largely make up the psychiatric “profession” ( bit of a stretch calling it that).
    What kind of “work” do they do? They kill little kids like Rebecca Riley, torture people like Garth Daniels with ECT, murder poor Luise, and poison people who end up with tardive dyskinesia, increased psychosis, homicidal or suicidal ideation, and any number of other conditions involving the deterioration of ones physical and emotional health.

  • What? When will the American psychiatric “industry” realize their “treatments” are torture?? One, they know; two, they don’t care; three; it pays for their lifestyle.
    Or, alternatively, they are just that stupid they cannot see the truth or comprehend the science.

    When will they stop committing “crimes against humanity”?? Simple. Never.
    And one of the biggest of those crimes is administering shock to the vulnerable and distressed and suffering, usually, as you say, after poisoning them into a state of toxic drug insanity…
    These people cannot be human. I think they should be required to take a course of 10-12 ECT as part of their training for certification to administer shock. That would put an end to shock as “treatment”.
    I just love to hear about the “expertise”of Dave and Sarah, and Howard, and Max and Ned on this topic. So nice to wax eloquent on something you have never endured.

  • So much heart, time, energy, and hard work you have poured into this effort, Lauren. Much thanks.
    For someone who has herself not been injured by shock, but has the sensitivity, insight, and compassion to fight on behalf of those who are usually too damaged to do so is inspiring. It shows such decency and humanity. You are my hero.

    So sad to think of the number of new victims of shock since 2011 when the FDA, listening to similar compelling testimonies of devastating injuries and harms, did not have the intelligence, balls, common sense, compassion, or ethics to completely BAN this torture device and relegate it to the scrap heap where its sleazy, greedy, ignorant, violent, undereducated, and immoral “promoters”, “administrators”, and “practitioners” also belong, stripped of “medical” licenses.

    At a time the FDA is looking into downgrading the classification for this device, I am sickened by the publication of yet another Huff post piece promoting this “procedure”, brain injury as ‘treatment.’, by a person calling many of those who posted negative comments about ECT “haters”, “loonies”, “Peter Breggin groupies”, later calling some “pathetic”, “in need of help”, encouraged by others who fawned over her story and disparaged those “weirdos and crazies”.

    It is pretty clear who is pathetic and in need of help, someone with NOTHING to say about the numerous studies, articles, and research pointing to the useless and brain damaging nature of shock.
    These NUMB and insensitive
    people seem to be oblivious to the fact that those who speak out have a noble cause and a humanistic agenda- to protect people from being brain injured, disabled, and driven to suicide bc of their losses, trauma, and despair.

    Ignorance at its finest. Let’s just mindlessly drink the koolaid and shriek OMG! And LOL! At those crazy “anti-ECTers”!! What is this? High school giddiness and shallowness at its best?? Oblivious to the science, oblivious to the victims. Just unbelievable. Someone “survived”, that 1 or 2 out of 10. Let’s ignore the other 6 or 7 completely destroyed. Brilliant.

    I hope copies of the testimonials can be sent to Dr. David Healy and Dr. Sarah Lisanby and NIHM.

    I can just hear the “oh, yes, well, must be the benzos, the anesthetics, the anti-psychotics, the “disease” state, the coffee they have been drinking, the phases of the moon…, “somataform disorder”, aliens, conspiracy theorists….”, basically anything but the electrical lobotomies decimating people being assaulted by ECT creating traumatic acquired brain injuries.

    Is there any idea of the time frame involved in the FDA reviewing the submissions and making a ruling? It can be done minus

  • Thank-you for sharing your story, seeking to inform and warn others, even when you still experience trauma in just talking about this brutal experience.
    What happened to you is so frightening bc it reflects the very common experience of people (usually women) with stressors and life issues and reasons for their emotional distress being ignorantly prescribed drugs that worsen their state, which spirals into more drugs and a label of so-called treatment resistance, which justifies shock, which is misrepresented and lied about, not presented as “brain injury as treatment for what bothers you or psych drugs have created”.
    You, like so many, vulnerable, desperate, made the mistake of “trusting” these quacks/lunatics/idiots/
    psychopaths and the medical industry. And it continues- misinformation and outright lies straight to you on the Q and A with NIHM and Sarah Lisanby. Only there were no answers or responses in relation to those victims addressing their brain damage and shattered lives.

    You are so lucky your mom intervened to save you and help you move to a place of recovery. Many people were not so fortunate.

    Someone needs to stand outside shock hospitals and clinics handing out the leaflets from Dr. Breggin’s website, “truly” informing people what Shock is and does to people.
    The fact “well-respected” medical “doctors” like David Healy advocate for this “procedure” and administer it to living, breathing human beings given the thousands of stories of injury, despair, ruined lives, and suicide caused by ECT is beyond belief.

  • Great work, as always, Lauren.
    Are you aware of any particular organizations (head/brain injury associations) or groups of professionals (neurologists, brain injury researchers/neuroscientists) who have a position on This and are filing complaints/challenges? Have these groups been approached about this issue and have they responded? What about the AMA? Any word on their stance?
    Again, I am sad to see few people reading this article or posting comments. Perhaps you could add “antipsychotics” or “Pharma” to the title. There is big interest and passion about that… ECT? Not so much…
    Must say I was sickened by the NIHM/Lisanby facebook Q and A- no response to the people who had suffered injuries, but gushing “thank you for your story” to those claiming ECT “saved their lives”. Yuk.
    Surely there must be more than 1300 people opposed to this lunatic procedure?

  • I recently accessed my medical notes to find they were written on pages with an Effexor logo and blurb- just a handy dandy doctor’s note pad.
    My GP, I discovered later through conversations with a number of random people, was a big proponent of prescribing Effexor for “depression”, often situational depression brought on by bereavement or stress or divorce. She then kept patients on the drug for decades or for life. Was this because of “payouts” or bc, once addicted, the horrific withdrawals of her victims meant she had stupidly and ignorantly created patients for life? The crying, brain zaps, anxiety that surfaced with something as simple as a single missed dose had her declaring that the “disease” was “back”, this was a “relapse”, that the patient “needed” effexor, and maybe, the pills should be doubled or tripled.
    And yes, Someone Else, psychiatrists are “quacks” who regularly poison, defame, injure, and kill people for profit and simply bc they are useless, stupid, arrogant, and malevolent. The stories about Luise, Garth Daniels, and the 70 year old shocked to DEATH because she was a “danger to herself” show us the quality of the “help” they provide. Why aren’t these lunatic in prison where they belong?

  • This has court case/litigation written all over it, but it is lucky the “surviving” sibling, housebound,will prove no threat. Guess she better hope “depression” over her sister’s death doesn’t result in the same kind of fabulous “care”.
    There should be a lawyer willing to take this to court on principle, as a human rights violation, as murder…I would donate to see the lunatic psychiatrist tried, stripped of a license and sent to prison where all heartless murderers belong. And if he gets depressed, he should be given ECT…

  • Well, look at all the response to John Read’s “protest” about the 50+ electroshock a given to the patient in Australia- big success with that? Guess he is lucky he has survived that many! Strong heart? Younger? But who knows, maybe the next 50 will be less well “tolerated”…
    Yep, love that ECT is “safe and efficacious”- need to bring this poor woman’s case up for NIHM’s happy facebook time with Sarah Lisanby and ECT…

  • “Sadly”? How about “tragically” or “criminally”?
    Things they “don’t know”? They KNOW it causes brain damage and potential death. What more is there to know?

    So, better to be “electrocuted and brain damaged to death” than to be “pulling out tubes, not eating and a ‘danger’ to oneself”? Insane.
    And the comment “and this was the RIGHT time”? Meaning, what, there is always a right time to kill a patient?

    Elderly vulnerable female with no one t protect her, just the type of victim ECT practitioners love to latch on to. How much did the doctor, hospital, and anaesthetist earn killing her? Too bad they didn’t get the full luxury 10 shock top of the line 70% effective payout before she expired.
    WHY can’t this Frankenstein procedure be banned?

  • Interesting how different people view this. My daughter’s comments focused on stating “he was mentally ill; THAT is why he saw 41 doctors; that is why he NEEDED ‘medication'”. If I comment on the school shooters being on SSRIs or other psychiatric drugs, she gets really irritated: ” yes, they were on the drugs BECAUSE they were ‘nuts/mentally ill’; the drugs had f*** all to do with it; I am so sick of hearing these lame CONSPIRACY theories.”

    I am a loss as to what to say. I try to direct her to the books and scientific research about the dangerous nature of these drugs that cause homicidal and suicidal ideation and she gets even more upset: ” right, so one person in a hundred has a ‘bad reaction’; they list those warnings for that, because they have to; I have 3 friends on SSRIs and their lives are amazing now…”
    So, I have raised my child badly to be an uncritical thinker who connects every shooting with “mentally ill”… or Big Pharma has been very successful with its ‘spin’, advertising, PR…convincing the public these drugs are safe, efficacious, lifesaving…
    For myself, I think 150 people would not have died in that crash if the pilot had not been on these drugs. I am reminded of a previous article that connected multiple plane crashes to pilots on psychiatric drugs…

  • This entire situation is horrifying and heartbreaking.

    Based on the distress and torture of a real living, breathing, not “hypothetical” human being, it strangely doesn’t seem to elicit much outrage or interest in the general readership if one looks at the number of responses and posts. Your last instalment had 10 posts.

    The having a conversation about having a conversation about psychiatry generated 142.
    The NIHM ECT facebook article logged in at 5 responses.
    Why is that? Few people care about the damage this lunatic, barbaric assault inflicts on people? Or the people who are deemed to “need” ECT are easy to dismiss?
    Is this apparent disinterest on the part of the general population the reason ECT continues? Because outrage is limited to the injured and a handful of Anti-ECT proponents?

  • So good old NIHM promoting ECT/brain damage as a compliment to drugging? Well, who is going to debunk the “myths” that ECT is “safe and effective” and is “often the last best hope”??
    It is an electrical lobotomy, a form of torture, a brain disabling, lunatic relic of psychiatry at its worst. “Doctors” like Lisanby and Healy promote this bogus “procedure”, disregarding the science, the research, the thousands of victims.
    Reaching out to find more victims/consumers of brain injury misrepresented as “brain stimulation” and “treatment” by using Facebook??
    How is this allowed to continue in light of the testimonies of all those people decimated and destroyed by ECT?

  • I think you are dreaming if you believe that any significant change will occur.
    Thirty years ago I had my first child and I was an anxious mom who was sleep deprived. Knowing nothing about babies I was worried about the puffiness around her forehead, which was caused by suction. I just needed reassurance, but I ended up seeing my GP who determined I should see a shrink. This lunatic told my family I had postpartum psychosis and proceeded to admit me to a so called “hospital” and poison me with Mellaril, an antipsychotic, not telling anyone, including me what it was. Within two days I was begging to see my baby, telling this monster I thought my baby was fine. He coldly stared at me and said “I think you are lying to me and I am making sure you stay till we ‘cure’ you.” Terrified, deteriorating, missing my beautiful baby, I convinced my family to take me home after 6 days.Drugged, severely traumatized, I went home, stopping the poison cold turkey. I immediately developed panic, new abnormal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, crying, none of which Ihad before drugging.
    I bravely returned to the lunatic who “treated” me, telling him what he had done and stating “I will not die because of your stupidity and malpractice”. He got very angry, started shouting, and threw me out of his office. It took me 3 years to recover, at home, zero poison, away from those scary, incompetent monsters. I had two more children, a joyful existence, a 30 year teaching career.
    Unfortunately a prescription for an antidepressant by my clueless GP for the weight loss, crying , insomnia caused by my husbands affair after 25 years of marriage was the start of a nightmare. Did I need poison for a situational very normal distress/sadness? Same outcome- withdrawal reaction severe- spirals into poly drugging, iatrogenic insanity, my doctor tripling the AD and then “trying” Prozac, which caused akathisia, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, which resulted in the prescription of Zopiclone, and Ativan, and then Depakote, and lithium, and Cipralex, and Zoloft, and mirtazapine and Lamictal, none of which do anything for initial effexor withdrawal symptoms. My family was convinced “something” would work, the “doctors” knew what they were doing. I
    was desperate for the excruciating head pain and madness to stop. I was told ECT was safe and effective, completely lied to. In my drug-deranged state, I signed. I was assaulted with multiple bilaterals and unilaterals, 10 to start and 11 of them 7 months later bc my children thought the giddiness and organic brain syndrome of round 1 were signs I was “better”. I ended up losing 15 years of memory, my career, my skill sets, my ability to form new memories, my ability to think, read, feel love for my family. Left a brain damaged zombie. My complaint to the health region resulted in an “internal” review that concluded that my “standard of care” was “acceptable” and they were “sorry” I was not “satisfied” with the “outcome” of my “treatment”. In my shattered state I tried contacting various agencies, department heads, govt officials to try to educate them as to what damage was being done, supplying scientific research, reports. They basically told me to go away, in the most irritated hostile and angry fashion. They believed the “doctors”. I was suddenly a mental case with no credibility. Their jobs depended on them refusing to see the truth.
    I cannot forgive myself for falling into the clutches of useless, ignorant, uneducated psychopaths after having stayed away from them for 30 years, knowing they were stupid and dangerous. How could I have become that sick, desperate and confused?
    So 40 years after you were injured, these pseudo doctors continue to drug/poison and shock new victims, oblivious to their absolute ignorance about emotional distress. And high profile “doctors” write books glorifying shock and advocating for its use, calling it the penicillin of psychiatry, calling memory loss a “myth”.
    What “progress” has been made when the FDA, given heart wrenching testimony in 2011, is 5 years later, looking again to sneak in a downgrade of shock devices to class II for “treatment resistant depression” (more correctly drug damage) and so called “bipolar” disorder (usually drug induced)??
    Peter Breggin and numerous ethical neurologists have worked so hard to have shock banned, but it still remains. Why? Money? Power?
    An individual posting to the latest Blog on David Healy’s site jokingly posed the question of why should anyone listen to me if I am brain damaged and my frontal lobes are “knackered”?
    So, why should anyone consider the words of Linda Andre, or Leonard Roy Frank, or Sue Clarke- Wittenberg, or Loretta Wilson, or Evelyn Scoggin, or Ted Chabasinski or yourself as “useful”? Why is there this desire to defend ECT as a “viable option”, ignoring the fact it is brain damage as “treatment”?
    Thank-you for all the work you and your husband continue to do on behalf of the current and future potential victims of psychiatry. You are truly a gem.
    Your kindness and compassion and love of peace shine beautifully in contrast to the evils perpetrated by psychiatrists on a daily and ongoing basis. Your desire to make the world a better place for your grandchildren stands in contrast to those who would poison toddlers and teens with amphetamines and anti-psychotics and call this treatment.

  • Pathetic. Evidence of the ignorance and stupidity of these so -called “doctors” with big titles and positions. Dumb and dangerous, clinging to any scrap of bogus interpretation they can to protect their prescription rights, no matter how many people they injure, kill, or drive to suicide. How do they live with themselves? Are they just sociopaths?
    Are they aware they have NOTHING to offer patients that is useful or healing, so they grab for the toxic poisons they call “medications” to pretend they are like real doctors? Yep, poison to insanity and then shock, the next brain damaging “treatment”.,. Not one of them admits “I have no f*** clue what is going on or how to help you”. “All I have is a useless checklist. I don’t see you as a person and I need to label you with some one size fits all “disorder”.”
    These are essentially useless poisons but also mind- destroying, suicide- provoking poisons.
    I continue to be astounded by the absolutely useless and dangerous nature of psychiatrists who will toxic poison toddlers, teens, and any other poor human being that stumbles into their path.
    They need to be send to prison.