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  • Let’s see- some media reports suggest this young man was labelled with a mild form of autism and ADHD and had sought “help” for issues he was having a year b4 the shooting. He was also “on the small side”.
    I may be wrong, but bet he was medicated early with anti-psychotics and ADHD drugs that stunted his growth and drove his violent behavior.

  • If the case advances and the plaintiffs intend to look at a defence of “voluntary assumption of risk”, how does that play out when varied “consent” forms for different clinics or hospitals failed to clearly state the risk as permanent brain damage, loss of decades of memory, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, worsening of psychiatric disorder…and so on. Is it just “assumed” you sign up for any untoward outcome even though you have not been told this is an experimental and unproven intervention and the machines have never been tested for safety or efficacy?
    So, most of this action is based on questions regarding the actions of the manufacturers and their failure to comply with regulations and warn.
    Later, if there are individual suits, what kind of experts are they likely to call?
    Does their characterization of this as simply a bid like the Atzi Akkerman class action that failed have any merit?

  • I am someone who bristles at the words “our beloved David Healy”. This is an individual who promotes and administers ECT, something that causes more serious and permanent brain damage than psychiatric drugs.

    Yes, he has been absolutely correct about the damage caused by psych drugs, drug withdrawal. Unfortunately, people suffering from the neurotoxic effects of psych drugs and drug withdrawal often are directed to ECT. It causes cares strophic damage and it continues to be used bc of ppl like David Healy. Unconscionable given what the science and the anecdotal testimonies of thousands of victims have revealed about shock.

  • Very sad to read this story. The lying and deception practised by the NFL’s “medical experts” and their denial of the connection between the head injuries and CTE is hard to comprehend. Yes, everyone knew head injuries were bad, but with no concept of what that devastation could look like. Hard to understand why anyone today would play the sport given the risks involved.

  • Yes, Dr. Breggin is a valuable expert witness, but I have heard he charges outrageous sums for his testimony. If he is such a champion of the cause, he shouldn’t make it a giant moneymaker. Other experts such as neurologists and electrical injury experts are need to make it very clear what the mechanism of injury is. I have serious concerns about the kind of money MECTA and Somatics have to throw at their defence.

  • I googled the judge who is described as “pro- govt”, “pro-institution” and conservative, age 77. Don’t think that is a good thing.

    Disheartened to hear it could take months or even years?? To decide on whether a class action is certified. Why is that??

    Can you give your opinion of what you think will happen with the 1982 time frame and the statute of limitations regarding the plaintiffs?

    I think this suit also includes “economic damages” in terms of the loss of career and income that victims of ECT and their families face.

    I absolutely applaud your efforts and the willingness of your firm to fight for justice for the people injured by these devices of torture. It is my understanding that over 200 lawfirms refused to take this case before you stepped up to the plate. That shows courage, tenacity, and a willingness to represent a marginalized group of people- those labelled with mental health issues.
    I hope you decimate MECTA and Somatics and their lawyers.

    In the event that the class action certification is denied, does that mean all future such actions in any state cannot be filed or pursued??
    Thank you for your time. You are amazing.

  • So in 1994, I think, the complex breast implant class action was settled for 3.7 billion over 30 years, with sliding scales for amount of injuries, age of plaintiff,… But no requirement that the implant victims prove their scleroderma or other injuries were caused by the faulty implants.
    How large a settlement could this shock claim entail and how many plaintiffs are you estimating it will include? Will they be required to prove their damages and provide a raft of paperwork, tests, scans, and so on??
    How many years could this take?

  • More walking wounded every day. The profit $ is the driving factor. Sickening the list of the so called distinguished and noble institutions brain damaging patients and ignoring their victims’ complaints and the science showing ECT causes brain damage, always.

  • Difficult for me, given my ECT induced brain injuries, to wade through these documents.
    I have no faith in juries after the recent trial of Dr. Dadi, who lost his case when jurors bought the story his catastrophic memory loss and cognitive dysfunction was the result of “mental illness”, not repeated Craniocerebral electrical damage from ECT.
    I admire the effort your firm has put into bringing this class action before the courts.

  • Yes, the companies withheld the fact their torture devices caused concussive, traumatic brain injuries, and the “doctors” and hospitals withheld and continue to withhold this information as they continue destroying lives and families. The FDA has been complicit in covering up the dangers of this instrument of torture instead of banning its use after repeated reports of injuries.

    I hope there is a decent judge ruling on the certification.

    There should be lawsuits sending ECT practitioners to prison where they belong.

  • Thank-you for clarifying that.

    What can be done for individuals suffering from organic brain syndromes caused by toxic drugs or withdrawal from toxic drugs?
    Are they doomed for life?

    Thank you for your article and your responses.
    Psychiatry is an evil, bloated, dangerous toad, peopled by some of the most dangerous, ignorant, arrogant, and evil individuals to walk the earth. It is worse than cancer and its victims are increasing daily. “Doctors” who drug children with neurotoxins and “treat” vulnerable populations with poisons and shock need to be put on trial and sent to prison…

  • Frank, I really appreciate your thoughtful responses. I should, not, however, have used the example of a “soldier” bc it connects to PTSD.
    If a regular housewife going to a malaria infested country and has this reaction to Lariam (events like this have been documented), there is obviously a physiological or neurological injury at play. This is a case of “spontaneously sick”.
    Like children given SSRIs for test anxiety that suddenly have psychosis or suicidal thoughts- this is drug induced….

  • Yes, there is free will. And it seems quite obvious to anyone feeling mentally well or “normal”.

    But, let’s say a soldier takes Lariam to protect against malaria and develops the “side effects” listed as “rare”. Suddenly, he is having unwelcome, bizarre thoughts, hallucinating, feeling agitated, and homicidal or suicidal. His brain feels like it is on fire.
    He has been made Sick. It wasn’t a choice or a coping mechanism and he can’t “choose” to stop the symptoms or “will them” away. He has become “spontaneously sick”. It isn’t an issues or problems kind of thing. And, stopping the drugs does not result in a return to normal.
    This is not a “free will” kind of situation.

  • What?? “Pursuing this path”? This is not being done willfully or for entertainment or as a “coping” mechanism.
    She had minimal life struggles- just 55 years of regular, happy living.
    She knows she is ill and has moments of lucidity. She does not feel “good” about anything. She feels like she has lost her mind and normalcy and is tormented and suicidal.
    So when drugs given for a non-psych reason or drug withdrawal have created this mental state, then what??
    As Peter Gotszche has said, psychiatric drugs do CREATE chemical imbalances, change the way a normal brain functions. Then what?

  • Ok. Mental illness does not exist. What is going on with a woman hearing voices telling her to kill herself or others and certain she is the queen of England and has computer chips in her body?
    She has no history of trauma, was not living in poverty, was not oppressed. She just woke up one day feeling really sick and terrified by what was happening to her.
    What is this then and how should it be handled?

  • I could care less about the specific joules or volts being used to electrocute the delicate brain in tandem with grand mal seizures. It causes brain damage, period. It has never been proven to be safe, effective, or evidence based as shown by the research of Bentall and Read.
    It destroys lives. It is torture. It is equivalent to an electrical lobotomy.

  • Yes, I would like some suggestions. Definitely rotating pickets at shock clinics/shock hospitals, with ppl handing out information with the REAL dangers and outcomes. Same kind of action in front of the factories producing these torture devices- like one would picket in front of their local land mine factory. Television ads showing brain damaged victims. Flooding media with demands for accurate reporting of the science showing ECT causes brain damage.
    Encouraging ppl without a mental health diagnosis but willing to put themselves out there for a cause, chaining themselves to shock machines or disabling them (ok, maybe jail and legal fees might make this iffy).
    Who has some workable ideas for aggressive revolution?
    How about regular doctors aggressively petitioning their members to vote on a resolution to ban electroshock? In fact, ethical psychiatrists pushing for a halt to electrical lobotomy in their
    Own organization.
    Oh, yes, what about the fact Mayo Clinic, McLeans, Kaiser promote and advertise this “service”?! They make piles of $$$ .they won’t give up without a fight, and do not care they are brain damaging their clients.
    How much is spent on pro- ECT propaganda??

  • There have been numerous well-researched articles/pod casts/personal stories printed in MIA for SIX years,exposing ECT for the horrific brain damaging human rights abuse that is and revealing how shrinks have lied and misrepresented the “procedure” for decades.
    Why, given the science and the horrific testimonials of victims, is it not banned, its practitioners stripped of licenses and jailed?
    Obviously all the writing and articles and evidence and trials and anecdotal horror stories and protests and marches and fictional books and real books (Doctors of Deception) are resulted in nothing. Do we need an aggressive revolution??

  • Well, we only have to turn on TV and watch Dr. Oz’s “The Shock That Could Save Your Life!” Promoting shock, showing the only thing visible showing the seizure is a small toe twitch. A nuclear bomb is going off in the patient’s brain- electrical injury and seizures, but it “looks” so serene. Evil. Good old Dr. Oz did another show calling the treatment “humane” and “lifesaving”.
    Of course his sponsor Kaiser Permanente administers huge numbers of shock to unwitting victims…Dr.Oz failed to give time to any of the hundreds of brain damaged victims out there, decimated by ECT, memories gone, careers destroyed…

  • Dr. Reid “tragically dead at 53”?
    A man who built his career around brain disabling electrical lobotomy, so delusional and suffering from cognitive dissonance he called it “safe, effective, and evidence based”? Nope. It is none of these.
    How many walking wounded was he responsible for creating?

  • So psychiatry killed another kind, decent human being. Decline in mental health almost certainly caused by pails full of psychiatric drugs. Followed up by brain injuries and trauma from ECT. And then more brain injury and trauma caused by DBS.
    Why isn’t it evident these people have not one clue what they are doing. They are experimenting on human beings, basically debilitating them and torturing them in the name of so-called science.

  • Psychiatry doesn’t need more training. It is dangerous and useless and needs to be abolished.
    Psychiatry is noted for making people sick/sicker and keeping them from getting well.
    We are talking about ppl that poison little kids with Ritalin, worsen outcomes in “schizophrenia” through long term prescription of antipsychotics, and shock ppl causing brain damage and trauma.
    They should be trained to clean up nuclear waste spills with tiny sponges.

  • Did you consider the fact that people become anti-psychiatry as they become more educated and informed about the fact psychiatry is a dangerous pseudo science whose practitioners have been labelling, poisoning, shocking and injuring ppl for too long. Psychiatry with its insulin comas and lobotomies and shock is a useless, dangerous, stupid entity and no amount of “criticism” or “reform” is needed. It needs to be put down, dismantled, nuked.

  • Agree with everything you have said. I do wonder, though, what happens when a person takes a drug and suddenly is seeing things, hearing voices, becomes paranoid, deeply anxious, depressed (eg. Taking accutane, Chantix, any anti depressant). Is the person then “mentally ill”? And what is to be done if the drugs have created permanent changes in the brain?? What if weaning off the drugs does not restore the person to their stable state??

  • I am hoping the DK lawfirm is successful with its class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of these devices of torture. I hope the lawsuits extend outside California and go nation wide, resulting in massive payouts that bankrupt the manufacturers.
    Better still would be seeing massive personal injury lawsuits against ECT doctors and lawsuits involving the hospitals (like the Mayo Clinic and McLeans) bankrupting them
    all and revealing the destruction and death they have caused by electrocuting innocent victims whose mistake was seeing a psychiatrist.

    Thanks go out to wonderful people working to have ECT discredited and abolished- people like the late Leonard Roy Frank, Don Weitz, Peter Breggin, Linda Andre, Jane Rice, Lauren Tenney, Deborrah Schwartzkopf, Mary Maddock, John Breeding, Phil Hickey, Niall McLaren … Along with researchers like Dr. Bentall and Dr. Read and Lucy Johnstone…(I know I have missed several people)

    Their humanity and intelligence and compassion and integrity stands in contrast to the qualities of “doctors” who have carved out a career promoting or administering ECT. I have the most profound contempt for people like Max Fink, Howard Sackheim, David Healy, Sarah Lisanby, Chucky Kellner, Richard Weiner, Ed Shorter….and any other delusional “doctor” delivering repetitive electrical damage and their accompanying seizures to the vulnerable patients who fall into their clutches.
    The FDA deserves condemnation for its failure to ban ECT given the evidence it was presented with throughout the decades. How many more people and families need to be destroyed before this violent assault on the mind, body, and soul is halted?

    We see repentant psychiatrists who finally admit that psychiatric drugs have been sickening and killing people. When will the shock docs come clean about their crimes against humanity?

  • Studies have shown long term antidepressant use is tied to worse outcomes and an often permanent, treatment resistant “illness”, which “doctors” then “treat” with brain damage -ECT!
    The article suggests Wallace was in severe drug withdrawal when he ended his life. Once the regular brain transmitters are perturbed by drugs that create brain changes, patients often deteriorate or are forced to stay on the toxins for life, or when nothing helps, left in a state of mental anguish.
    Yes, Wallace had some anxiety and depression, but drugging him for decades and injuring his brain didn’t work so well…

  • It would be interesting to know what percentage of psychiatrists are aware of the harms they are doing and how many are willing to change how they “practice” if it means giving up the $$ they make with the drug and shock model.
    Would this be 10% or 50% or what? Hard to give up the perks and income the current system rewards them with.

    It is good to see doctors who are willing to speak out and
    attempt to make a positive change.

  • Exactly!!
    And how, given the books by Breggin and Whitaker and Moncrieff and others pointing out the dangers and lack of efficacy of these drugs and the revelations about study 329 and other scandals, how is it that psychiatrists remain uninformed?? How long can they claim ignorance? How long can schools that educate (too funny) psychiatrists ignore the reality that what they are doing is stupid, wrong, and harmful??
    Is this a giant secret that only a handful of people know about??

  • Agree completely.
    And in response to “they were just doing their jobs, as they were told and taught”… So were the Nazis
    in the camps…
    And if people “need jobs” that are all about neurotoxic poisoning and electrocuting, there is a problem.
    Psychiatrists continue poisoning little kids with “ADHD” and electrocuting anyone who “qualifies” for this torture and we should feel bad for them?
    These are crimes against humanity indeed, and anyone taking part needs to bebeheld accountable, including, as you say, the clueless nurses and social workers.

  • It is appalling that the brilliant, sensitive David Foster Wallace “went through this” (twice- with it impairing his memory) since his distressed state appears to have been related to long term psychiatric drugging and drug withdrawal which kicked him into some kind of hell nothing worked to reverse. His idiot psychiatrists “final” intervention was a series of electrical injuries and grand mal seizures! Yep, brilliant plan…
    Psychiatry killed that lovely man.

  • So, you seem to feel more compassion for the poor depressed, anxious, disillusioned psychiatrists poisoning and admittedly killing some of their patients than you do for their victims.
    Perhaps they could use some “psychiatric help”, maybe fairly high doses of Abilify, effexor, lorazepam, Zopiclone (for their sleep issues), and definitely some ECT to “reboot” their sick brains…
    So you prescribed the same amount of drugs in 3 years that you did in a previous 20?? And you were upset by this, but still did it? How do you think it impacted on the lives of the people it was unnecessarily prescribed to?
    Want to do some good? Work with the patients who have been seriously damaged by psychiatrists.
    Psychiatry doesn’t need support and understanding. It needs to be abolished for the useless, dangerous faux “specialty” it is.

  • Yes, they would likely use this excuse. That is what they are good at. Causing damage and disability and coming up with excuses…
    “Hundreds” of “treatments”?? How awful. What was the brilliant excuse for that?
    Interesting you feel ashamed- like an innocent rape victim feels ashamed- the ones who should feel ashamed and realize they are guilty of abuse and torture are the lunatics administering this torture/TBI. Ghouls. Idiots. They belong in jail being electroshocked to combat their delusions that they are “doctors” helping people.

  • Mr. Weitz, I truly am amazed at all the time, work, energy, and passion you have put into speaking out about this insane practice. It is disheartening to look at the decades ppl like yourself, Leonard Roy Frank (55 years), and Peter Breggin (55 years?) have dedicated to try to have shock abolished only to be undermined by pro- ECT propaganda and fake science supporting brain damage while rejecting the real science (janis studies for example, autopsy studies) and publishing crap by ppl like Chucky Kellner (Core) and Richard Weiner, both with ties to ECT manufacturers.
    I don’t think many ppl know ECT still exists or they have heard it is new and improved and safe and effective based on the stories told by obviously brain injured ppl like Kitty Dukakis. Literature reviews by Bentall and Read have shown ECT is not safe or effective and that “its use cannot be scientifically justified”.

  • Thank-you for your response.
    Having been poisoned long term with Effexor (12 years) by my GP who issued no warnings and saw missed doses causing horrifying symptoms as “a return of depression and anxiety” rather than withdrawal syndrome and an indication of addiction, I understand what you are saying. My life has been destroyed by this drug which altered my brain function in a terrifying way.
    SSRIs and SNRI’s are truly the devil’s tic tacs.
    I really enjoy reading the pieces you have written for MIA. There need to be more people with the same honesty, humility, intelligence, and integrity working in this field.
    Wish we could clone you.

  • Excellent interview. I was a bit startled to hear Dr. Hunter say ppl should take whatever drugs they find “helpful” (with fully informed consent) except for “SSRIs bc they are poisons”. I am not sure that neuroleptics are any less “poisons” than SSRI’s? And the benzos that seem to have helped” often turn into nightmare addictions and withdrawal trauma. Lithium destroys the the thyroid and kidneys, and so on. Articles have been written about the trauma the drugs can cause. Any feedback on this?

  • Absolutely on point. I think it is evident that psychiatry is a malignant tumor that needs to be removed from the face of the earth.
    And there should be a special place in prison for the shrinks toxic poisoning and promoting ECT or electrocuting people with shock (as in Healy, Lisanby, Sackheim, Kellner..)
    The drugs are toxic and dangerous, but recovery is possible; recovery never happens for ppl brn damaged by shock. It is the greatest evil there is.

  • It is commendable that Dr. Healy is offering a prize for anyone finding a “cure” or solution to PSSD. It is certainly a profoundly debilitating and distressing disorder.

    I would, however, like to see a similar prize being offered for a cure or solution for the permanent brain damage, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction and personality changes caused by ECT, a “treatment” (brain damage therapy) he promotes and administers.

    I have PSSD. It concerns me far less than the damages I incurred from shock.

  • Yes, I know. But what are the answers? Complacency, intimidation, fear, ignorance, a refusal to condemn their colleagues, no clue what “first do no harm means”, indifference??
    If only 25% of psychiatrists adminster ECT occasionally or regularly, why aren’t the other 75% powerful enough to stop them, to point to the flawed studies, the lies, misinformation, the pro- ECT propaganda, the damages victims suffer? Why aren’t they shunning the David Healy’s, Sarah Lisanby’s, Max Fink, Harold Sackeim, and Chucky Kellners of the world, denouncing their ludicrous claims and putting an end to electrical lobotomy as “treatment”?as Read and Bentall’s reviews and meta analysis have shown, use of ECT cannot be justified ethically or scientifically. Why is that not enough to end this torture??
    Why is this not debated or put to a vote within the APA?

  • What happens when a person with no history of trauma is given a drug like accutane or Cipro or
    Prozac and develops psychiatric symptoms, agitation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts? These drugs have caused changes in the neurotransmitters and chemicals in the brain and they may be severe or irreversible. This is not something that can be ameliorated by has become a physiological problems.
    It has been stated that psych drugs cause and create “imbalances” that did not exist before the drug was taken. Like Chantix used as a smoking cessation drug causing psychosis or AKATHISIA or suicidality.
    Brain inflammation from immune disorders can cause psyvhiatric symptoms. What purpose does psychotherapy serve here?
    I do not believe all psychiatric disturbances are linked to trauma, although many may be.

  • ECT is evil. It is a barbaric assault on the lovely, unique, creative brains of distressed people. It is simply repeated electrical injury combined with grand mal seizures. It ruins lives, destroys intellience, decimates careers, drives people to suicide.
    Why is this torture allowed. We have At least 5 years of articles on condemning ECT- what has changed- nothing. WHY?

  • Well, that is true, but they do have Morgan Freeman and shark fin trade banned in 12 of the States in the US.
    No glowing reports about the miracle of shark fin in the media…ppl seem to care more about the environment or other living creatures…
    And we have to battle celebrity proponents and doctors- like David Healy ( and the likes of Dr. Oz with his “The Shock that Could Save Your Life!”

  • In 1998, Canadian electroshock Survivor Wendy Funk wrote “What Difference Does it Make”, the horrifying real life story of her 14 month incarceration in a Canadian psych hospital where she was drugged and given 43 ECT that destroyed her life memories and caused severe cognitive dysfunction. She had to learn how to do up buttons, to brush her teeth.
    In 2009, Linds Andre published “Doctors of Deception” which described the decimation of her life via ECT and then laid out the ugly history of shock and the lies and misinformation being spread by proponents of ECT. She included the sad stories of other victims of ECT.

    Either of these books should have been powerful enough to inspire ppl to see ECT was banned. They weren’t.
    If these books had little impact, why will a book of fiction on the same topic have a more profound effect?

  • That is the history of psychiatry. Stupidity, ignorance, harm, torture, damage. Like their lovely insulin comas, ice baths, spinning chairs, lobotomies, and electroshock.
    Yes, the people who perpetrated these assaults should go to prison. The same is true of the deluded shock doctors brain damaging the poor people who fall into their clutches. When are they going to admit to brain damaging people, destroying their lives, and driving some to suicide.
    How despicable that nurses, anethetists, and others complicit in this crime say nothing, like the neurologists who fail to come together as a group to condemn this ignorant lunacy.
    An apology to the victims of “aversion therapy” is not enough.
    The monsters who did this to innocent people belong in jail.
    When will the college step forward to denounce “brain damage therapy/ECT”? In 30 years from now?

  • Well, strangely, Saks and Yeiser are both slim and trim. And Yeiser lived homeless and “psychotic” for like 4 years, denying anything was wrong with her before giving in to “treatment”. And, I think Saks really tried to avoid hospitalization and drugs, relying on therapy while fighting scary thoughts about killing ppl with her mind.
    It is really difficult to say what is really happening when these two highly ambitious, intelligent, sensitive women claim they are able to function bc of these neurotoxic drugs.

  • A very interesting interview. How lucky Olga was able to escape from the horror that is psychiatric incarceration and drugging. Her contributions to the hearing voices network and her work as an educator and psychologist are commendable.
    I was struck by her comments about Clozapine, bc I recently read books and listened to interviews with Elyn Saks and Bethany Yeiser, who credit that same drug for their recovery and stability. How to explain this disparity?

  • Yes, I agree with your suggestions, especially the hammers to shock machines. But what would that allow people to say? Look at those “crazy, violent mental people” destroying “medical equipment…

    There has been plenty of talk and little action. TV entities and other media bring in billions advertising poisonous toxic psychiatric drugs. They aren’t going to give up on the $.

  • No scientology or CCHR behind the suit. Was initiated by a victim of ECT petitioning 200 law firms till she found one willing to accept and move forward.

    An update has stated Canadians injured by shock in the last two years should contact the website to fill in a questionnaire. A Canadian firm is looking to pursue a similar action to that filed in California, but with a more limited time frame

  • The “science” of shock? It is the science of electrical trauma and neurological damage reframed by the ignorant and deluded sadists promoting and administering ECT. When MRI’s show decreased cortical connectivity in the frontal lobes it is spun as a “good thing- there was too much connectivity in depression”, not as a sign of serious injury. Claims of new cell growth or neurogenesis are spun as a “good thing” rather than the usual response of the brain to traumatic injury.
    There is no “science” about ECT except the science of brain injury.
    This evil, injurious, and criminal assault on living, breathing human beings has continued because of the failure of people in the medical profession to express their outrage and unite to see it erased from the face of the earth. The silence of real doctors, neurologists, and the complicit actions of anesthetists helping to paralyse
    And knock the victims unconscious are criminal. People who administer ECT belong in jail. The factories producing these instruments of torture need to be destroyed and their evil owners put in prison for abetting crimes against humanity.
    Major teaching hospitals, places like the Mayo clinic inflict this damage on patients, make big money injuring people. It is a business bringing in 5 billion dollars a year. A business of preying on the sick, innocent, desperate, and misinformed.

    And someone like Chucky Kellner runs the CORE studies in ECT, pronouncing favorable outcomes which are actually indicative of brain damage induced euphoria and emotional blunting. Kellner, former advisor to MECTA and Somatics. And that is considered as unbiased research? Research that conspicuously fails and consciously refuses to look for sign of harm. You cannot see what you refuse to look for.

    The Boston Globe took on the priests sex scandals with great effect. Why isn’t it writing an expose on the lives shattered, careers lost, suicides committed, all as a direct result of ECT? What the f*** is wrong with the media, pushing the stories of the seemingly demented Kitty Dukakis and deeply troubled Carrie Fisher, both suffering from agnosognosia, which made them unaware of the brain damage others could see?
    Peter Breggin has worked for 40 years trying to slay this monster and it is kept alive by people like Healy, Lisanby, Kellner, Sackheim. Sickening.

  • The useless FDA could have banned ECT after disturbing hearings in 2011. It didn’t. It stated the devices needed to be tested and then did not enforce testing.
    Then it attempted to have the torture device downgraded to class II fron class III for “certain indications”. A flood of angry letters and petitions followed and a year later, nothing from these idiots, even as the science continues to expose ECT for the useless but dangerous torture that it is.

  • Seems so obvious, but the lies, misinformation, and propaganda continue to draw in sick and vulnerable people.

    With high profile doctors like David Healy promoting this lunatic barbaric assault in spite of and ignoring the science and evidence, how will ECT ever be stopped? Peter Breggin has tried his best, but where is the support of mainstream medicine, ethical psychiatrists, neurologists? Everyone is looking the other way. Electrical injury expert doctors testify to devastating neuro cognitive and psychiatric problems springing from accidental electrocution, but refuse to testify to ECT injuries, where the electrocution is to the head and repeated multiple times. Why is that do you think that is?
    Neurologists and neuropsychs are completely unwilling to write reports that state ECT has been the cause of the injuries and deficits. They are complicit in covering for the doctors brain damaging people.

  • There is a lack of comment on this topic on a regular basis.
    A recent petition to ban shark fin soup in Toronto restaurants garnered 11,000 signatures. A petition revisiting the ban on pit bulls garnered 300,000 signatures. The petition to ban electroshock in Canada? 25 signatures. We are talking brain damaging and trauma done to human beings and nobody cares? Because they are more familiar with sharks and dogs?
    A young mother from Colorado took her life in July after ECT destroyed her memory and cognition. There were no outpourings of outrage; the blame wrongly ascribed to mental illness.

    People were not so familiar with lobotomies, but were outraged at the practice.
    ECT is simply electrical lobotomy. People are opposed to shocking of prisoners of war and it is deemed as torture, but it is ok to administer it to pregnant women, the elderly, and any other poor person who falls into the clutches of the lunatics administering ECT?

  • Yes, it is good to hear that Dr. Read is clear there is no science or evidence to support the use of electroshock. But what are he and his colleagues actively doing to work towards a ban on this procedure. I know there are informative videos, but why haven’t psychologists and neurologists and anti-ECT psychiatrists joined together to lobby for an end to this lunacy?
    Videos and articles are fine, but what is actually being done, other than a yearly March??
    Why are there so few voices speaking out and encouraging action? Each day there are new victims. It must stop.

  • it is good to hear that a class action lawsuit against MECTA and Somatics, two companies producing ECT machines, has been filed in California by the DK law firm on Sept. 11, 2017.
    We can only hope that this action succeeds in bringing some justice to the people disabled and injured by ECT. The best case scenario sees multi million dollar payouts that bankrupt these vile companies while educating the public and the medical profession about the brain damage wreaked upon thousands and thousands of people by the idiots and sadistic practioners of ECT. The pro- ECT propaganda machine has done its evil work well. Time for it to be exposed for its lies and greed.

  • Well, amnesia, that’s the lovely thing about it- the victims of ECT are usually too disabled to try to get justice. Well, not that there is justice to be had for the destruction of your mind, memories, identity….
    Do agree that RxISK is a very valuable site and it exists largely bc of Dr. Healy.

    As a side note, I want to mention my admiration for Saddam Hussein’s campaign to eradicate illiteracy, providing free and compulsory education to all residents. He also, with his govt, instituted a new public health system that granted free hospitalization for all citizens….I’m not sure about his position on ECT…

  • Pernicious indeed. As in Amnesia’s “shotgun” full of drugs “treatment”. But worse than this was the fact that ECT was shotgun administered, destroying 25 years of her life.
    So, quoting David Healy, who promotes and administers the brain damaging ECT that John Read just finished describing in his podcast, makes me feel quite sick and enraged.

    Glad to see Dr. Healy, so worried about drugs, offering up a reward for a “cure” for PSSD (post SSRI induced sexual dysfunction) through the RXISK website.
    When will the reward and offer be made for PECTBI- post ECT brain injury?? Oh, I forgot, brain damage from ECT is permanent, no cure for lost memories, decimated IQ, blunted emotions, lost career skill sets.
    How many people given “shotgun” medical drug “treatment” became candidates for and recipients of brain boiling ECT?