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  • You are a hero as far as I am concerned. I have seen you toss paper aside during debates when you become frustrated by ignorance, and you can be abrasive, but so what? When you have ethics and integrity, you irritate those who don’t. Loved a scripted dialogue scenario exchange you did with Olga on anti-sex pills, the “anti-depressants” in a you tube video on a conference u spoke at.
    You are correct about it all- the harms of the psychiatric drugs, mammograms, and this particular vaccine. You are pissing off dangerous people with no humanity or decency, so watch out for yourself.
    I hope Cochrane can be purged of corruption and regain its original focus.
    You are a whistleblower who deserves to be reinstated- it is obvious that something is not right when half the board resigned in solidarity with you.
    Without people like you, Robert Whitaker, and a few others like John Read and Nial McLaren who are passionate about the truth and well being of human beings everywhere, the evil forces of psychiatry and pharma would have free reign. Good luck in all you do.

  • Is it likely that MECTA, even though it’s machines were not involved in this litigation, will move to protect themselves by adding “brain damage” to their risk disclosure? Why would they NOT choose to do this?
    And, if the Somatics disclosure to hospitals absolves them of liability, is it the job of the legal dept. and bioethicists in facilities to see the changes are made to consent and information websites for institutions and doctors offering and administering ECT in order to avoid lawsuits in the future.

    Why do you think media and so called whistleblowers like the Spotlight team have completely ignored publicizing this issue? I could find zero about it, anywhere. Is it bc the victims are bound by non-disclosure, so they can’t provide the grisly details?

    I recall feeling the great injustice when Dr. Dadi, the renowned cardiologist went to trial and the jury determined he had not been brain damaged by ECT. I think his family tried to proceed with medical mal rather than going after the manufacturers, so time frame would be up for a different approach?

    Hope this goes national. I encourage victims and families to call your firm to fill in necessary documents to proceed with litigation.
    Your firm is amazing.
    Sorry if I am wasting your time.

  • It should be a legal requirement that potential future victims and their families should be handed this page stapled to the front of the minimizing and reassuring wording of the hospitals’ ‘informed consent’.
    Just small type “permanent brain damage” doesn’t clarify never being able to do one’s job again or being cognitively damaged for life or forgetting your family, your life…

    Will hospitals be covered by simply stating “doctors will verbally review other risks and hazards” without specifically mentioning brain damage and what that could entail?

  • Bonnie, what are you contacts with/in the UK- the Royal college just advertising a two day “training session” in London in late Nov. Yes, training more sheep to electrocute and brn dmg people, and 2 “expert” presenters- Chucky Kellner and Declan McLoughlen with lovely ties to Mecta.
    Anything in the form of protests being planned by Mind Freedom or Human Rights groups or anti-ECT groups?

  • These drugs are neurotoxins. They are dangerous and serve no purpose but making money for pharma and corrupt or ignorant doctors.
    My GP prescribed them after I made the mistake of telling her about the insomnia, weight loss, crying I had been doing for weeks after discovering my husband of 25 years was cheating on me with his young secretary. In other words, I had a reason to be feeling real emotions. She was too ignorant and numb to comprehend I needed a divorce and support and counselling. She prescribed poison Effexor for 12 YEARS.
    Each time I missed a dose, I got a pounding headache, felt odd, and started crying. I did not know this was “withdrawal”, not a “relapse” of my non-existent illness. Terrified, I kept taking them as I deteriorated- high blood pressure, diabetes, massive sweating, nausea, irritable bowel, zero libido, skin issues- not connecting them to this poison I was ingesting. Stopping the drug spun me into massive depression, anxiety, agitation, brain zaps- which was “treated” with multiple poisons. I was screaming with pain, holding my head, which snapped and zapped and caused excruciating pain. Terrified and lied to, called “treatment resistant”, I submitted to TMS and ECT, which destroyed my life, cost me 30 years of memories, and 27 IQ points, and my 31 year teaching career. I cannot learn, make new memories, or feel love. Each day I pray for a heart attack. Deeply suicidal ever since, my identity and sense of self, gone.
    And each day, I read of more ppl disabled by psychiatry.
    I have no doubt the latest shooter was being “treated” with psych drugs for his PTSD and was suffering brain injuries from his motor cycle accident. But the stories are all about his “mental illness”.

    What can be done to get these poisons off the market?

  • It is deeply upsetting that pro- ECT propaganists have been marketing an even more dangerous torture device, calling it new, modern, safe.
    Now that the California federal court has
    stated the evidence shows ECT causes brn dmg and cog impairment, are the media who touted shock in programs, (Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, The Doctors) going to retract their bullshit and tell the truth?

  • Striking that there has been no media, that I can see, which has picked up this story. Complete silence. Why is that?

    And, we see 100’s of comments on many articles, bc ppl seem to be very concerned about or engaged in the topics.
    But here we have 12 comments, suggesting little interest in this topic.
    That is discouraging.
    Recognition also to Bonnie Burstow for her articles, her novel, and her efforts to have this lunatic procedure banned.

  • I felt very indignant reading this story. Your talk was excellent and the science is obviously supported by the research.
    I would agree that pharma and a pro-psychiatry bias played a role in the flagging. Which is humorous bc “psychiatry” is just a pseudo science and quackery at work.
    I have no respect for the TED organization since I complained about the inaccurate and dangerous TED talk by Sherwin Nuland on ECT. I asked them to add warnings about the risks and dangers completely omitted in his touchy freely non-science and non-evidence based talk that lulls ppl into thinking ECT is safe or useful. They refused. I asked them to sponsor a talk with an opposing view- Suggesting Mary Maddock, Jonathan Cott, Loretta Wilson, Deborah Schwartzkopf or Niall McLaren or Peter Breggin or John Read as speakers. Nope. Big veto to that idea and all the science that shows shock causes brain damage, memory loss, cognitive problems.

    Nutrition is central to maintaining or re-gaming mental wellness. The “mental death professionals” they cite think feeding little kids Ritalin and anti psychotics is a good idea and that their neurotoxins which shrink the brain are helpful. It is just wrong.

    TED should be embarrassed at its lies and efforts to explain away the flagging. I need to review their talks list to see how many pro-psychiatric crap science they have endorsed.

    I agree to shock after watching Nuland’s talk. It destroyed my life. It needs to be removed not flagged.

  • Agree with everything you have stated. But if Breggin didn’t care about money, he wouldn’t be charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a witness at trials related to psychiatric abuse and malpractice. Otherwise, he is a brilliant man whose books and work exposing psychiatry’s evil actions
    deserve applause. Instead psychiatry brands him as a kook and refuses to learn from what he has exposed.
    And, Little Turtle, we see what psychiatry has done- it is quackery, causing destruction and death- this pseudo crap “specialty” is known for insulin comas, spinning chairs, ice baths, prescribing neurotoxic drugs causing addiction, withdrawal, brain damage and death, and of course, lobotomies and electroshock, destroying lives and driving ppl to suicide. Every shrink I ever saw was an ignorant, uneducated
    Misfit with zero empathy and no people skills. They need to be stripped of their license to sicken and torture ppl. Probably 80% of them belong in prison, being fed antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, “mood stabilizers” and electroshocked 3 times a week… Real life monsters who poison little kids like Rebecca Riley….

  • More than “a bit stubborn”. Healy absolutely in denial and suffering from cognitive dissonance. How one can be so busy trying to point out the harms caused by drugs, and so concerned about sexual dysfunction, but blind to the damages caused by shock. Ppl injured by shock, losing decades of memories and losses of up to 30 IQ points, often end their lives.

  • Well, that’s good. I have had PSSD post Effexor for 7 years.
    It is a minor problem compared to the PTSD, brain damage, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction I have as a result of electroshock.
    Perhaps Dr. Healy could review the 500 reports filed with and present the case for banning shock. I don’t need to be viewing junk like Anderson Cooper’s interview with the dazed, confused Kitty D. Which completely minimized the risks and dangers.

  • There is this idea that “withdrawal” symptoms will eventually “end” in a year, or two years or when the drug is reinstated.
    As Dr. Shipko has pointed out, sometimes the reinstatement fails to restore a patient’s well-being and neither do other drugs introduced. He speaks of patients suffering for 5 years, 10 years, mostly suicidal, suffering often from akathisia triggered by disruption of their nervous system. What then?? He has found no solutions.
    With this as a potential outcome, the prescription of these neurotoxins can’t be justified.

  • Very little on “magnetic seizure therapy”- think the seizure part tells you it is bad for the brain and strength of magnets that have this effect of triggering this seizure is rather frightening. It is being passed off as a treatment that doesn’t cause the “cognitive dysfunction”(brain damage) and permanent memory loss (more evidence of brain damage) that shock results in. Just another lunatic approach to dealing with people in distress by harming their brains.
    Was it just me, or did anyone notice Kitty was dazed, confused, deferred to her husband to answer questions and couldn’t say more than two coherent sentences at a time??

  • Not sure about the strides. This past two weeks the media has been printing mega pro- ECT articles.
    On Sunday, 60 minutes is featuring Anderson Cooper interviewing Kitty Dukakis and putting shock in a positive light. Dukakis is shown having ECT, which is presented and benign and painless. So, the very day people are demonstrating on Mothers Day against shock, this dangerous message is lulling people into thinking shock is safe, benign, helpful. Millions of viewers.

  • Healy is a hypocrite who administers and promotes ECT, which causes more damage than psych drugs.
    He believes the horror stories of people harmed by psych drugs or drug withdrawal.
    At the same time he questions the veracity of victims of ECT, ridiculously babbling about their memory
    problems being caused by benzos or the anesthetic or just about anything else but electrical trauma and seizure injuries from ECT.
    He ignores the Janis studies and other research, preferring studies done by ppl like Chucky Kellner, who make their living off ECT.
    Any good he has done on the drugs front is wiped out by his role in promoting a human rights violation that is simply torture.

  • This is a wonderful idea. Psychiatry, evil, corrupt, dangerous faux science pretending to be a “medical specialty”. What a joke. These bloated, ignorant toads neurotoxic poisoning ppl and electrocuting them in the name of “treatment” is horrifying.
    The maim, cripple, poison, disable, and drive people to suicide.
    Real doctors, neurologists should lobby to have their “licenses” revoked.
    They should be give n jobs cleaning up toxic spills at nuclear sites, no gloves supplied.

  • More evidence that “psychiatrists” are useless, clueless, and dangerous, complacently polypoisoning vulnerable victims while spewing total garbage about imbalances and “diseases”.
    Your greatest luck came in not being electrocuted with ECT for your “treatment resistance” and suicidality. One can recover from years of drug poisoning. The same is not true of brain damaging ECT.

  • Yes, I think I was looking at the med mal side of things, the wrong lens in this case.

    (Black humor in suggesting these are real doctors and would be meeting a “standard of care” in “treating/electrocuting their patients/victims.)

    Really difficult to go up against these corrupt individuals who have all these financial resources to throw at defending their right to keep injuring vulnerable ppl for the billions this scam generates.
    And, would the size and number of potential settlements impact this industry or would it just look at it like Big Pharma settling suits in the hundreds (for drug damages or illegal off label advertising) of millions as part of the cost of “doing business”?

  • Thank you again for this clarification.
    I just cannot comprehend how any jury could not make the connection between multiple electrical injuries paired with grand mal seizures and brain damage.
    Probably an average 13 year old with basic knowledge of science would know this.

    Juries are probably contaminated by ppl listening to the pro-ECT propaganda that is advanced by the unscrupulous shock doctors and torture device manufacturers.

    I believe the last case used Peter Breggin, but obviously his testimony didn’t sway uninformed and uneducated jurors.

    I hope you do have success and open the floodgates, not just for settlement but for the abolition of this destructive and barbaric procedure.
    I see the first donations are popping up on go fund me. That is great.

  • Not impressed with the Justice system judges if they rule like the first one did in this case.

    Not impressed by the jury that decided Dr. Dadi, eminent cardiologist lost his memory, his ability to speak five languages, his medical skills because of “mental illness” rather than brain frying ECT.
    The brain damaging psychiatrist had experts and his lawyers giving evidence “ECT doesn’t do that”. And the jury bought that.

    It is difficult when the public has listened to the poster children happy with their shocks- like Kitty D., Sherwin Nuland, Carrie F., Julie Hersh, Carol Kivler.
    How does one explain that? Maybe ppl who are victims just had “bad ECT” given by incompetent doctors and are the “rare” malpractice case? Right.

    Most victims have been left permanently dazed, traumatized, cognitively impaired and unable to fight the powerful and immoral shock industry and the doctors who brain damage ppl for a living.
    I lost my $90,000 career I had
    excelled in for 30 years; I now am on disability, severely brain injured. It took almost two years to recover any functioning and then I could not find a lawyer to take my case.

  • Thank-you for this update. What is the time frame for rejecting or allowing the appeal?
    Yes, with no pre- ECT/TBI testing done, it is pretty likely the victims you are representing won’t be able to prove their injuries. Their “deficits” will be blamed on their “mental illness”, on drugs they have taken, on anything but shock.
    Not sure there are electrical injury specialists and neurologists who are willing to testify in this case.
    A psychiatrist I spoke with the other day stated neuropsychologists never connect the damages to shock bc they don’t want to point the finger at their brain damaging colleagues and that nothing is definitive enought to make the clear connection.
    What time frame do you envision for the start of proceedings on behalf of the five plaintiffs identified so far?

  • How is that Avalanche of publicity happening?
    There are exactly two of us rebuting the tweets by CAMH put out again today promoting lies about shock.
    Does that seem like something that will have an effect or build momentum.
    Why isn’t anyone else speaking out?
    Why can’t rotating protestors man an effort that isn’t the one day march and protest no one pays attention to?

  • How many years of chanting and marching and protesting and books, with the outcome being an increase in the use of ECT, particularly in England?
    Increased use in autism and dementia. Attempts by the FDA to reclassify the device to Class II- two years ago, still no ruling. FDA hearings in 2011 called for testing- never done.
    What has come of all the efforts of Dr. Breggin and Linda Andre and dedicated people such as yourself? What is happening? Shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors have in the last few months declared ECT “humane”, “effective”, and “safe”- showcasing pro -ECT doctors and patients who claim they were “helped”. No balance. No rebuttal. No horror stories presented. These shows reach multi-millions of people and the message they are sending is a big, evil lie. The press keeps printing “saved my life stories” and pointing to the Sherwin Nuland, Kitty Dukakis, Carrie Fisher promotions.
    Neurologists and other real doctors are not speaking out.
    Mayo Clinic, Macleans, CAMH, and other “renowned”, “teaching” hospitals are promoting and advertising shock.
    And, a judge just refused to certify a class action against Shock manufacturers and their brain boiling “product”.
    I am overwhelmed. How can one slay a monster like this?

    Thank-you to Mr. Gottstein for your review, and Bonnie for writing this book. It was good to see Bonnie and Nancy being interviewed on CTV- we need more media coverage like this.

  • Nothing new. CAMH just one big shock mill. They call it “neuro stimulation” and therapy.
    If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to respond.
    Also on Twitter, Dr. Wilkes, doctor and professor, promoting ECT with frenzied fervor. Sickening. I have posted multiple articles refuting his statements and claims. He calls these articles and comments “unsubstantiated”.

  • Exactly. The brain damage I have is the result of drugging and 2 rounds of ECT I was given. Will I “recover”. No. I lived a great life for 54 years, had a 30 year career, but fell into the evil clutches of psychiatry after a drug reaction. In 12 months they poisoned and electrocuted me. I lost 27 IQ points and 20 years of memory. I was in the hospital/lunatic asylum for 4 weeks on 2 occasions for drug induced iatrogenic illness.
    “Institutionalization” had fuck all to do with the brain damage- but it certainly caused severe trauma.
    What a pathetic article.

  • My “aha” moment 5 years after being shocked is coming to the sad conclusion that shock will never be abolished.
    The books, demonstrations, petitions, hearings, testimonies have accomplished nothing much. In fact, shock proponents have been building a market in autistic children and the elderly with dementia and selling the concept of maintenance ECT/TBI.
    High profile hospitals like McLeans and Mayo are “providing” and heavily advertising this insane “treatment”. High profile doctors like David Healy refuse to look at the scientific evidence that ECT causes brain damage; he promotes, administers, and defends this assault.
    Real doctors, especially neurologists, have failed to speak out or to work to have shock abolished. Film makers aren’t interested in exposing this lunacy. News media is busy writing the “ECT saved my life” stories. No one in government is willing to address this issue.

  • Sandra, LOL, I am not “Kitty”! What I meant was that the media writes big stories about about how ECT “saved” Kitty Dukakis from alcoholism and depression, but each time I have watched her speak, saying it is her 50 th birthday, with her husband correcting her, no, your 80th, or just being dazed and confused, I see the brain damage ECT has caused. And she was given limited shock spaced weeks apart for “maintenance”.
    If you had “only” 10 unilateral, you were lucky.

  • Sandra, I think you have been through psychiatric hell from the bits I have read. I was also given shock bc I had been driven iatrogenically insane by a cocktail of drugs. What affected you worse, years of drugging, withdrawal, or ECT?
    And there are ppl who care about shock, but not enough. Most ppl just don’t know this barbaric assault is still being inflicted on people- and media isn’t doing big coverage on the protests or marches. It is writing the sick “saved my life” stories of ppl like brain injured Kitty…

  • I am a victim of 21 ECT and I will not be reading the book. First, the content of the book is upsetting and triggering and second, the brain injuries make it impossible for me to read and recall what I am reading. I get confused about the plot lines and names of the characters. This traumatizes me greatly as I was a senior high school English teacher who lost the books, poetry I loved.
    Shock should have been banned when Wendy Funk’s “What Difference Does It Make”came out in like 1989 or Linda Andres’ “doctors of Deception” came out in 2009.
    Instead people seemed to want to read and believe Kitty Dukakis’s book about the “healing” power of shock,
    or the truly awful “History of Shock” by David Healy and Eddie Shorter.

  • Let’s see- some media reports suggest this young man was labelled with a mild form of autism and ADHD and had sought “help” for issues he was having a year b4 the shooting. He was also “on the small side”.
    I may be wrong, but bet he was medicated early with anti-psychotics and ADHD drugs that stunted his growth and drove his violent behavior.

  • If the case advances and the plaintiffs intend to look at a defence of “voluntary assumption of risk”, how does that play out when varied “consent” forms for different clinics or hospitals failed to clearly state the risk as permanent brain damage, loss of decades of memory, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, worsening of psychiatric disorder…and so on. Is it just “assumed” you sign up for any untoward outcome even though you have not been told this is an experimental and unproven intervention and the machines have never been tested for safety or efficacy?
    So, most of this action is based on questions regarding the actions of the manufacturers and their failure to comply with regulations and warn.
    Later, if there are individual suits, what kind of experts are they likely to call?
    Does their characterization of this as simply a bid like the Atzi Akkerman class action that failed have any merit?

  • I am someone who bristles at the words “our beloved David Healy”. This is an individual who promotes and administers ECT, something that causes more serious and permanent brain damage than psychiatric drugs.

    Yes, he has been absolutely correct about the damage caused by psych drugs, drug withdrawal. Unfortunately, people suffering from the neurotoxic effects of psych drugs and drug withdrawal often are directed to ECT. It causes cares strophic damage and it continues to be used bc of ppl like David Healy. Unconscionable given what the science and the anecdotal testimonies of thousands of victims have revealed about shock.

  • Very sad to read this story. The lying and deception practised by the NFL’s “medical experts” and their denial of the connection between the head injuries and CTE is hard to comprehend. Yes, everyone knew head injuries were bad, but with no concept of what that devastation could look like. Hard to understand why anyone today would play the sport given the risks involved.

  • Yes, Dr. Breggin is a valuable expert witness, but I have heard he charges outrageous sums for his testimony. If he is such a champion of the cause, he shouldn’t make it a giant moneymaker. Other experts such as neurologists and electrical injury experts are need to make it very clear what the mechanism of injury is. I have serious concerns about the kind of money MECTA and Somatics have to throw at their defence.

  • I googled the judge who is described as “pro- govt”, “pro-institution” and conservative, age 77. Don’t think that is a good thing.

    Disheartened to hear it could take months or even years?? To decide on whether a class action is certified. Why is that??

    Can you give your opinion of what you think will happen with the 1982 time frame and the statute of limitations regarding the plaintiffs?

    I think this suit also includes “economic damages” in terms of the loss of career and income that victims of ECT and their families face.

    I absolutely applaud your efforts and the willingness of your firm to fight for justice for the people injured by these devices of torture. It is my understanding that over 200 lawfirms refused to take this case before you stepped up to the plate. That shows courage, tenacity, and a willingness to represent a marginalized group of people- those labelled with mental health issues.
    I hope you decimate MECTA and Somatics and their lawyers.

    In the event that the class action certification is denied, does that mean all future such actions in any state cannot be filed or pursued??
    Thank you for your time. You are amazing.

  • So in 1994, I think, the complex breast implant class action was settled for 3.7 billion over 30 years, with sliding scales for amount of injuries, age of plaintiff,… But no requirement that the implant victims prove their scleroderma or other injuries were caused by the faulty implants.
    How large a settlement could this shock claim entail and how many plaintiffs are you estimating it will include? Will they be required to prove their damages and provide a raft of paperwork, tests, scans, and so on??
    How many years could this take?

  • More walking wounded every day. The profit $ is the driving factor. Sickening the list of the so called distinguished and noble institutions brain damaging patients and ignoring their victims’ complaints and the science showing ECT causes brain damage, always.

  • Difficult for me, given my ECT induced brain injuries, to wade through these documents.
    I have no faith in juries after the recent trial of Dr. Dadi, who lost his case when jurors bought the story his catastrophic memory loss and cognitive dysfunction was the result of “mental illness”, not repeated Craniocerebral electrical damage from ECT.
    I admire the effort your firm has put into bringing this class action before the courts.

  • Yes, the companies withheld the fact their torture devices caused concussive, traumatic brain injuries, and the “doctors” and hospitals withheld and continue to withhold this information as they continue destroying lives and families. The FDA has been complicit in covering up the dangers of this instrument of torture instead of banning its use after repeated reports of injuries.

    I hope there is a decent judge ruling on the certification.

    There should be lawsuits sending ECT practitioners to prison where they belong.

  • Thank-you for clarifying that.

    What can be done for individuals suffering from organic brain syndromes caused by toxic drugs or withdrawal from toxic drugs?
    Are they doomed for life?

    Thank you for your article and your responses.
    Psychiatry is an evil, bloated, dangerous toad, peopled by some of the most dangerous, ignorant, arrogant, and evil individuals to walk the earth. It is worse than cancer and its victims are increasing daily. “Doctors” who drug children with neurotoxins and “treat” vulnerable populations with poisons and shock need to be put on trial and sent to prison…

  • Frank, I really appreciate your thoughtful responses. I should, not, however, have used the example of a “soldier” bc it connects to PTSD.
    If a regular housewife going to a malaria infested country and has this reaction to Lariam (events like this have been documented), there is obviously a physiological or neurological injury at play. This is a case of “spontaneously sick”.
    Like children given SSRIs for test anxiety that suddenly have psychosis or suicidal thoughts- this is drug induced….

  • Yes, there is free will. And it seems quite obvious to anyone feeling mentally well or “normal”.

    But, let’s say a soldier takes Lariam to protect against malaria and develops the “side effects” listed as “rare”. Suddenly, he is having unwelcome, bizarre thoughts, hallucinating, feeling agitated, and homicidal or suicidal. His brain feels like it is on fire.
    He has been made Sick. It wasn’t a choice or a coping mechanism and he can’t “choose” to stop the symptoms or “will them” away. He has become “spontaneously sick”. It isn’t an issues or problems kind of thing. And, stopping the drugs does not result in a return to normal.
    This is not a “free will” kind of situation.

  • What?? “Pursuing this path”? This is not being done willfully or for entertainment or as a “coping” mechanism.
    She had minimal life struggles- just 55 years of regular, happy living.
    She knows she is ill and has moments of lucidity. She does not feel “good” about anything. She feels like she has lost her mind and normalcy and is tormented and suicidal.
    So when drugs given for a non-psych reason or drug withdrawal have created this mental state, then what??
    As Peter Gotszche has said, psychiatric drugs do CREATE chemical imbalances, change the way a normal brain functions. Then what?

  • Ok. Mental illness does not exist. What is going on with a woman hearing voices telling her to kill herself or others and certain she is the queen of England and has computer chips in her body?
    She has no history of trauma, was not living in poverty, was not oppressed. She just woke up one day feeling really sick and terrified by what was happening to her.
    What is this then and how should it be handled?

  • I could care less about the specific joules or volts being used to electrocute the delicate brain in tandem with grand mal seizures. It causes brain damage, period. It has never been proven to be safe, effective, or evidence based as shown by the research of Bentall and Read.
    It destroys lives. It is torture. It is equivalent to an electrical lobotomy.

  • Yes, I would like some suggestions. Definitely rotating pickets at shock clinics/shock hospitals, with ppl handing out information with the REAL dangers and outcomes. Same kind of action in front of the factories producing these torture devices- like one would picket in front of their local land mine factory. Television ads showing brain damaged victims. Flooding media with demands for accurate reporting of the science showing ECT causes brain damage.
    Encouraging ppl without a mental health diagnosis but willing to put themselves out there for a cause, chaining themselves to shock machines or disabling them (ok, maybe jail and legal fees might make this iffy).
    Who has some workable ideas for aggressive revolution?
    How about regular doctors aggressively petitioning their members to vote on a resolution to ban electroshock? In fact, ethical psychiatrists pushing for a halt to electrical lobotomy in their
    Own organization.
    Oh, yes, what about the fact Mayo Clinic, McLeans, Kaiser promote and advertise this “service”?! They make piles of $$$ .they won’t give up without a fight, and do not care they are brain damaging their clients.
    How much is spent on pro- ECT propaganda??

  • There have been numerous well-researched articles/pod casts/personal stories printed in MIA for SIX years,exposing ECT for the horrific brain damaging human rights abuse that is and revealing how shrinks have lied and misrepresented the “procedure” for decades.
    Why, given the science and the horrific testimonials of victims, is it not banned, its practitioners stripped of licenses and jailed?
    Obviously all the writing and articles and evidence and trials and anecdotal horror stories and protests and marches and fictional books and real books (Doctors of Deception) are resulted in nothing. Do we need an aggressive revolution??

  • Well, we only have to turn on TV and watch Dr. Oz’s “The Shock That Could Save Your Life!” Promoting shock, showing the only thing visible showing the seizure is a small toe twitch. A nuclear bomb is going off in the patient’s brain- electrical injury and seizures, but it “looks” so serene. Evil. Good old Dr. Oz did another show calling the treatment “humane” and “lifesaving”.
    Of course his sponsor Kaiser Permanente administers huge numbers of shock to unwitting victims…Dr.Oz failed to give time to any of the hundreds of brain damaged victims out there, decimated by ECT, memories gone, careers destroyed…

  • Dr. Reid “tragically dead at 53”?
    A man who built his career around brain disabling electrical lobotomy, so delusional and suffering from cognitive dissonance he called it “safe, effective, and evidence based”? Nope. It is none of these.
    How many walking wounded was he responsible for creating?

  • So psychiatry killed another kind, decent human being. Decline in mental health almost certainly caused by pails full of psychiatric drugs. Followed up by brain injuries and trauma from ECT. And then more brain injury and trauma caused by DBS.
    Why isn’t it evident these people have not one clue what they are doing. They are experimenting on human beings, basically debilitating them and torturing them in the name of so-called science.

  • Psychiatry doesn’t need more training. It is dangerous and useless and needs to be abolished.
    Psychiatry is noted for making people sick/sicker and keeping them from getting well.
    We are talking about ppl that poison little kids with Ritalin, worsen outcomes in “schizophrenia” through long term prescription of antipsychotics, and shock ppl causing brain damage and trauma.
    They should be trained to clean up nuclear waste spills with tiny sponges.

  • Did you consider the fact that people become anti-psychiatry as they become more educated and informed about the fact psychiatry is a dangerous pseudo science whose practitioners have been labelling, poisoning, shocking and injuring ppl for too long. Psychiatry with its insulin comas and lobotomies and shock is a useless, dangerous, stupid entity and no amount of “criticism” or “reform” is needed. It needs to be put down, dismantled, nuked.

  • Agree with everything you have said. I do wonder, though, what happens when a person takes a drug and suddenly is seeing things, hearing voices, becomes paranoid, deeply anxious, depressed (eg. Taking accutane, Chantix, any anti depressant). Is the person then “mentally ill”? And what is to be done if the drugs have created permanent changes in the brain?? What if weaning off the drugs does not restore the person to their stable state??

  • I am hoping the DK lawfirm is successful with its class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of these devices of torture. I hope the lawsuits extend outside California and go nation wide, resulting in massive payouts that bankrupt the manufacturers.
    Better still would be seeing massive personal injury lawsuits against ECT doctors and lawsuits involving the hospitals (like the Mayo Clinic and McLeans) bankrupting them
    all and revealing the destruction and death they have caused by electrocuting innocent victims whose mistake was seeing a psychiatrist.

    Thanks go out to wonderful people working to have ECT discredited and abolished- people like the late Leonard Roy Frank, Don Weitz, Peter Breggin, Linda Andre, Jane Rice, Lauren Tenney, Deborrah Schwartzkopf, Mary Maddock, John Breeding, Phil Hickey, Niall McLaren … Along with researchers like Dr. Bentall and Dr. Read and Lucy Johnstone…(I know I have missed several people)

    Their humanity and intelligence and compassion and integrity stands in contrast to the qualities of “doctors” who have carved out a career promoting or administering ECT. I have the most profound contempt for people like Max Fink, Howard Sackheim, David Healy, Sarah Lisanby, Chucky Kellner, Richard Weiner, Ed Shorter….and any other delusional “doctor” delivering repetitive electrical damage and their accompanying seizures to the vulnerable patients who fall into their clutches.
    The FDA deserves condemnation for its failure to ban ECT given the evidence it was presented with throughout the decades. How many more people and families need to be destroyed before this violent assault on the mind, body, and soul is halted?

    We see repentant psychiatrists who finally admit that psychiatric drugs have been sickening and killing people. When will the shock docs come clean about their crimes against humanity?