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  • “That many patients can be treated at home instead of the hospital should come as no surprise when we consider the fact that hospital psychiatric treatment boils down to just three things: we talk to patients and their families, we give them medication, and a few get ECT. These can all be done in the community.”- yep, that’s great- drugging and shocking all done in the “community”. How much better to be fed neurotoxic chemicals and brain damaged briefly as an “outpatient” and sent home.Real improvement there. Let’s “drug” the poor victim of sexual abuse and trauma. What a great idea-

    This scheme is seen as an “alternative”? same kind of torture and lack of insight into how to treat the distressed and terrified. Appalling.

  • So, a guy who has dementia and thinks people are “conspiring to cut out his organs and sell them to the mafia” is considered to have “capacity” to consent to ECT? How does that make sense? So the brain damage caused him to be less “agitated”, less of a problem? Happy family, happy shrink. Dazed patient with more memory loss added to dementia- but perhaps he’s “forgotten” his delusions. With each jolt he will forget what he “signed up for”.
    This is not “treatment”. It is torture. It continues bc it brain damaged unruly patients into silence, makes them easier to handle and it makes big bucks for shock docs and hospitals. A few escape with less severe injuries bc of lower dose or numbers. It needs to be banned, not “regulated”, even if that’s at least a start.
    I was experiencing akathisia from AD drug WD, misinterpreted as “agitated depression”. Impaired by psych drugs I signed uninformed consent. I lost 30 years of memories and 27 IQ points, my career of 30 years, and all the books, movies, tv shows, important events that made up my life. The lunatics who did this to me wrote “quieter”, “less agitated”, on my forms. No cognitive testing. They continue disabling ppl every MWF at RUH hospital in Saskatchewan, Canada, paddles held by the most ignorant and dangerous “doctors” to stumble around the planet. They belong in jail.

  • A excellent article. You have always been the conscience of psychiatry.
    So many victims and so much false narrative.
    Shocked to hear Lady Gaga, worth $250 million speaking enthusiastically about chowing down on the anti-psychotic, olanzapine, plus an antidepressant and 2 other drugs- this is a serious neurotoxin (someone send her a copy of The Zyprexa Papers)- how many people are impacted or influenced by that revelation and think, good idea!
    And Anderson Cooper and tithe Doctors promoting Brn dmging ECT, with zero warnings of the real dangers – millions of viewers. Sick.
    Society is being bombarded by false messages that psychiatry provides “help”. How many ppl have they poisoned, disabled, driven to suicide?
    Psychiatry must be abolished, practicing this quackery made a felony.

  • Perhaps someone could send a copy of this book to Lady Gaga, who recently disclosed she was taking this neurotoxin (she called it “medicine”) as part of a psychiatric drug cocktail to treat her mental health issues, including a brief episode of psychosis, fibromyalgia, and PTSD from being a rape victim.

    How aware is she if the dangers of this drug and how many adoring fans are going to think taking this toxin is a good idea? Lilly executives and shareholders must have started dancing in the street when Gaga made this disclosure.
    So, diabetes, tardive dyskinesia, metabolic syndrome, suicidal ideation, and so on, guess this superstar has been convinced by some shady psychiatrist that this toxin is good for her brain and body. Horrifying.

  • It makes me sad and angry to hear of the death of this brilliant, kind, compassionate soul. How different her life would have been without the introduction of the black spider that Is psychiatry. To be tortured and misdiagnosed and electroshocked and drug poisoned by the worst of the ignorant cult of psychiatry is tragic.

    Her efforts to help others, to write and tell her story, to advocate for change will be remembered. She was so brave and special and psychiatry killed her.

  • Rachel, are you on Twitter? Your commentary is always insightful. Would love your input.

    Such an important article. Agree completely with Kindred Spirits’s comment above. These neurotoxins, all the psychiatric drugs, are ruining lives, disabling ppl, driving many to suicide.

    And those who do harm and the pharma ndustry are just grinning bc there are few individuals who have the ability or finances to take legal action- just like ECT victims.
    Too bad Dr. Breggin’s fees are out of many people’s reach-

  • Drugging and electroshocking traumatized veterans with PTSD or ABI from blast injuries is, I believe, a driver of suicides in veterans.
    So what is the President’s great plan?
    Another questionable neurotoxin. Putting more money in the pockets of Johnson and Johnson; dangerous and ignorant response, but pharma happy.

  • Dozen of comments on bland articles, hundreds of comments about a woman complaining about being locked up with dangerous
    “Addicts” in the psych ward, but 7 comments on this article on ECT- why does the most horrendous torture causing permanent brain damage get so little attention? Why are three brn injured women forced to be the main advocates for acknowledgement of harm and possible rehabilitation? Where is the support from human rights groups, feminist groups, doctors other than Peter Breggin? What will it take?

  • Just out of curiosity how much electroshock were you given? How much memory did you lose?

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you have found peace and healing.

  • 14 comments. Some woman writes an account of her psych experience, making bizarre comments about the “addicts” she shouldn’t be locked up with and the mean ppl she was maltreated by and get 100’s and 100’s of comments, mostly astounded at what she was saying.
    This extremely well- written article about shock that permanently destroys
    ppl’s lives, used on 13 yr olds, pregnant, elderly women gets hardly any feedback.
    Do ppl just not care about victims of ECT, which is simply brain damage as “treatment” or too busy focused on drug issues to care. This is electrical lobotomy and hardly anyone is jumping in to put a stop to it. Two protestors at one rally. Brutal.
    100,000+ signatures about shark fin soup and 397 against shock.
    Yes, save the whales and orangutans, but maybe these women and children first.

  • The absolute ignorance of the media is profound. I almost kicked a hole in my tv as I watched Anderson Cooper promoting electroshock on 60 Minutes with a obviously brain impaired Kitty D.
    No balance. No truth. Dr. Oz and The Doctors have similarly given shock the green light with their slick misrepresentations of electroshock. No mention of permanent amnesia, of brain damage, lost careers, suicide. Absolutely criminal.
    Yes, fail 2 useless drug trials and you are lied to and told Shock is your last hope.
    Don, you are a warrior. I want your article printed by all the major papers in Canada. What would it take for that to happen?
    On Twitter, every day, shock doctors defend giving ppl TBI’s through ECT, claiming they are saving lives and pointing to the industry sponsored and biased “studies” on shock which are devised to ignore and not reveal harms.
    The latest move by FDA to move shock to Class II for “special indications” and allowing 13 year olds to be shocked is pure corruption, ignorance, and insanity at its finest.
    Shock doctors and hospitals need to be pursued for assault, bodily and mental harm, and torture.
    Time to start chaining ourselves to shock machines and invading the “suites” where harm is being inflicted on the vulnerable and innocent.
    And I want David Healy and Eddie Shorter to update their book on shock- stating it DOES cause brain damage according to Somatics device makers.
    DK lawfirm reviewed my case for free, but I was outside timelines; hope they take on a raft of clients in Canada.
    What’s wrong with the Merchant lawfirm not seeing this as a class action long in the making? They have sued almost every other group on the planet.
    The emphasis on CTE with repeated non-concussive hits to the head adds to the reasons elec shocks and seizures benefit no one.
    Strange how one accidental shock to some other body part is considered an emergency which could result in sig CNS problems….

  • Think it is very unfortunate Kay Redfield Jamison wrote her books extolling the
    Virtues of lithium. Think it sucked many people into thinking they “needed” this toxin and that it was a miracle treatment. Moncrieff’s writings expose the flaws in the research and literature regarding this drug. Points out people who take lithium become more likely to have more episodes and “relapses” than if they’d never taken the poison.

  • Abolition is the only way to go, but how could that ever be achieved? The $$$ and power this sick construct has is overwhelming.
    Seriously, there hasn’t been anything but a growth in this industry of disablement and death.
    What would the steps toward abolition be? Critical and anti-psychiatry groups have achieved nothing-

  • KLD3019, the idea of a petition on requesting removal of the Nuland TED talk, especially in the light of recent admissions about damage is an excellent idea.
    Anyone here up for for doing that? My brn dmg limits me in taking on this task, but would sign if petition were set up…

  • Yes, it is terrible psychiatrists are unwilling to take a rock-solid ethical stand and speak out against ECT.

    But even worse, are those who promote it and advocate for its use, like Dr. David Healy. Have heard not a word from him in the face of the lawsuits in CA being settled and Somatics admission their device causes “perm amnesia” and “perm brain damage”.
    Where is the retraction of the book “Shock”’s (with Ed Shorter) statement “permanent memory loss is a myth”?

  • Psychiatrists use neurotoxic drugs and shock bc they have no clue what they are doing. They are throwing mud at a wall. They have sickened, harmed, brain damaged and killed hundreds of thousands of ppl with their stupidity.
    Psychiatry needs to be made illegal to “practice” on human beings.

  • You can’t be serious. You got enough brn dmg to forget everything, including where you were and were happy to “start fresh”?? You let these “doctors” erase your memories and identity and that was no big deal?? Our memories make us the ppl we are, they are connections to our knowledge, education, relationships. I was not told this would happen. No one benefits from this kind of injury to the self. It is traumatizing and drives many ppl to suicide.

  • I was convinced ECT was a good idea by the same nasty, inaccurate, stupid, and evil video. Nuland could have been given sham ECT for all we know or he knows and the shocks were much lower voltage in the 1970’s.
    I contacted TED talks to request they remove the video or add a warning about permanent memory loss and brain damage from this lunatic procedure. They refused.
    How many other family members and potential victims sucked in by this piece of garbage? Same goes for Kitty D interview by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. No risks presented. Propaganda. Kitty appears dazed and confused; in a diff video she doesn’t even know how old she is. Cooper should be ashamed of himself.

  • This latest blog by an ECT proponent throws shade at Dr. Breggin, embraces the lunacy of the latest reclassification of ECT devices and trumpets “safety and efficacy”. Reading the FDA comments that little evidence of damage exists and problems with memory resolve is sickening. The FDA that threw about 2800 negative victim testimonials in the garbage can and relied on useless, biased, badly constructed, industry funded and shock dr run “studies” of shock to defend or justifythe Class II.
    Encountered 8 pro-shock doctors on twitter discussing ECT that were rabidly defending this torture and rude and dismissive of victims of shock trying to inform and educate them.
    Right now we have ECT injured Sue Cunliffe trying to protect future victims of harm by taking on rcpsych and trying to dialogue with its president. She has little help but for a principled reporter and another shock advocate. Why aren’t neurologists and other doctors stepping u to help? Where are the women’s rights groups and the brain injury associations? Silent. No one seems to care. Sue has taken this to an MP willing to listen, so perhaps there is some progress.
    Why aren’t the 92% of psychiatrists who don’t use shock shutting down the bullies/brain damagers who do use it?

  • Yes, the monsters who administer brn dmging electroshock and “hospitals” like Mayo and McLean’s and others wil be dancing in the streets. More ppl to disable and destroy, including unfortunate teens as young as 13.
    The lies and excuses and misinformation just bleed across this malevolent, evil document crafted by the most soulless and ignorant batch of uneducated, blind, ignorant and dangerous bureaucrats to blacken an obviously corrupt “agency” better known for its blunders and fails than anything else. Think Vioxx, think vaginal mesh..,
    Silence aside from their initial release of the document. No time given to public discussion of the ruling and report.
    I encourage individuals to to make their feelings known on Twitter by tweeting Scott Gottleib and the FDA. I have suggested to Gottleib that he resign and questioned the kind of stupidity that allows for this kind of ruling after Somatics admits its torture device causes brain damage.

  • Based on the evidence, patient testimonies of harm, the outcome of the recent court case, and Somatics admission their “device” causes permanent amnesia and brain damage, the ethical/sane thing to do would have been for the FDA to ban electroshock completely.
    FDA completely corrupt and dangerous.
    Gottlieb worried about innocuous CBD oil in foods but fine with frying people’s brain, ppl as young as 13.

  • Well sure you would say that, as a bunch of other shrinks declare. Simple to say, bc unlikely to happen.
    So, you use ECT/TBI on patients and argue against its use. How does that work?
    I had ECT. It destroyed my mind, my life, my career, and made me suicidal. People kill themselves after decades of their lives are destroyed.
    This is a quack procedure. I would have been better to have been smashed in the head with a baseball bat.
    “Doctors” administering shock belong in prison, being shocked and given neuroleptic so they can really be educated about what they are doing to distressed, vulnerable people.

  • Looking over the update on the Thymatron posted to The web site, I found in very small print, a statement stating that “rarely, there is more permanent memory loss or permanent brain damage”.
    How can they get away with “rare” if they made no inquiries, filed no complaints or records of injury??
    Since there are ECT survivor groups with hundreds of victims of brn dmg and formal testimonies to the FDA counting in the thousands, and since no proper testing was done to determine the actual characteristics of the brn dmg and its manifestations, so brn dmg was missed (like using a feeble MMSE dementia instrument), how can they say “rare”. Think surveys showed at least half ppl injured or impaired in some way.
    When does the litigation involving Kendrick Moxton, ECT, and the FDA go to trial?
    Thank-you again for all you have done.
    I wrote the Boston Spotlight team suggesting this needed to be exposed- not even a comment. Wrote 60 Minutes to tell them they missed perm brain injury in their pro-shock interview with the obviously cognitively impaired Kitty D.
    Why is the media not making this horrific scandal front page news?

  • WHY has the FDA failed to do the right and ethical things to protect consumers from injury by ECT devices? Is it peopled by individuals open to bribery or with cozy ties to manufacturers and the APA or just no clue what they are doing?

    Why aren’t there effective groups lobbying their representatives to bring forward legislation to ban this procedure?

    Can the statute of limitations be voided if a “misbranded” device was used on a victim?

    Is this type of suit engendering interest nation wide?
    What would it take to get shock banned?

  • Isn’t there a problem with simply listing “permanent brain damage” without a clarification as to what that could manifest itself as? As in “patient could lose 10-30 IQ points, career skills, decades of memory, be unable to make new memories or learn new material, have trouble multi-tasking, suffer personality changes, become apathetic or hostile…” is the “permanent brain damage” going to be described in terms of the way it can impact the victim’s future quality of life?? Is it going to be stated some patients will need cognitive rehabilitation like that given to car accident victims??

  • Has the FDA not been dragging it’s feet for three full years on an attempt to have ECT given a Class II certification, (for certain ‘indications’), putting it in the same level of hazard as an electric toothbrush?
    Should the FDA not act on the new information they now have as a result of your litigation, Somatics admission, and the problem of “misbranding” which you have pointed out??
    Why is a jury trial ruling required before patients are fully protected with the type of ADEQUATE
    Warning you suggest? This warning should be part of consent forms and hospital “information” websites.
    It seems bizarre that hospitals and doctors should be able to keep assaulting patients, causing repeated TBI’s.
    I hope your efforts lead to a complete ban on this lunatic procedure, the electrical lobotomy.
    If Somatics has issued this warning, how can Mecta not follow suit, given its devices of torture operate on the same principles?
    It still is difficult to believe it has taken 80 years for the truth about shock to be exposed in a court of law.
    If the device is indeed “misbranded”, meaning its manufacture, distribution, and sale are illegal, who or what group or organization should file suit to address the question?

  • You are a hero as far as I am concerned. I have seen you toss paper aside during debates when you become frustrated by ignorance, and you can be abrasive, but so what? When you have ethics and integrity, you irritate those who don’t. Loved a scripted dialogue scenario exchange you did with Olga on anti-sex pills, the “anti-depressants” in a you tube video on a conference u spoke at.
    You are correct about it all- the harms of the psychiatric drugs, mammograms, and this particular vaccine. You are pissing off dangerous people with no humanity or decency, so watch out for yourself.
    I hope Cochrane can be purged of corruption and regain its original focus.
    You are a whistleblower who deserves to be reinstated- it is obvious that something is not right when half the board resigned in solidarity with you.
    Without people like you, Robert Whitaker, and a few others like John Read and Nial McLaren who are passionate about the truth and well being of human beings everywhere, the evil forces of psychiatry and pharma would have free reign. Good luck in all you do.

  • Is it likely that MECTA, even though it’s machines were not involved in this litigation, will move to protect themselves by adding “brain damage” to their risk disclosure? Why would they NOT choose to do this?
    And, if the Somatics disclosure to hospitals absolves them of liability, is it the job of the legal dept. and bioethicists in facilities to see the changes are made to consent and information websites for institutions and doctors offering and administering ECT in order to avoid lawsuits in the future.

    Why do you think media and so called whistleblowers like the Spotlight team have completely ignored publicizing this issue? I could find zero about it, anywhere. Is it bc the victims are bound by non-disclosure, so they can’t provide the grisly details?

    I recall feeling the great injustice when Dr. Dadi, the renowned cardiologist went to trial and the jury determined he had not been brain damaged by ECT. I think his family tried to proceed with medical mal rather than going after the manufacturers, so time frame would be up for a different approach?

    Hope this goes national. I encourage victims and families to call your firm to fill in necessary documents to proceed with litigation.
    Your firm is amazing.
    Sorry if I am wasting your time.

  • It should be a legal requirement that potential future victims and their families should be handed this page stapled to the front of the minimizing and reassuring wording of the hospitals’ ‘informed consent’.
    Just small type “permanent brain damage” doesn’t clarify never being able to do one’s job again or being cognitively damaged for life or forgetting your family, your life…

    Will hospitals be covered by simply stating “doctors will verbally review other risks and hazards” without specifically mentioning brain damage and what that could entail?

  • Bonnie, what are you contacts with/in the UK- the Royal college just advertising a two day “training session” in London in late Nov. Yes, training more sheep to electrocute and brn dmg people, and 2 “expert” presenters- Chucky Kellner and Declan McLoughlen with lovely ties to Mecta.
    Anything in the form of protests being planned by Mind Freedom or Human Rights groups or anti-ECT groups?

  • These drugs are neurotoxins. They are dangerous and serve no purpose but making money for pharma and corrupt or ignorant doctors.
    My GP prescribed them after I made the mistake of telling her about the insomnia, weight loss, crying I had been doing for weeks after discovering my husband of 25 years was cheating on me with his young secretary. In other words, I had a reason to be feeling real emotions. She was too ignorant and numb to comprehend I needed a divorce and support and counselling. She prescribed poison Effexor for 12 YEARS.
    Each time I missed a dose, I got a pounding headache, felt odd, and started crying. I did not know this was “withdrawal”, not a “relapse” of my non-existent illness. Terrified, I kept taking them as I deteriorated- high blood pressure, diabetes, massive sweating, nausea, irritable bowel, zero libido, skin issues- not connecting them to this poison I was ingesting. Stopping the drug spun me into massive depression, anxiety, agitation, brain zaps- which was “treated” with multiple poisons. I was screaming with pain, holding my head, which snapped and zapped and caused excruciating pain. Terrified and lied to, called “treatment resistant”, I submitted to TMS and ECT, which destroyed my life, cost me 30 years of memories, and 27 IQ points, and my 31 year teaching career. I cannot learn, make new memories, or feel love. Each day I pray for a heart attack. Deeply suicidal ever since, my identity and sense of self, gone.
    And each day, I read of more ppl disabled by psychiatry.
    I have no doubt the latest shooter was being “treated” with psych drugs for his PTSD and was suffering brain injuries from his motor cycle accident. But the stories are all about his “mental illness”.

    What can be done to get these poisons off the market?

  • It is deeply upsetting that pro- ECT propaganists have been marketing an even more dangerous torture device, calling it new, modern, safe.
    Now that the California federal court has
    stated the evidence shows ECT causes brn dmg and cog impairment, are the media who touted shock in programs, (Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, The Doctors) going to retract their bullshit and tell the truth?

  • Striking that there has been no media, that I can see, which has picked up this story. Complete silence. Why is that?

    And, we see 100’s of comments on many articles, bc ppl seem to be very concerned about or engaged in the topics.
    But here we have 12 comments, suggesting little interest in this topic.
    That is discouraging.
    Recognition also to Bonnie Burstow for her articles, her novel, and her efforts to have this lunatic procedure banned.

  • I felt very indignant reading this story. Your talk was excellent and the science is obviously supported by the research.
    I would agree that pharma and a pro-psychiatry bias played a role in the flagging. Which is humorous bc “psychiatry” is just a pseudo science and quackery at work.
    I have no respect for the TED organization since I complained about the inaccurate and dangerous TED talk by Sherwin Nuland on ECT. I asked them to add warnings about the risks and dangers completely omitted in his touchy freely non-science and non-evidence based talk that lulls ppl into thinking ECT is safe or useful. They refused. I asked them to sponsor a talk with an opposing view- Suggesting Mary Maddock, Jonathan Cott, Loretta Wilson, Deborah Schwartzkopf or Niall McLaren or Peter Breggin or John Read as speakers. Nope. Big veto to that idea and all the science that shows shock causes brain damage, memory loss, cognitive problems.

    Nutrition is central to maintaining or re-gaming mental wellness. The “mental death professionals” they cite think feeding little kids Ritalin and anti psychotics is a good idea and that their neurotoxins which shrink the brain are helpful. It is just wrong.

    TED should be embarrassed at its lies and efforts to explain away the flagging. I need to review their talks list to see how many pro-psychiatric crap science they have endorsed.

    I agree to shock after watching Nuland’s talk. It destroyed my life. It needs to be removed not flagged.

  • Agree with everything you have stated. But if Breggin didn’t care about money, he wouldn’t be charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a witness at trials related to psychiatric abuse and malpractice. Otherwise, he is a brilliant man whose books and work exposing psychiatry’s evil actions
    deserve applause. Instead psychiatry brands him as a kook and refuses to learn from what he has exposed.
    And, Little Turtle, we see what psychiatry has done- it is quackery, causing destruction and death- this pseudo crap “specialty” is known for insulin comas, spinning chairs, ice baths, prescribing neurotoxic drugs causing addiction, withdrawal, brain damage and death, and of course, lobotomies and electroshock, destroying lives and driving ppl to suicide. Every shrink I ever saw was an ignorant, uneducated
    Misfit with zero empathy and no people skills. They need to be stripped of their license to sicken and torture ppl. Probably 80% of them belong in prison, being fed antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, “mood stabilizers” and electroshocked 3 times a week… Real life monsters who poison little kids like Rebecca Riley….

  • More than “a bit stubborn”. Healy absolutely in denial and suffering from cognitive dissonance. How one can be so busy trying to point out the harms caused by drugs, and so concerned about sexual dysfunction, but blind to the damages caused by shock. Ppl injured by shock, losing decades of memories and losses of up to 30 IQ points, often end their lives.

  • Well, that’s good. I have had PSSD post Effexor for 7 years.
    It is a minor problem compared to the PTSD, brain damage, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction I have as a result of electroshock.
    Perhaps Dr. Healy could review the 500 reports filed with and present the case for banning shock. I don’t need to be viewing junk like Anderson Cooper’s interview with the dazed, confused Kitty D. Which completely minimized the risks and dangers.

  • There is this idea that “withdrawal” symptoms will eventually “end” in a year, or two years or when the drug is reinstated.
    As Dr. Shipko has pointed out, sometimes the reinstatement fails to restore a patient’s well-being and neither do other drugs introduced. He speaks of patients suffering for 5 years, 10 years, mostly suicidal, suffering often from akathisia triggered by disruption of their nervous system. What then?? He has found no solutions.
    With this as a potential outcome, the prescription of these neurotoxins can’t be justified.

  • Very little on “magnetic seizure therapy”- think the seizure part tells you it is bad for the brain and strength of magnets that have this effect of triggering this seizure is rather frightening. It is being passed off as a treatment that doesn’t cause the “cognitive dysfunction”(brain damage) and permanent memory loss (more evidence of brain damage) that shock results in. Just another lunatic approach to dealing with people in distress by harming their brains.
    Was it just me, or did anyone notice Kitty was dazed, confused, deferred to her husband to answer questions and couldn’t say more than two coherent sentences at a time??

  • Not sure about the strides. This past two weeks the media has been printing mega pro- ECT articles.
    On Sunday, 60 minutes is featuring Anderson Cooper interviewing Kitty Dukakis and putting shock in a positive light. Dukakis is shown having ECT, which is presented and benign and painless. So, the very day people are demonstrating on Mothers Day against shock, this dangerous message is lulling people into thinking shock is safe, benign, helpful. Millions of viewers.

  • Healy is a hypocrite who administers and promotes ECT, which causes more damage than psych drugs.
    He believes the horror stories of people harmed by psych drugs or drug withdrawal.
    At the same time he questions the veracity of victims of ECT, ridiculously babbling about their memory
    problems being caused by benzos or the anesthetic or just about anything else but electrical trauma and seizure injuries from ECT.
    He ignores the Janis studies and other research, preferring studies done by ppl like Chucky Kellner, who make their living off ECT.
    Any good he has done on the drugs front is wiped out by his role in promoting a human rights violation that is simply torture.

  • This is a wonderful idea. Psychiatry, evil, corrupt, dangerous faux science pretending to be a “medical specialty”. What a joke. These bloated, ignorant toads neurotoxic poisoning ppl and electrocuting them in the name of “treatment” is horrifying.
    The maim, cripple, poison, disable, and drive people to suicide.
    Real doctors, neurologists should lobby to have their “licenses” revoked.
    They should be give n jobs cleaning up toxic spills at nuclear sites, no gloves supplied.

  • More evidence that “psychiatrists” are useless, clueless, and dangerous, complacently polypoisoning vulnerable victims while spewing total garbage about imbalances and “diseases”.
    Your greatest luck came in not being electrocuted with ECT for your “treatment resistance” and suicidality. One can recover from years of drug poisoning. The same is not true of brain damaging ECT.

  • Yes, I think I was looking at the med mal side of things, the wrong lens in this case.

    (Black humor in suggesting these are real doctors and would be meeting a “standard of care” in “treating/electrocuting their patients/victims.)

    Really difficult to go up against these corrupt individuals who have all these financial resources to throw at defending their right to keep injuring vulnerable ppl for the billions this scam generates.
    And, would the size and number of potential settlements impact this industry or would it just look at it like Big Pharma settling suits in the hundreds (for drug damages or illegal off label advertising) of millions as part of the cost of “doing business”?

  • Thank you again for this clarification.
    I just cannot comprehend how any jury could not make the connection between multiple electrical injuries paired with grand mal seizures and brain damage.
    Probably an average 13 year old with basic knowledge of science would know this.

    Juries are probably contaminated by ppl listening to the pro-ECT propaganda that is advanced by the unscrupulous shock doctors and torture device manufacturers.

    I believe the last case used Peter Breggin, but obviously his testimony didn’t sway uninformed and uneducated jurors.

    I hope you do have success and open the floodgates, not just for settlement but for the abolition of this destructive and barbaric procedure.
    I see the first donations are popping up on go fund me. That is great.

  • Not impressed with the Justice system judges if they rule like the first one did in this case.

    Not impressed by the jury that decided Dr. Dadi, eminent cardiologist lost his memory, his ability to speak five languages, his medical skills because of “mental illness” rather than brain frying ECT.
    The brain damaging psychiatrist had experts and his lawyers giving evidence “ECT doesn’t do that”. And the jury bought that.

    It is difficult when the public has listened to the poster children happy with their shocks- like Kitty D., Sherwin Nuland, Carrie F., Julie Hersh, Carol Kivler.
    How does one explain that? Maybe ppl who are victims just had “bad ECT” given by incompetent doctors and are the “rare” malpractice case? Right.

    Most victims have been left permanently dazed, traumatized, cognitively impaired and unable to fight the powerful and immoral shock industry and the doctors who brain damage ppl for a living.
    I lost my $90,000 career I had
    excelled in for 30 years; I now am on disability, severely brain injured. It took almost two years to recover any functioning and then I could not find a lawyer to take my case.

  • Thank-you for this update. What is the time frame for rejecting or allowing the appeal?
    Yes, with no pre- ECT/TBI testing done, it is pretty likely the victims you are representing won’t be able to prove their injuries. Their “deficits” will be blamed on their “mental illness”, on drugs they have taken, on anything but shock.
    Not sure there are electrical injury specialists and neurologists who are willing to testify in this case.
    A psychiatrist I spoke with the other day stated neuropsychologists never connect the damages to shock bc they don’t want to point the finger at their brain damaging colleagues and that nothing is definitive enought to make the clear connection.
    What time frame do you envision for the start of proceedings on behalf of the five plaintiffs identified so far?

  • How is that Avalanche of publicity happening?
    There are exactly two of us rebuting the tweets by CAMH put out again today promoting lies about shock.
    Does that seem like something that will have an effect or build momentum.
    Why isn’t anyone else speaking out?
    Why can’t rotating protestors man an effort that isn’t the one day march and protest no one pays attention to?

  • How many years of chanting and marching and protesting and books, with the outcome being an increase in the use of ECT, particularly in England?
    Increased use in autism and dementia. Attempts by the FDA to reclassify the device to Class II- two years ago, still no ruling. FDA hearings in 2011 called for testing- never done.
    What has come of all the efforts of Dr. Breggin and Linda Andre and dedicated people such as yourself? What is happening? Shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors have in the last few months declared ECT “humane”, “effective”, and “safe”- showcasing pro -ECT doctors and patients who claim they were “helped”. No balance. No rebuttal. No horror stories presented. These shows reach multi-millions of people and the message they are sending is a big, evil lie. The press keeps printing “saved my life stories” and pointing to the Sherwin Nuland, Kitty Dukakis, Carrie Fisher promotions.
    Neurologists and other real doctors are not speaking out.
    Mayo Clinic, Macleans, CAMH, and other “renowned”, “teaching” hospitals are promoting and advertising shock.
    And, a judge just refused to certify a class action against Shock manufacturers and their brain boiling “product”.
    I am overwhelmed. How can one slay a monster like this?

    Thank-you to Mr. Gottstein for your review, and Bonnie for writing this book. It was good to see Bonnie and Nancy being interviewed on CTV- we need more media coverage like this.

  • Nothing new. CAMH just one big shock mill. They call it “neuro stimulation” and therapy.
    If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to respond.
    Also on Twitter, Dr. Wilkes, doctor and professor, promoting ECT with frenzied fervor. Sickening. I have posted multiple articles refuting his statements and claims. He calls these articles and comments “unsubstantiated”.

  • Exactly. The brain damage I have is the result of drugging and 2 rounds of ECT I was given. Will I “recover”. No. I lived a great life for 54 years, had a 30 year career, but fell into the evil clutches of psychiatry after a drug reaction. In 12 months they poisoned and electrocuted me. I lost 27 IQ points and 20 years of memory. I was in the hospital/lunatic asylum for 4 weeks on 2 occasions for drug induced iatrogenic illness.
    “Institutionalization” had fuck all to do with the brain damage- but it certainly caused severe trauma.
    What a pathetic article.

  • My “aha” moment 5 years after being shocked is coming to the sad conclusion that shock will never be abolished.
    The books, demonstrations, petitions, hearings, testimonies have accomplished nothing much. In fact, shock proponents have been building a market in autistic children and the elderly with dementia and selling the concept of maintenance ECT/TBI.
    High profile hospitals like McLeans and Mayo are “providing” and heavily advertising this insane “treatment”. High profile doctors like David Healy refuse to look at the scientific evidence that ECT causes brain damage; he promotes, administers, and defends this assault.
    Real doctors, especially neurologists, have failed to speak out or to work to have shock abolished. Film makers aren’t interested in exposing this lunacy. News media is busy writing the “ECT saved my life” stories. No one in government is willing to address this issue.

  • Sandra, LOL, I am not “Kitty”! What I meant was that the media writes big stories about about how ECT “saved” Kitty Dukakis from alcoholism and depression, but each time I have watched her speak, saying it is her 50 th birthday, with her husband correcting her, no, your 80th, or just being dazed and confused, I see the brain damage ECT has caused. And she was given limited shock spaced weeks apart for “maintenance”.
    If you had “only” 10 unilateral, you were lucky.

  • Sandra, I think you have been through psychiatric hell from the bits I have read. I was also given shock bc I had been driven iatrogenically insane by a cocktail of drugs. What affected you worse, years of drugging, withdrawal, or ECT?
    And there are ppl who care about shock, but not enough. Most ppl just don’t know this barbaric assault is still being inflicted on people- and media isn’t doing big coverage on the protests or marches. It is writing the sick “saved my life” stories of ppl like brain injured Kitty…

  • I am a victim of 21 ECT and I will not be reading the book. First, the content of the book is upsetting and triggering and second, the brain injuries make it impossible for me to read and recall what I am reading. I get confused about the plot lines and names of the characters. This traumatizes me greatly as I was a senior high school English teacher who lost the books, poetry I loved.
    Shock should have been banned when Wendy Funk’s “What Difference Does It Make”came out in like 1989 or Linda Andres’ “doctors of Deception” came out in 2009.
    Instead people seemed to want to read and believe Kitty Dukakis’s book about the “healing” power of shock,
    or the truly awful “History of Shock” by David Healy and Eddie Shorter.

  • Let’s see- some media reports suggest this young man was labelled with a mild form of autism and ADHD and had sought “help” for issues he was having a year b4 the shooting. He was also “on the small side”.
    I may be wrong, but bet he was medicated early with anti-psychotics and ADHD drugs that stunted his growth and drove his violent behavior.

  • If the case advances and the plaintiffs intend to look at a defence of “voluntary assumption of risk”, how does that play out when varied “consent” forms for different clinics or hospitals failed to clearly state the risk as permanent brain damage, loss of decades of memory, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, worsening of psychiatric disorder…and so on. Is it just “assumed” you sign up for any untoward outcome even though you have not been told this is an experimental and unproven intervention and the machines have never been tested for safety or efficacy?
    So, most of this action is based on questions regarding the actions of the manufacturers and their failure to comply with regulations and warn.
    Later, if there are individual suits, what kind of experts are they likely to call?
    Does their characterization of this as simply a bid like the Atzi Akkerman class action that failed have any merit?

  • I am someone who bristles at the words “our beloved David Healy”. This is an individual who promotes and administers ECT, something that causes more serious and permanent brain damage than psychiatric drugs.

    Yes, he has been absolutely correct about the damage caused by psych drugs, drug withdrawal. Unfortunately, people suffering from the neurotoxic effects of psych drugs and drug withdrawal often are directed to ECT. It causes cares strophic damage and it continues to be used bc of ppl like David Healy. Unconscionable given what the science and the anecdotal testimonies of thousands of victims have revealed about shock.

  • Very sad to read this story. The lying and deception practised by the NFL’s “medical experts” and their denial of the connection between the head injuries and CTE is hard to comprehend. Yes, everyone knew head injuries were bad, but with no concept of what that devastation could look like. Hard to understand why anyone today would play the sport given the risks involved.

  • Yes, Dr. Breggin is a valuable expert witness, but I have heard he charges outrageous sums for his testimony. If he is such a champion of the cause, he shouldn’t make it a giant moneymaker. Other experts such as neurologists and electrical injury experts are need to make it very clear what the mechanism of injury is. I have serious concerns about the kind of money MECTA and Somatics have to throw at their defence.

  • I googled the judge who is described as “pro- govt”, “pro-institution” and conservative, age 77. Don’t think that is a good thing.

    Disheartened to hear it could take months or even years?? To decide on whether a class action is certified. Why is that??

    Can you give your opinion of what you think will happen with the 1982 time frame and the statute of limitations regarding the plaintiffs?

    I think this suit also includes “economic damages” in terms of the loss of career and income that victims of ECT and their families face.

    I absolutely applaud your efforts and the willingness of your firm to fight for justice for the people injured by these devices of torture. It is my understanding that over 200 lawfirms refused to take this case before you stepped up to the plate. That shows courage, tenacity, and a willingness to represent a marginalized group of people- those labelled with mental health issues.
    I hope you decimate MECTA and Somatics and their lawyers.

    In the event that the class action certification is denied, does that mean all future such actions in any state cannot be filed or pursued??
    Thank you for your time. You are amazing.

  • So in 1994, I think, the complex breast implant class action was settled for 3.7 billion over 30 years, with sliding scales for amount of injuries, age of plaintiff,… But no requirement that the implant victims prove their scleroderma or other injuries were caused by the faulty implants.
    How large a settlement could this shock claim entail and how many plaintiffs are you estimating it will include? Will they be required to prove their damages and provide a raft of paperwork, tests, scans, and so on??
    How many years could this take?

  • More walking wounded every day. The profit $ is the driving factor. Sickening the list of the so called distinguished and noble institutions brain damaging patients and ignoring their victims’ complaints and the science showing ECT causes brain damage, always.

  • Difficult for me, given my ECT induced brain injuries, to wade through these documents.
    I have no faith in juries after the recent trial of Dr. Dadi, who lost his case when jurors bought the story his catastrophic memory loss and cognitive dysfunction was the result of “mental illness”, not repeated Craniocerebral electrical damage from ECT.
    I admire the effort your firm has put into bringing this class action before the courts.

  • Yes, the companies withheld the fact their torture devices caused concussive, traumatic brain injuries, and the “doctors” and hospitals withheld and continue to withhold this information as they continue destroying lives and families. The FDA has been complicit in covering up the dangers of this instrument of torture instead of banning its use after repeated reports of injuries.

    I hope there is a decent judge ruling on the certification.

    There should be lawsuits sending ECT practitioners to prison where they belong.

  • Thank-you for clarifying that.

    What can be done for individuals suffering from organic brain syndromes caused by toxic drugs or withdrawal from toxic drugs?
    Are they doomed for life?

    Thank you for your article and your responses.
    Psychiatry is an evil, bloated, dangerous toad, peopled by some of the most dangerous, ignorant, arrogant, and evil individuals to walk the earth. It is worse than cancer and its victims are increasing daily. “Doctors” who drug children with neurotoxins and “treat” vulnerable populations with poisons and shock need to be put on trial and sent to prison…

  • Frank, I really appreciate your thoughtful responses. I should, not, however, have used the example of a “soldier” bc it connects to PTSD.
    If a regular housewife going to a malaria infested country and has this reaction to Lariam (events like this have been documented), there is obviously a physiological or neurological injury at play. This is a case of “spontaneously sick”.
    Like children given SSRIs for test anxiety that suddenly have psychosis or suicidal thoughts- this is drug induced….

  • Yes, there is free will. And it seems quite obvious to anyone feeling mentally well or “normal”.

    But, let’s say a soldier takes Lariam to protect against malaria and develops the “side effects” listed as “rare”. Suddenly, he is having unwelcome, bizarre thoughts, hallucinating, feeling agitated, and homicidal or suicidal. His brain feels like it is on fire.
    He has been made Sick. It wasn’t a choice or a coping mechanism and he can’t “choose” to stop the symptoms or “will them” away. He has become “spontaneously sick”. It isn’t an issues or problems kind of thing. And, stopping the drugs does not result in a return to normal.
    This is not a “free will” kind of situation.

  • What?? “Pursuing this path”? This is not being done willfully or for entertainment or as a “coping” mechanism.
    She had minimal life struggles- just 55 years of regular, happy living.
    She knows she is ill and has moments of lucidity. She does not feel “good” about anything. She feels like she has lost her mind and normalcy and is tormented and suicidal.
    So when drugs given for a non-psych reason or drug withdrawal have created this mental state, then what??
    As Peter Gotszche has said, psychiatric drugs do CREATE chemical imbalances, change the way a normal brain functions. Then what?

  • Ok. Mental illness does not exist. What is going on with a woman hearing voices telling her to kill herself or others and certain she is the queen of England and has computer chips in her body?
    She has no history of trauma, was not living in poverty, was not oppressed. She just woke up one day feeling really sick and terrified by what was happening to her.
    What is this then and how should it be handled?

  • I could care less about the specific joules or volts being used to electrocute the delicate brain in tandem with grand mal seizures. It causes brain damage, period. It has never been proven to be safe, effective, or evidence based as shown by the research of Bentall and Read.
    It destroys lives. It is torture. It is equivalent to an electrical lobotomy.

  • Yes, I would like some suggestions. Definitely rotating pickets at shock clinics/shock hospitals, with ppl handing out information with the REAL dangers and outcomes. Same kind of action in front of the factories producing these torture devices- like one would picket in front of their local land mine factory. Television ads showing brain damaged victims. Flooding media with demands for accurate reporting of the science showing ECT causes brain damage.
    Encouraging ppl without a mental health diagnosis but willing to put themselves out there for a cause, chaining themselves to shock machines or disabling them (ok, maybe jail and legal fees might make this iffy).
    Who has some workable ideas for aggressive revolution?
    How about regular doctors aggressively petitioning their members to vote on a resolution to ban electroshock? In fact, ethical psychiatrists pushing for a halt to electrical lobotomy in their
    Own organization.
    Oh, yes, what about the fact Mayo Clinic, McLeans, Kaiser promote and advertise this “service”?! They make piles of $$$ .they won’t give up without a fight, and do not care they are brain damaging their clients.
    How much is spent on pro- ECT propaganda??

  • There have been numerous well-researched articles/pod casts/personal stories printed in MIA for SIX years,exposing ECT for the horrific brain damaging human rights abuse that is and revealing how shrinks have lied and misrepresented the “procedure” for decades.
    Why, given the science and the horrific testimonials of victims, is it not banned, its practitioners stripped of licenses and jailed?
    Obviously all the writing and articles and evidence and trials and anecdotal horror stories and protests and marches and fictional books and real books (Doctors of Deception) are resulted in nothing. Do we need an aggressive revolution??

  • Well, we only have to turn on TV and watch Dr. Oz’s “The Shock That Could Save Your Life!” Promoting shock, showing the only thing visible showing the seizure is a small toe twitch. A nuclear bomb is going off in the patient’s brain- electrical injury and seizures, but it “looks” so serene. Evil. Good old Dr. Oz did another show calling the treatment “humane” and “lifesaving”.
    Of course his sponsor Kaiser Permanente administers huge numbers of shock to unwitting victims…Dr.Oz failed to give time to any of the hundreds of brain damaged victims out there, decimated by ECT, memories gone, careers destroyed…

  • Dr. Reid “tragically dead at 53”?
    A man who built his career around brain disabling electrical lobotomy, so delusional and suffering from cognitive dissonance he called it “safe, effective, and evidence based”? Nope. It is none of these.
    How many walking wounded was he responsible for creating?

  • So psychiatry killed another kind, decent human being. Decline in mental health almost certainly caused by pails full of psychiatric drugs. Followed up by brain injuries and trauma from ECT. And then more brain injury and trauma caused by DBS.
    Why isn’t it evident these people have not one clue what they are doing. They are experimenting on human beings, basically debilitating them and torturing them in the name of so-called science.

  • Psychiatry doesn’t need more training. It is dangerous and useless and needs to be abolished.
    Psychiatry is noted for making people sick/sicker and keeping them from getting well.
    We are talking about ppl that poison little kids with Ritalin, worsen outcomes in “schizophrenia” through long term prescription of antipsychotics, and shock ppl causing brain damage and trauma.
    They should be trained to clean up nuclear waste spills with tiny sponges.

  • Did you consider the fact that people become anti-psychiatry as they become more educated and informed about the fact psychiatry is a dangerous pseudo science whose practitioners have been labelling, poisoning, shocking and injuring ppl for too long. Psychiatry with its insulin comas and lobotomies and shock is a useless, dangerous, stupid entity and no amount of “criticism” or “reform” is needed. It needs to be put down, dismantled, nuked.

  • Agree with everything you have said. I do wonder, though, what happens when a person takes a drug and suddenly is seeing things, hearing voices, becomes paranoid, deeply anxious, depressed (eg. Taking accutane, Chantix, any anti depressant). Is the person then “mentally ill”? And what is to be done if the drugs have created permanent changes in the brain?? What if weaning off the drugs does not restore the person to their stable state??

  • I am hoping the DK lawfirm is successful with its class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of these devices of torture. I hope the lawsuits extend outside California and go nation wide, resulting in massive payouts that bankrupt the manufacturers.
    Better still would be seeing massive personal injury lawsuits against ECT doctors and lawsuits involving the hospitals (like the Mayo Clinic and McLeans) bankrupting them
    all and revealing the destruction and death they have caused by electrocuting innocent victims whose mistake was seeing a psychiatrist.

    Thanks go out to wonderful people working to have ECT discredited and abolished- people like the late Leonard Roy Frank, Don Weitz, Peter Breggin, Linda Andre, Jane Rice, Lauren Tenney, Deborrah Schwartzkopf, Mary Maddock, John Breeding, Phil Hickey, Niall McLaren … Along with researchers like Dr. Bentall and Dr. Read and Lucy Johnstone…(I know I have missed several people)

    Their humanity and intelligence and compassion and integrity stands in contrast to the qualities of “doctors” who have carved out a career promoting or administering ECT. I have the most profound contempt for people like Max Fink, Howard Sackheim, David Healy, Sarah Lisanby, Chucky Kellner, Richard Weiner, Ed Shorter….and any other delusional “doctor” delivering repetitive electrical damage and their accompanying seizures to the vulnerable patients who fall into their clutches.
    The FDA deserves condemnation for its failure to ban ECT given the evidence it was presented with throughout the decades. How many more people and families need to be destroyed before this violent assault on the mind, body, and soul is halted?

    We see repentant psychiatrists who finally admit that psychiatric drugs have been sickening and killing people. When will the shock docs come clean about their crimes against humanity?

  • Studies have shown long term antidepressant use is tied to worse outcomes and an often permanent, treatment resistant “illness”, which “doctors” then “treat” with brain damage -ECT!
    The article suggests Wallace was in severe drug withdrawal when he ended his life. Once the regular brain transmitters are perturbed by drugs that create brain changes, patients often deteriorate or are forced to stay on the toxins for life, or when nothing helps, left in a state of mental anguish.
    Yes, Wallace had some anxiety and depression, but drugging him for decades and injuring his brain didn’t work so well…

  • It would be interesting to know what percentage of psychiatrists are aware of the harms they are doing and how many are willing to change how they “practice” if it means giving up the $$ they make with the drug and shock model.
    Would this be 10% or 50% or what? Hard to give up the perks and income the current system rewards them with.

    It is good to see doctors who are willing to speak out and
    attempt to make a positive change.

  • Exactly!!
    And how, given the books by Breggin and Whitaker and Moncrieff and others pointing out the dangers and lack of efficacy of these drugs and the revelations about study 329 and other scandals, how is it that psychiatrists remain uninformed?? How long can they claim ignorance? How long can schools that educate (too funny) psychiatrists ignore the reality that what they are doing is stupid, wrong, and harmful??
    Is this a giant secret that only a handful of people know about??

  • Agree completely.
    And in response to “they were just doing their jobs, as they were told and taught”… So were the Nazis
    in the camps…
    And if people “need jobs” that are all about neurotoxic poisoning and electrocuting, there is a problem.
    Psychiatrists continue poisoning little kids with “ADHD” and electrocuting anyone who “qualifies” for this torture and we should feel bad for them?
    These are crimes against humanity indeed, and anyone taking part needs to bebeheld accountable, including, as you say, the clueless nurses and social workers.

  • It is appalling that the brilliant, sensitive David Foster Wallace “went through this” (twice- with it impairing his memory) since his distressed state appears to have been related to long term psychiatric drugging and drug withdrawal which kicked him into some kind of hell nothing worked to reverse. His idiot psychiatrists “final” intervention was a series of electrical injuries and grand mal seizures! Yep, brilliant plan…
    Psychiatry killed that lovely man.

  • So, you seem to feel more compassion for the poor depressed, anxious, disillusioned psychiatrists poisoning and admittedly killing some of their patients than you do for their victims.
    Perhaps they could use some “psychiatric help”, maybe fairly high doses of Abilify, effexor, lorazepam, Zopiclone (for their sleep issues), and definitely some ECT to “reboot” their sick brains…
    So you prescribed the same amount of drugs in 3 years that you did in a previous 20?? And you were upset by this, but still did it? How do you think it impacted on the lives of the people it was unnecessarily prescribed to?
    Want to do some good? Work with the patients who have been seriously damaged by psychiatrists.
    Psychiatry doesn’t need support and understanding. It needs to be abolished for the useless, dangerous faux “specialty” it is.

  • Yes, they would likely use this excuse. That is what they are good at. Causing damage and disability and coming up with excuses…
    “Hundreds” of “treatments”?? How awful. What was the brilliant excuse for that?
    Interesting you feel ashamed- like an innocent rape victim feels ashamed- the ones who should feel ashamed and realize they are guilty of abuse and torture are the lunatics administering this torture/TBI. Ghouls. Idiots. They belong in jail being electroshocked to combat their delusions that they are “doctors” helping people.

  • Mr. Weitz, I truly am amazed at all the time, work, energy, and passion you have put into speaking out about this insane practice. It is disheartening to look at the decades ppl like yourself, Leonard Roy Frank (55 years), and Peter Breggin (55 years?) have dedicated to try to have shock abolished only to be undermined by pro- ECT propaganda and fake science supporting brain damage while rejecting the real science (janis studies for example, autopsy studies) and publishing crap by ppl like Chucky Kellner (Core) and Richard Weiner, both with ties to ECT manufacturers.
    I don’t think many ppl know ECT still exists or they have heard it is new and improved and safe and effective based on the stories told by obviously brain injured ppl like Kitty Dukakis. Literature reviews by Bentall and Read have shown ECT is not safe or effective and that “its use cannot be scientifically justified”.

  • Thank-you for your response.
    Having been poisoned long term with Effexor (12 years) by my GP who issued no warnings and saw missed doses causing horrifying symptoms as “a return of depression and anxiety” rather than withdrawal syndrome and an indication of addiction, I understand what you are saying. My life has been destroyed by this drug which altered my brain function in a terrifying way.
    SSRIs and SNRI’s are truly the devil’s tic tacs.
    I really enjoy reading the pieces you have written for MIA. There need to be more people with the same honesty, humility, intelligence, and integrity working in this field.
    Wish we could clone you.

  • Excellent interview. I was a bit startled to hear Dr. Hunter say ppl should take whatever drugs they find “helpful” (with fully informed consent) except for “SSRIs bc they are poisons”. I am not sure that neuroleptics are any less “poisons” than SSRI’s? And the benzos that seem to have helped” often turn into nightmare addictions and withdrawal trauma. Lithium destroys the the thyroid and kidneys, and so on. Articles have been written about the trauma the drugs can cause. Any feedback on this?

  • Absolutely on point. I think it is evident that psychiatry is a malignant tumor that needs to be removed from the face of the earth.
    And there should be a special place in prison for the shrinks toxic poisoning and promoting ECT or electrocuting people with shock (as in Healy, Lisanby, Sackheim, Kellner..)
    The drugs are toxic and dangerous, but recovery is possible; recovery never happens for ppl brn damaged by shock. It is the greatest evil there is.

  • It is commendable that Dr. Healy is offering a prize for anyone finding a “cure” or solution to PSSD. It is certainly a profoundly debilitating and distressing disorder.

    I would, however, like to see a similar prize being offered for a cure or solution for the permanent brain damage, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction and personality changes caused by ECT, a “treatment” (brain damage therapy) he promotes and administers.

    I have PSSD. It concerns me far less than the damages I incurred from shock.

  • Yes, I know. But what are the answers? Complacency, intimidation, fear, ignorance, a refusal to condemn their colleagues, no clue what “first do no harm means”, indifference??
    If only 25% of psychiatrists adminster ECT occasionally or regularly, why aren’t the other 75% powerful enough to stop them, to point to the flawed studies, the lies, misinformation, the pro- ECT propaganda, the damages victims suffer? Why aren’t they shunning the David Healy’s, Sarah Lisanby’s, Max Fink, Harold Sackeim, and Chucky Kellners of the world, denouncing their ludicrous claims and putting an end to electrical lobotomy as “treatment”?as Read and Bentall’s reviews and meta analysis have shown, use of ECT cannot be justified ethically or scientifically. Why is that not enough to end this torture??
    Why is this not debated or put to a vote within the APA?

  • What happens when a person with no history of trauma is given a drug like accutane or Cipro or
    Prozac and develops psychiatric symptoms, agitation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts? These drugs have caused changes in the neurotransmitters and chemicals in the brain and they may be severe or irreversible. This is not something that can be ameliorated by has become a physiological problems.
    It has been stated that psych drugs cause and create “imbalances” that did not exist before the drug was taken. Like Chantix used as a smoking cessation drug causing psychosis or AKATHISIA or suicidality.
    Brain inflammation from immune disorders can cause psyvhiatric symptoms. What purpose does psychotherapy serve here?
    I do not believe all psychiatric disturbances are linked to trauma, although many may be.

  • ECT is evil. It is a barbaric assault on the lovely, unique, creative brains of distressed people. It is simply repeated electrical injury combined with grand mal seizures. It ruins lives, destroys intellience, decimates careers, drives people to suicide.
    Why is this torture allowed. We have At least 5 years of articles on condemning ECT- what has changed- nothing. WHY?

  • Well, that is true, but they do have Morgan Freeman and shark fin trade banned in 12 of the States in the US.
    No glowing reports about the miracle of shark fin in the media…ppl seem to care more about the environment or other living creatures…
    And we have to battle celebrity proponents and doctors- like David Healy ( and the likes of Dr. Oz with his “The Shock that Could Save Your Life!”

  • In 1998, Canadian electroshock Survivor Wendy Funk wrote “What Difference Does it Make”, the horrifying real life story of her 14 month incarceration in a Canadian psych hospital where she was drugged and given 43 ECT that destroyed her life memories and caused severe cognitive dysfunction. She had to learn how to do up buttons, to brush her teeth.
    In 2009, Linds Andre published “Doctors of Deception” which described the decimation of her life via ECT and then laid out the ugly history of shock and the lies and misinformation being spread by proponents of ECT. She included the sad stories of other victims of ECT.

    Either of these books should have been powerful enough to inspire ppl to see ECT was banned. They weren’t.
    If these books had little impact, why will a book of fiction on the same topic have a more profound effect?

  • That is the history of psychiatry. Stupidity, ignorance, harm, torture, damage. Like their lovely insulin comas, ice baths, spinning chairs, lobotomies, and electroshock.
    Yes, the people who perpetrated these assaults should go to prison. The same is true of the deluded shock doctors brain damaging the poor people who fall into their clutches. When are they going to admit to brain damaging people, destroying their lives, and driving some to suicide.
    How despicable that nurses, anethetists, and others complicit in this crime say nothing, like the neurologists who fail to come together as a group to condemn this ignorant lunacy.
    An apology to the victims of “aversion therapy” is not enough.
    The monsters who did this to innocent people belong in jail.
    When will the college step forward to denounce “brain damage therapy/ECT”? In 30 years from now?

  • Well, strangely, Saks and Yeiser are both slim and trim. And Yeiser lived homeless and “psychotic” for like 4 years, denying anything was wrong with her before giving in to “treatment”. And, I think Saks really tried to avoid hospitalization and drugs, relying on therapy while fighting scary thoughts about killing ppl with her mind.
    It is really difficult to say what is really happening when these two highly ambitious, intelligent, sensitive women claim they are able to function bc of these neurotoxic drugs.

  • A very interesting interview. How lucky Olga was able to escape from the horror that is psychiatric incarceration and drugging. Her contributions to the hearing voices network and her work as an educator and psychologist are commendable.
    I was struck by her comments about Clozapine, bc I recently read books and listened to interviews with Elyn Saks and Bethany Yeiser, who credit that same drug for their recovery and stability. How to explain this disparity?

  • Yes, I agree with your suggestions, especially the hammers to shock machines. But what would that allow people to say? Look at those “crazy, violent mental people” destroying “medical equipment…

    There has been plenty of talk and little action. TV entities and other media bring in billions advertising poisonous toxic psychiatric drugs. They aren’t going to give up on the $.

  • No scientology or CCHR behind the suit. Was initiated by a victim of ECT petitioning 200 law firms till she found one willing to accept and move forward.

    An update has stated Canadians injured by shock in the last two years should contact the website to fill in a questionnaire. A Canadian firm is looking to pursue a similar action to that filed in California, but with a more limited time frame

  • The “science” of shock? It is the science of electrical trauma and neurological damage reframed by the ignorant and deluded sadists promoting and administering ECT. When MRI’s show decreased cortical connectivity in the frontal lobes it is spun as a “good thing- there was too much connectivity in depression”, not as a sign of serious injury. Claims of new cell growth or neurogenesis are spun as a “good thing” rather than the usual response of the brain to traumatic injury.
    There is no “science” about ECT except the science of brain injury.
    This evil, injurious, and criminal assault on living, breathing human beings has continued because of the failure of people in the medical profession to express their outrage and unite to see it erased from the face of the earth. The silence of real doctors, neurologists, and the complicit actions of anesthetists helping to paralyse
    And knock the victims unconscious are criminal. People who administer ECT belong in jail. The factories producing these instruments of torture need to be destroyed and their evil owners put in prison for abetting crimes against humanity.
    Major teaching hospitals, places like the Mayo clinic inflict this damage on patients, make big money injuring people. It is a business bringing in 5 billion dollars a year. A business of preying on the sick, innocent, desperate, and misinformed.

    And someone like Chucky Kellner runs the CORE studies in ECT, pronouncing favorable outcomes which are actually indicative of brain damage induced euphoria and emotional blunting. Kellner, former advisor to MECTA and Somatics. And that is considered as unbiased research? Research that conspicuously fails and consciously refuses to look for sign of harm. You cannot see what you refuse to look for.

    The Boston Globe took on the priests sex scandals with great effect. Why isn’t it writing an expose on the lives shattered, careers lost, suicides committed, all as a direct result of ECT? What the f*** is wrong with the media, pushing the stories of the seemingly demented Kitty Dukakis and deeply troubled Carrie Fisher, both suffering from agnosognosia, which made them unaware of the brain damage others could see?
    Peter Breggin has worked for 40 years trying to slay this monster and it is kept alive by people like Healy, Lisanby, Kellner, Sackheim. Sickening.

  • The useless FDA could have banned ECT after disturbing hearings in 2011. It didn’t. It stated the devices needed to be tested and then did not enforce testing.
    Then it attempted to have the torture device downgraded to class II fron class III for “certain indications”. A flood of angry letters and petitions followed and a year later, nothing from these idiots, even as the science continues to expose ECT for the useless but dangerous torture that it is.

  • Seems so obvious, but the lies, misinformation, and propaganda continue to draw in sick and vulnerable people.

    With high profile doctors like David Healy promoting this lunatic barbaric assault in spite of and ignoring the science and evidence, how will ECT ever be stopped? Peter Breggin has tried his best, but where is the support of mainstream medicine, ethical psychiatrists, neurologists? Everyone is looking the other way. Electrical injury expert doctors testify to devastating neuro cognitive and psychiatric problems springing from accidental electrocution, but refuse to testify to ECT injuries, where the electrocution is to the head and repeated multiple times. Why is that do you think that is?
    Neurologists and neuropsychs are completely unwilling to write reports that state ECT has been the cause of the injuries and deficits. They are complicit in covering for the doctors brain damaging people.

  • There is a lack of comment on this topic on a regular basis.
    A recent petition to ban shark fin soup in Toronto restaurants garnered 11,000 signatures. A petition revisiting the ban on pit bulls garnered 300,000 signatures. The petition to ban electroshock in Canada? 25 signatures. We are talking brain damaging and trauma done to human beings and nobody cares? Because they are more familiar with sharks and dogs?
    A young mother from Colorado took her life in July after ECT destroyed her memory and cognition. There were no outpourings of outrage; the blame wrongly ascribed to mental illness.

    People were not so familiar with lobotomies, but were outraged at the practice.
    ECT is simply electrical lobotomy. People are opposed to shocking of prisoners of war and it is deemed as torture, but it is ok to administer it to pregnant women, the elderly, and any other poor person who falls into the clutches of the lunatics administering ECT?

  • Yes, it is good to hear that Dr. Read is clear there is no science or evidence to support the use of electroshock. But what are he and his colleagues actively doing to work towards a ban on this procedure. I know there are informative videos, but why haven’t psychologists and neurologists and anti-ECT psychiatrists joined together to lobby for an end to this lunacy?
    Videos and articles are fine, but what is actually being done, other than a yearly March??
    Why are there so few voices speaking out and encouraging action? Each day there are new victims. It must stop.

  • it is good to hear that a class action lawsuit against MECTA and Somatics, two companies producing ECT machines, has been filed in California by the DK law firm on Sept. 11, 2017.
    We can only hope that this action succeeds in bringing some justice to the people disabled and injured by ECT. The best case scenario sees multi million dollar payouts that bankrupt these vile companies while educating the public and the medical profession about the brain damage wreaked upon thousands and thousands of people by the idiots and sadistic practioners of ECT. The pro- ECT propaganda machine has done its evil work well. Time for it to be exposed for its lies and greed.

  • Well, amnesia, that’s the lovely thing about it- the victims of ECT are usually too disabled to try to get justice. Well, not that there is justice to be had for the destruction of your mind, memories, identity….
    Do agree that RxISK is a very valuable site and it exists largely bc of Dr. Healy.

    As a side note, I want to mention my admiration for Saddam Hussein’s campaign to eradicate illiteracy, providing free and compulsory education to all residents. He also, with his govt, instituted a new public health system that granted free hospitalization for all citizens….I’m not sure about his position on ECT…

  • Pernicious indeed. As in Amnesia’s “shotgun” full of drugs “treatment”. But worse than this was the fact that ECT was shotgun administered, destroying 25 years of her life.
    So, quoting David Healy, who promotes and administers the brain damaging ECT that John Read just finished describing in his podcast, makes me feel quite sick and enraged.

    Glad to see Dr. Healy, so worried about drugs, offering up a reward for a “cure” for PSSD (post SSRI induced sexual dysfunction) through the RXISK website.
    When will the reward and offer be made for PECTBI- post ECT brain injury?? Oh, I forgot, brain damage from ECT is permanent, no cure for lost memories, decimated IQ, blunted emotions, lost career skill sets.
    How many people given “shotgun” medical drug “treatment” became candidates for and recipients of brain boiling ECT?

  • What a pathetic survey this was. Couldn’t locate some patients. Acknowledgements that those who did not take part in the study probably had “a very bad experience”?
    You think. An absolutely ridiculous and worthless study. Suggesting patients “forgetting they signed a consent Ead due to them being ill or depressed?? No, brain damage!! The effect of the seizure and electrocution. The lying and misrepresenting is crazy. Concerns about parking and wait time for “electrocution”. Comments from “carers” that their (zombified and numbed)?loved ones “seemed” better??
    People who administer and promote ECT are the most ignorant, deluded, and blind people to walk the planet. They truly need to be gifted with the “treatment” they are giving their hapless victims.

  • There is nothing “medical” about this “procedure” inflicting traumatic brain injury on the sick and vulnerable. To call TBI via ECT a “treatment” is wrong. Smashing someone in the head with a bat has a similar effect, but no one calls it treatment.
    ECT is tied up in ignorance, greed, arrogance, lack of education, and desperation to do “something”, usually after driving a patient
    iatrogenically insane.
    Doctors should be given ECT before they can use the torture machine, like cops enduring tasering before being allowed to use them.
    ECT schock docs are ignorant and deluded and unwilling to review the science.
    ECT is a lasting chemical lobotomy, with,?unfortunately, as small number of deluded patients claiming benefit- those with low dose, minimal numbers of ECT. They are lucky and not the norm.

  • I continue to be appalled at the “ECT miracle” stories that are popping up like mushrooms being printed in Huff Post, Healthy Place, and newspapers rehashing Kitty Dukakis’s ECT story. Why is equal space not given to the stories about brain damage, loss of careers, and suicide caused by ECT??
    Why, in absence of science or evidence to suggest ECT is useful or safe, do high profile psychiatrists like David Healy and Sarah Lisanby and Charles Kellner Kellner keep promoting and advocating for ECT?
    Why have neurologists as a collective specialty not condemned this practice and lobbied to have it banned?

    How are the “doctors” who just “know” it works bc they “see”
    able to not see the “relapse” of their patients and the evident cognitive and memory dysfunctions??

  • Why has it been so difficult to ban shock/ECT? Dr. Breggin has written books on the topic, set up a resources Center, testified at trials, been involved in debates, and all that is happening is an increase in ECT, now for autism and dementia patients.
    Why is the conscientious medical community not standing behind Breggin and offering its voice to see this lunatic, brain destroying assault is not halted??
    Why aren’t your colleagues helping bring this nasty electrical butchery to an end???

  • So, this is the individual responsible for this nonsensical and useless label placed on children with a variety of trying or difficult behaviors that cause their parents or teachers distress?
    Not stated if the good doctor screened their background for trauma, their homes for dysfunction, their schools for being boring or rigid, their socio-economic background, or their diet.
    Reminds me of the brilliant, high energy little girl who was bored at school and of course slapped into line with Ritalin for her ADHD. She later became “bipolar” and is on a 5 drug cocktails. But for this idiot and his “studies” and “checklists”, she would have had a vibrant life.
    ADHD is a fake garbage construct
    repeating new income in its adult ADHD market.
    Too bad people like this don’t carve out a career studying moss or coconuts. They clearly know nothing about human beings…

  • So question. You have the genetic drug testing. It says you can “metabolize” the drug with no toxic build up in your body/liver. How does that translate to proof it won’t make you psychotic, suicidal, manic, akathisic, delusional as it acts on your brain?? Does it just screen out for deadly, for rash, metabolic effects???

  • Re: woman stabbing her family. Wouldn’t it have been more useful to simply not prescribe drugs for someone grieving a loss??
    Check if one can “tolerate” a drug? To what does this tolerance refer?
    If anti-FEP are barely better than placebo, why not talk therapy, love, sleep, support???

  • Several of the entries here have absolutely nothing to do with the article regarding ECT. They are off on a complete tangent.

    Interesting to note that not one ECT administering psychiatrist has crawled out of the woodwork to defend this ludicrous, braindamaging assault on the delicate brain.

    I simply cannot wrap my mind around the fact that people like Gergel survive all the EcT given and continue to get more…

  • Yes, people do get better, many of them, every day, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes with combinations of a variety of approaches.
    You said people do not get better by relying on drugs and ECT. That I agree with, although some people have stated that one or both “saved their lives”. Both being brain damagin and neurotoxic and brain damaging, it is hard to understand how this would be the case.
    You have treated the sickest of the mentally ill. What do you perceive as working in these individual cars that include severe mania or depression or catatonia or psychosis? I know it isn’t one size fits all, but the suffering and distress seems off the scale. I don’t think just support or chatting about trauma is going to be the solution.
    Having been severely injured by shock, I hold out no hope of recovery or return to a sense of self as I was.

  • I was given two sets of ECT seven months apart by a lunatic who used bilaterals. I lost 15-20 years of memories, lost 27 iq points, lost my teaching career, lost my personality, lost my ability to make new memories. Have been deeply suicidal ever since. As this article stated, ECT causes brain damage. The tiny number of people who survive does not make up for the thousands who are destroyed and kill themselves bc of ECT. Do not believe the lies.

  • Nuland is charming and engaging, but his take on banishing his depression through electrical intervention is lacking many details. He never states what kind of ECT he had, at what seizure threshhold, at what voltage, how long his seizures lasted, or how many days apart each “treatment” was. Did he have ultra brief pulse low dose unilateral every 4 days? Was he simply give sham ECT which combined with all the attention and the doctor’s positivity, acted as a placebo? Was he coincidentally having a spontaneous recovery after years being sick? Was he simply one of that rare handful of people with a thicker skull and a more resilient brain who could survive the degree of brain damage he was given?
    He says nothing about headaches, cognitive problems, memory loss and does not warn his listeners of these common outcomes, which is irresponsible.

    I would like to see a TED talk on this topic presented by Peggy Salters or Jonathan Cott or Mary Maddock or Sue Cuneliffe or Dr.Shaul Dadi or Loretta Wilson or any of the other well known or not so well known victims of ECT whose lives were destroyed by shock in one of its sick and twisted incarnations.
    I get enraged when I so much as see Nuland’s name, as I foolishly agreed to having it after viewing his video. I had 21, Nuland had 20. It destroyed my life, my memory, my brain. I have written to TED asking that they post some sort of warning with this piece. Nope. They figure this is a great idea worth sharing.

  • Gutlessness indeed. So if the majority, say 70%? Don’t give ECT and are probably bright enough to know it is causing brain damage, why are they silenced and intimidated by the minority? Are they in charge of their own professional body? Don’t they vote on this kind of stuff?? There is safety in numbers. If hundreds voice disapproval are they all going to be censured, penalized, fired? Isn’t there someone who doesn’t give a flying F*** what they think like Niall McLaren here and willing to lobby the membership and slay ECT?? Why not?
    How many clearly out anti- ECT doctors are there speaking up? Like 10 worldwide?? What is wrong with this picture?
    I wonder how much open support Mclaren is getting from his colleagues for his plain talk and ethical stance on ECT…,

  • They just don’t stop, do they. Today Bernard Carroll posted a link to what he described as a “nuanced” review on ECT written by the infamous Howard Sackheim. In it Howard calls “modern” ECT vastly underused and underutilized, spinning the story of refinements in technique and delivery. No mention of his own 2007 study finding cognitive impairments. No mention of brain damage. Just pure, unadulterated garbage and misrepresentation.

    What compels these kind of people to lie to themselves and others? What compels Jama to print garbage like this?
    Carroll includes a “naysayers beware” rejoinder on his Twitter blurb. if you have a moment feel free to tweet a comment. My own tweets were met with hostility, derision, and suggestions I needed to “get help”.

  • There is no benefit to be had from attempting to “regulate” the delivery of multiple acquired traumatic brain injuries. It is akin to suggesting that lobotomies should have been regulated to ensure the least brain damage occurred and that providers were proficient in seeing this was the case.

    No “doctor” anywhere should be offering brain damage in the form of ECT as a “treatment” modality. It is immoral, criminal, and does not meet the requirement of the oath to “first doing no harm”. ECT always causes harm.

    One can do pre and post MRI scans, but they generally do not pick up on the damage unless it is extreme. So how does this help? One can do the post cog testing and say “oops! Looks like this last ECT has caused considerable brain damage and memory loss and cognitive dysfunction; guess we better quit now!” The damage is still done.

    No one can ever predict what will happen to the individual
    brain when electricity is applied, so assessing risk is impossible.

    Only the most ignorant and deluded doctors on the planet, suffering from denial and cognitive dissonance, are unwilling to acknowledge that ECT causes brain damage.

    ECT does not need to be regulated. It needs to be banned. Today. By whatever executive order possible.

  • There is no such thing as informed consent to ECT. None of the watered down consent forms list brain damage and decades of memory loss as effects. Patients are often influenced by the comforting lies of the staff and many are much too distressed and drug impaired to consent to something so dangerous. In addition, each ECT/TBI puts the patient into a more brain injured state so they are incapable of judging their impairments and putting a halt to the barbaric assaults.
    “Consent” to ECT therefore does not exist…oh, and some consent bc they hope they will die on the table- something they don’t express to their torturers…

  • Given that ECT is “safe and effective” what was the beneficial outcome for Garth Daniels, given 91 for no good reason when the procedure was opposed by himself and his family?
    Did it improve his life, end his suffering?? How much brain injury did the arrogant shrinks cause this man in their clearly ignorant, uneducated approach to his treating his “problems”? How is this poor guy today? Back in hospital??? Traumatized and suffering memory loss and brain damage? Never heard about him again…

    And poor Elsie Tindle, given ECT for disruptive behavior springing from loneliness and improper care, given ECT without proper protocols, died of status epilepticus and lack of oxygen to the brain after 3 treatments.
    Are these big fat examples of malpractice just swept under the rug?? How many more crippling injuries and deaths do we never hear of?

  • ECT is legalized torture. It causes brain damage. It destroys all possibility of full recovery and a return to the patient’s intact premorbid state.
    Causing repetitive brain injuries and triggering devastating grand mal seizures is criminal. It does not meet the requirement “first do no harm”.
    Three weeks ago in Colorado, a beautiful, talented, and loving mother of a two year old child committed suicide in despair over the severe cognitive damages and memory impairments she suffered as a result of ECT administered for postpartum issues exacerbated by toxic drugging.
    ECT has never been proven to prevent suicide; rather it increases the risk greatly.

    Why are there not more psychiatrists with a conscience and a sense of decency banding together to ensure the end of this lunatic assault on the mind and soul?? They have to know the truth. Why aren’t they acting on this knowledge?

    I cringe each time I see the confused and brain damaged Kitty Dukakis speaking about “safe and effective” ECT.
    A month ago a debate raged on Twitter with Challenges to Richard Bentall’s tweet that there was no evidence base for the use of ECT. Bernard Carroll and Dr. Fulli and a few other ECT administering “doctors” proceeded to rabidly defend the practice
    with justifications including “positive” “studies” by people like R. Weiner, who worked for MECTA and helped design the machines of torture. It was chilling to see their cognitive dissonance and denial of the extensive documented harms caused by ECT.

    And, who is not appalled by the fact that someone as accomplished and respected as David Healy devastatingly continues to advocate for the use of ECT, stubbornly refusing to look at the science and the extensive anecdotal accounts of damage while accepting the stories of psychiatric drug harms and exposing the truth about pharma’s lies and misrepresentations about their toxins.

    Why, after all the horror stories, after Marilyn Rice, Linda Andre, Peggy Salters, Evelyn Scogins, Dorothy Dundas, Mary Maddock, Barb Cody, Wendy Funk, Jonathan Cott have shared their stories, has this lunatic monster bogus “procedure” not been banned? Why have Peter Breggin’s books and the research papers of Bentall and Read and even the negative findings of Sackheim in his 2007 study been ignored by psychiatry?

    Why haven’t medical specialties like neurology joined together to see ECT is banned worldwide, not just in Slovakia and Luxembourg?

    ECT continues because of the pro-ECT lobby and the propaganda churned out by those who benefit financially from its continuation. The doctors who “use” ECT are amongst the most unethical and dangerous people seemingly providing mental health care.
    Anyone in doubt about the extensive harms caused by ECT needs to join the facebook group “Brain Damaging Therapeutics” where each day they will read the most heartbreaking stories of “ECT survivors” trying to build a life while devastated by trauma, brain damage, physical injuries, loss of careers, and personal relationships.

    ECT is evil. It is electrical lobotomy resulting from repetitive TBIs….

  • They are a combination of toxic, stupid, and extremely dangerous. I just heard about the suicide of a young woman who had postpartum issues, was drugged and shocked, and in despair at the cognitive damages and memory losses ended her life.
    This is just what the majority of them do- disable, poison, torture, and destroy people.
    Whether they are poisoning little kids with ADHD drugs or shocking people bc they have no clue what to do after sickening their patients, they are contributing to the distress, deterioration, and deaths of thousands every day.

  • I also wonder about people who do not become psychotic bc of a history of trauma. We have heard of people with no trauma or abuse history who were given SSRIs or smoked “skunk” PCP laced marijuana and experienced psychosis. In this case are we looking at a biological/chemical reaction in the brain causing the problem? If this is a FEP it could be handled without drugs, but might not respond to psychotherapy? Or am I wrong?

  • I think what Olga is doing is wonderful, especially in light of the evidence suggesting antipsychotic drugs can actually hinder recovery and often steal years of life from those taking them, while reducing that quality of life.
    I do, however, wonder how someone in a psychotic state, who may be hearing things, seeing things, feeling paranoid or tormented is going to actually function in a job or as a volunteer. These symptoms are different from having “issues” one can just work on. They are truly horrifying and debilitating, which is why many psychotic people crave isolation.

  • In 2016, I was “sectioned” after I attempted to end my life bc of despair over the loss of my cognitive abilities, my 31 year career, 15 years of memories, and the inability to form new memories as a result of 21 ECT I was given. My assigned “doctor” labelled me as “delusional” for believing ECT had harmed me, because she believed ECT was safe and effective and couldn’t cause that kind of damage.
    (The “doctor” who had continued to brain damage me with repeated Bilaterals for failure to “respond” is now the president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. His “rate my doctor” reviews describe him as incompetent, dangerous, clueless, an epic failure, unsuited to work with human beings…)

    My “new” psychiatrist, clueless, incapable of listening, lacking in comprehension and empathy proceeded to order forced injection of antipsychotics to rid me of my “delusions” and suggested “more ECT” for my “depression”. Ignorant, uneducated, evil, and dangerous. The nurses were quick to insist I certainly had not suffered memory loss or brain injury from ECT.
    So, I was returned to the place that brain damaged and traumatized me and made me suicidal, only to be re-traumatized, assaulted, and threatened with more brain damage. Neuropsych testing I later arranged for showed a loss of 27 IQ points and serious losses in memory, executive functioning, math skills, problem solving, visuospatial perception, attention, learning new skills…

  • I wish you had engaged the simpletons you observed in conversation bc they are ignorant and dangerous and need to be informed.
    Yep, the pro-ECT propaganda is in full force and apparently being soaked up by the public also.
    Recently a stunned and uneducated jury found the psychiatrist who was accused of brain damaging renowned, 5 language speaking cardiologist Dr.Shaul Dadi with multiple ECT was NOT GUILTY. They bought the argument that his massive loss of memory and cognitive skills right after ECT was the result of depression and mental illness not multiple craniocerebral traumas! WTF?? When does that happen?
    This time the jury got it wrong, unlike the Stu Dolin Paxil case where pro -ECT shock doc David Healy pointed the finger at the devastating effects of taking antidepressant drugs.
    The scary part is these nurses are so stupid they believe the stunned muteness or the mild euphoria caused by the traumatic brain injury of ECT is a sign the patient is better, the depression is lifting!! And the shrinks love to pretend that is the case.

  • People who have “consented” to ECT because of lies and misinformation are deeply traumatized when they discover they have lost 20 years of memories, are cognitively damaged, and have lost their careers. Being brain damaged by people you trusted to help you is deeply traumatic and with it comes self blame and anger at family members who did not know enough to stop the assaults.
    The FDA is still reviewing downgrading ECT devices to Class II- should they be looking at this review as they keep appeasing the lying APA and shock manufacturers?

  • How many more studies before this lunatic barbaric assault causing craniocerebral trauma is banned?? Well, all the $ making shrinks need to do is point to the the lines it is great for “select populations” and there is no doubt it “has been lifesaving”.
    And, of course, we know that failing two “adequate trials” of antidepressants means a patient is “treatment resistant” and therefore a “candidate” for brain boiling shock.
    And then we have doctors like David Healy advocating for the use of ECT and claiming it’s hard to really “pin down” if memory loss is the related to ECT.
    There was recently an exchange on Twitter where Richard Bentall pointed out that the use of ECT was not “evidence based” and what followed were claims of how many prominent psychiatrists, including Allen Francis, would have ECT if they were seriously depressed and posts of the stupid Sherwin Nuland TED talk on ECT…there are shrinks who rabidly deny the damage that ECT causes- why? Because they are ignorant, uneducated, arrogant, or don’t want to give up their big $?
    The claim of “improved memory” after ECT is just pathetic.
    Why haven’t “real” doctors, including neurologists worked together to see this barbaric procedure is stopped?
    Big surprise that there have been no adequate tests of memory and cognitive function during or after ECT. The Janis studies in 1950 clearly showed ECT caused brain damage. Did that stop it? Over 60 years later, more studies…
    There is, as the study showed, no informed consent or warning about ECT in most cases.
    Why hasn’t a documentary been made about all the damaged ECT victims out there? Why has the media spent its time telling the story of kitty’s Dukakis’s miracle cute in ECT while ignoring the fact she shows serious signs of cognitive damage?

  • Yes, good old CAMH. How many lives have they ruined with their backwards, ignorant, and dangerous approaches to “treating” people suffering from any variety of emotional distress.
    They actively advertise ECT, misleading potential victims by revealing nothing about brain damage, cognitive dysfunction, and permanent and extensive memory loss. They even advertised on Craig’s List looking for volunteers for an ECT study!
    Your son is lucky he didn’t get ECT instead of antipsychotics, terrible as they are..

  • Thank-you, Richard. That is very kind of you to say. I function at a very diminished level, having lost 27 IQ points, and with severe deficits in memory, recall, attention, executive function, and concentration, but these dangerous lunatics must be exposed for what they are and stripped of their power to continue to sicken, disable, and kill the distressed and vulnerable who are seeking “healing”, something the shockers and neurotoxic poisoners have no clue about so I will continue to write the truth about those things.

  • So just your typical psychiatric “treatment/care” story. Unnecessary medication causing more distress resulting in toxic polypharmacy and ECT, themselves agents of injury and trauma and often the drivers of suicide attempts.
    What did they believe they were treating you for?
    You are one of the lucky ones. The drug and ECT damages to my brain mean no amount of love can help me to recover.

  • I think the “precise” mechanism of ECT is simply extensive brain injury that causes petechial hemorrhages, breeches the blood brain barrier, kills neurons through excitotoxicity, destroys connectivity, etc.
    It is simply a form of barbaric torture that constitutes abuse. It should be banned.
    Your article was beautifully written and because you are such a bright, articulate, and accomplished writer, it must make people question your claims of brain injury and harm at the hands of psychiatrists and medical doctors.
    What were the things you did to help you recover and regain functioning?

  • Given your own experience of profound brain changes and brain damage from ECT, what is your opinion of the increasing use of ECT to “treat” self-harming autistic children? ECT seriously injured Carly Fleishmann, a very accomplished autistic young woman. And yet there are parents writing books on the benefits of ECT for their children. The children aren’t given a voice in these assumptions.

  • Agree with everything you have to say about the dangerous pseudo science that is psychiatry, but have a concern with the following statement:
    “So the facts are crystal clear: ECT is most emphatically non-essential. It is an option, an expensive one at that.”
    An “option”?? When should a lunatic bogus “procedure” that is an electrical lobotomy that causes brain damage (memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, despair at lost function leading to suicide) be characterized as an “option”??
    It is clear it needs to be banned, now. The “expense” is not the issue. First do no harm is the issue.
    Anything less than a total rejection of this barbaric human rights abuse is unacceptable.

  • It is interesting to note the articles written by Natasha Tracy, mental health writer, who tried the formula with no success. She reported her less than positive interactions with call Center support staff with no real medical training and indicated she had been threatened with legal action regarding her unflattering articles.Ultimately she had little good to say about the company and its products. She pointed out that there was a risk of “dangerous interactions” if the preparations were taken in conjunction with certain psychiatric medications and stated the many reported “adverse reactions” could have been the result of the withdrawal of “real medicines”. She had another article on the baby who died after his Truehope related family members failed to provide the appropriate medical care, relying on “natural” products.
    I think that Dr. Carey’s article was interesting, but I also believe her son “got better” largely bc of being taken off neurotoxic poisons he should never have been prescribed in the first place!

  • Oldhead,
    What do you suggest as ways or methods to “target the system” since what has been done is not working?
    I am all for poetry, books, and the elevated discourse of passionate intellectuals, but what has that accomplished?
    I see the annual “shock protest” is coming up again in May. And the media will ignore it and the practice will go on. What would achieve more or even something other than consciousness raising and some limited and soon forgotten outrage.
    Someone with a plan, an actual plan?

  • “Chemicals do not cause depression.” What about the instances when they do? As in taking accutane causing severe depression or antidepressants causing severe anxiety and depression? Peter Gotszche has stated these drugs create dangerous imbalances in the brain that were non-existent before their ingestion. Then what? This “depression” is then biologically or chemically created and may have triggered permanent changes in the brain. It may be drug trauma but how would it respond to psychotherapy?

  • These are all amazing, uplifting stories. Yes, it appears there is recovery and healing after years of bad diet and ingesting toxic psychiatric drugs.
    What happens, however, when one has been traumatized and brain damaged by ECT? What hope does one have in this case since the brain injuries have caused permanent damage?
    Is there anything that can be done? Anyone with any suggestions, including Dr. Brogan?

  • And it may not be a “common” intervention or “treatment”, but it is significant that Read and Bentall concluded that “…the risk-benefit analysis for ECT is so poor that its use cannot be scientifically justified” (because of permanent memory loss, risk of death, etc.). BUT doctors are still using ECT/TBI, citing it as the “gold standard” in treatment of severe depression and insisting it is “safe and effective” when research and patient/victim testimonies have shown otherwise.

  • I did not find that the SNRI I was taking blunted my emotions. It made me feel more and it made me hypomanic.
    The “blunting” I experienced came with ECT, which acted as an emotional electrical lobotomy, destroying my feelings, my memory, and my intellect. Like Matt, I would like to see Dr. Healy address the “blunt instrument causing more harm than good” aspect of the Craniocerebral trauma that is ECT.

  • “Professionals” providing “care”?? Nothing professional or caring about poisoning little children with neurotoxins that disrupt the normal development of their brains.
    These are simply confused, uneducated, dangerous people “not sure” about anything because they know nothing about human beings and distress or behavioral differences.
    Parents who allow pseudo doctors practicing pseudo science to drug their children with stimulants and antipsychotics for simply being children, bored or hyperactive or whatever, should be charged with child abuse.

  • So Carrie Fisher’s ashes were placed in a giant PROZAC pill??Her family thought it would be humorous and fitting since this pill was seemingly one of her Favorite things and she was a mental health advocate….is it just me or is this creepy given that psych drugs likely contributed to her premature demise? The people at Pfizer must be pleased at the free advertising…

  • Three anti-psychotics, a mood stabilizer, and a sedative? How are you able to function?
    What trials have ever been done to suggest such polypharmacy is safe or effective in the short or long term? What evidence base is your psychiatrist using to justify this type of polypharmacy?

  • Scientology? Yes, let’s blame that for the fact that ECT is a lunatic bogus “procedure” that is simply repetitive closed head injury concussion provoking damaging grand mal seizures and causing brain injuries/trauma. Gold standard? What a joke. According to the spin and propaganda generated by the ghouls who make money on this procedure. The Journal of ECT? Yes, fabulous source of information. ECT causes petechial hemorrhages in the brain, breeches the blood-brain barrier, destroys memory and causes cognitive dysfunction.
    I, like Deeo42 am an expert on ECT by virtue of having ECT. I am brain damaged and suicidal BECAUSE of ECT, given bc a “doctor” could not figure out my severe depression and agitation was caused by toxic psychiatric drugs.
    Why do you think there are multiple “survivor” groups around the world dedicated to saving other poor vulnerable people from being injured by ECT??
    Google “I got brain damage from ECT”. Read the stories, educate yourself, and stop buying into the lies and propaganda of the ECT lobby.

  • Your previous comment puzzled me. So WHY are all these people who are leading HAPPY and FULFILLING lives because they are drugged (“medicated”) spending their valuable but as Aurora said “perhaps shortened lives/time seeing a “therapist”? To chat about how happy and fulfilling their drugged lives are?

    Oh, and that is the other really COOL thing about psychiatric drugs- it is so difficult to PROVE they are the reason people had that stroke or heart attack or developed diabetes or hanged themselves (after taking the drug for bladder incontinence) or killed their neighbours or strangers or children….but strange that the drug companies paid out and settled or were found culpable in some well publicized cases…

  • Well, I think there are a LOT MORE people who have NOT benefitted from, and in fact have been seriously harmed, permanently disabled (or become victims of suicide or homicide) or died as a result of ingesting psychiatric drugs. We read about them and their experiences on this website, see stories about them in the papers, and on YouTube. These victims include children and teenagers. What are some of the “side effects” listed for these drugs? Akathisia, agitation, increased anxiety, increased depression, insomnia, mania, suicidal ideation, emotional blunting, abnormal thoughts, psychosis…and the really COOL part is that it’s anyone’s GUESS just who will develop these “problems” AND, if the patient reports the symptom it is quite likely the drug will be increased or another 2 or 3 added! The lunacy doesn’t stop there…

    So LUCKY for you, not so much for a LOT of other people.
    Strange how so many school shooters (and, apparently a number of suicidal pilots…)were on these “quality of life giving” drugs…probably just a big coincidence or a conspiracy theory….

  • Once again, they aren’t “medications”, they are “drugs”, many of which have been proven to be neurotoxic, shrink the brain, cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome, while also having a link to both suicidal and homicidal behavior.
    Psychotropic drugs that I ignorantly praised for 12 years destroyed my life. That has been my experience and that of countless other “patients”. There is never true informed consent given about psychiatric drugs. The few people who claim they improved their lives won the lottery….

  • Deeeo42:
    No room for reply above, but everything you stated resonates very strongly with me. Especially “direct action”, “Destroy the FUCKING MACHINES (of torture)”, and “revolution” rather than writing, writing, writing, playing nice. Why is there no support for this type of strategy?
    Obviously there will never be justice through the law; no law firms willing to fight for this cause; no credibility for “crazy people” who probably “needed” ECT.
    Where does MIA stand on this human rights abuse when it is willing to give space to articles by David Healy, pro-ECT “doctor”?
    Perhaps it would be next to impossible to seek a ban on “psychiatric drugs”, but why is the smaller goal of a total ban on electrical lobotomies impossible??

  • No, it is not just theoretical. About “going public” in the hopes “that sort of personal testimony could be powerful”? No, it doesn’t appear to be. Did Linda Andres’ going public and writing a damning indictment about ECT lead to any change? No. Did the wrenching written and spoken personal testimonies of about 1200 victims of ECT presented to the FDA in Jan., 2011 lead to a ban? Nope.
    Has Mary Maddock’s story of ECT harms influenced change? Will the personal testimonies of the 2500 or so “survivors” and families of survivors sent to the FDA in 2016 (with the intent of stopping downgrading of ECT devices to Class II for certain indications) actually lead to stronger regulations, actual testing of the devices (which had never been done), or, as any thinking, feeling, reasonable, intelligent, compassionate, and educated
    individual should vote for, a complete ban of this torture device and human rights violation?? Doubtful.
    Individuals like Lauren Tenney, Bonnie Burstow, John Breeding, and Peter Breggin have written and campaigned vociferously and logically and eloquently and continuously against this lunatic fucking practice. Has it changed anything? Will it one day? We need more people; we need acts of disobedience; we need a revolution.
    Thank-you Oldhead for all your posts. I find gems in all of them.
    And Bonnie, wonderful article. I admire everything you do as you work to see the abolition of psychiatry.

  • Agree with your comments regarding Carrie Fisher. Was her heart attack related to her ingestion of “bipolar drug cocktails” and rounds of ECT and “maintenance” ECT? Quite possibly.
    It is awful that Fisher, with all her fame, promoted brain damaging ECT as something wonderful and useful. I bought into her narrative and that of the famous Sherwin Nuland. The end result for me? Brain damage. Cognitive dysfunction. Memory Loss. An inability to form new memories. Loss of history and identity.A desire to end my life. How many other desperate, vulnerable people listened to the crap they wrote or verbalized, only to have their lives completely ruined?

  • You say you will “demonstrate” for a “total ban” on ECT, better simply called electroshock. What did the worldwide protest against shock (May, 2016) actually accomplish, peaceful and well -organized demonstration that it was?? It received pretty much zero press and amost 2 years have gone by. What will another “demonstration” like this do? Nothing.
    If ever there was an evil, barbaric assault and human rights violation, it is embodied by shock.
    Just recently, Dr. Dadi lost his lawsuit against the “doctor” who brain damaged him, destroyed his life and career as an eminent cardiologist. A jury of his peers did not believe ECT could cause the type and extent of injuries he suffered. Pathetic ignorance and lack of knowledge about ECT.
    So what will “work” to ban these instruments of torture and stop those who administer ECT, including well known shrinks like David Healy, expert on psychiatric drug harms.
    Yes, shooting electricity through the unique, creative, and delicate brain- what the fuck indeed.
    The clueless FDA needs to ban ECT starting now, today, this minute.

  • Agreed. Most mental death nurses are ignorant and uneducated about the poisons they are feeding to or injecting their poor “patients” with. And these are simply toxic poisons, not “medications”, with devastating effects on every organ and body system. People taking part in poisoing and sickening “patients” belong in prison, being forced to ingest the same toxins for 6 months or so, just so they “get it”.

  • Why does shock continue? Because prominent “doctors” like David Healy and Sarah Lisanby and Charles Kellner promote this brain damaging closed head injury concussion with added electrical injury trauma as a “treatment”. It is simply a violent assault and a human rights abuse that is simply torture. How many times was Garth Daniels shocked by the psychiatrists in charge of his care. He was also restrained and accused of being violent with the staff.
    These abuses just go on and on. Is there no way to stop these dangerous and ignorant fools who have no idea about “helping” anyone suffering from distress.
    Where is the latest FDA ruling on shock given the thousands of letters outlining horrific injuries and damages?

  • The way to avoid long term memory loss and cognitive damage, both reflective of brain injury is to ban ECT. No amount of niacin is going to change the outcome of multiple closed head injury electrical assaults on a delicate brain. Again, people all ears about psychiatric drugging causing harms but fairly disinterested in someone that does far more permanent damage. People can return to themselves after drugging stops, the same is not true of ECT. They are permanently destroyed.

  • ECT causes brain damage. It is unfortunate some people believe losing precious memories and cognitive functions equates with “better”. The ghouls who administer or promote this lunatic barbaric assault belong in prison for human rights violations regarding torture. ECT needs to be banned, immediately. There is extensive scientific and anecdotal evidence showing the brain damaging effects of ECT. I do not care if people like David Healy want to keep disregarding the research and the heart breaking stories of thousands of victims. Brain damaging someone and calling it “therapy” is immoral and evil.

  • So The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care has Dr. David Healy as a board member?

    Healy is an an advocate of ECT and a doctor who administers ECT. The victims of this electrical lobotomy have organized in groups to have their voices and stories of heart wrenching damage heard. They are survivors with lived experience who often work to warn other potential victims of the dangers of this assault.
    There is no “excellence” to be found in assaulting people with closed head injury concussions (craniocerebral trauma) that decimate personality, memory, and intellect. One of your “buckets” should include working to specifically ban brain damaging and PTSD inducing ECT.

  • Antidepressant use is already linked to increased risk of suicide, violence, homocides, more chronic depression, birth defects and autism, severe withdrawal syndrome, and now dementia. What did I miss? How many lives would be saved if “doctors” stopped prescribing them?

  • The CORRECT dose of an antipsychotic for a FOUR year old?? That would be ZERO. The mom is wondering about the longterm impact on his kidneys? What about his brain??
    So, once again an immature or hyper child is drugged with a toxic poison to control his behavior and the parents goes along with this obscene approach? Great idea for a pediatrition to “first do no harm”…to a delicate, developing brain…complete ignorance and stupidity.

  • Again, so few views and comments. People don’t seem to care about shock and its devastating outcomes for thousands of people. It is a barbaric, brain disabling assault on a delicate organ that works on millivolts. It needs to be banned and its practitioners sent to prison with their medical licences revoked. What better example of failing to “first do no harm”?

  • A beautifully expressed narrative that exposes psychiatry as the real “monster”. yes, fifteen years of that kind of ignorance and abuse is surely enough…

    You were given ECT for what? You were a teenager at that time?? How was this action justified? How many “treatments” were you given and what impact did they have?
    Wishing you more of the freedom and joy you have been experiencing since “backing away”.

  • Hopefully lawyer Jonathan Emord will be successful in taking on the FDA regarding ECT. Just reading about the damages incurred by the five citizen petitioners is stomach churning. How is it that this lunatic bogus “treatment” has not be banned? When will the shock doctors admit to brain damaging their patients with ECT? Or do they just say the injured had “badly administered ECT”, with an outcome that is not the norm?
    We learn more each day about repetitive head injury in athletes resulting in CTE.
    ECT is repetitive head trauma. Could it cause CTE in its victims in addition to the immediate amnesia and cognitive dysfunction which its victims suffer?
    When does the FDA plan to reveal their latest decision about ECT classification?

  • Canada’s psychiatrists are just as ignorant and uninformed and dangerous as those in the US. I know. They destroyed my life with unnecessary drugging and shock. Most of them should be sent to prison and tasered each and every day.

  • You need to add that these “professionals” are highly dangerous, profoundly ignorant, and quick to toxic poison and/or shock people they have no clue how to “treat”. One of the most dangerous things a person can do is see a psychiatrist. The “help” they provide invariably disables, kills, or drives people to suicide.

  • Now that Mr. Whitaker has published this comprehensive 46 page review and more studies confirm what he is saying, it would be great if he took a break and chewed on the bone Deirdre speaks of- ECT.
    Who better to investigate and “show the science” regarding this human rights violation/lunatic procedure?

  • I think that, with this report, you have made the science known. Hopefully prescribers will read it and draw the obvious conclusions about these dangerous toxins.

    However, I recently mentioned this off topic to the psychiatrist I am seeing. He considers himself an expert in “schizophrenia” and its treatment. When I brought up the studies of Wunderink and the Open Dialogue results he was agitated and started rolling his eyeballs and stating “those people relapse and go psychotic off the drugs; I have seen it!” (Apparently ignorant about withdrawal…). He the actually said ” antipsychotics are NEUROPROTECTIVE”. I asked him how drugs that shrink the brain and cause tardive dyskinesia could be considered NEUROPROTECTIVE. He told me I knew nothing and was “ignorant”! So there we go- strike out on attempt to inform and educate.
    Guess I will have to drop a copy of your report on his desk along with a copy of “The Bitterest Pills”. Thought the word was getting out- apparently not….

  • Good question here. Is it a matter of having to WORK at healing through neuro modulation, neuro stimulation, etc., rather than thinking the brain will just heal itself over time, no effort required?
    So, like the man with Parkinson’s forcing changes through walking?
    Or, are psych drug injuries that damage the brain especially injurious and permanent? Anyone with an insight?
    Does the good doctor have anything to address severe Tardive Dyskinesia, which is apparently antipsychotics gift that stays for life? Anyone out there with any success in overcoming or improving after brain injuries from psych drugs, and, as horrifically, ECT?

  • “Medicate them into non-violence through forced treatment”?? Forcing violent treatment on people makes them less traumatized and less violent?
    Drugs (they aren’t ‘medications’) that are documented to cause agitation, AKATHISIA, abnormal thoughts, psychosis, and homicidal and suicidal ideation and actions are likely to “medicate away violence”. Really? Drugs whose ‘withdrawal” also triggers the same effects are “medicating away violence” how?
    Worked well on all those “medicated” school shooters and homicidal/suicidal pilots didn’t it?

  • Absolutely agree that forced treatment with drugs or ECT needs to be abolished.

    Not sure about “misinformed consent is still consent”??
    And, again, the concept of “wising up” and knowing one has been harmed leading to rejecting more treatment doesn’t work so well for people with increasing brain damage who aren’t even aware they are being harmed because they are in a state of euphoric shock or post-concussive syndrome or so sick they just cannot think or make reasonable decisions.

  • Well, there is no “informed consent” because almost all shock docs and “facilities” offering the service LIE about and misrepresent ECT and the REAL risks it entails. And, after the first ECT induced brain injury, how is further ECT “voluntary”?? Is the person “capable” of agreeing to MORE after a few closed head injuries?
    Why is there a “demand” for ECT? Is it bc about 10 people on the planet survived it and a few high profile ones wrote books about it, claiming benefit or bc of the PR spin that has been put in place over the years?
    Desperate people should not be allowed to “demand” a brain damaging procedure like ECT any more than they demand a doctor smash them in the head with a bat multiple times causing similar closed head injury craniocerebral trauma.

  • Unfortunate that one of your acknowledgements goes to David Healy, who, while providing invaluable research and testimony and education and God knows what else regarding the dangers of psychiatric drugs, continues to advocate for and administer ECT, which is simply a bogus lunatic “procedure” that causes brain damage and disables its victims. It matters little if it is applied with or without supposed “consent”; the outcome is the same: memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, trauma.
    What was ultimately more damaging to Garth Daniels? The neuroleptics or almost 100 ECT?

  • One of the biggest sources of trauma? Psychiatry, and its psychiatric drugging (CAUSING ‘imbalances'”, psychosis, homicidal and suicidal ideation (or action), depression, akathisia, etc), its labelling, and its traumatizing electroshocking of the already traumatized. ECT for that poor girl with anorexia or the child with autism ? Is that enforcing one trauma on others pre-existing?
    As an off the topic comment, once someone has been “made” psychotic or “schizophrenic”, through drugging are they deemed to have a biological illness? And WHAT, once brain chemistry HAS been changed or chemical/physiological changes have resulted, is going to “help” to “heal” this patient once they have a now biological-physical problem?
    Talk therapy isn’t going to do much for a “chemically created” “brain problem”, is it?

  • Is using the phrase “chronically CRAZY ” as “layman’s terms” for the individuals in the “China” study really necessary? And later using it again, rather than replacing it with “seriously ill” or “distressed” or “symptomatic” or even “psychotic”?
    Otherwise, a wonderful article exposing the truly scary way these “renowned” psychiatrists “think”, or rather refuse to actually “think” and process scientific evidence. What would it take for them to actually admit how wrong they have been and continue to be if overwhelming evidence is not enough?

  • Interesting the route this needed to take to make it to “high places”. Luc Montague’s connections were central to having this issue go to a “work group” in Parliament. If he had simply been an “ordinary” casualty of toxic psychiatric drug prescribing, his story would have disappeared without a ripple.
    My question is if indeed the mandate for CEPUK is to shine a light on the harms caused by psychiatric treatments, why there is nothing written about the harms of ECT and the total lack of an “evidence base” for its “use”. The only reference we see is in the video by Mary Maddock who speaks about her horrific experience with both ECT and psych drugging.
    My email inquiring about this big deafening silence on the topic of ECT- no statements by the high profile docs making comments about the problems with the drugs- was given the response that “we are limited in finances and resources and personnel” seems ridiculous. How long would it take to post a 3 minute video by one of the expert psychiatrists or current articles by Bentall and Read or others on this site?
    If this is the council for EVidence based psychiatry why is it not stating the evidence shows ECT is torture and causes brain damage?
    So, a bit off topic, but just really wondering if anyone has an answer for this one.
    The scary part is that the state created by the toxic drugging, horrific withdrawals, iatrogenic insanity, supposed “treatment resistance” as outcomes of the drugging invariably leads to “ECT as a ‘last resort'”. So, the two become enmeshed.
    I look forward to seeing the video on this discussion/debate on antidepressants and disability.
    This is so obvious to me as I taught for 31 years without a break, only to end up on disability after receiving “antidepressants” for situational anxiety and insomnia that spiralled into a bad reaction and poly toxic poisoning. And there was ECT brain injury waiting In the wings to ensure the disability was truly permanent.

  • So, you are happy to have your child “medicated” with amphetamines so in the short term it appears there is some benefit. Regardless of the research that shows a percentage of these children will experience hallucinations or psychosis or that as many as 25% will go on to develop “bipolar disorder” as teens and young adults, setting them on the path to polydrugging with neuroleptics and mood stabilizers?? Have you READ any of the nightmare first person stories of the stimulant drugged young people “put on” what is basically kiddie cocaine??
    And your child’s “behavior” deteriorated after the “drugs” we’re removed?? Withdrawal anyone?
    I watched a bright little 6 year old medicated bc of her off the wall, bored with the dull teacher, behavior. She soon became a focused little zombie who had teachers smiling at their success in having her drugged against her parents’ protests.
    Today she is a “rapid cycling bipolar” barely functional young adult, compromised on all fronts- academically, socially, emotionally…
    I was a teacher for 31 years… And watched with disgust as I saw child after child drugged. One child stands out bc he was labelled with ADHD and ODD- he was drugged to the point of being catatonic- no one considered the impact of the fact he was watching his drunken father physically and verbally abuse his mother and was the victim of verbal abuse himself.
    Long term outcomes “not superior”?? How about catastrophic?

  • What if your story were sent to the “nurses” and the so-called “doctors” working in the mental death industry? Would they be capable, in the face of their ignorance, arrogance, confusion, and resentment, be able to actually comprehend what you have said and learn from it.
    Your story should be shared with those “training” to become mental health professionals.
    Reading this made me cry for my own traumatization after a spiral started by an antidepressant reaction. The “hospitalization” in this house of horror resulted in polydrugging, and the most violent, cruel, and barbaric assault on ones mind and spirit- ECT- “agreed” to in a drug induced desperation and based on lies and coercion. I had no significant other to protect me, no ability to understand the danger of the nuclear holocaust to be repeatedly unleashed on my manic, delicate, creative, gorgeous, unique brain- and with that failure came the consequence. The devastation of that amazing spirit, of joy, language, memory, identity, intellect. Left a shell, a butterfly with wings mangled, left to crawl through a fearful and now unfamiliar landscape.
    How did I fall into madness? The stress of over-achieving, over-working, being the doormat, the compliant, ever giving, ever self-sacrificing female, neglecting self, denying dreams, needs; so stressed, so busy there was no time to eat or sleep or provide the smallest modicum of self-care or love. And it pleased everyone. My “illness”, my “breakdown” pleasing no one. Creating resentment, rage, shame and a quick allegiance to lunatics who were the “experts” as they toxic drugged and electrocuted me in their ignorant, misguided “efforts” to “cure” me.
    Left broken, suicidal, brain injured; prolific career gone, friends/colleagues gone; respect/admiration/love, all gone, gone, destroyed by the “help” and “hospitalization”, administered by the real monsters who walk this world and would poison those who are magical or special, those who are innocent children, those who are abused and traumatized, those who are elderly or lonely or simply, those who are living, breathing human beings struggling to survive a difficult or different journey.
    You are lucky and blessed to have escaped, to have a wonderful partner to support you. Keep telling your story. It has such beauty.

  • Real doctors. The increasingly irresponsible GP’s writing prescriptions for antidepressants, sleeping pills, and a little Valium or zanax?? The drugs they prescribed causing the sickness or withdrawal that then lands them in the shrink’s office? What kind of “real” doctors??
    “Need” psychiatry? No.
    In addition, need, as Peter Gotszche said, to get rid of 98% of the psych drugs being prescribed….

  • Bang on. The blind, ignorant, and self- serving “psychiatrists” have not one fucking clue about “better”.
    I was, like you grandmother, destroyed by ECT that I “agreed” to based on lies and misinformation. It is barbaric, it is torture, it is trauma, and brain damaged all in one. Yes, shame on you, jfrye- how ironic that “fry” is part of your name here, for that is what you are doing to your “patients” with ECT.
    Thank you Stephen for stating the truth so poignantly. What a loss to your grandma and you.
    It reflects the rage I feel at what was done to me and by extension, to my children, who did not “consent” to having their mother destroyed by this kind of “help”.

  • “ECT has been effective in my pervasively clinically depressed patients.”
    Really? “Effective” according to whom? The nurses and doctors observing the stunned euphoric giddiness resulting from brain injury that they think equates with “improved mood” or patient “complaining less”.
    “Effective” for how long? Till the brain injuries resolve and “relapse” (lol) mean more ECT or “maintenance” ECT?

    Electrical injuries causing neurological damage and grand mal seizures disrupting the brain’s normal functioning is a lunatic approach to “treating” something labelled as “depression”.
    Garth’s case is particularly horrific, but where does it fall on the spectrum of the articles in MIA about the young girl with the feeding tube being court ordered to have ECT, or poor Elsie, agitated in hospital, ECT’d to death for being a “danger to herself”? Or the poor pregnant girl or elderly woman driven iatrogenically insane by psych drugs being “shocked”.
    No one should be given so much as 1 electrical head injury. ECT is not treatment; it is torture for everyone and anyone it is given to. It is “craniocerebral trauma” and the FDA wants to put it in Category II?

    ECT is a barbaric assault on vulnerable, sick, and desperate people.
    Read Lauren Tenneys article outlining the “outcomes” of ECT for hundreds and hundreds of victims.
    Yes, Garth’s story is horrific because of the numbers of ECT involved, the restraints, the drugs, the loss of 14 years of his life, the inability of his loved ones to free him.
    But we cannot

  • This is really beyond belief. I am certain the lunatic psychiatrists torturing Garth are intimidated by your integrity and obvious success in ministering to the sickest of the sick without resorting to their horrifying methods cantered around restraints, toxic drugs, and brain boiling ECT.
    Where, however, are the other dissenting voices of the “decent” psychiatrists besides yourself? Why are they silent?

    ECT is an abomination. The fact anyone calling him or herself a “doctor” can promote or administer brain damage and call it “treatment” is beyond sickening and unethical. And 93 and counting? For what purpose?

    Why have John Read’s efforts fallen on deaf ears? Why have the protests achieved nothing?
    Why are Amnesty International and the United Nations unable to intervene?

  • And of course, this woman was incredibly lucky in that she called you and that she was not electro shocked after meeting the minimal standard for a label of “treatment resistance”- (her lol) “failure” to “respond” to TWO “adequate” trials of antidepressant drugs (yes, the ones little better than placebo that also increase agitation, anxiety, depression, suicidal thought…). Let’s see- what time frame would that be? Well, 6 weeks per drug, so 12 weeks, and perhaps a 2 week taper or not? Just switch to next? So, frighteningly, after as little as THREE months a lunatic psychiatrist could be “meeting an ‘acceptable’ standard of ‘care'” by signing her up for brain boiling/damaging ECT.
    What is wrong with this picture? Lots, but the scariest is that ECT is there, waiting to decimate another life. And because of pro- shock “doctors” like David Healy and Sarah Lisanby, this lunatic barbaric assault on the vulnerable continues.
    And, other philosophical articles and posts get 50, 100, 300 and more posts. ECT? Hey, lucky if one gets 10 or 12. It does not affect most people so they do not care.

  • Well of course, since “nothing else has worked”, ECT/brain injury is obviously indicated. So, when multiple “psychiatrists” provide the type of care that leads to a severe decline including a wish to die and serious “self-harm”, the obvious conclusion is that it is time for some “psychiatrically administered harm/brain injury”. More stumbling, bumbling, refusing to “give up” and say “we have no fucking clue what we are doing”.
    Perhaps love, care, trauma informed support, and removal from a coercive, hope-sucking, and frightening institution would be a start?? Why are her parents supporting continued abuse and accepting misrepresented statistics/facts about ECT’s efficacy and dangers?? Is there a child advocate who can intervene? Mind freedom?
    Torture of a child mandated by the court. Disgusting.

  • Off on a bit of a tangent, but are there any ECT victims who have found ways to help remediate their brain damage? Has anyone tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy or holistic approaches that provide even minor benefits?
    What do neuropsychs suggest? Luminosity? Brain training games? Or just get a pile of sticky notes, a chalkboard, and program your phone with reminders, alerts, and notes to self like a dementia patient might?

    I noticed one particular damaged patient asking for help, suggestions, and assistance during the NIMH
    Facebook question and answer with Sarah Lisanby. Just the sound of defeating silence and a blank space in response. No surprise there.

    And yes, there is no doubt the majority of people would “recover” or “heal” without being administered multiple traumatic electrical head injuries via shock.

  • Yes, there should be a list of the names of those people calling themselves “doctors” who brain damage people for the sake of ignorance and money. And a list of those fine institutions like the Mayo Clinic that offers up ECT/TBI/ABI as “treatment” at a time that the evolving research about injuries and repetitive insults to the brain makes it obvious that this “practice” is stupidity and medical malpractice at its finest.

  • No, not hallucinogens. Too benign. Feed them huge doses of the antipsychotics with a side order of benzos, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. The “full meal deal” and preferably have the neuroleptics injected… Then, after a month of restful incarceration, take them off all the drugs cold turkey…
    I think this “training” and “lived experience” would go a long way to informing their future practices…

  • That essential piece of advice should be given to every single potential future victim of psychiatrists and the mental death industry.
    Or, if they are unable to process this in their pain and despair, it should be given to their advocates or loving family members. These quacks have been the source of such misery, suffering, disability, terror, and death that it is hard to comprehend how or why they have not been driven out of “business”. Who would trust the well-being of a child, a teen, and mother, a wife, a husband, in fact, any human being to the ignorant, dangerous, useless, and arrogant fools who largely make up the psychiatric “profession” ( bit of a stretch calling it that).
    What kind of “work” do they do? They kill little kids like Rebecca Riley, torture people like Garth Daniels with ECT, murder poor Luise, and poison people who end up with tardive dyskinesia, increased psychosis, homicidal or suicidal ideation, and any number of other conditions involving the deterioration of ones physical and emotional health.

  • What? When will the American psychiatric “industry” realize their “treatments” are torture?? One, they know; two, they don’t care; three; it pays for their lifestyle.
    Or, alternatively, they are just that stupid they cannot see the truth or comprehend the science.

    When will they stop committing “crimes against humanity”?? Simple. Never.
    And one of the biggest of those crimes is administering shock to the vulnerable and distressed and suffering, usually, as you say, after poisoning them into a state of toxic drug insanity…
    These people cannot be human. I think they should be required to take a course of 10-12 ECT as part of their training for certification to administer shock. That would put an end to shock as “treatment”.
    I just love to hear about the “expertise”of Dave and Sarah, and Howard, and Max and Ned on this topic. So nice to wax eloquent on something you have never endured.

  • So much heart, time, energy, and hard work you have poured into this effort, Lauren. Much thanks.
    For someone who has herself not been injured by shock, but has the sensitivity, insight, and compassion to fight on behalf of those who are usually too damaged to do so is inspiring. It shows such decency and humanity. You are my hero.

    So sad to think of the number of new victims of shock since 2011 when the FDA, listening to similar compelling testimonies of devastating injuries and harms, did not have the intelligence, balls, common sense, compassion, or ethics to completely BAN this torture device and relegate it to the scrap heap where its sleazy, greedy, ignorant, violent, undereducated, and immoral “promoters”, “administrators”, and “practitioners” also belong, stripped of “medical” licenses.

    At a time the FDA is looking into downgrading the classification for this device, I am sickened by the publication of yet another Huff post piece promoting this “procedure”, brain injury as ‘treatment.’, by a person calling many of those who posted negative comments about ECT “haters”, “loonies”, “Peter Breggin groupies”, later calling some “pathetic”, “in need of help”, encouraged by others who fawned over her story and disparaged those “weirdos and crazies”.

    It is pretty clear who is pathetic and in need of help, someone with NOTHING to say about the numerous studies, articles, and research pointing to the useless and brain damaging nature of shock.
    These NUMB and insensitive
    people seem to be oblivious to the fact that those who speak out have a noble cause and a humanistic agenda- to protect people from being brain injured, disabled, and driven to suicide bc of their losses, trauma, and despair.

    Ignorance at its finest. Let’s just mindlessly drink the koolaid and shriek OMG! And LOL! At those crazy “anti-ECTers”!! What is this? High school giddiness and shallowness at its best?? Oblivious to the science, oblivious to the victims. Just unbelievable. Someone “survived”, that 1 or 2 out of 10. Let’s ignore the other 6 or 7 completely destroyed. Brilliant.

    I hope copies of the testimonials can be sent to Dr. David Healy and Dr. Sarah Lisanby and NIHM.

    I can just hear the “oh, yes, well, must be the benzos, the anesthetics, the anti-psychotics, the “disease” state, the coffee they have been drinking, the phases of the moon…, “somataform disorder”, aliens, conspiracy theorists….”, basically anything but the electrical lobotomies decimating people being assaulted by ECT creating traumatic acquired brain injuries.

    Is there any idea of the time frame involved in the FDA reviewing the submissions and making a ruling? It can be done minus

  • Thank-you for sharing your story, seeking to inform and warn others, even when you still experience trauma in just talking about this brutal experience.
    What happened to you is so frightening bc it reflects the very common experience of people (usually women) with stressors and life issues and reasons for their emotional distress being ignorantly prescribed drugs that worsen their state, which spirals into more drugs and a label of so-called treatment resistance, which justifies shock, which is misrepresented and lied about, not presented as “brain injury as treatment for what bothers you or psych drugs have created”.
    You, like so many, vulnerable, desperate, made the mistake of “trusting” these quacks/lunatics/idiots/
    psychopaths and the medical industry. And it continues- misinformation and outright lies straight to you on the Q and A with NIHM and Sarah Lisanby. Only there were no answers or responses in relation to those victims addressing their brain damage and shattered lives.

    You are so lucky your mom intervened to save you and help you move to a place of recovery. Many people were not so fortunate.

    Someone needs to stand outside shock hospitals and clinics handing out the leaflets from Dr. Breggin’s website, “truly” informing people what Shock is and does to people.
    The fact “well-respected” medical “doctors” like David Healy advocate for this “procedure” and administer it to living, breathing human beings given the thousands of stories of injury, despair, ruined lives, and suicide caused by ECT is beyond belief.

  • Great work, as always, Lauren.
    Are you aware of any particular organizations (head/brain injury associations) or groups of professionals (neurologists, brain injury researchers/neuroscientists) who have a position on This and are filing complaints/challenges? Have these groups been approached about this issue and have they responded? What about the AMA? Any word on their stance?
    Again, I am sad to see few people reading this article or posting comments. Perhaps you could add “antipsychotics” or “Pharma” to the title. There is big interest and passion about that… ECT? Not so much…
    Must say I was sickened by the NIHM/Lisanby facebook Q and A- no response to the people who had suffered injuries, but gushing “thank you for your story” to those claiming ECT “saved their lives”. Yuk.
    Surely there must be more than 1300 people opposed to this lunatic procedure?

  • I recently accessed my medical notes to find they were written on pages with an Effexor logo and blurb- just a handy dandy doctor’s note pad.
    My GP, I discovered later through conversations with a number of random people, was a big proponent of prescribing Effexor for “depression”, often situational depression brought on by bereavement or stress or divorce. She then kept patients on the drug for decades or for life. Was this because of “payouts” or bc, once addicted, the horrific withdrawals of her victims meant she had stupidly and ignorantly created patients for life? The crying, brain zaps, anxiety that surfaced with something as simple as a single missed dose had her declaring that the “disease” was “back”, this was a “relapse”, that the patient “needed” effexor, and maybe, the pills should be doubled or tripled.
    And yes, Someone Else, psychiatrists are “quacks” who regularly poison, defame, injure, and kill people for profit and simply bc they are useless, stupid, arrogant, and malevolent. The stories about Luise, Garth Daniels, and the 70 year old shocked to DEATH because she was a “danger to herself” show us the quality of the “help” they provide. Why aren’t these lunatic in prison where they belong?

  • This has court case/litigation written all over it, but it is lucky the “surviving” sibling, housebound,will prove no threat. Guess she better hope “depression” over her sister’s death doesn’t result in the same kind of fabulous “care”.
    There should be a lawyer willing to take this to court on principle, as a human rights violation, as murder…I would donate to see the lunatic psychiatrist tried, stripped of a license and sent to prison where all heartless murderers belong. And if he gets depressed, he should be given ECT…

  • Well, look at all the response to John Read’s “protest” about the 50+ electroshock a given to the patient in Australia- big success with that? Guess he is lucky he has survived that many! Strong heart? Younger? But who knows, maybe the next 50 will be less well “tolerated”…
    Yep, love that ECT is “safe and efficacious”- need to bring this poor woman’s case up for NIHM’s happy facebook time with Sarah Lisanby and ECT…

  • “Sadly”? How about “tragically” or “criminally”?
    Things they “don’t know”? They KNOW it causes brain damage and potential death. What more is there to know?

    So, better to be “electrocuted and brain damaged to death” than to be “pulling out tubes, not eating and a ‘danger’ to oneself”? Insane.
    And the comment “and this was the RIGHT time”? Meaning, what, there is always a right time to kill a patient?

    Elderly vulnerable female with no one t protect her, just the type of victim ECT practitioners love to latch on to. How much did the doctor, hospital, and anaesthetist earn killing her? Too bad they didn’t get the full luxury 10 shock top of the line 70% effective payout before she expired.
    WHY can’t this Frankenstein procedure be banned?

  • Interesting how different people view this. My daughter’s comments focused on stating “he was mentally ill; THAT is why he saw 41 doctors; that is why he NEEDED ‘medication'”. If I comment on the school shooters being on SSRIs or other psychiatric drugs, she gets really irritated: ” yes, they were on the drugs BECAUSE they were ‘nuts/mentally ill’; the drugs had f*** all to do with it; I am so sick of hearing these lame CONSPIRACY theories.”

    I am a loss as to what to say. I try to direct her to the books and scientific research about the dangerous nature of these drugs that cause homicidal and suicidal ideation and she gets even more upset: ” right, so one person in a hundred has a ‘bad reaction’; they list those warnings for that, because they have to; I have 3 friends on SSRIs and their lives are amazing now…”
    So, I have raised my child badly to be an uncritical thinker who connects every shooting with “mentally ill”… or Big Pharma has been very successful with its ‘spin’, advertising, PR…convincing the public these drugs are safe, efficacious, lifesaving…
    For myself, I think 150 people would not have died in that crash if the pilot had not been on these drugs. I am reminded of a previous article that connected multiple plane crashes to pilots on psychiatric drugs…

  • This entire situation is horrifying and heartbreaking.

    Based on the distress and torture of a real living, breathing, not “hypothetical” human being, it strangely doesn’t seem to elicit much outrage or interest in the general readership if one looks at the number of responses and posts. Your last instalment had 10 posts.

    The having a conversation about having a conversation about psychiatry generated 142.
    The NIHM ECT facebook article logged in at 5 responses.
    Why is that? Few people care about the damage this lunatic, barbaric assault inflicts on people? Or the people who are deemed to “need” ECT are easy to dismiss?
    Is this apparent disinterest on the part of the general population the reason ECT continues? Because outrage is limited to the injured and a handful of Anti-ECT proponents?

  • So good old NIHM promoting ECT/brain damage as a compliment to drugging? Well, who is going to debunk the “myths” that ECT is “safe and effective” and is “often the last best hope”??
    It is an electrical lobotomy, a form of torture, a brain disabling, lunatic relic of psychiatry at its worst. “Doctors” like Lisanby and Healy promote this bogus “procedure”, disregarding the science, the research, the thousands of victims.
    Reaching out to find more victims/consumers of brain injury misrepresented as “brain stimulation” and “treatment” by using Facebook??
    How is this allowed to continue in light of the testimonies of all those people decimated and destroyed by ECT?

  • I think you are dreaming if you believe that any significant change will occur.
    Thirty years ago I had my first child and I was an anxious mom who was sleep deprived. Knowing nothing about babies I was worried about the puffiness around her forehead, which was caused by suction. I just needed reassurance, but I ended up seeing my GP who determined I should see a shrink. This lunatic told my family I had postpartum psychosis and proceeded to admit me to a so called “hospital” and poison me with Mellaril, an antipsychotic, not telling anyone, including me what it was. Within two days I was begging to see my baby, telling this monster I thought my baby was fine. He coldly stared at me and said “I think you are lying to me and I am making sure you stay till we ‘cure’ you.” Terrified, deteriorating, missing my beautiful baby, I convinced my family to take me home after 6 days.Drugged, severely traumatized, I went home, stopping the poison cold turkey. I immediately developed panic, new abnormal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, crying, none of which Ihad before drugging.
    I bravely returned to the lunatic who “treated” me, telling him what he had done and stating “I will not die because of your stupidity and malpractice”. He got very angry, started shouting, and threw me out of his office. It took me 3 years to recover, at home, zero poison, away from those scary, incompetent monsters. I had two more children, a joyful existence, a 30 year teaching career.
    Unfortunately a prescription for an antidepressant by my clueless GP for the weight loss, crying , insomnia caused by my husbands affair after 25 years of marriage was the start of a nightmare. Did I need poison for a situational very normal distress/sadness? Same outcome- withdrawal reaction severe- spirals into poly drugging, iatrogenic insanity, my doctor tripling the AD and then “trying” Prozac, which caused akathisia, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, which resulted in the prescription of Zopiclone, and Ativan, and then Depakote, and lithium, and Cipralex, and Zoloft, and mirtazapine and Lamictal, none of which do anything for initial effexor withdrawal symptoms. My family was convinced “something” would work, the “doctors” knew what they were doing. I
    was desperate for the excruciating head pain and madness to stop. I was told ECT was safe and effective, completely lied to. In my drug-deranged state, I signed. I was assaulted with multiple bilaterals and unilaterals, 10 to start and 11 of them 7 months later bc my children thought the giddiness and organic brain syndrome of round 1 were signs I was “better”. I ended up losing 15 years of memory, my career, my skill sets, my ability to form new memories, my ability to think, read, feel love for my family. Left a brain damaged zombie. My complaint to the health region resulted in an “internal” review that concluded that my “standard of care” was “acceptable” and they were “sorry” I was not “satisfied” with the “outcome” of my “treatment”. In my shattered state I tried contacting various agencies, department heads, govt officials to try to educate them as to what damage was being done, supplying scientific research, reports. They basically told me to go away, in the most irritated hostile and angry fashion. They believed the “doctors”. I was suddenly a mental case with no credibility. Their jobs depended on them refusing to see the truth.
    I cannot forgive myself for falling into the clutches of useless, ignorant, uneducated psychopaths after having stayed away from them for 30 years, knowing they were stupid and dangerous. How could I have become that sick, desperate and confused?
    So 40 years after you were injured, these pseudo doctors continue to drug/poison and shock new victims, oblivious to their absolute ignorance about emotional distress. And high profile “doctors” write books glorifying shock and advocating for its use, calling it the penicillin of psychiatry, calling memory loss a “myth”.
    What “progress” has been made when the FDA, given heart wrenching testimony in 2011, is 5 years later, looking again to sneak in a downgrade of shock devices to class II for “treatment resistant depression” (more correctly drug damage) and so called “bipolar” disorder (usually drug induced)??
    Peter Breggin and numerous ethical neurologists have worked so hard to have shock banned, but it still remains. Why? Money? Power?
    An individual posting to the latest Blog on David Healy’s site jokingly posed the question of why should anyone listen to me if I am brain damaged and my frontal lobes are “knackered”?
    So, why should anyone consider the words of Linda Andre, or Leonard Roy Frank, or Sue Clarke- Wittenberg, or Loretta Wilson, or Evelyn Scoggin, or Ted Chabasinski or yourself as “useful”? Why is there this desire to defend ECT as a “viable option”, ignoring the fact it is brain damage as “treatment”?
    Thank-you for all the work you and your husband continue to do on behalf of the current and future potential victims of psychiatry. You are truly a gem.
    Your kindness and compassion and love of peace shine beautifully in contrast to the evils perpetrated by psychiatrists on a daily and ongoing basis. Your desire to make the world a better place for your grandchildren stands in contrast to those who would poison toddlers and teens with amphetamines and anti-psychotics and call this treatment.

  • Pathetic. Evidence of the ignorance and stupidity of these so -called “doctors” with big titles and positions. Dumb and dangerous, clinging to any scrap of bogus interpretation they can to protect their prescription rights, no matter how many people they injure, kill, or drive to suicide. How do they live with themselves? Are they just sociopaths?
    Are they aware they have NOTHING to offer patients that is useful or healing, so they grab for the toxic poisons they call “medications” to pretend they are like real doctors? Yep, poison to insanity and then shock, the next brain damaging “treatment”.,. Not one of them admits “I have no f*** clue what is going on or how to help you”. “All I have is a useless checklist. I don’t see you as a person and I need to label you with some one size fits all “disorder”.”
    These are essentially useless poisons but also mind- destroying, suicide- provoking poisons.
    I continue to be astounded by the absolutely useless and dangerous nature of psychiatrists who will toxic poison toddlers, teens, and any other poor human being that stumbles into their path.
    They need to be send to prison.

  • How sad. Again, inept, ignorant psychiatrists driving someone with an initially treatable drug reaction iatrogenically insane and further abusing him with more toxic poisons and electrical lobotomy. Calling someone “violent” when their “treatments” have created and exacerbated the problems. Wanting to drug and brain injure someone into a lethargic, compliant state so they are easy to handle. F*****lunatics. They are doctors and nurses? No, they are monsters and torturers.
    And, voluntary or involuntary? Do they matter when the “procedure” is lied about and that poor grandma or pregnant girl ends up with the same brain damage as the involuntary guy?
    Shock is torture. Those administering should be stripped of their medical credentials, sent to prison, and injected with neuroleptics and given shock. That might be a tiny bit of justice. The mental death system is peopled by the most ignorant, numb, and deep down mean people who ever breathed air. Why aren’t the nurses reporting the abuses? Because of their pay checks? Pathetic.
    Definitely phone these fools, on speed dial all day long.
    And, another “doctor” deserving of these calls? Not hard to tell who that is…
    It is wonderful that Garths family is fighting against the assaults and abuses that have been destroying their sons chance to have a life….

  • That is rather rude and unfair to the “rats”, isn’t it? I mean, some make reasonable pets and many are useful in research (studies)….

    And, is the “Pharma grants funding” really drying up in response to all the scandals?

    Thank-you for listing the simple, concise facts regarding shock as acquired brain injury. So logical, so obvious to everyone but the deluded or malevolent or simply stupid who continue to practice ECT or advocate for its use.
    WHY aren’t these people ashamed and embarrassed to keep spouting off about the “benefits” of this lunatic “treatment”? Why aren’t they sorry for all the injury, trauma, and damage they have inflicted on people and continue to inflict? They need to be shunned and sent to jail for crimes against humanity.

  • Thank-you for telling your story. It is hard to believe “doctors” can be so inept, dangerous, ignorant, uneducated, arrogant, and useless.
    Am I wrong, or have the “(mal)practitioners” in the “specialty” of psychiatry poisoned, disabled, destroyed, injured, traumatized and killed more people (equal opportunity-toddlers, teens, women, men, autistic, elderly) than any other so-called medical specialty??
    I wish you peace and healing. No one should have suffered the misery you have experienced.

  • Who is high profile enough? Who has enough star power? clout??
    Dr. Oz?? Oh, right, he had that pro-ECT segment “The Shock That Could Save Your Life” (or brain damage, traumatize you, wipe out your memories, end your career and drive you to suicide). Guess that last part made the title a bit bulky… And they ARE planning to run that part in the second show… NOT…

    Who else? Deepak Chopra? Angelina Jolie? One of the Kennedy klan? Dr. Sanjay Gupta?
    If they called 2 friends and they called 2 friends…. If they donated money for ads, TV spots, a media blitz… Or is the media onside with the miracle of ECT lies and misinformation bc of the other “poster people” like Carrie and Kitty?? (Both of whom seem to be having major cognitive and memory issues…)
    With Concussion in the theatres, is the public more aware of head trauma as a dangerous thing?

    Oh, yes, probably 95% of the population has no clue this torture/lunatic “procedure”still is being “administered” to people.
    Is the PR machine working well to keep shock looking like a “safe and effective”
    option, especially with renowned medical centres advertising its “efficacy”? I looked up the Mayo Clinic- ECT alive and well…

  • Interesting. But I would rate the psychic’s claims as more scientifically credible than anything “psychiatry” has ever offered… AND, psychic’s aren’t poisoning and brain damaging people on a regular basis, as psychiatrists do…
    I am deeply saddened by your clear-eyed description of why “real” doctors and the majority of non- ECT administering psychiatrists do not act individually or in groups to see ECT is banned. What happened to integrity, morals, ethics, an inquiring mind? it falls to fear, intimidation, worries about money, career? Well, guess that makes sense. Can’t send your kid to Harvard on minimal income (or buy that big house, cars, toys…).
    So, how do we lobby and involve the rich and famous, the actors/actresses, musicians… Miley Cyrus?
    George Clooney? What would it take to make it a popular cause?? Is there an agency to create a campaign?
    Who has Gates number?
    What about the Donald??

  • Has there been a concerted effort to lobby “real” doctors, specifically neurologists, to form a group that presents research and evidence demanding the banning of electroshock? Has there been a collective group of humanistic psychiatrists who would lend their efforts to a similar petition, assuming numbers have significance. If, as Deirdre says, 85% of shrinks do not use ECT, there must be a pool to draw from, pathetic “profession” that it is, even if Dave and Ned and Max aren’t on board with trying to eliminate brain damage as a “treatment”…How does one go about inspiring either of these groups or others to take action?? Has this been done in the past, does anyone know?
    Is the Head Injury Association aware of the particular form of ABI and does it have a position on this barbaric assault continuing?
    I am assuming that the scientific researchers and reviewers who have published articles on the sickening truth about ECT have petitioned the FDA?

    Does Bill Gates have a few 100 million to donate to helping eradicate a legalized form of torture?
    What strategies might work?

  • Well, didn’t they withdraw those leaky implants? I mean boobs have more value than brains, right?

    Bet Bruce/Cait Jenner and Dorothy Hamill are missing their Vioxx (only 25,000 fatal heart attacks and a 4.5 billion dollar payout- the “cost of doing business”? I think…)…and Sally Field is probably sorry Boniva’s injury record came to light….
    How many ECT injury wins? Two in about 80 years??
    Now that is fabulous for a machine that has killed many, disabled thousands and driven probably hundreds to suicide.

  • Well, hell yeah, they are safe! Just ask David Healy and Ned Shorter. You need to read their book where you will discover that ECT is the “penicillin” of psychiatry and “memory loss” is an “urban myth”.
    I am pretty sure either one could tell you your “memory issues” and “cognitive problems” most certainly are related to your benzo and drug intake and the anesthetic!! Maybe you just have difficulty “teasing this out”??

    Sorry for the sarcasm. I know what you mean. I had a drug reaction, same story, driven iatrogenically insane, lied to, signed my own papers “voluntarily”. Lost 10 years of memory, 30 IQ points, not making new memories, lost my 31 year career, every day fight a desire to die. Loved life, was happy b4 psychiatric “help” and assault/ECT.
    Do not want one more teenager (18 for this latest?), child, or any human being to be assaulted with this barbaric, traumatic torture by the ghouls who practice better mental health through brain damage…f**** idiots….

  • ECT is pretty much never really “voluntary” bc the real risks and dangers are minimized or not addressed, the patient is often too distressed or desperate to be weighing out the options, and after just one head injury their cognition is impaired too much to keep agreeing to continue. They usually blanket sign for a series of 6-12.
    They are told NOT to “make any major decisions” while getting ECT (selling a house? Getting a divorce? Adopting a puppy??) which seems rather stupid if they are obviously making decisions about whether to keep having ECT/TBI!

    Yes, multiple ways to screw up and maim the distressed and hurting…Maintenance ECT, involuntary ECT, ECT for autism, dementia (big irony here), improperly “diagnosed” (not even valid) “bipolar” or “treatment resistant” depression. The money just keeps rolling in…
    If I had needed a hip replacement, I would mentally have been in a position to THINK, to weigh alternatives, to seek a second opinion. Not the case when you are mentally unhinged, drugged, and have 2 doctors agreeing two “adequate””drug trial” failures of antidepressants equals “TRD” which equals ECT is our next suggestion…a ridiculously low standard to enforce. Yes, level II, the “benefits” in this case outweigh the risks? Nope.
    Invariably, people sick enough to be considering ECT are in no shape to be deciding about ECT given the lies/misinformation presented to them. They are often vulnerable older women with no one to advocate on their behalf.
    The FDA, based on the testimonies and evidence presented in 2011, should have BANNED shock. It cannot be “made” safe; it is a crapshoot of whether one experiences minor or major brain injuries. It is like that box of (differently poisoned) chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.
    Obviously the treatment for an injured or “aching” leg is not to smash it with a bat several times, but the “treatment” for a distressed or “hurting” brain/spirit/heart is to electrocute someone, causing brain injury and grand mal seizures?? Where is the common sense?

  • An inspiring story. So awful you were subjected to the terrible “treatments” dangerous and clueless psychiatry had to offer. Wonderful you fought your way to health and healing.

    I have been shattered by ECT resulting in memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, trauma, and loss of self and feelings. I have no hope that my brain can recover. Did you have only a few ECT of the unilateral type that did not cause severe injury? Are you aware of any other ECT survivors who have had a benefit from the types of alternative healing you speak of?

  • Thank-you for all you do, Dr. Breggin. It is unbelievable how a lunatic procedure like shock has not been banned, kicked to the curb with psychiatry’s other cures.
    How anyone calling him/ herself a doctor can advocate for and administer this twisted evil form of torture is beyond me. Shock causes brain damage, decimates cognitive abilities, destroys personality, results in suicide. And all of this is clear to the prominent shock docs who continue to pretend they cannot read and are research retarded.
    The book you wrote in 1979 should have pounded a stake through the black heart of this barbaric human rights violation. WTF is it going to take?
    Really, what will it take?? At 11 comments per 400, I conclude that hardly anyone cares about shock, its past and future victims.
    I see drug damage as reparable in the majority of cases, even when toxic drugs are ingested for decades in some cases. With ECT there is no return to baseline. In two or three weeks, 3 ECT per week, a person can have their lives permanently destroyed. As I asked re Lauren’s article: where is the outrage??
    Why aren’t some high profile
    shrinks voicing their opposition and demanding a ban on shock? Is it just you and Dr. Fisher who are willing to do the right and moral thing?

  • Again, few people are reading this and few people are commenting. Put “antipsychotic” or “Seroquel” or “Pharma” in the title and people are interested. ECT? Not much interest or concern it seems. Where is the outrage? In the 8 people with multiple posts? Is that why this lunatic “treatment” continues?

  • The “strategy”of what was done to you was probably the usual combination of stupidity, ignorance, and possibly greedy, the strategy the majority of “psychiatrists” employ.You were unnecessarily prescribed a dangerous drug that made you ill, and then driven into a worse state with more drugs and then, of course, electrocuted to injure your nervous system even more. And there you and your family were, worried, trusting, with this lunatic assault you were lied to about or had misrepresented.
    Have you found a doctor to do neuro testing and MRI and EEG scans? Have you considered a lawsuit? What reaction did your shrink have to your injuries?
    Are you in Canada?

  • I listened in to several of your Talk With Tenney radio broadcasts. Tears just streamed down my face as I listened to the injured and devastated victims of this barbaric assault. The woman who spoke of being given psych drugs for a clearly situational crisis and spiralling into
    catatonia and then ECT decimating her life. She spoke of never feeling depressed or suicidal until she was shocked. The architect who lost her career, the student with frontal lobe dementia. All compliments of shock. How many victims will it take before this lunatic quack torture device and purported “treatment” goes the way of the regular lobotomy?
    Have the delusional members of the FDA been lobbied heavily by shock docs or the torture device manufacturers?? Are they bought and paid for??
    Given the heart-wrenching testimony from 2011, why was this “device” not completely “banned”??
    A possibility is a total ban? What, exactly, would it take for this to happen? Someone please explain to me what on earth it would take to produce this result? Is brain damaging people with electrical lobotomy banned anywhere in the world?

  • Katie,
    Thanks for the response. I wonder if you can clarify the comment regarding Robert Whitaker, “wrong on both counts”, and “hoodwinked and bullied”?

    I have no desire to “trash” anyone; the “data” gleaned and the remarks of “experts” like Fink spell out that ECT is brain injury/ craniocerebral trauma. That some benefit from minor brain injury, selectively and carefully applied is certainly a mystery. I do not think the “benefit” to the very few is worth the Russian Roulette risk to the many, the majority of which are not ever truly informed. Every consent form I have reviewed takes pains to minimize, hide, misinform, and mislead the patient as to the true risks of shock, presenting it in the most benign light possible. It is PR and false advertising at its best. I think Marilyn Rice stated: “I am not opposed to ECT; I am opposed to lying about ECT.”

    As Olhead said, some people perceive benefit from “self-mutilation” and might speak positively about it, but that doesn’t mean it should be offered up as a “treatment” doctors provide.
    I have attempted to “do” something regarding ECT in my own health region. The “investigation” into the procedure yielded little. I had pointed out the flaws in the consent document, the lack of protocols, the lack of pre- and post-cognitive testing, the failure to keep records and to do followup, etc. The bioethicist in my region recommended that changes be made. Outcome? Nothing. The “psychiatric leadership team” said what they were doing fell within the “guidelines” set out by the Canadian Psychiatric Association. I pursued the issue with someone in the Ministry. He has basically parroted the “safe and effective”, won’t tell “medical specialists” what “treatments” they should deliver or how. So much for attempts to enforce change or protect the vulnerable. People are not willing to risk their jobs or complain or criticize when this “procedure” is used on relatively few “mental patients” who are deemed dispensable.

  • Katie,
    You suggested I listen to the segment with TED Chabasinski on the Dr. Breggin hour he shared on a blog in MIA. I did that; it reinforced my view that ECT is a barbaric travesty that needs to be banned. Both men are abolitionists. Any reference to “reporting and tracking” is framed in the light of the very least that could be done to try to stop this scourge.
    I suggest you watch the video by Breggin on the same blog : “Simple Truth 10: ELectroshock is Brain Trauma”. See what you glean that is not tied to a bigger picture or philosophical debate that wanders into history lessons. Human cost, human suffering.

    Did you actually write: “Pity, because he (Healy) could probably quantify some aspects of ECT- pre and post treatment/*assault*-
    Maybe put some hard science where only MUSH exists—“???
    Seriously? Well, the only part of this that makes any sense is the use of the word *assault*. Yes, DATA is important.
    In 1977, John Friedberg, neurologist wrote in the American Journal of Psychiatry: “Like other insults to the brain, ECT produces EEG abnormalities… The potency of ECT as an amnestic exceeds that of severe closed head injury with coma.” Friedberg reviewed the ECT DATA from 6 states that at the time had mandated reporting of adverse effects of ECT and found “evidence of brain power damage and memory loss.”
    And Max Fink, pro-ECT advocate and researcher stated in 1958: “From the DATA available, it is probable that the biochemical basis of convulsive therapy is similar to that of craniocerebral trauma…the EEG effect of repeated convulsions in the development of…slow brain wave activity, occasionally with spike activity which is similar to that observed in severe brain trauma.”
    In 1966 Fink cited his own research (data) again indicating “there is a relation between clinical improvement and the production of brain damage or an altered state of brain function.” A 1978 article by Fink in the official journal of the Psychopathology Association noted: “The principal complications of ECT are death, brain damage, memory impairment and spontaneous s seizures. The complications are similar to head trauma to which ECT has been compared.” (So, why is THIS not listed on the consent forms? I guess bc then, ethically, doctors could not “administer” it.)
    And 36 years later, Read and Fosse (2013) looked at the data and scientific studies and wrote: “Based on its pattern of brain effects, we suggest ECT can be conceptualized and understood as severe stress or brain trauma.”

    So, how will documenting, reporting, and tracking be of any benefit if the outcomes are denied and the same kind of “spin” is used by pro-ECT docs as is used by people spinning Study 329??
    What kind of insult is it when Healy and Shorter’s book contains the statement:”In informed circles, serious memory loss has seldom been considered real.”??
    For the 0.9 out of 10 people who felt a benefit from ECT (Bentall and Read), we should continue to offer what has been called equal to “craniocerebral trauma” by its proponents as a “healing option”?

  • Of course the problem is that SSRI withdrawal can be way more horrific than a “bit of insomnia” and “loss of appetite”. There can be agitation, anxiety, increased depression, suicidal thoughts…depending on dosage, years on, taper, etc. so this can be very dangerous.
    These drugs are toxic poisons that should not be prescribed in most cases and if they are, for very short periods of time in extreme cases.
    They are dangerous to start taking, to increase or decrease, and to withdraw from. And, on top of that, studies suggest they are only marginally more effective than placebos!
    This is a horrible position to have put women in.

  • “WE are lacking a means to calculate the damage-in human terms from someone, anyone close to the issue, other than psychiatrists themselves.”???
    I am confused. WHY is this HARD when we, the thousands of brain-damaged victims of ECT and their families and loved ones have very clearly outlined and documented what this misguided assault has cost us? Are we not as close to the issue as one can get?? Meaning victims are not viewed as credible if they have drug damage or ECT damage?
    Who is the “rape” expert? The one committing it or “researching it”, or the victims?
    You write “forget ‘scientific evidence of benefits of ECT for a moment”—how about substituting “forget vast, historical, long-term, ongoing, and increasing scientific evidence of irreversible harm and injury caused by ECT”??
    That is the point. The science that is being ignored or spun. Calling “reduced connectivity in the frontal lobes” as a result of ECT a “good thing” rather than evidence of an electrical lobotomy is certainly one way to spin “scientific”results.

    You mention the need for “ACCURATELY documented records” for ECT. Do you just mean type given, numbers, or perceived outcomes? Given that shock docs and nurses were found in studies to record or document “mood improved”, “less complaining”, or “less agitation” when the reality was probably “shock induced euphoria” or “organic brain syndrome”, or “apathy”, due to brain injury, how valid is the documentation? Studies showed deeply conflicting views, with doctors deeming ECT recipients as “better”, when the clients rated themselves as “worse”? What kind of problem is that?
    Yes, some people survived ECT, I would imagine bc of low numbers, spaced “treatments”, low voltage, and brief pulse unilateral type. Others state they felt it helped them or “saved their lives”. Others have been destroyed and have committed suicide, unable to live with their injuries.
    Perhaps the consent form should clearly outline these possible outcomes to potential “consumers”, along with a clear warning that permanent memory loss can cover decades and cognitive dysfunction can also be permanent. Given this information, a patient and her family are in a better position to judge. Oh, but again, there are those problems with desperation and coercion, and malpractice, and the fact that each ECT causes more brain injury and confusion so consent does not really exist beyond #1, whose consent may have been based on lies or misinformation to begin with!
    Barbaric and inhumane, ECT is PART of the scourge of psychiatry, an atrocity whose time should be past.
    Want to restore some “credibility” to academic medicine? Stop pretending “psychiatry” has anything to do with medicine. “Psychiatry is to medicine as astrology is to astronomy.”

  • Putting this above your comment, John.
    I think Dr. Healy has this covered. In one of his blog posts he stated: “I have great respect for both Richard Bentall and John Read. There are a few points to make in regard to their review. It doesn’t take the CORE studies into account. These offer pretty definitive results in support of ECT.”
    And, I guess, these studies headed up by a pro-shock researcher have to be reliable and believable when the studies cited by Bentall and Read aren’t??
    It is like his statement that Bob Whitaker’s book: “Bob’s book is having a huge effect for the good-but it’s not right about ECT. Books can sometimes be helpful when they are wrong.”
    I guess this all means that pretty much everyone is wrong about ECT but Dr. Healy.
    So his book written with Ned Shorter about shock is, apparently, “right” about ECT.
    Dr. Healy is a brilliant doctor and researcher and he writes quirky, engaging articles that are full of valuable information and warnings people need regarding psychiatric drugs and the corruption to be found in Big Pharma and psychiatry itself. I wish his clear-eyed, critical cutting through the lies and misrepresentations to find the truth applied to his approach to ECT.

  • Yes, there are medically valid and necessary procedures and “treatments” that involve risk and potential damage or death. The difference is that ECT is not a necessary or valid “medical” “treatment”. It is a bogus quack “procedure” that numerous neurologists and other clinicians have stated causes “brain damage”, which is never an acceptable risk.
    In a previous post, you spoke of dissuading a DESPERATE patient from having ECT. Most desperate, drugged, uninformed patients have not been that lucky. You also said “I think it is barbaric, inhumane.” Well, I agree with that. Should something “barbaric and inhumane” be used on anyone? Especially when it basically means administering multiple sub-concussive blows to a delicate brain which can destroy ones sense of self and identity. Death is a far less terrible fate than that…
    We learn more each day of the toll that repeated mild sub- concussive hits athletes have experienced take on their brains; is this not easily transferable to assaulting that poor desperate pregnant girl or elderly woman with 12 ECT in a month. Where does common sense and simple logic come into play? When multiple neurologists seeing patients for three decades confirm ECT causes brain damage, what more do we need?

  • What a nightmare. You are lucky you survived. How did you fight your way to wellness? How long did it take for your brain to heal from these assaults?

    I led a great life until I had an abrupt withdrawal reaction to missing an Effexor XR dose (a drug stupidly prescribed by my GP to “treat” the crying, loss of sleep, and loss of appetite that my husbands affair triggered; all “normal” reactions to betrayal and grief;
    I was on the drug 12 years bc not taking it for even one dose meant weeping, anxiety, head zaps… Thought I “needed it” to be “well”…was just addicted).
    Reinstating the drug did nothing, upping it by THREE times re my retarded GPs orders made it worse. Detoxing quickly made it worse…
    And then came psychiatric “help”/intervention…12 poisonous drugs in 8 months… Became suicidal, agitated…no one thinking the illness is related to the toxic drugs, switching, changing, crossing over, withdrawal. I am screeching with terror and head pain and the next intervention for misdiagnosed “treatment resistant depression” is ECT. Lied to and terrified, I sign and end up with 21 ECT that destroy my memory and my cognitive skills. You were fortunate this barbaric electrical lobotomy was not your “next step”.
    I get physically sick every time I see another Dr. David Healy article in MIA on the horrors of psychiatric drugs, knowing this “doctor”, highly esteemed and admired,promotes and advocates on behalf of a barbaric assault that is simply causing brain damage.
    I could have survived the drugs. The brain injuries and trauma of ECT, the loss of self, identity, joy, memories is beyond bearable.
    Psychiatrists, with few exceptions are useless and ignorant and uneducated and dangerous. They are responsible for poisoning children with Ritalin, creating psychosis and “bipolar” with their drugs, killing people they diagnose with “schizophrenia” with poisonous toxins, shocking pregnant women and the elderly. They should be sent to prison, fed antipsychotics, and given ECT every day till they die.
    I commend your efforts to inform and educate the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, but they will continue with business as usual $$, including ECT as a “treatment option that is safe and effective” when all the science shows it is “craniocerebral trauma” causing acquired brain injury. These “people” do not care what they are doing to victims of their misguided, indefensible stupidity. I am sure they feel threatened by the reality of the exposure of their evil deeds. So your “helpful insights” are probably written off as the unscientific ravings of a “mental patient”. As such, you can be ignored.
    So, I have had the discussion with Alex about “healing”. I do not think that is possible after ECT induced brain injury, no matter how determined or “strong” I am or how many good “examples” of survivors I read about. My “self” as I knew it is gone.

  • What about the situation that occurs when a previously mentally well individual with no history of trauma or sickness or disadvantage or “issues” is prescribed a drug like “accutane” or “chantix” or any other toxin and suddenly finds him/herself depressed and suicidal beyond belief?
    The brain has been impacted and even stopping the drug may not be enough to return the person to their pre-morbid state. Then what??
    How will CBT help here?
    Is this “depressive state” considered to be a “real” illness state?

  • Perhaps those handling stress and misfortune with “grace” have not been disadvantaged by poverty or chronic physical ill health or childhood trauma or dysfunctional families or any number of other stressors that tip the balance to the whole body illness that manifests as something called depression.
    Perhaps they haven’t been the recipients of the incompetent care of “doctors” who stupidly prescribed a benzo or z-drug or antidepressant for poorly understood symptoms of fatigue or insomnia or anxiety and had their nervous systems ravaged and a “chemical imbalance” CREATED, leading to full blown depression. In that case their “integrity” and “values” may not be strong enough to fight the inflammation/brain insults, especially if they fall prey to the poly-drugging that will follow as they scramble and panic, trying to get well.

  • Lovely and aching and poetic. Such loss is devastating. So many striking quotations and evocative descriptions. Too bad so many fall in love, but not deep enough to “stay there forever”…
    Love the Dignity list, especially
    “Only ignorant people walk away from greatness…”

  • Amnesia, having read some of your posts and your “Iatrogenic Insanity” piece about the abuse and injury you experienced at the hands of lunatic psychiatry and its drugs and electroshock, I recall you saying you planned to write a book. Is it in the works?
    Has your recovery advanced or do you still struggle with many of the after effects of psychiatric poisoning and shocking?

    Dr. Cornwall, this is a lovely piece you have written. Everyone deserves love and compassion as you have pointed out. It was lucky you did not fully digest the poison pill or allow your flame to be extinguished.

  • Well, Julie, you won the lottery. But hey, maybe ECT is the REASON you are well today and have a great memory!! Anyone suggest this to you?? How many months after ECT before you could think, read, recall, and function?
    How many bilaterals were you the lucky recipient of? And WHY were they “prescribed”?? For your eating disorder??

  • I think you are right about this for a huge number of psychiatrists. Four I have met have been arrogant, insecure, hostile to criticism, defensive, and cold. They seemed like disinterested, unemotional people with an inability to listen and a condescending view of “mental” patients.
    I met one warm, genuine shrink and there are good people like Dr. Steingard (?Sandy from MIA) and Dr. Breggin, (the conscience of psychiatry and long time for of ECT) but they seem to be the exception to the rule.
    I continue to be appalled at Dr. David Healy’s defense of and promotion of ECT in light of ALL the scientific evidence of its devastation of people, their brains, and their lives. His “Poison, Shock, Mutilate” blog article is an eye opener. I particularly liked his comment that Robert Whitaker is “wrong” about ECT. Given Whitaker’s investigative chops and meticulous research skills, I find this hard to swallow. Read the posts if you have time. They are fabulous examples of cognitive dissonance, true believer syndrome, and denial as they relate to ECT.

  • The APA “guidelines” allow for the use of ECT even as a “first line” treatment for severe depression, acute mania, mood disorders with psychotic features, and catatonia, I believe.
    It is suggested for victims/patients who have failed two “adequate” trials (dose adequate and 6 weeks duration) of antidepressants for severe depression. These are pathetically low standards to meet, of course, given the unreliability of a “depression” diagnosis and the fact antidepressants are no better than placebos and largely ineffective. And, they often increase agitation and iatrogenic illness used as a reason to apply ECT!
    Yes, and “other” diagnostic indications are deemed acceptable also. Autistic children, aggressive, agitated Alzheimers patients, pregnant women, people unable to tolerate drugs… Yes, ECT any time for anybody, from teenager to 96 year old… Expand that market… The money is what matters…
    Why aren’t “real” doctors, neurologists in particular, speaking out in droves to have this QUACK torture, mutilation of people’s frontal lobes, BANNED??
    Why are they not having the embarrassing “pseudo” doctors aka psychiatrists banned from doing their Frankenstein cingulotomies and ECT “experiments”?

  • I think it is sad that there were only 5 responses to this article. Does this mean people just do not care about this issue and the people whose lives it destroys?
    Write about Seroquel (and it really is a toxic poison …) and there will be hundreds of indignant posts and stories. But perhaps that is by virtue of the huge numbers of people devastated by the use of psychiatric drugs versus the
    “small” numbers of those permanently injured by ECT. It is something most rational people cannot believe exists.
    If there is to be TRULY informed consent, each patient should be handed Andre’s “Doctors of Deception” to read before signing a “consent” to brain damage/ECT form.
    It is upsetting to see highly esteemed psychiatrists who DO know the truth about ECT mangling people’s brains promoting it and endorsing it as a treatment, completely kicking “first do no harm” to the curb. What fuels this kind of denial and cognitive dissonance in the face of the scientific evidence and the heartbreaking stories of ECT survivors?
    Is the best that can be hoped for is that MST will replace ECT. A psychiatrist I spoke with said his colleagues are increasingly acknowledging the “problems” with cognition and memory that are ravaging recipients of ECT and are looking at MST to be an “alternative”.

    Thank-you for all your hard work, Lauren, including your Talk With Tenney episode on ECT. Disappointing one of the “experts” you invited failed to enter into the debate.
    I look forward to your next article.

  • Vicky’s story is horrifying. So, from 17 drug trials that not only did not help, but probably made her worse to ECT to THREE cingulotomies?? And “Dr.” Lorne said why not a fourth?? And her “mother” agreed?? That poor child. This kind of lunacy and butchery is what psychiatry offers and is allowed to do to living, breathing human beings?
    Vicky was better off washing her hands twenty times a day or obsessing on whatever she was compelled to obsess about. No one thought about using love or kindness or empathy or trauma informed therapy? They just poisoned and electrocuted and butchered her brain and decimated her intellect and sense of self. Yes, standard psychiatric care.
    I need to ask. How did Vicky die?

  • Well, I am confused. I mean, “Ned” Shorter and David Healy’s history of shock suggests it is the “penicillin of psychiatry”.
    Has no one here read shock doc claims about claims of formerly “stuperous” patients cheerfully doing crossword puzzles after this fabulous “treatment”? It is a MIRACLE!! (No mention if they had lost five years of memories or could recall if they had children or had lost skill sets to do their jobs – doctors and nurses apparently aren’t as quick to “see” this as they are the giddy euphoria (of brain injury) and the cheerful crossword fill-ins…)
    Shouldn’t these pregnant vets be provided with an equal opportunity to do crossword puzzles and be plagued with permanent amnesia, permanent cognitive disability, and permanent brain injury?

    So, these poor pregnant women often struggling with PTSD or various emotionally distressing states need to be further traumatized by being assaulted with brain damaging electrocution and its destruction of their identities, intellects, and memories? Brilliant.

    How long can closed head injury concussions (Ect’s/TBI’s/ABI’s) be stupidly and ignorantly put forth as “medical procedures”?? They are QUACK “treatments” far worse than insulin comas and ice baths. They are freaking electrical lobotomies.
    Want to ask an a EXPERT about ECT? Not Max Fink or Ned or Sackheim or any other proponent of ECT. Ask
    Mary Maddock or Linda Andre or Julie Green or Jonathan Cott, or Brenda Schwartzkopf or Wendy Funk or any of the the other EXPERTS who have had this “treatment” about what ECT is and does.
    Is there any “value” in interviewing the old or current “practitioners” of ECT? Nope. They are, I believe, living a delusional lie bolstered by cognitive dissonance.
    So, multiple head injuries in sports figures who go on to develop depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, dementia, CTE, are now being viewed as dangerous, but giving grandma or that poor pregnant woman 6-12 repeated head injuries (ECT) with their lovely grand mal seizures is a “healing” and “therapeutic” “treatment??
    What will it take to eliminate this human rights abuse??

    “Many people are not properly informed of the risks, like my father.”
    Many? Make that “most” or “almost all”. Until the consent form lists the following in giant capital letters, nothing is informed:
    THIS is a PROCEDURE that has NEVER been proven to be safe or effective or better than SHAM ECT. It can INJURE your BRAIN, permanently. Because it is completely unpredictable as to outcomes, you could permanently lose YEARS of your memory, be unable to form or make new memories, lose your skill sets/career, suffer trauma, develop epilepsy, be unable to think, read, recall, be “stupider” than you were before, suffer a change in personality, and traumatized by these deficits, end up suicidal. The injuries to your frontal lobes may destroy your ability to be creative and feel emotions deeply. You will never be the same.

    WHY is this LUNATIC procedure, developed in Facist Italy, embraced by Nazi psychiatrists, STILL being “administered” given all the latest research (and the old research!) as to its destructive nature. Should “doctors” be brain damaging their patients and calling it treatment? That is insanity.

    bpd: “My father’s memory…
    so I have a special hatred for this form of abuse.” Exactly. ABUSE. Not “treatment”.

    It is time to “occupy” ECT “suites”, to chain ourselves to the machines, to be arrested, to protest every day, not internationally for one day the media ignores. Time to hand out pamphlets in every psychiatrist’s office, to buy ads on TV and place them online and in papers, to protect our children, mothers, loved ones from these unconscionable assaults.
    And I say this as the propaganda is churned out and “new and improved ECT” is being hyped and the market sucks in autistic children, seniors with dementia, and anyone else who can be targeted and victimized.

  • Psychiatry IS irrelevant and it SHOULD be extinct. It is not science or medicine or an art. It is a poisonous, bloated toad that has, as critics have noted “killed innocent patients beyond number”. It cannot be reformed or redeemed. It is a cancer. It offers up “poison” (drugs) and “shock” (traumatic brain injury) as “treatment” for those in distress.
    “Psychiatry” is invalid and it can not be “reformed”. It must be “abolished”.

    But how can that be achieved?

  • Ok. So this is the path to prescribing a sleeping pill like zopiclone for that poor kid. And, when that causes problems or agitation or sleepiness, add a benzo or an anti-ostchotic… OR up the Ritalin to “shake off the sleeping pill grogginess”.
    Leave those smart, hyper little kids alone. Let them climb some trees and burn off some energy so they can sleep. Get them out of the mind numbing boring classrooms with teachers who want them drugged and compliant.
    I think any parent agreeing to put their child on “psycho”-stimulants should be charged with child abuse.
    How many more articles in MIA do we need to read showing ADHD is a bogus “diagnosis” made up to profit shrinks who have no skill sets and pharma driven profit plans.
    Am I missing something when I read about those parents who are committed to drugging their children and angry that people just don’t get that their kids have a real “disease” but now, thank god, they focus at school and are “better” and easier to live with at home??
    Am I just ignorant? Is there a reason to poison kids with stimulant drugs applied to their lovely growing brains?

  • Re: “still being forced to undergo the ‘therapy'”. Why is the word “therapy” used instead of “traumatic brain injury” or “closed head injury concussion”?
    So the College of Psychiatrists in Ireland (CPI) did “concede” in 2014 that “ECT can cause amnesia, affecting past memories as well as the ability to form new ones.”?? Really. And imposing these brain injuries creating more deficits in already terrified, sick, distressed people is still considered “treatment”or “therapy”?

    All ECT should be banned; there is no such thing as “informed consent” to ECT. It cannot be “consensual” anymore than agreeing to have someone hit you in the head with a bat should be considered consensual.
    It is a bogus lunatic “quack”
    “treatment” used by faux “doctors” (shrinks) who refuse to admit they have “nothing” in their “toolkit” other than poison and brain injury.
    It is truly unfortunate that this barbaric assault goes on, bolstered by famous “shock docs” (see denial and cognitive dissonance at work) and stories of a very few “celebrity” poster-child “miracle” recoveries claimed by people like Sherwin Nuland. His TED talk, with its lack of balance, information, and warnings, is dangerous and misleading. It should be preceded with or followed by a statement stating his “outcome” is not the usual or majority one, followed by a list of real risks of permanent amnesia and cognitive dysfunction.
    Yes, maybe “Shep” endured or survived ECT or thought it helped him recover. His story should be followed by the hundreds and thousands of stories of those crippled for life who do not have the platform of a TED talk to truly warn and protect people. I want a TED talk on ECT by Mary Maddock, Linda Andre, Jonathan Kott, Wendy Funk, Debra Schwartzkopf, Ted Cyabasinski or Dorothy Dundas played back to back with Nuland’s story.

  • What construct is used to understand the “state” someone spirals into after being carelessly prescribed antidepressants for insomnia
    (caused by a physical problem like a thyroid issue or even a job shift change) or prescribed for “stress urinary incontinence” (like cymbalta trials) or prescribed for hot flashes? These people have indicated no problems, no “issues”, no trauma was part of their lives.
    On the drug, they end up agitated, anxious, suicidal, “depressed”. It has obviously affected their brain? Peter Gotzsche has said, using these drugs “creates” a chemical imbalance, perturbs transmitters, etc.
    So, what is this state considered to be? And, if removing the drug pushes one into a state of “tardive dysphoria” or so-called chronic “treatment resistant” depression, what is to be done? They do not have “issues” to talk therapy out.
    They have been made iatrogenically ill, and now have real “messed up” brain/chemistry/ neurotransmitter short out.
    How does this fit into the scheme of “understanding and treating” so-called depression.
    Even people mildly “depressed” bc of a job loss or a “divorce” are handed antidepressants which hijack and perturb the brain, worsening their state after the job loss or divorce is no longer a concern. This is not a problem in living then.

  • Re: “Long-term use of these psychotropic drugs without nutrients may be one of the reasons we often see a poor response to these drugs; a decline in health in the patient, and reoccuring psychotic, anxiety, or depressive symptoms.”

    How about we SEE this because all of these are toxic poisons (for example, neuroleptics derived from de-worming agents and proven to shrink the brain and cause brain damage like TD)? How about we see that their “effects” include creating/triggering psychosis and akathisia. That’s what they DO.
    So, a partial solution is to mitigate against their harms with some vitamin c, probiotics, fish oil, curcumin and any other possible nutrient rich formula? In the belief this will work to help the toxins “work”?
    How about simply not feeding people poisons that completely dysregulate their neurological and endocrine systems and kill them, destroy their metabolism and their hope or drive them to suicide?
    How to stop “degeneration from psych drugs”? Stop the drugs.
    Re: 15 “complementary therapies” for those who “use” (?) electroconvulsive THERAPY. It is not “therapy”, it is SHOCK; it is repeated traumatic brain injury. It needs to be banned, not propped up with complementary “therapies”.

    The ideas offering real alternatives to the poisoning and electrocuting are worthwhile. The “complementary to” needs some re-thinking.

  • Re: “Long-term use of these psychotropic drugs without nutrients may be one of the reasons we often see a poor response to these drugs; a decline in health in the patient, and reoccuring psychotic, anxiety, or depressive symptoms.”

    How about we SEE this because all of these are toxic poisons (for example, neuroleptics derived from de-worming agents and proven to shrink the brain and cause brain damage like TD)? How about we see that their “effects” include creating/triggering psychosis and akathisia. That’s what they DO.
    So, a partial solution is to mitigate against their harms with some vitamin c, probiotics, fish oil, curcumin and any other possible nutrient rich formula? In the belief this will work to help the toxins “work”?
    How about simply not feeding people poisons that completely dysregulate their neurological and endocrine systems and kill them, destroy their metabolism and their hope or drive them to suicide?
    How to stop “degeneration from psych drugs”? Stop the drugs.
    Re: 15 “complementary therapies” for those who “use” (?) electroconvulsive THERAPY. It is not “therapy”, it is SHOCK; it is traumatic brain injury. It needs to be banned, not propped up with complementary “therapies”.

    The ideas offering real alternatives to the poisoning and electrocuting are worthwhile. The “complementary to” needs some reflection.

  • Re: ” extreme human rights violations, such as forced electroshock….”

    Point: “unforced” electroshock (which invariably involves subtle or not so subtle threats and coercion and misinformation or lies used to induce consent added to a distraught, usually drugged and desperate individual plus increasing incapacitation to protest with each shock) is an extreme human rights violation. Both cause permanent traumatic brain injury. Same outcome. Is the poor pregnant girl or senior being pounded by closed injury head concussions decimating their intelligence and sense of self less a victim of assault than the person being “forced”?

  • Yes, good points about the mental death system. It is bad enough that it is cold, lacking in compassion and empathy, with the bulk its psychiatrists badly educated, and lacking in integrity, humility, decency, or simple respect for others.

    The key word you use, however, is DANGEROUS. As more survivors share their stories, as more pharma scandals break, as more research scandals break, as more SSRI related homicides and suicides make the news, as more adverse short and long term effects including brain damage are proven, as more books are published by people like Whitaker and Moncrieff and Gotzsche, the reality becomes more horrifying. Psychiatry has for decades, since its conception, been causing great harm, sickness, suffering, injury, and death. Its brilliant history of insulin comas, ice baths, and lobotomy is a fairly good measure of its worth. Today it pursues its mission with zeal, prescribing toxic drugs, and electrocution, voting even more ridiculous “disorders” into being.
    Poison smart quirky little kids with Ritalin? No problem. Slow down the autistic with neuroleptics? Check. Cause “iatrogenic insanity” through toxic poisons? Easy. Treat this insanity with brain injury called ECT? Of course. Hospitalize the terrified, put them in restraints, traumatize them more. But of course. We are just ” helping”.
    Psychiatry is an equal opportunity killer, its victims including toddlers like Rebecca Riley ( with the hospital defending her negligent psychiatrist’s care as reasonable or acceptable- which of course means open season on poisoning more little kids), pregnant moms and their fetuses, teens, the elderly. Psychiatrists, masquerading as “real doctors” are, with few exceptions, useless and dangerous, but filling their pockets with money. You are right Alex, it is criminal. So why is Rebecca Riley’s “doctor” not in prison? Why did her employers refuse to condemn her and fire her while offering up messages of sorrow and regret? Why is she still practicing? Does anyone have an answer for a
    Great insight that “abusive people go after those without healthy boundaries, bc they are the most vulnerable”. Sick people are vulnerable and generally have no boundaries. Sick psychiatrists prey on the vulnerable and are rewarded handsomely.

  • Yes, I believe it is possible for some people to recover from the wounds inflicted by trauma and the damage caused by multiple toxic psychiatric drugs, even when they are ingested for 20 years. Kidneys recover, tremors resolve, livers regenerate, mild involuntary movements may lessen to some degree. But not always. The body can compensate. Sometimes, based on the physical or psychological resiliency of the individual, and perhaps a less chronic poisoning, people can work to recover their mental and physical health.
    Realistically, other victims of psychiatry are just permanently disabled or die, without ever achieving the recovery they fought to achieve, no matter what resources and healing they pursued, no matter how much elbow grease they applied. No amount of therapy, peer support, energy healing, nutrients, sunshine, love, etc. “worked”.
    And, even under a prolonged chemical assault one still remains ones self, even if blunted and zombified in a chemical straight jacket. However, as new studies show brain shrinkage and atrophy from long term neuroleptic use, how does that damage “heal”?

    And, when the assault is ECT induced, the brain injury is extensive and profound and permanent, the disability for keeps. The “disconnectivity” between the frontal lobes and the rest of the brain is forever. The person is never the same again. The self is shredded. The person they were is not hiding, waiting to blossom or bounce back. That person is not going to “recover”. The cells are dead, not temporarily stunned. There is no return from this kind of destruction of the self, of personality. Chemical “lobotomies” may be reversible for the most part; the straight jacket removed when the drugs stop bathing the delicate brain. Electrical lobotomies from ECT do not “heal”.
    I read about people struggling with symptoms of withdrawal. I would take the physical symptoms gladly. They seem so much more bearable when compared to the symptoms of profound anxiety, dread, agitation, and any other terrifying manifestation of these.

  • Alex,
    You write: “It is imperative to know all wounds can heal. What undermines healing more than anything is our belief that we cannot heal.”
    I am assuming you are referring to “psychic wounds”, to wounds resulting from abuse or trauma or neglect or rejection or violence?
    There are, however, those who do suffer “permanent damage” and it isn’t just “believing” this damage exists that makes it so.
    This, of course, refers to the permanent wounds and injuries experienced by people who have fallen into the clutches of psychiatry, perhaps after the initial treatment by a clueless GP for insomnia or mild anxiety spirals said formerly “well” person into a state of mania or psychosis or suicidal thinking or severe depression which in turn leads to frantic knee jerk poly pharmacy, more rapid deterioration with labels of “treatment resistant depression” or “severe bipolar” which ends in “treatment” with ECT or neuroleptics. Which results in severe “mental” damage.

    The brain damage that results is often profound and is added to the trauma of a sudden sick role, and often, the discovery or realization one has been poisoned and shocked by lunatics with no idea about healing anything. The people with the brain injuries and the psychiatric disturbances springing from those injuries are not going to “recover” from the Parkinson’s symptoms, dystonias, tardive dyskinesia. The ECT induced amnesia, decimated IQ, personality changes, lost skill sets, epileptic fits, loss of intellect, ability to build new memories or to learn are not “wounds” that can be healed. This has become biological, chemical, physical, and neurological injury.
    The “psychiatric” or “emotional” problems of people resulting from TBI’s of ECT or severe drug damage to the brain are not about “insight”, “spiritual awakening”, “healing one’s heart”. That hyper smart little kid dosed with Ritalin and made “bipolar” is possibly without trauma or issues or in need of “talk therapy”. What is to be done with his young brain whose structure and architecture was profoundly damaged, now that he HAS the injuries or “imbalance” created? What profound good or insight or epiphany or healing springs from these wounds and injuries that have, for many, become permanent?
    What is the solution here? Think positive? Learn to be the best brain injured “patient” with iatrogenically created “mental illness” that you can be? Come to “terms” with never being the person you were? Live your newly created terror-laden, shattered life, in and out of hospitals, with the final acknowledgment that there is no return to self. Accept the loss of your 30 year career, the ignorance of the family that says, but the “doctors” said you “needed” drugs and ECT, bc you got “sick”, accept their anger at you for not “getting better” for all that help?
    Psychiatry is an evil poisonous toad. It causes monstrous harm and its success rate is probably a possible 5%, in patients who were likely not too ill, could withstand drug treatment, or recovered spontaneously while coincidentally seeing one of these “doctors”.
    The reference to interviewing those who “feel” or “say” they were “helped” or “benefitted”? Is this the “spellbinding” Breggin refers to? Would their relatives see this benefit? Could the apathy and numbing they feel be seen as helpful while it robs them of physical health, memories, connections, things they are blind to?

  • Deirdre,
    Thank-you so much for your
    comments. Like you, I find it difficult to understand a man like Healy who has done so much good, so much research, and provided so much support, encouragement, and information to the individuals and their families who lives have been disrupted or destroyed by psychiatric drugs has, at the same time, advocated for the use of ECT when the science and the victim testimonies
    clearly show it is unpredictable, dangerous, and destructive. How long can one pretend not to see the gigantic elephant in the room painted with ECT.=brain damage?
    It is upsetting to see someone reframe brain damage as “memory problems” suggesting it is difficult to “tease out” what damage can be attributed to ECT and what can be attributed to use of benzos, antidepressants, and anti-psychotics. Interesting to note Linda Andre was medication naive when she was given modern, state of the art ECT in a renowned hospital by well respected doctors. As a direct result she lost 40 IQ points, 5 years of her memory, and ended up with cognitive dysfunction which she had NO difficulty connecting to ECT.
    It is interesting to note Healy mentions two outcomes: the many people, including strangers, friends, and relatives who have been “helped” by ECT and those who received “no benefit”.

    Somehow he has eliminated category 3, those brain damaged by ECT suffering permanent amnesia, cognitive dysfunction, loss of skill sets, change in personality, loss of IQ points…etc. Is it possible not one of these people approached him after his “presentation”?? It beggars belief.
    Healy has managed to dismiss the Janis study, the Hartelius study, and the recent MRI reports identifying “changes to the structural architecture of the brain”, ridiculously spun to suggest that “reduced connectivity in the frontal lobes of the brain” is a good thing rather than proof of electrical lobotomy.

    It is wonderful that Healy helped Linda Andre get her book published. Too bad he has chosen to ignore or reject the carefully researched evidence she presents regarding the malignant nature of ECT and its devastating effect on victims.

    I found the following statements found in “The Iatrogenic Handbook” by Dr. R. Morgan to be of particular interest:
    “Shock treatment at its very best, those rare times when carefully fit to proper symptoms, constitutions, constitutions, and administrations, is STILL NOT worth the ultimate RISK to the patient. NO ONE genuinely open to the EVIDENCE could REASONABLY advocate for the continued use of this DESTRUCTIVE historical dead end…Practitioner-induced convulsions should no longer be tolerated in the contemporary treatment of our patients.”

    “It has become increasingly clear that ECT is the psychiatric equivalent of a nuclear pre-emptive strike on the brain..”

    Dr. Friedberg, neurologist, made note of “hemorrhages, large and small causing permanent seizure disorders in some patients” and the MRI and CT scans documenting the “breakdown of the blood brain barrier and cerebral edema -brain swelling” after every shock. (see Weisberg, L. Elliot, and Mielke: “Intracerebral Hemorrhage Following ECT, Nov. 1991. Neurology. Vol. 41.) He states that “assuming free and fully informed consent, it is well to reaffirm the individual’s right to pursue happiness through brain damage (ECT) if he or she chooses. But we might ask ourselves whether we, as doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath , should be offering it.”

    Deirdre, I think your attempt to clarify if cognitive dissonance, true-believer syndrome, or confirmation bias is fascinating. I think all three at at play here to varying degrees. I think your psychoanalytical insights regarding Dr. Healy’s motivation and behavior regarding ECT are quite insightful and interesting.

    I do find it unsettling to read Healy’s comment:”I have talked to many people who are very anti-ECT and when they describe their memory problems, these are much more consistent with antipsychotic or benzo induced problems than with ECT.” Seriously? You wish to reframe their experience, to view it from the lens of “they don’t know what their problem is or what it resulted from”? Research has indicated that patients can clearly tell the difference between ECT generated injury and drug injury or so-called symptoms of depression.
    Mary Maddock, Loretta Wilson, Jonathan Kott, Linda Andre, Evelyn Scoggin, Leonard Ray Frank, Liz Spikol, Peggy Salters, Marilyn Rice, Nancy Rubenstein Del Giudice, “amnesia”, Ted Chanasinski, Wendy Funk….ALL were quite clear about the source of their memory loss and brain injuries.
    Who needs a study? It is fairly evident when a person agrees to “psychiatric treatment”, distressed, but with no complaints of memory loss or intellectual dulling and cognitive dysfunction ONLY develops such “problems” after being assaulted by ECT. This relates to your reference to drug treated patients being ignored or not believed when they report “side effects” to their doctors. Would you tell them they must be mistaken, that their sexual dysfunction or suicidal or homicidal ideations cannot be springing from drug treatment and is “much more consistent” with depression problems or ECT problems?

    Strange that you mention “the MANY people DAMAGED by shock who over the years have worked hard to get a recognition or the hazards written into consent forms” without letting the reality of what you said sink in. Should a treatment that has resulted in MANY damaged people be endorsed for anyone??

    If Dr. Healy is sincere in his efforts to “ensure that people who should not be getting ECT don’t get it”, he should logically work to have it banned since NO ONE “needs” or should be getting ECT/ closed head injury electrical lobotomy as “treatment”.

    I suggest Dr. Healy re-read Doctors of Decception, Brain -Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry, the article by Robertson and Pryor and the article by Bentall and Read, and all the articles by Phil Hickey related to ECT. Perhaps he will have an epiphany.

    If I were an acclaimed and highly-esteemed doctor, researcher, and author, I would find it increasingly embarrassing to stick to my
    obviously indefensible position regarding ECT. My face would be red and I would feel I had severely damaged credibility. It would be so uncomfortable to keep insisting the emperor was wearing clothes in light of the fact, clearly visible to thousands and thousands of other doctors, researchers and patients , that he isn’t.

    It may be a bit of a stretch, but denying ECT causes brain damage, trauma, and disability is on some levels like Bill Cosby denying he assaulted dozens and dozens of women, Bill Clinton claiming he did not have sex with that woman, and the church covering up the claims of children being assaulted by pedophile priests. It strains credulity.

    I SO badly want the obviously charismatic, brilliant, passionate, and witty Dr. Healy to be the “good guy”, the savior, the hero with no feet of clay. After all, he has “heal” as part of his name.

    And, Oldhead? Love the Goebbels/ holocaust comment, but agreed with Deirdre that we need others to see the “ducking, dodging, weaving”…

  • Bonnie, the work you do is so valuable. You “get it”, having listened and read and researched and understood what “ECT” does to its victims in terms of fear, damage, trauma, and the negative impact it has on all relationships and career aspirations. It is a human rights violation, an assault aimed at our mothers, wives, and grandmothers.

    I was appalled to notice that the ONE DAY accreditation (with exam) course for ECT
    developed for psychiatrists, other physicians, and nurses involved in the administration of ECT took place on May 16, 2015, the day of the international protests against ECT. The literature stated that ECT has remained a “crucial part of the psychiatrist’s ‘armamentarium’ in the treatment of major mental illness”. Other statements spoke of the “refinements”in
    “treatment” techniques. And after 8 hours, presto bingo, including an EXAM, the participant is certified ( certifiable seems a better word since anyone promoting and administering this torture should be locked up). It was interesting to note that good old Richard D. Weiner, the same individual pitching ECT to the FDA in 2011, and the same fellow that designed shock machines and worked for Somatics and Mecta, spoke on “ECT Effects and their MANAGEMENT”. I wonder what methods hecsuggested” to “manage” amnesia, cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, blunted emotions, petichial hemorrhages, hematomas, status epilepticus, death , or brain damage. Am I looking at cognitive dissonance here?

    Interesting to note is the following statement about this accreditation : ” However, as a sponsor of the “course”, the Henry Ford Health Centre and the International Society for ECT and Neurostimulation do NOT certify the competency of any individual.” Big shock there…
    I continue to be morally outraged by the promotion of shock by David Healy, Eddie Shorter, and any other “doctor” who chooses to ignore the misery, suffering, and damage this barbaric bogus “medical” procedure
    inflicts on vulnerable individuals already suffering and often drug damaged and “misdiagnosed” with a lifetime “brain disease” by the ghouls who are “treating them”.
    Accreditation to “practice ECT “(aka TBI/ electrical lobotomy) should be granted only to those “doctors” who have undergone 10-12 “therapeutic” and “benign” ECT themselves. See, it’s SAFE! I know this from personal experience.

  • Sandy writes, ” …I worry about alienating peoole who I have come to consider as allies… I find myself holding back on criticisms of people I like or know more than on people who stand in as more distant icons. It is easier to write a sentence critical of Jeffrey Lieberman than of my friends and closer allies.”

    I would like to think I would not be concerned with holding back a criticism of someone I “liked” or “knew” if they were doing something that causes terrible harm. I wonder how many people “liked” or “knew” Hitler and felt disinclined to criticize or alienate him bc they were “friends” or “allies”? Did this silence benefit anyone but Hitler and the Nazis?

    Is “cognitive dissonance” at play when David Healy, who speaks out against Big Pharma and is passionate about informing and educating people of the dangers of psychiatric drugs that can be implicated in suicides, homicides, violence, and physical infirmity, but continues to support and advocate the use of ECT, a human rights violation which is the equivalent of an electrical lobotomy? Is there cognitive dissonance in his willingness to believe and acknowledge the testimonies of victims of psychiatric drugs, pointing out the flaws and corruption of scientific studies and trials which hide or misrepresent the truth, while disparaging or discounting the testimonies of ECT victims and ignoring the scientific research that clearly and definitively shows ECT causes brain damage, in addition to traumatizing and diminishing its victims who are usually older women?

    How is it that this site continues to ignore the multitude of requests to have Healy defend and clarify his position? Is he endangering people who respect his opinions and decide to have ECT on the basis of his claims of safety and efficacy and his contribution to the pro-shock book written by himself and Edward Shorter?
    Should people be tiptoeing around the reality that this individual is in favor of a procedure that is a human rights violation and an instrument of torture? Is this “enabling” behavior which means looking the other way and praising the “good work” he does while ignoring the bad?

    Healy’s name is on a book where Shorter asserts that “ECT is the penicillin of psychiatry ” and “the notion that ECT causes long-term and devastating memory losses in children (and adults) is an ‘urban myth'”.
    Does anyone see how this is a problem?

    I agree with Ted, who states:” I don’t agree with all these intellectual excuses for not holding individual psychiatrists responsible for what he or she does. The fact is these doctors have a moral obligation to know what is happening to their patients, who are undergoing great suffering because of what is being done to them.” He also says “there seems to be no sense of moral outrage among the psychiatrists who write for MIA” and that what should be “urgently talked about in MIA is the “responsibility of psychiatrists to know the difference between right and wrong and to act accordingly.”

    I have seen numerous gifted writers on MIA express moral outrage about the damaging actions of psychiatrists and institutions and their failure to take responsibility and admit the harms they have caused.

  • So, when certain individuals with no previous “mental health history” become acutely suicidal or psychotic or “depressed” after taking Chantix or Accutane or Risperdal when others do not, is this a “genetic predisposition”? This mental disturbance is not related to trauma or social problems. Is the drug an “environmental”
    factor? Do these physiological responses to toxic drugs qualify as “brain diseases” or neurological disturbances?

  • Re: “The outcome from what I’ve read isn’t any better or worse than drugs (Zoloft, etc.) or CBT.” Actually, the outcome, brain damage, and loss of memories and identity in addition to change in personality, trauma, and increased risk of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease is definitely worse than drugs or CBT. Certainly the drugs causing diabetes and tardive dyskinesia and increasing the risk of psychosis, suicidal or homicidal thoughts is criminal, but some of these outcomes can be reversed or avoided with the removal of the offending drugs and proper monitoring of
    patients. Brain damage is forever, no reversal.

    As far as the protests on May 16, I saw zero news coverage by the media. No headlines, no television coverage. Did I miss something?

    As long as shock docs like David Healy advocate for this barbaric human rights violation and give it legitimacy, the carnage will continue.

  • Well, US neurologist Dr. John Friedberg is the author of the book “Shock Treatment is Not Good for Your Brain” and the peer reviewed article in the American Journal of Psychiatry titled “Shock Treatment, Brain Damage, and Memory Loss” has plenty to say about ECT. He stated , “All ECT does is produce brain damage… If you want brain damage it is your prerogative… There is no more effective way than ECT. It’s more effective than a car wreck or getting hit with a blunt instrument.” This neurologist points to MRI and CT scans of
    ECT victims showing “hemorrhages, large and small, which can cause permanent seizure disorders in some people.” Another study documented the breakdown of the blood brain barrier and cerebral edema-brain swelling, after each and every shock.

    Us neurosurgeon, Frank Vertosick equated ECT to “repairing a computer with a chainsaw.”
    Commenting on the extent of brain damage caused by ECT, neurosurgeon Karl H. Pribram said, ” I would rather have a small lobotomy than a series of electroconvulsive shock- I know what the brain looks like after a series of shocks, and it isn’t very pretty to look at.”
    Dr. Breggin states, “There is extensive literature confirming brain damage from ECT . This damage is demonstrated in many large animal studies, human autopsy studies, brain wave studies, and an occasional CT scan.”

    Breggin concludes:” ECT is wholly irrational, unjustifiable ‘treatment'”.

  • You cannot be serious. ECT is the equivalent of an electrical lobotomy. It is assaulting people multiple times, causing organic brain syndrome. Just because the patient isn’t thrashing about and breaking bones does not make shock “new and improved”. It is just less scary to look at for “doctors” and nurses. Higher voltages are used to overcome the “paralysis. The seizure is “restricted to the brain”? As if that is a “good thing”?? Neurologists who are “real” doctors do everything in their power to eliminate seizures in their patients but “psychiatrists” reject all the evidence and stubbornly claim this lunatic bogus “treatment” is a “medical” one.

    If I want to brain damage myself by hitting myself in the head with a bat, fine. But “doctors” should not be able to brain damage individuals and call it “therapy”. There is no benefit that cancels out the likelihood of brain injury. Loss of short and long term memory, changes to personality and loss of cognitive abilities are the effects of ECT. Add trauma, increased risk of stroke, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s.
    Patients are usually sick and desperate and drugged and not truly informed of the brain damage they will experience because the propaganda has promoted the idea that ECT is “safe and effective” when it is really unpredictable and dangerous. After a few shocks the victims lose their ability to think clearly, to demand a halt to the “procedure”.
    Psychiatrists “need” this in their “theraputic armamentarium” which already consists of toxic
    poisons marketed as “medications”? ?Psychiatry needs to be banned as a worthless pseudo science. It continues to expand its market for ECT by promoting it for children and the elderly.
    ECT is a human rights violation, a bogus “treatment” that is primitive and destructive.
    I suggest you go Peter Breggin’s website and read Bonnie Burstow’s article “Problematizing the Problematic” to understand why “informed consent” can not exist regarding ECT.
    Repeat: ECT is the equivalent of a lobotomy.
    We have the stories of the “survivors” who have been harmed: Marilyn Rice, Linda Andre ( who lost 5 years of her memories and 40 IQ points), Peggy Salters ( how did her award of $630,000 make up for the loss of 30 years of memory and her career and brain atrophy), Loretta Wilson, Evelyn Scogin, Jonathan Cott, Wendy Funk ( who could not remember his husband or children), Debra Schwartzkopf, Mary Maddock….. The list goes on
    and on.
    Andre’s book “Doctors of Deception” is something you need to read.

  • @ Katie

    Regarding the statement:
    “And you are right- people, especially children, get wrecked and killed from drugs in ways they do not from ECT.”
    Does this suggest the obviously toxic and dangerous drugs are somehow worse than barbaric ECT?
    Wrecked or killed by either still means decimated or dead.
    Is brain damage caused by ECT preferable to brain shrinkage caused by antipsychotics? Is persistent cognitive dysfunction, change in personality, and loss of skill sets for a career as a result of ECT somehow better than developing diabetes from massive weight gain bc of neuroleptics or gaining a bipolar label after exposure to Ritalin or antidepressants?

    The difference is of course in the numbers of “people or children” affected by toxic psychiatric drugs. And the number of children, including toddlers, being drugged is horrifying.

    But ask most people (adults) assaulted by either treatment and they will pick being drugged to being destroyed by ECT. See Amnesia’s story
    as an example.

  • I would agree that Dr. Breggin’s remarks about Healy’s views regarding Bender’s practices and intensive ECT are false. It is more than unfortunate that they were included in this article which focuses on the atrocity that ECT is.
    I went to the
    “let them eat Prozac” website and found the lame defenses of ECT: the story of the poor girl who would be alive today if she had just had ECT! ( no proof available, strictly conjecture) He also pulls out the: benzos and anti-psychotics taken by these patients could have been responsible for the memory loss, not the ECT. He also casts doubt on what survivors “say” they have forgotten and says the instruments don’t exist to measure these losses. He questions Linda Andre’s loss of IQ points and disability by pointing out that she was able to write a book! So what? Maybe it took her 10 years to do it. Maybe she would have written ten more minus the damage from ECT. He says nothing about the scientific evidence, of the statements made by neurologists about ECT damage patients have experienced. So, people “saying” they have been damaged by psychiatric drugs is good enough; it can be recorded on the RxISK website and accepted as fact. But an ECT survivor’s testimony about cognitive dysfunction and loss of years of memories is open to doubt and scrutiny?
    ECT IS a psychiatric atrocity as Dr. Breggin and Ted and others like Mary Maddock and Loretta Wilson
    and Linda Andre have pointed out. But Healy continues to defend this electrical equivalent of lobotomy disregarding all the research condemning ECT. He does not comment on this research in his defense of this barbaric human rights violation and abuse of the the sick and vulnerable.

  • Healy doesn’t “promote” or “endorse” what is called “intensive” ECT? So what, that makes him heroic? He is a “good guy” who only uses standard shock on the deeply vulnerable and distressed? If he is such a champion of children, he shouldn’t be brain damaging their parents with ECT. He has all this concern and compassion for people harmed by psychiatric drugs, but lives in a state of denial about the more extensive injury caused by a bogus procedure he himself practices. What kind of bizarre state of denial is he living in?
    Why doesn’t he have the courage to explain his position on this horrific assault on unsuspecting victims?

  • David Healy has zero credibility as a doctor since he continues to promote the use of shock ( electrical lobotomy) on people who are suffering and desperate.This state makes them vulnerable enough to agree to ECT, unaware of the REAL risks of this brute force assault on their brains. The reference to the woman who was deeply depressed and “out of her mind” suggests the type of victims shock docs prey upon.
    Healy has all the scientific evidence to prove how devastating shock is, how it damages the brain, castrates memory, and causes severe
    cognitive dysfunction. People can usually detox and taper their psych drugs and become themselves again. There is no return to self after the brain damage caused by ECT. How can anyone claiming to be a doctor who pledges to “first do no harm” assault human beings with electrically induced seizures. I want to know how he can continue to ignore all the scientific evidence of damage and reject the testimonies of shock survivors. It is shameful that people fawn over this man and ignore that he runs an ” ECT service”. People need to protest in front of his hospital/clinic.

  • It is wonderful to see such a well-organized protest against shock. At the same time, I wonder how many more protests will it take? What gains have been made?

    I was distressed to read a Huffington Post article from one week ago making the case for ECT with claims that 23 ECT in a 7 month period had “saved” the writer’s life. I wonder how many depressed
    individuals this article “inspired” or “convinced” to get ECT.
    Is it a reality that a ban will never happen if all these “poster patients” and high profile individuals like Kitty and Carrie are promoting the newer, safer, life saving and efficacious ECT?
    Isn’t 35 years long enough to fight for a cause with no concrete gains?

  • Beautifully written and articulated. This is someone anyone struggling with the tragic aftermath of suicide should be give to read. It inspires hope and reaffirms the power of love and tenacity and life.

    I have so touched by the dignity, courage, and love Robin Williams children have shown in their comments and actions following the tragic loss of their father. Their desire to celebrate his love and genius and to seek to bring joy and happiness into the world shows how beautifully they were loved and nurtured by their parents. And to live out ones sadness in the glare of publicity has been handled by them with such grace. Robins children are obviously his greatest legacy.

    You spoke of your husbands struggle against the “darkness” that overwhelmed him and mention his hospital stays and “medication trials”. Based on everything we read on this site regarding psychiatruc drugs triggering akathisia, more anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, it possible these medications played a significant role in your husband’s decline and death?

    You mention your fathers recovery from a sleeping pill overdose ( assuming psych drug involvement) and his recovery in a talk based drug free program. Is this perhaps a better route for the road to recovery from illness?

  • Lovely. So treating brain damage with more brain damage to create docile, manageable patients who require less time and energy and resources?
    And, we will drug these poor people with toxins that cause agitation and aggression and then use that outcome to justify using ECT??

    So the markets are expanding. Chrys’s article on ECT being advocated for teenagers and this one on the elderly. ECT for everyone, all the time!!

    Why does this evil, barbaric human rights abuse/ assault continue in light of all the research and the books that have been written revealing it for what it is: a violent, traumatic assault causing brain damage? Is there nothing that can stop these ghouls?

  • A truly inspirational story. Puts the lovely mental death system in its usual bad light.
    If you had ED, why were you subjected to shock? How does the brain recover from the state of confusion and near psychosis that shock caused in your case? Is it a matter of luck that your brain rebounded and your memories returned?
    I was driven to the point of iatrogenic “madness” through the prescription of multiple drugs used to treat what I now understand was a withdrawal reaction to an AD. In a state of complete panic and terror, I gave uninformed consent to shock. I was injured 21 times in 7 months. I have lost huge chunks of memory, have cognitive dysfunction. A year and a half has passed and my mind feels so damaged. I am afraid I will never recover any part of my self.

  • How do we interpret the fact that drugs like Cipro, Accutane, interferon, and barbiturates can create or cause serious depression in certain individuals? Is this not a “biochemical disorder”, even if it has been induced by a drug? It may induce the same symptoms that a stress induced or anger based or trauma based depression shows. How, then do we separate the two? One should not be labelled as depression? And, would “psychotherapy” address the drug-induced depression of there were no “issues”, but definitely brain dysfunction or an altered reality?

    Not sure depression can be simply characterized as a “manifestation of personality when too much anger gets directed at the self”? Seems like a rather one size fits all description for the cause of depression?

    I totally agree with your comments about how people are unnecessarily drugged, suffer withdrawal, or iatrogenic worsening of their “condition” culminating in poly drugging or shock. It is a nightmare happening to too many people, including teenagers, who are misdiagnosed or simply needing life style changed or a compassionate individual to listen to them and help them find ways to deal with their altered states or distressing emotions.

    Why has there been so much press lately about using LSD, magic mushrooms, and ketamine?
    Because the “other” toxic mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, benzos, etc. clearly do not work? And, the hallucinatory experience is being touted to “reduce hyper connectivity”, “reduce rumination”, ” treat addictions”. How do we put this ” research” into perspective?

  • Seriously??? It isn’t CLEAR how ” REPEATED blows to the head that lead to neuro degeneration
    ( brain damage, injury?) actually AFFECT people’s behavior”?? Is it THAT difficult to connect brain damage with changes in behavior?? Wow, someone hit this man with a bat multiple times, causing concussions and a profound change in behavior was noted. Gosh, we need to STUDY this to come to some conclusions….
    In light of the reports of dementia, mood instability, rage, homicidal or suicidal behaviors, depression, found in many athletes who suffered repeated head injuries, what kind of uncertainty about what brain injury does??
    MORE studies with LARGER numbers of people are needed to “understand what is happening and why”?? You don’t have to be a researcher to understand this; the village idiot could figure this out, but they can’t??? Perhaps these researchers would have insisted they needed more studies to determine what was happening with lobotomies and why??
    Just like researchers need MORE than the dozens of animal and autopsy studies of ECT damaged brains and the testimonies of thousands of brain damaged victims to figure out what is REALLY causing that brain damage and behavioral deterioration!!

    ECT=closed head injury, traumatic brain injury with the benefit of brain boiling electrical current.
    Its effect=brain injury. “Side effects” = increased risk of epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cardiac damage, retinal detachments…..fabulous…

  • Poisons? No!! You can’t be talking about these wildly popular toxins derived originally from parasite killing deworming pesticides??

    I agree with your comments completely. Not sure how their use can ever be justified, but it appears some people seem to advocate for or see a benefit in “selective, short-term use”.

    I have often wondered if there is a natural, plant-based concoction that has ever been used or proven to treat psychoses? I know there have been references to using niacin and vitamin C and fish oil….

  • Psychiatry is not the place to get help with trauma. Psychiatric hospitals are not places of “healing”.
    Staying out of the “claws” of psychiatry is the wisest thing a person can do.

    It is becoming clearer and clearer that psychiatrists damage, injure, toxic drug poison, and traumatize many many people who are ill or suffering extreme forms of distress. They have little to offer but toxins and coercive “interventions”.

    Your courage and resilience is inspiring. Your sympathy for those being injured and assaulted is clear and your decision to become a “healer” is one that will benefit those you “touch” with kindness and true compassion.

  • This literature review was published in 2010. Impact? Seemingly none.

    I just re-read the chapter about ECT in Dr. Breggin’s book about brain-disabling treatments in psychiatry. It lays out the evidence quite clearly. He has been advocating against this evil for 30 years. Result? Silence. In fact, new markets for “maintenance ECT” being cultivated.

    What will work ? ? People standing outside ECT clinics handing out literature to potential victims?? Mainstream media ads educating the public of the dangers? Dr. Healy, high profile shock doctor doing the ethical and moral thing and reversing his position on ECT and calling for a ban??

    Seriously, is there ANYONE who has an idea? Breggin says public outrage and multiple successful lawsuits… Again, doesn’t seem to be happening…

  • Great. Just one more way to hide what dangerous neurotoxins REALLY are.
    Oh, they might not be “compliant” and stop taking the drug bc of “stigma”??
    What they should be asking is why am I being treated with an antipsychotic when I have anxiety or insomnia. They SHOULD become more anxious, stating, hey, doesn’t that drug cause TD??
    Isn’t that a drug for serious “bipolar” mania or “schizophrenia”???
    No, now they can be mislead and confused by “dopamine this”, “serotonin that”… Yes, your average person will really benefit from that bullshit mumbo jumbo at a time when the “doctors” ( hilarious) have not one clue what these neurotransmitters are doing in the brain.

    Reminds me of the military: let’s call accidentally killing civilians “incontinent ordinance”; let’s call bombing “servicing the target” or “airborne sanitation”… Let’s hide the reality, the ugly with some creative renaming….

    And, really, those names aren’t applicable bc “antidepressants” do not, as Joanna Mincrieff pointed out, since they do not “treat” depression, just as “antipsychotics” don’t “treat” psychosis. Why not just call them “neurotoxins” or “lobotomizing” or “nerve paralysing agents”. THEN ask patients if they would like a prescription.

    Better yet, just label each as “poison”, with a specific number, like poison2,127??


  • No child should ever be medicated with these neurotoxins used to “treat” a “condition” that was voted into existence by “psychiatrists” who are busy pretending they are “real” doctors.

    I taught a young teenager who was put on Ritalin when she was 6 years old. She was simply brilliant, hyper, bored with school, and so, disruptive in the classroom. She should have been outside climbing trees or in a gifted program doing something relevant.

    Now, at the age of 25, this young woman is “bipolar”, on multiple drugs, having to cut classes, change career goals, etc. I have little doubt what propelled her into this brain state.

    Every doctor who prescribes ADHD drugs should be prosecuted for child abuse.
    Absolute lunacy.

  • I am so sorry for your loss of your son. He was a victim of such tragic circumstances. The “help” he received is appalling to read about. To be coerced into a lock down ward, assaulted with neuroleptics, and labelled with an incorrect diagnosis of bipolar disorder by so called mental health experts must have been devastating for a young man.
    This approach and this kind of ignorance seems rampant in the world of psychiatry. It is an awful truth that parents and loved ones only learn the “truth” and become educated after something tragic occurs. It is important to hear your words, to see your efforts to educate and inform others about the dangers that lurk in the form of psychotic reactions to drugs
    young people do not know much about and the dangers that present themselves in the form of misguided “help” or “medical” “treatment”.
    I would venture you were told your son should have “stayed on his psychoactive drugs to “manage” his so-called “illness”?

  • And, is an “intervention” that likely means being incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital, which, from what we have read multiple times, usually adds to the trauma being experienced by the suicidal individual, the “attention” this person needs, coming with its usual serving of fear, shame, stigma, and drug or shock treatments for those expressing total despair?

    I read with disbelief an article by “Dr.” Edward Shorther that went on to state that the much loved, but suicidal Robin Williams would be alive today if he had just gotten some good ole ECT, which would have worked wonders for what Eddie has diagnosed as “melancholic” depression. Eddie bemoans the fact the people treating Robin Williams may have resisted this perfectly fabulous “treatment” ( closed head injury electrical lobotomy) because of his status and celebrity!!
    Stupid is as stupid writes in Eddie’s case….

  • Exactly! Doug, what kind of “attention and resources” are you thInking about in terms of dealing with suicidal patients, particularly those often driven to that state because of the
    “help” they received in the form of neurotoxic drugs or drug cocktails Prescribed by inept, uneducated, indifferent, or even caring, but clueless “doctors” (psychiatrists).

    If I recall, you were driven to a suicidal state because of a reaction to single Effexor dose which triggered unbearable akathisia and had you running about flogging yourself repeating “electric shock for Douglas Bloch”!! But for a bit of luck, this could easily have ended up as a
    reality, one of those “rapidly effective” treatments aimed at “helping” sucidal patients.
    I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for anyone enduring deep emotional suffering, but, I am not sure that you need the ” clinical depression” label or really, if that in any way describes the feelings of grief and loss you are feeling.
    I guess I may be confused, but I often read about people who say they are startled to learn from theit doctor that they are “depressed” or have “clinical depression”. Isn’t this rather crystal clear? If you do not KNOW you are desperate, weeping, hopeless, and therefore
    “clinically depressed”, you probably aren’t. Is feeling REALLY sad or rejected or chronically fatigued or “deeply hurt or rejected or bummed out” a sign of “depression” or a sign of being human?

  • This is an excellent article that addresses an issue that is generating more and more awareness of the harms of psychotropic medications and the indifference, stupidity, ignorance, and carelessness of the GP’s and psychiatrists prescribing them. The fact sufferers are disbelieved and rejected, often by their families is very painful. The fact protracted withdrawal is usually treated with more drugs and toxic interventions is also very frightening.

  • TEN years? And still to ignorant and blind to draft legislation banning this torture for ANYONE at any time?? A “fierce” debate?? Why? People are that stupid and uninformed? The lobby is so strong in favor of ECT?

    I notice this letter from Dawn does not address the issues raised by Dr. Watson. He has laid it out clearly : dangerous, unpredictable, causes brain damage, no safety, no efficacy. But she is babbling away about protections and safeguards?? There is a giant elephant here, Dawn. This procedure is useless, has no scientific validity as Bental and Read pointed out. It ruins people’s lives.
    The “best interests” of everyone, child or adult include not being brain damaged by a bogus “treatment”.

    Is the government and health ministry full of completely stupid, ignorant, uninformed, indifferent, and uneducated individuals??

    Wait!! Maybe they got a letter from Dr. Healy pointing out how great ECT is…

  • This is a heartbreaking story. However, perhaps it would be better to aim at educating and informing rather than forgiving those psychiatrists who ” ignorantly” and “unknowingly” harm poor vulnerable people like your daughter. Time to hand articles from this site by people like Dr. Sandra S. or Dr. Healy to these “doctors” and tell them to educate themselves.

    As a parent, are you not in a position to discuss removal or tapering of the drugs destroying your child.
    How is it possible you have no recourse and there is no place of safety and recovery for your child??

    When I look at the frivolous spending in society, where music stars or movie stars throw $300,000 birthday parties for their 18 month old baby, I am just speechless.
    Donate the money to fund places of recovery for those who are suffering. Is the $3 million dollar price tag for a splashy celebrity wedding not obscene? But I guess there is nothing sexy or appealing about mental illness.
    I just read that James Gandolfini is being hit with a 55% tax on his estimated 70 million dollars worth of assets. After all his chats as Tony with Dr. Melfi, it is too bad in real life that he did not donate $30 million to innovative mental health programs. But, given how much it would take to fix this broken, underfunded service as it exists, I guess that would be a pittance.

  • Researchers want to rethink or revise the clinical trials to “overcome the APPEARANCE of ineffectiveness of antipsychotics”?? How about just stating, hey, these neurotoxic poisons that kill you 25 years earlier and shrink your brain do not work!! You are better to chow down on sugar pills which won’t give you TD or super sensitivity psychosis!!

    But instead, they are going to manipulate the trials to get a positive outcome favoring these drugs??

    Weren’t neuroleptics originally created as pesticides used to kill parasites in pigs? Did I read that somewhere or am I confused??

    All these studies keep surfacing: the drugs do not work; the drugs create the illnesses and symptoms they are supposed to “treat”; the drugs are toxic to brain and body.

    So, why are “doctors” still prescribing poisons? To create perpetual patients whose mental and physical health declines as they “need” more drugs.

  • Your story is heartbreaking. No one should be allowed to do this to another human being.
    When will your book come out?

    Has anything helped you deal with the trauma and disability visited upon you by the lunatics who injured you in the name of “treatment”? These “doctors” should have been prosecuted and sent to prison. A just sentence would have been for them to be forced to take the 35? Drugs they poisoned you with and given the same number of shocks.

    You said Healy knows who you are and you will have the discussion with him about ECT. I would guess he would mutter about how it was done may have been wrong or the time frame extreme or the “monitoring” not in place… Instead of catching on that brain injury as treatment is ludicrous and should be banned.

  • An ambitious plan to cure depression in the workplace? Stop putting psychopaths in charge. The stress and anxiety created by a “bully” given the power to terrorize and intimidate those he is in charge of or has “responsibility” over often contributes to or triggers illnesses like depression. Increasing workloads, increased demands of paperwork, and unhealthy spaces with invasive noise and lighting do nothing to soothe the central nervous system.
    The individual hired as the principal in our school drove several people into states of clinical depression and they left jobs they loved, sick and disabled. Others live under constant stress with heightened anxiety. They have families and bills. They feel trapped. Those who are conscientious or perfectionIsts by nature are the most vulnerable.

  • Comment continued!
    (or burn his) books. I want him to be aware that brain damaging hundreds of thousands of people including teenagers, through ECT is evil and unacceptable and JUST as bad as psych drug poisoning.

    As I have said before, he is a RENOWNED RESEARCHER, he KNOWS the TRUTH. A monkey could figure this out. I hold out no hope for seriously deluded or willfully blind individuals like FInk or Shorter, who seem to have have nothing of value to offer anyone on the planet, but people should expect more from someone held in such high esteem as Healy. I do not understand why he isn’t embarrassed and ashamed of his stance given what he knows…. How does he manage to keep ignoring a human rights abuse/violation/ assault? Not even just ignoring, but promoting it???

    You CAN run and you CAN hide and I guess no one in high places will say too much about that except Peter Breggin. And, many of Breggin’s books stated the same things about the drugs, 25 years ago. And, he was bright enough to advocate for the abolition of the other brain disabling treatment, shock.
    I prefer to read his books and look at the information on his ECT resources website. It should become a “household website”….

  • Amnesia,
    Many people are “healthy volunteers” who do not know what can happen to them even by ingesting a “simple” single drug, be it benzo or antidepressant. It seems that continues today. The GP’s and psychiatrists continue to prescribe and polydrug to the point of iatrogenic insanity.
    You say that was “ten years” ago and that if your doctors had been aware of Healy’s work, the outcome would have been different. They dismissed Breggin’s book and your story of Healy’s study. Do you think handing them Healy’s book would have mattered?? People are still being driven iatrogenically insane.

    The problem here is that yes, you were neurotoxin poisoned to insanity, BUT, with careful tapering, healing interventions, and time, you had a CHANCE of a long but reasonable recovery. However, since Healy approved shock was waiting for you, you were seriously, permanently injured. Were the drugs the reason for the seizures and 20 years of memory loss ?

    So, YES, the drugs wreaked havoc and CREATED the monster problem, but the fallout would have been far less without ECT waiting in the wings….

    I do not want to silence Healy on psych drugs or burn his

  • Jonah,
    You have contributed very thoughtfully and sincerely and I can see why, at this point, you need a break and are at a “loss for words”.

    I am at the point where I have little I wish to say, except:

    Dr. Healy, you have been asked numerous times on a number of blog posts to address the issues surrounding ECT. You have said and written NOTHING.

    What will it take? An online petition? Please come out of hiding and explain why electrical lobotomies/ multiple head injuries should be imposed on the sick and vulnerable. Please explain WHY you are ignoring survivor testimonies and the latest literature reviews and scientific research..

    You have done amazing work regarding the dangers of psychiatric drugs and exposed the lies and misrepresentations of drug companies, revealing the ways in which data is skewed and negative outcomes are spun to have a positive take. Time to address the other brain damage and injury being done; the one that comes with trauma and loss of one’s very self.

    How long would it take to explain WHY all that research is skewed or flawed and WHY the survivors are lying/misrepresenting their injuries?

    Is this too much to ask?

    The elephant is there. You cannot pretend you do not see it.

    Really, is this too much to ask?

  • Jonah,
    You seriously believe that laws can be passed to stop psychiatrists from doing harm, from disabling and causing the deaths of many of the poor people unfortunate enough to engage their services??

    And what kind of “laws” would these be?? Seriously?

    Perhaps: ” It is illegal for psychiatrists to prescribe medications for the “mental illnesses” they have “voted” into existence?”

    ” It is illegal for psychiatrists to prescribe any of the poisonous neurotoxins being touted as “medications to treat mental illnesses” without a videotaped discussion and the signature of a consent form outlining the risks of drug treatment ( suicidal ideation, homicidal thinking, akathisia, depression, hallucinations, tardive dyskinesia, …..) , the risks of withdrawal syndrome and its effects ( big long list as previously plus nausea, brain zaps, insomnia, etc.), the risks of the “illness” becoming chronic, and the acknowledgement that no studies of “long term” treatment have ever been done.

    Note: this proposed consent form by Cohen and Jacobs is found on this MIA site in a post by Copy_Cat.

    I believe the only law that would effectively stop the carnage would be:
    “It is illegal to practice ‘psychiatry’ as a “medical” profession.

    What “weak spot”?? Celebrating 80 years with advocates like Healy? With PR about “new improved unilaterals and ultra brief pulse”? With Dr. Oz’s show “The Shock that May Save Your Life”? With books from Kitty and Carrie and Eddie and Dave?? With many articles with headlines like “the rebirth of shock”?? These all suggest a resurgence and aggressive marketing campaign that is succeeding!!

    SHOCK is a 6 BILLION dollar BUSINESS looking to retain and recruit more “consumers” (usually those driven iatrogenically insane by the 35 BILLION dollar drug industry). The financial rewards for countless doctors and hospitals helps keep the economy going. Do you think they want to give up this income?? There is ZERO incentive for them to do this simply because it is the right and ethical thing to do. They point to the celebrity success stories, the Kitty’s and Carries and their books!! Proof!!

    Who cares about those crazy “mental people”?? They are probably dangerous and NEED that kind of “treatment”? What legislator is going to align himself with this cause?? Do crazy people even Vote??

    As I posted to Bonnie Burstow’s article “Problematizing the Problematic”, what had been accomplished through 40 years of marches, protests, conferences, survivor testimonies, books, dozens of research articles, protests from neurologists and doctors like Peter Breggin?? Nothing of any consequence whatsoever other than a few “stricter” consent forms, not one of which lists “brain damage” as the outcome and the mechanism of action behind “treatment”.
    Only one or two lawsuits have been successful regarding damages from ECT. In FORTY years!!

    So, what might work?? I posted a few thoughts on the article Bonnie wrote. I suggested “stealth terrorism” aimed at the machines in the “hospitals” and the factories producing these brain damaging devices ( avoiding all physical injury or loss of human life)…

    So what COULD work?? Sorry to be so jaded, but, nothing I can think of, even multiple class action lawsuits hitting these slime where they live, in their bank accounts or in the medical license that earns them income by allowing them to maim and injure other human beings. I have asked if there are any lawyers up for this. I received zero responses.

    What might work?? A press conference called by Healy, Shorter, Fink, Lisanby, and any other prominent SHOCK docs stating: “OOPS, we were wrong!! We FINALLY learned how to read! We read the scientific research, we listened to the survivor testimonials.
    We have finally figured it out!! We are SO sorry for your loss!! We F*** U*… But we want to make it right, so we will testify before Congress and get this banned, NOW, before some other poor depressed pregnant girl or grandma is permanently injured!”

    But, I guess they would only figure this out if they agreed to having a few rounds of this “safe and effective” magical “penicillin themselves…

    Want to REALLY make a name for yourself, Dave? Do the moral and ethical thing. Protect the innocent and vulnerable, people like YOUR mom or granny. Recant and demand a ban on this human rights violation/torture/abuse.

  • Sinead,
    Consent? You think a drugged, emotionally ill and desperate individual is in any position to give consent? And, again, given that the REAL risks are NEVER revealed, there is no such thing as “informed consent”. NO ONE should be allowed to consent to something proven to cause brain damage.

    Have you read Bonnie Burstow”s “Problematizing the Problematic” which is on this site? I would love to hear your thoughts on this article.

    Maybe there have been big changes?? Yes, in the PR campaigns. In reducing the discomfort of those administering the assault.

    The celebrity poster children? I would think low low voltage, smaller numbers, stretched out time frames, and LUCK, thicker skulls, or, as in Kitty’s case, (who cannot recall conversations, phone numbers, a trip to Paris) enough brain damage to not know she is brain damaged!

  • Jonah,
    You PRESUME there are ways EVENTUALLY to “legally” regulate or “restrain” lunatic psychiatrists from “doing harm”?? What about the fact these idiots supposedly pledge to “first do no harm”? That means they should not legally be permitted to administer ECT since it has been scientifically proven OVER DECADES TO CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE.
    PRESUME and “EVENTUALLY’?? How about tomorrow, before several hundreds of thousands more victims are brain damaged. Perhaps people needed to compromise with the Nazis and hope that “eventually” they would shut down the gas chambers? One evil resulted in physical death, ECT results in mental death and, often, through the suicides of its recipients, physical death.

    Interesting point about Mr. Whitaker addressing this issue. When will this happen? Eventually? What would be wrong with tomorrow or later this week? OH, can’t rock the boat? Can’t step on toes? Can’t challenge someone “doing so much good work’?

    Robert Whitaker is brilliant. He was nominated for a Pulitzer for “Anatomy of an Epidemic” was he not? This suggests he KNOWS, given his medical-scientific research background, what ECT is and does. Why is he not writing “ECT: Anatomy of Brain Damage”?? And, I guess that book already exists in “Doctors of Deception”, doesn’t it? S

    So, how does one choose to be “selective” in choosing what harms need to be eradicated?

  • Jonah,

    “Compromise is mediocrity. Compromise is cheap.” (Unen Ameji)

    So people are often willing to accept some amount of “collateral damage” will be created as a result of their actions. How much is acceptable when that damage is done to living, breathing human beings?
    So all the “good” Healy does cancels out the “evil” he does by promoting shock, which is a violent assault on largely vulnerable women that destroys their lives and the lives of their families? I guess, since the drugs are so toxic and dangerous, shock shoould be used instead?? At this point in time, as a researcher, he KNOWS the reality of the destructive nature of shock; the science piles up every day. He is aware of the testimonies of Loretta Wilson and Mary Maddock and Linda Andre. Since he writes articles for this site he has read the work of Bonnie Burstow and Phil Hickey and the comments of many victims of shock, but he stands ignorantly firm in his position, promoting shock, which, in my opinion, does more harm than the neurotoxic drugs being prescribed. He is willing to defend this torture and in articles babbles about memory loss and cognitive dysfunction in ECT victims likely being caused by benzos or antipsychotics. That is absolutely outrageous.

    Yes, Robert Whitaker is an amazing man. His books and this site have done nothing but contribute to educating and attempting to protect the innocent and disadvantaged from harm. It is clear he has chosen to do “good”, but unfortunate he is in a position where he must ignore or accept the “evil” to
    achieve his goals.

    And, you say “the majority are quacks” and “MOST psychiatrists are doing more harm than good”?
    Yes, good reason not to abolish it. For the ” ones you can count on one hand”?

    People have integrity or they don’t. They are ethical or they aren’t. Healy is sadly lacking in both areas. I am sick of hearing his example of the miraculously cured catatonic patient. I would like him to write an article on ECT giving us his 2014 update on how brain damage is a “treatment”. But he won’t; he is busy being honored and feted for his work attacking psychiatric drugs. ECT is a rape of the soul and the mind and this stellar “doctor” promotes it.
    That is pathetic.

  • I hate to say it, but fear seems to silence even the kind or well-meaning. Who will do the “ethical” thing if it conflicts with keeping your job? How many nurses who must know the truth tell their patients they are being poisoned or risk brain damage with ECT?? When I tried to warn two female patients (one young, shy, tentative, no esteem; the other older, calm, but told she was bipolar and drug resistant) the REAL risks a nurse got in my face and red-faced started ranting; “How DARE you scare them and tell them their brains will be fried! You aren’t a doctor! You don’t know what’s wrong with them!”
    I am afraid I was less than polite. I replied: ” I can say whatever I like; it is a free world. And, you know what, they aren’t real doctors and they have no clue what is “wrong with” or more likely “what happened to” these women. AND, I don’t either, BUT, I DO know that giving them brain injuries, traumatizing them, and destroying their memory and ability to learn is not a healing modality!! AND, I know you should be educating them and protecting them and advocating for them!” I did not make a friend… I got into more trouble when I told the wife of a man if she knew the little “sleeping meds” they were giving her husband were antipsychotics with serious side effects never approved for insomnia, which was his major problem… Am I to assume the majority of staff want to hide the truth and just keep the doctors happy,?

    On a side note, I am not sure about the films, but thought the following three u tube clips were quite good:

    1. Depression Hurts, Cymbalta Hurts More
    2.Pot versus Abilify
    3. Abilify Kills- ( and yes, Andy Behrman did turn his back on being the company’s spokesperson when they wouldn’t up his pay, so his motives may not be pure, but love the result…)

    I think these clips should be played every second hour on the major tv networks… Along with ECT clips like the one I mentioned above. Could that happen?? Why not?? I want someone to explain why this is not reasonable? Censorship? Mainstream media bias? The fact a 30 second spot on BIG Bang Theory costs $250,000?? Please provide me with an answer of you have one!!

    The documentary idea sounds good. I know just watching Mary Maddock’s video on CEP was so upsetting and instructive. But how many people watch these documentaries. I say mainstream media and ads. Fund-raising should start now…

  • So true. “informed consent” does not exist as it relates to psychiatric “treatment”. Patients and their families are not told the REAL truth about the RISKS versus the potential but largely unproven benefits of the brain disabling and toxic “treatments” these “doctors” ( ha, ha, ha) offer up to distressed individuals. IF they told the TRITH about the neurotoxins and brain injuries they are suggesting as
    treatments, they would have pretty much zero clients.

    So, to generate income and guarantee they can “practice”
    in the field of imaginary medicine, they lie, misrepresent, or just keep silent about the dangers inherent in their “treatments”.

    How many of them say: ” I have NO idea what the problem is! I really do not know what might help. We could try poisoning you with this combination of drugs never tested on anyone in multiples or we could give you several head injuries which could make you stupid and cause you to lose your memory and ability to learn. What
    do you think? Want to try that? You may become suicidal or homicidal or hallucinate or become psychotic or grow a third testicle, but hey, WE could try it….”

    The point needs to be made that desperation and illness negate the idea of consent being “free” and “force” not being an issue. People are subtlely and not so subtlely coerced into making choices because of pressure from family members or mental health “experts”. This means their decisions are often made under circumstances that take away from their autonomy…

    Bottom line: psychiatry needs to be abolished. It is a cancer, a plague on humanity that contributes to countless deaths and un unmitigated suffering.

  • As I have stated previously, it simply seems bizarre that something so evil and destructive continues
    to exist.
    Would it not be a great idea to create television ads that address the truths about ECT with survivor storied attached? The script can be: ” I had ECT. I lost 30 IQ points. I lost 10 years of memories. I lost my sense of self and identity. I have PERMANENT brain damage. Ask your doctor if ECT is right for you or your loved ones.” there have been wickedly cutting u tube videos on seroquel, abilify, and cymbalta. How large an audience do they reach? It is hard to say.

    Has an ad campaign or video commercials ever been used to educate, inform, and warn the public that this human rights abuse exists and continues to injure thousands of poor, vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals, many of them driven iatrogenically insane through toxic polypharmacy??
    How much better would my life be if I had seen an ad of this nature or watched a sitcom break warning me to avoid brain damage voiced by a “survivor”?

    Is the cost of such an educational campaign prohibitive??

    It also amazes me that doctors, nurses, and family members are sometimes on the same page, judging compliance or euphoria as signs the patient is “better”. The irritation they express when the patient starts crying again, in a few days or a few weeks, exhibiting worse symptoms is such a betrayal. Instead of an awareness that ” hey, this made things worse; hey, maybe those were signs of brain injury”, they start insisting “you obviously need MORE! You need another series; you need “maintenance” ( because, of course, they SAW you were BETTER”. And, since you start to question your ability to reason and have brain damage now, you sign up for more. The ultimate betrayal comes from family looking for the quick fix, the magic bullet, the place they can send you to “fix you”. This is when an impartial advocate well versed on iatrogenic drug injury and familiar with organic brain syndrome caused by ECT needs to talk to the family and the patient. But does this happen? Nope. The PR machine has done its work. Obviously this is a “safe and effective” procedure or the doctors wouldn’t be allowed to offer it, right? Well, not so much.,.

  • How sick and pathetic that this human rights abuse, which is really violent aggravated assault on suffering, vulnerable people, primarily women, continues to exist, touted as a “real medical treatment”. The fact that “doctors” like FInk, Shorter, and Healy advocate for it, refer to it as magical, or as profound in usefulness as penicillin. Shorter recently write an op article suggesting Robin Williams would be alive today if he had just been given ECT. I really want to know how these people live in this state of denial regarding the damage this toxic intervention has caused and continues to cause as programs like “The Shock That Could Save Your Life” appear on the Dr. Oz show. A cute little blonde girl posts u tube videos about her positive and transformative experience, drawing in more victims. They say they are encouraged to go ahead with the “procedure”.
    Books by Carrie Fisher, Kitty Dukakis, Carol Kivler, Julie Hersh, and Linea Johnson praise ECT and credit it with “saving their lives”. How do we put this in a context? They won the lottery.? They had very minimal numbers of “treatments”? The “treatments” were the “less invasive” unilaterals? They were spaced out once a week or more so the brain had time to rebound from injury? They have brains that are tougher? And, unfortunately, the TED talk by Sherwin Nuland has him giving ECT credit for “restoring” his sanity and well-being. I was unlucky enough to buy into these “testimonials” and suffered severe damage. I only learned later that I needed to google “ECT and brain damage” or “ECT destroyed my life”, instead of “ECT miracle”.
    Every potential future patient should be given Linda Andre’s book “Doctors of Deception” or Wendy Funk’s book “What Does It Matter”.
    So the assault continues, the damages escalate, even as the science reveals more damage and survivors tell their heart-breaking stories.
    I confess that my injury has led me to send messages to people who post online about being scheduled to get ECT. I point out what can really happen, I warn in strong language, I forward links to “real” information about about the dangers. What happens? I am told to go away, to stop “harassing them”, that they “know” what they are doing, that they know how to make decisions.
    They have read the poster child books and seen the videos praising ECT and they feel safe and secure that they are well informed. It breaks my heart. I WISH someone had warned me, shoved the articles in my face, sent me the links. It did not happen. But severe brain injury did. It is so upsetting to me that I did not find Mad in America and the stories of Loretta Wison and Mary Maddock till after I was harmed.

    Please continue to inform and educate people.

  • Thank-you for the link to the pro-ECT article by David Healy. I had just watched a u tube video of Healy condemning the lies and manipulation of Drug companies that dismiss the stories of victims of drug induced suicides while pointing to the “evidence” of the science that proves their drugs are safe. In his article, he dismisses both the science and the stories of those injured by ECT! They can’t be believed can they? Their “memory loss” and cognitive dysfunction is obviously not related to the electrical damage from shock and it’s grand mal seizures!! Darn it all, they failed to connect it to the benzos or other drugs they were taking. How do you classify this ? Denial or stupidity?? Funny how those patients had zip memory loss or denial the day before the ECT started? What is the explanation for that?? And, interestingly the people who have good things to say about ECT are telling the truth but those who speak of decades of memory loss and the decline in their cognitive abilities must be lying!! Like Linda Andre, who, inconveniently had not been on a toxic brew of drugs before or after ECT. Gee, Dave, she must be just confused or lying, hey?
    And the scientific studies showing pinpoint hemorhages in various autopsy studies of people and animals since the 1950’s? Well that can’t be believed! Failure to find “structural” brain damage?? Like what? A giant hole? So damage to neurons which can’t be shown does not exist?? Wonder what he thinks of the latest studies by Bentall and Reid or the Advances article showing patients receiving ECT need rehabilitation just like victims of traumatic brain injury?
    Oh, and he wants to dismiss the euphoria and disinhibition caused by ECT brain damage as ridiculous?? How many catatonic people has he seen transformed by ECT? Obviously that might be the only indication for its application.

    And most patients “consent”? Really? Based on the kInds of lies and misinformation that tells them that ECT is safe and effective and that it is hard to prove memory loss?? There is no such thing as “informed consent ” because the forms do not list brain damage, loss off IQ points, potential loss of years of memory, trauma, loss of identity… Informed consent is a big fat joke.
    But ECT causes new neuron sprouting; a good thing?? Well, no, being hit with a bat will cause the brain to react in the same way to the injury as to ECT.

    So what do you have to say, Dr. Healy, now in 2014 as the scientific evidence piles up and people like Loretta Wilson and Mary Maddock present their stories in Mad in America??
    Big fat liars too?? Get your head out of the sand and give it a shake. The evidence is there. A village idiot could see it. It exists in the scientific research, the literature reviews, the stories of victims.
    The tiny number of people who felt they benefited from ECT justifies the brain injury it causes in the majority?? Oh, yes, it is hard to PROVE that injury because of all those benzo addled complainers and confused liars maligning this treatment just for spite.
    The absolute ignorance and indifference that allows this human rights violation to continue
    Is beyond belief. It is electrical lobotomy that needs to be banned.
    And there is no PR machine at work promoting ECT?? Not when it rakes in all that money?? Right.

    So, I’d like an update on the good doctor’s view of this procedure 6 years after he wrote the article. Come on, I’d just love to hear more denial and obfuscation…No, you don’t have memory loss from ECT! The benzos made you forget you took benzos which gave you memory loss which did not appear till after you had ECT. The ECT just “unmasked” it, sort of like antidepressants “unmasked” that nasty bipolar rather than causing it!!
    And there is good old Eddie Shorter proclaiming Robin Williams would have been saved if he had just been given some ECT! Really? Who knew some brain injury would have been just the ticket!

  • I am almost struck dumb with amazement at what I am reading in some of these posts.
    Yes, psychiatry is dangerous. Yes, trauma underpins many mental illnesses and thought disorders. Yes, alternative and complementary therapies are more successful than ANY form of psychiatric “treatment”.
    However, to say you have “witnessed” so-called “improvements” in people “requesting” ECT and have had “no exposure to any sort of coercive/enforced ECT” stuns me. Perhaps you need to read Bonnie Burstow’s article on “Problematizing the Problematic” which discusses why “consent” to ECT is not possible, ever. Since the “real” risks do not appear on the “informed” consent ( brain damage, reduced IQ, emotional blunting, severe emotional trauma, inability to learn new info, loss of years of memories, obliteration of a sense of self, identity) no one can truly consent.
    How many clueless doctors and nurses mistake giddiness and euphoria (signs of brain damage) as “improvements”?? How many look at the vacant, stunned victim of this assault who seems to be crying less, bitching and complaining less, and think:” hm, his frontal lobes are so damaged he cannot articulate what is distressing him or the brain injury has made him momentarily “forget”‘?? Lots of insight there. AND the addled patient won’t really become aware of the losses, gaps, deficits, till a few weeks later at home, as brain damage marginally heals.
    So, kudos to Healy for being the hero exposing the dangers of psychiatric drugs and taking to task those who would injure and harm the weak and vulnerable??
    Hypocrite. I have read his promotions of ECT, have watched video of him placing blame on the “drugs” causing ECT damage and memory loss. Defensive of his baby, his “penicillin”. The scientific journal articles and survivor testimonies pile up, but he is sticking his fingers in his ears, lending credibility to a bogus “medical treatment” that is, in my opinion, at least as if not more dangerous and damaging than neurotoxic drug “treatment”.
    So, he doesn’t deserve to be “vilified” ? So he can “support” brain damaging ECT (usually practiced on vulnerable women, young and old) AS LONG as he doesn’t
    PROMOTE “forced” ECT??? Seriously?? So, this man, who has clout, high visibility, and the admiration of many uncritical individuals, is, through his statements encouraging and perpetuating the myth of ECT as useful and as such influencing the decision-making of sick people and their families seeking “cures”. And that is acceptable? So, I guess it follows that you would not vilify him for “supporting” lobotomies that cause brain damage AS LONG as he wasn’t promoting “forced” lobotomies. It would be fine for him to support “baseball bats to the head” as long as they weren’t “forced” and the patient had signed up for them?

    All the exhaustive work Healy has done in revealing the dangers of psychiatric drugs and practices is negated by his deafening silence regarding the damage inflicted by ECT, and his trumpeting of this human rights abuse/assault as a “treatment”. This means he has zero credibility as a doctor, a researcher, and a human being as far as I am concerned.

    Yes, I am that harsh. If you refuse to do the right and moral thing, you are lacking in morality and decency and contributing to the destruction of the lives of the vulnerable and innocent. He is driving the train and he KNOWS it is going to Auschwitz/ brain damage central.

  • Thank-you for your response. Unfortunately, I was completely unfamiliar with psychiatry and the dangers of psych drugs because I thought of the antidepressant my GP prescribed as a harmless antibiotic. I was willing to ignore loss of libido, sweating, high blood pressure, weight gain, and fatigue as trade offs in staying “mentally well”. I was able to work like mad
    under huge stress and stay upbeat and normal. One little prescription, no other drugs, no alcohol.

    Not until I had already fallen into the worst the mental “death” profession had to offer after I woke up sick one morning, did I stumble across the writings of Robert Whitaker, Breggin, Moncrieff, Healy, Matt Samet, Laura Delano, and yourself. I have been astounded by the courage and resilience shown by yourself, Matt, and Laura. If I had been aware, I could have avoided the neurotoxins and electrical injury the “doctors” offered as “treatments” for my mysterious sudden illness. It enrages me to think of the lives the lunatics peddling these brain disabling “treatments” have destroyed. I was told nothing about side effects, paradoxical reactions, and never given the real information I needed to make sound decisions. But then, who, desperate, and drugged, and vulnerable can decide anything. I had no informed advocates, just my loved ones, who trusted in the “medical model”.

    I have read accounts from beyondmeds and surviving antidepressants which are inspiring. I read the story of Effexor madness and other accounts, but fear my damage is so bizarre and extensive now (bc most of the other survivors have not been damaged by ECT) that I have no way back to regular living. I am starting to wonder if my symptoms just coincidentally appeared the day after I missed Effexor. My symptoms just seem too bizarre and prolonged to be “withdrawal”. As I said, other than monster head throbbing and pulling, I have not one physical symptom. Does that mean it isn’t withdrawal?
    I have been horrified reading Dr. Shipko’s descriptions of SSRI damaged individuals never recovering, ever, living lives of unmitigated suffering that end in suicide. This terrifies me.
    I lived an amazing life, mundane in its ordinary nature, but full of love, laughter, shoes, shopping, and lots of cats! Now I am emotionally sick and do not see any chance for a return to baseline bc of the injuries I incurred listening to “professionals”. Did I ever think my life would unfold like this? No.

    I admire the work you have done and the support you offer to those who are suffering. You are an inspiration, and, beautiful as you were pre-drugs in the photo you posted, you are truly gorgeous now, in spirit and in person. The story of your struggles, your tenacity in educating yourself, and your rebirth from being bedridden to engaged in your world is awe-inspiring.

  • Seeing psychiatrists a bad idea. Lived drug free to age 42. GP put me on Effexor after a situational depression. Was fine in 2 weeks. Dr. Kept me on med for 12 years. Missing dose by 5-6 hours meant crying, headache. Did not know this was withdrawal. Thought I “needed” the drug like insulin.
    Three years ago missed drug by 26 hrs.,woke to crazy: fear, violent pulling, throbbing head pain, dread, panic, dissociation, crying, loss of “regular” thoughts… Reinstating immediately and upping drug over 3 months from 3 pills to 8 did nothing, but cause more agitation, illness.
    Tried a 7 week detox and no improvement. All through little 3-8 hour windows of “more bearable”, but never stayed. clue what “it” is. Labels unipolar, bipolar, derealization, mixed episode.
    Over 7 months thrown on cocktails of Prozac, Remeron, Zopiclone, Ativan, Depakote, Lithium Cipralex., lamictal, zoloft. Only 3-5 days between Drugs. Become more agitated, unhinged, suicidal. Head pain excruciating. Called treatment resistant, unbelievably agree to ECT, two rounds. Destroys memory, worsens condition, creates trauma. Detox off meds, stay mentally unhinged. Try pristiq, klonopin, an MAOI, reinstating effexor. Nothing helps. Not micro doses, not slow taper or reinstating. Feel terror, panic, head pain, weirdness…cannot function at all. Not one physical problem: no nausea, weakness, muscle pain, fatigue… Zip! I would prefer physical pain, vertigo, fibro, anything vs this mental torment and agitation. Every DR. Fired me. They have no idea what to do. They neurotoxic poisoned me and electric head injury damaged me; major iatrogenic decline.
    I lead 50 completely normal years. Now I do not know how to regain my life, one that was vibrant and amazing. I tried reiki, acupuncture, multi vitamins, talk therapy… Nothing changes. The original windows of 3-7 hours of “bearable but not normal” disappeared after ECT.
    No one knows what is wrong with me or what to do “now”. I do not know either. My brain rewired on stress and Effexor withdrawal and I do not know what to do.
    The “professionals” now have no labels left and nothing to offer.
    I do not know how to live with emotional weirdness and terror.
    I should have stayed away from”help” which injured me more with no warnings about side effects or negative outcomes. But, were do I turn now??

  • Yes, there is evil out there. The kind of evil and indifference and denial and outright lying that results in poor, vulnerable individuals being poisoned with neurotoxic drugs including antipsychotics, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers in the name of treatment after they have been labelled as mentally ill. If they withdraw from these poisons they can often reclaim their lives.

    However, when someone is permanently brain damaged by virtue of being given ECT, the possibility of returning to self or normal functioning is completely gone. I would like to know why Dr. Healy isn’t rabidly advocating a ban on this assault/torture at the same time he is so concerned about the damage caused by psychiatric drugs.

  • “Conventional” mental health purporting to present a “medical” model of “care” is one gigantic failure. It has destroyed the lives of countless individuals. The mental “death” “professionals” providing these “services” are out of touch with the concept of humanistic care and healing. ANY alternative would be an improvement! Kudos to anyone with a medical background that is aware that what has been done is largely useless, traumatizing, or injurious.

  • I agree with you completely. Perhaps it would be easier to forgive that psychiatrist who brain damaged a person with 20 or 30 ECT if the psychiatrist apologizes and then agreed to having the same number of treatments him/herself just to show real remorse and a desire to truly empathize with the patient. Same goes for the toxic drugging; I will forgive you once you eat 4 or 5 years worth of a cocktail of benzos, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics. Once you get tardive dyskinesia, diabetes, develop panic, anxiety, SI, and go through withdrawal, I will be in a better place to forgive. Why or how do you forgive a psychopath/psychiatrist who continues to injure and kill people every day because of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, disregard. Should we forgive the child rapist because he is simply a flawed human being? Perhaps some things are not forgiveable?

  • As I stated, after considering all the time and energy expended on a variety of approaches that have failed to end this human rights issue involving abuse and documented permanent injury and disability, it is essential that another approach or approaches be implemented. Are there passionate lawyers willing to work pro bono for a righteous cause? The only way to stop the ghouls administering this procedure and the hospitals providing it and the governments sanctioning it, is to launch a flurry of lawsuits on behalf of the injured and walking wounded. Peter Breggin’s testimony was central to Peggy Salters’ award of $600000+ for the damages she incurred as a result of ECT. And, yes, that was in the United States, where lawsuits are more common, but it is not to late to begin. So, we have the experts quite willing and able to testify, lawyers whose fees could be covered by fundraising or donations from people injured by this “modality” or human rights advocates with cash or access to wealthy individuals looking for a cause who are appalled and indignant at the egregious harm that continues to be done under the guise of a medical “procedure”. Tie up the courts, launch multiple suits against doctors, hospitals, and the governments of every province in this country. Make taxpayers aware that they are paying for brain damaging procedures sanctioned by their government which is failing to protect its citizens. Let newspapers publicize the survivor testimonies and bring the latest scientific research to the public, in the process inspiring revulsion and absolute indignation that those who pledge to “first do no harm” are injuring thousands of unsuspecting victims under cover of lies and disinformation.
    Any lawyers out there with an insight on how well this might actually work?

  • A cerebral and beautifully written article.
    I simply cannot comprehend how, after 50 years of anecdotal and scientific evidence revealing that this barbaric “procedure” is brain disabling closed head injury that destroys lives and families, it is allowed to continue. We know athletes are concerned about TBI’s resulting from multiple head concussions causing brain damage, resulting in memory loss, rage, anxiety, depression, and dementia, but “doctors” will administer 3 head injuries a week for a month and not question the damage they are inflicting?? If 50 years of protests, marches, conferences, survivor testimonies, hundreds of scientific and academic papers, protests from neurologists, and individuals like Peter Breggin have accomplished nothing, what is the point?? The public relations propaganda, the rebranding of the “kinder, gentler, safer” ECT continue to draw in victims. If a few dozen women are injured by “vaginal mesh bladder implants”, the product is banned, the procedure halted. The same is true of other consumer products that cause injury. Why not ECT??
    Would multiple rounds of lawsuits keeping hospitals tied up in litigation work?? Probably not, since the injured victims rarely have the finances or the focus to pursue this avenue of recourse. They additionally suffer from trauma that would be exacerbated by reliving their experience in court. If there has been a recent ruling of about 29 billion dollars in favor of a man who died from lung cancer because the cigarette companies were culpable, why cannot multiple lawsuits be launched on behalf of the victims of electrical lobotomy??
    The only other option seems to be stealth terrorism that seeks to destroy or disable the machines themselves and the factories that produce them, while avoiding injury to anyone. Now here is a job for Jack from 24, minus the guns and violence.