Friday, October 22, 2021

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  • For the past 38 years parent volunteers have been successfully helping families of children with what is currently being called “ADHD.” We first learned how to help our own families and then joined with other parents to help new families…adults as well as children. Our program shows people how determine of certain synthetic food additives are triggering the unwanted symptoms. See

    Many professionals do not seem to understand that the stomach and the brain are both part of the same body, and when a normal human ingests a steady diet of petroleum-based food additives, the brain is bound to be affected.

    Unlike many newer approaches to a diet for behavior and learning problems, the Feingold diet is fairly simple, not expensive and has a very high rate of success provided that the person has accurate information. Information on what is actually in foods is becoming harder and harder to find, as the industries and the FDA ignore both the letter and spirit of the laws, and that is why the Feingold Associaiton conducts in-depth research on brand name foods to identify the ones that are really free of the harmful additives.

    It wasn’t so long ago that children ate real food — not neon-colored fake factory foods. And that was when hyperactivity was a footnote in medical textbooks and the thought of drugging little children was too bizarre to even consider.