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    The seroquel XR (extended release) pills have layers so please don’t try to titrate them using “at-home” techniques since its EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

    Find a good orthomolecular doctor who actually cares about you, read Abram Hoffer (sadly its very hard to even read for many on this toxic medication), and hug yourself 🙂
    I find this useful:

  • Hi Nancy,

    Do you have any tips for how to maybe prevent photosensitivity while withdrawing from Seroquel? I know of someone who is experiencing eye pain and, even though they don’t seem to care much, it really concerns me.

    I know that the Seroquel XR tablets cannot be cut or crushed since this destroys the extended release formulation (the tablets are layered like russian dolls). So you need to first switch over to the immediate release and, to be on the safe side, taper by 10% very slowly depending on how you feel.

  • That is called akathisia and is always due to a drug side effect. There is something that is called tardive akathisia which develops after prolonged use of the drug and can be permanent even when the drug is discontinued. Scary stuff, this is a damning statement of modern psychiatry.

  • Hey, thanks for the response.

    There are almost no orthomolecular MDs, and if you do find one then be very skeptical; I know of only one but they retired their medical license. I am under the care of a naturopathic doctor (holds a 4-year ND degree) who specializes in the orthomolecular treatment of mental illness. The drug tapering was not MD supervised since I don’t know of any MD that would recommend this given my past schizophrenia. Usually what happens is after your ND sees major improvements they call or write to your prescribing MD to request tapering, but this correspondence is seldom fruitful. When looking for an orthomolecular doctor keep in mind that even naturopathic doctors are totally ignorant of Dr. Abram Hoffer’s use of niacin and vitamin C, but a good starting list is Be sure that at least they hold an ND degree and have several years of experience.

    I don’t want to comment on the exact cost since, in my opinion, you can’t put a cost on health. Think about it this way: the amount of money lost due to unemployment compared to the relatively little amount needed to recover and work full-time. In the US my health insurance was able to pay about 60% of the laboratory tests. Also I wasn’t on any other drugs when withdrawing.

    One complication that can happen during withdrawal is tardive dyskinesia, so I took 30mg of chelated manganese (divided in three doses) to prevent this. See for further details on the use of manganese to not only prevent TD but possibly reverse it. I also used a potent extract of ginkgo biloba.

    I really do not recommend anyone try to treat themselves without the guidance of an orthomolecular doctor. For example, if you take megadoses of just Niacin and vitamin C without any other supplements you can increase your homocysteine to dangerous levels (there is no definitive proof on this due to lack of studies).

  • Hi everyone, I’d like to share my experience with this medication and my eventual recovery in hopes of maybe helping at least one individual needlessly suffering from this brain-disabling toxin:

    I’ve taken Seroquel XR 100mg for 6 years to treat paranoid schizophrenia (with multiple horrific relapses), but have now been off for a year and a half. My life drastically changed when I happened to pick up a book by Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD where he achieved amazing cure rates by utilizing very large doses of Niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C. Over a period of a month I titrated up to a dose of 7500mg Niacin and 3000mg vitamin C and after 6 months got off Seroquel by titrating it 100->50->25->12.5 over a two month period. Initially I thought I was fine except it took me rather long to fall asleep. As the months went by the sleep latency increased to the point that I couldn’t fall asleep until about 6am, but even then I was still able to get about 5 hours of sleep. Then after about 6 months being off Seroquel my insomnia got so bad that I routinely went two nights without sleep and I was lucky if I slept just 3 hours. What finally resolved the insomnia was going dairy and gluten free, reducing my homocysteine levels by taking vitamin B12 + folic acid + betaine, and reducing bedtime cortisol with holy basil. I found it remarkable how a simple herb (holy basil) was able to knock me out within a few hours after taking it for the very first time and now consider it a life saver.

    I am now considered recovered, enjoying life like I’ve never enjoyed it before, working full-time, and actually have a social life. I cannot recommend it enough for the reader to read up on orthomolecular medicine, but you need to go to the actual literature (in my experience google is useless when researching this): Some fallacies floating around are that Niacin causes liver damage, which is only partially true: only the extended-release form has been shown to do this. Also try to find a qualified orthomolecular doctor since its impossible that you can read all the literature.

    My current individualized supplement protocol (by an orthomolecular physician):
    7500mg Niacin (as nicotinic acid), 3000mg vitamin C, 10mg sublingual methylcobalamin/B12, 1mg folic acid, 1500mg Betaine/TMG, 15mg zinc, 2mg copper, 2000mg EPA + 600mg DHA fish oil, 8000IU vitamin D, 1500mg Holy Basil (10:1 leaf extract), 480mg magnesium glycinate, 550mg calcium hydroxyapatite, 6 potent multi vitamins.
    Warning: this is highly individualized based on many blood tests and actually may harm you.

    For those who think I didn’t have schizophrenia all along, think about this: I had 2 major relapses with auditory hallucinations (voices), severe delusions thinking I was an alien put on this planet to “rescue” humanity, severe paranoia of the “illuminati that controls the world and wants to kill me”, etc… Between those 2 major relapses were several (about 6) smaller ones which included severe delusions but without auditory hallucinations. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by about 8 different psychiatrists on separate occasions, including one that was court ordered.