Thursday, June 17, 2021

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  • I would like some clarification on your statement: “For every legitimate “abuser” you can document in a doctor’s office, I will be able to show you dozens masquerading as politicians, as business leaders, and “pillars” of the community at their home owner meetings/country clubs/PTA meetings.” To resummarize, for any one “presumably guilty” abuser who is a doctor, there are dozens in the community…. Why would you assume that doctors have any less percentage of abuse that any other area such as politicians, business leaders, “pillars” of the community? That in itself is a biased statement impuning innocence a person just because an individual became a doctor. The key is that abusers seek sources of power in order to be abusive while limiting repercussions. But I do not see why the entire article has to be trashed over one statement that was made that may be an oversimplification.

    From what I gathered from the article, the intent of the author was to warn the public to be aware of the potential of abuse specifically in regards to the influence of the Munchausen diagnosis, thus the title. I don’t feel that the one oversimplification has negated the entire article.

    There is a systemic problem in the medical/psychiatric establishment. Many medical personnel have been greatly influenced by the popularity/misknowledge of Munchausen/ Munchausen by proxy diagnosis and all the wrong beliefs that are conveyed with it: that a great number of people are able to cause severe bodily symptoms to themselves due to improper thinking or somehow cause them in another individual. These conditions are extremely rare, but the actions by the med/psych establishment any many countries are spreading the wrong belief system that this is actually a common occurrence. This has catastrophic effects to the healthcare of patients. I have known many individuals who were misdiagnosed of varying physical diseases that have resulted from a doctor writing off a patient as somehow depressed/ or mentally unstable to have caused the symptoms because they could not identify the cause/were unwilling or unable to spend the time to investigate/order proper tests/etc. Now in that regards, it is not only incompetency of the doctor but the entire system itself that is putting emphasis on psychosomatic, bodily distress disorders on a daily basis. It is a systemic abuse that certain doctors can disregard are fully embrace, but the final decision comes down to the doctor of the patient.

    What is your opinion on this phenomena…? I personally am not anti-doc, anti-psych. But I will not turn a blind eye to a prevalent problem that is embedded in medicine, and deny that it exists. Are you denying this problem exists?