Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • Tesla: “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” –

    As a First Nation Ojibway man i can see that most non-native people place so much value in white coats, black robes and fancy suits – we do not, and neither did this man: i think his quote perfectly describes the field of psychiatry. ..”the street level drug dealers for big pharma”

    Having fought through the pedophile parade that was the residential school system in canada, and then dealing with three different ‘doctors of mental health’, i think i am in a position to comment. I care not if i offend your sensibilities because these inane freaks are coming for our kids…again

    As a First nations member i have seen first hand when these white robes and black robes work together to protect the status quo – it is we the people who suffer. Remember all those tests done on children at that hospital/church in Montreal, ALL sanctioned and performed by these insane ‘white coats’ and when they were done they would pass these kids on to the black robes so they could have their way with them, with no resistance.

    How many times have these ‘doctors and scientists’ been found conducting illegal tests on human beings, after the fact. Not This Time. And so, these pedophile “wanna be’s” and ‘child rapist’ protectors in the field of psychiatry, best stay away from OUR kids.

    I can smell the stink of ‘lies’ from these ‘scientists and physicians’ from here…and to the jack booted thugs (yes YOU-the misogynistic RCMP in Canada) and corrupted judiciary who protect them….”me and mine will no longer be the subject of criminal abuse.” So, its best they stay away from First Nations children lest their own children get ‘taken for testing’ – yes, that is a warning, and every First Nations in Canada and the ‘women warriors’ in them, now operate under this credo FYI.

    Mad America indeed – get your f&*king pedophile freaks, and the ‘systems’ that prop them up, under control.