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  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for writing about how it is for you to be going through withdrawals. I’ve been waiting to adjust to a decrease in Wellbutrin. I was on 450mg for 15 years. My first taper was done with my primary care physician, by 50mg. anyhow, I’m on 200mg of Wellbutrin now and I take 2mg of klonopin. I was very compelled by your story and how vividly you expressed how it feels to go through withdrawals. I’m hoping things are good for you, and that you don’t ever give up. You also described some very bizarre side effects, such as, “In July an extreme “boaty” feeling took over my body, causing me to feel like I’m being pulled and pushed around. I stumble at times and have to hold onto the leg of my bedside table while lying down because it seems I will be catapulted off the bed. I have been forced down stairs and off toilet seats by this feeling. There are times I feel really tall and other times like I will sink into the ground, and I feel severe pressure pushing on my body from the inside—similar to that in my head—making me feel like I will explode through my chest, forcing me to cough and tear up. The room spins from dizziness and I often feel like I’ll just float away.” Many times I had same side effects in my 30’s and I would admit myself because I thought I was delusional. But, until I read your description of that, I never would have thought it was the psychotropics. That is such an terrible feeling when you feel like you’re so dosed, yet we are told “Time After Time”, that it’s a symptom of our mental illness. I hope that you continue your tapering slowly, but surely. I hope that you’re family will help you trough this so that you can return to you. ~Thanks, Sarah

  • David, This is not about psychiatrists, rather, psychiatry in general, It’s a human rights issue. Why is physical, mental, and social coercion a general practice in our culture? Force, and manipulation, are part of the human experience. Is it really necessary? What is the best way to remedy it? How do we define controlling a diminished state without using excessive force? There are so many other ways to help a person with diminished capacity without using force. Psychiatry is unacceptable in my opinion, and is inhumane in it’s nature. I cannot say that I agree with using coercion to satisfy an agenda that involves abuse of human rights. Capitalizing on people’s misfortune because they have been abused is not a cure. When social conformists are uncomfortable, because they stuffed their feelings, this does not clearly rationalize coercion. The idealization that books and diplomas and printed money determines who we are, or whether or not we have any human rights is “insanity”. I have witnessed so many aspects of “psychiatric” treatment that were plain and simple human indignation. Why not use a humane, and reward based system to help vicims of domestic and social disease? Maybe because the system pays top dollar to hide the underlying cause of physiological trauma, to build “Empires”. I’m outraged that so much cash is paid out for pencil pushers and educated coercion. Do one, or the other. Help a person, or treat them using inhumane tactics. You cannot heal a broken spirit by continuing to break it. When all is said and done, it really is about dominance, power and capitalism. Not healing. My life has not been helped through psychiatry. My life has been sustained through acts of human decency and kindness. Not Judgement, or control. If someone is sick, whether it be the heart or the head, why treat them like an disposable commodity? I choose not to comply with social norms because I don’t claim them and they don’t claim me. When I “had” a son, if he threw a tantrum in public, I let him. Even if he acted “Crazy”. Even when he flopped all over on the floor at the store, it only took one episode for him to realize that he was free to do that. And when he was finished, he picked himself up and came to me, and he was just fine. “Normal” people who witnessed this thought it was an irresponsible parenting tactic. But it only happened once. No coercion necessary! You think you own whatever land you land on The earth is just a dead thing you can claim But I know every rock and tree and creature Has a life, has a spirit, has a name You think the only people who are people Are the people who look and think like you But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.

  • I like the documentary “Hitler’s Children” on Netflix last March.
    “The descendants of Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler and Amon Goeth come to terms with the role their families played in the Holocaust.” This movie is healing for everyone. Thanks Lauren for helping me realize that I am Me not My Ancestors. Lauren, I found the link between your experience and The Tragedy of Wounded Knee.
    And me.

  • Hi David and Everyone, I like to think that ROBIN decided to die was because I think that famous people suffer, and ROBIN WILLIAMS has an Important message to teach us. He gave his life for his family at a significant TIME. So that we would all look to what his message was and what is important to a HIM. If you would like to find out about HIM, watch “The BEST of MEN” on Netflix. Thank You Everyone who has contributed to this site because you’ve all helped me. WHETHER YOU WANTED TO OR NOT!!!! I’m part of GOD’s Family. This includes EVERYONE THAT BREATHES. THE EARTH AND ALL ARE ONE. To Whon Much Is Given Much Is Expected. SAVE HUMANITY AND SAVE THE PLANET. YOU CANNOT HEAL WITH POISON IN THE WELL!!! Thanks David for such an awesome VIDEO. Thanks DEBRA for helping DAVID. I love the joke about voices David. When I would get evaluated, they would say, “ARE YOU HEARING VOICES?”,
    Yes! “WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?” They’re saying, Are You Hearing Voices? And This One, ” WITCH DOCTOR ARE YOU HERE TO SEE?” Yes, “WITCH DOCTOR ARE YOU HERE TO SEE? Yes. “NO, IM ASKING YOU WITCH DOCTOR YOURE HERE TO SEE? Then, I Would Say, YES, IM HERE TO SEE THE WITCH DOCTOR!!!! Debra, If Everyone Was As Nice As You And Your Husband, I would be cleaning house and WE WOULDN’T NEED TO BE MAD IN AMERICA. I read a great article about ROBIN in the “TV GUIDE” Once In The 70’s, “And I Said, It Was Good.” If Everyone Would Repeat What They Heard, Then Maybe We Would Know WHO WAS LISTENING?

  • In other words, I see a direct link between patterns of acts of geonicide. I have Survived geonicide within my Own Family. All of My Grand Mothers and Great Grand Mothers Were Enslaved By geonicidal Grandfather. The Were Raped, Beaten, Sold, Humiliated, Locked Up In OHS, and Sometimes Even Killed. Just So that I Cold Be Here To Tell Everyone That This Pattern Is Everywhere. Wherever You Go, There You Are. A Victim Of Multiple Physiological Injuries or BioChemPoisoning That Is Being Put Into Everything we touch is now polluted. We Think That this only happens in Lower Class Homes, But Our Forefathers Had This Menality With Our Foremothers of USA Are Sadistc. Very Sadistic Indeed……..

    Thanks Jan for such an awesome post.
    My name is Sarah Blair
    My Grandmother was Cherokee Indian.
    She was locked up in the Oregon State Hospital. This caused me much distress at 4 years old. I’m still trying to remember what happened to her and me. Because, you see, my family did the same thing to me. They abused me until they could have me locked up. Then, my children were taken away after a long painfull battle with Children Services Division.
    She was a Lovely woman. She was not a Criminal.
    I know of the Guild Which You Speak Of. If not for this guild, I wold not be alive today. Thank You For Being an Angel in a Dark Place.
    I grew up at 366 Jonquil St.
    I Danced to Pretty Woman with Ken. You know him too.
    Thank You for everything you have done for human rights in your live.
    God Bless the Humble souls who’s lives were taken in Vanport, Oregon. ~Sarah Blair

  • Lauren,
    You are so special.
    Thank you for telling this beautiful story. I was 12 when I was given “Night”- by Elie Wiesel. Look to this video. Find the place your loved ones are whispering from. You led me to a profound awakening. Thank You So Much.. The Prayer from “The Tragedy of Wounded Knee” and Lauren Spiro are now connected and so This Shall Be A Gathering Place For everyone who Seeks Peace, Love, Hope, Understanding, Refuge.

  • Yes,
    See what I posted below, { October 8, 2014 at 5:20 pm }
    I don’t have enough information about your condition you’re describing, but it sounds like a newly emerging disease called morgellons. I believe that this disease is not fatal physically, but Emotionally. I could stress a person out to no end. I have developed ways to treat my condition that inexpensive and effective. I wish someone had caught me at the stage where you are at (if that’s the case), Because I believe you can reverse it. But stay away from the Doctors because the will not help you. They will make it only worse.

  • WoW ~Hot Topic~
    I agree with the ideas and thoughts and feelings presented by everyone on this topic. ~Almost all.
    I took 900mg of Wellbutrin for nearly 16 years.
    2 ½ years ago I quit Cold Turkey
    Wellbutrin XLR 450mg ~Still on 200mg ~Don’t even want to “think” about tapering off again
    Seroquel XL 900mg ~I went Down to 400mg of Wellbutrin first
    Topamax 100mg ~Then I went Down to 200mg of Wellbutrin
    Depakote 750mg
    Klonopin 2mg ~Still on 1 and 2mg per day ~Depending on the day
    Abilify 40mg
    Levothyroxine 125mcg
    Metformen 500mg
    Prilosec 40mg
    Flexarill 30mg
    Baby Asprin
    I can’t remember what The Others because~obviously~I have brain farts.

    What is BuPROPion Hydrochloride. Ask Alex Jones and Dr Brownstien what Hydrochloride does to The Human Body and Mind? Don’t Ask If You’re Not Sitting Down. Hydrochloride is POISON.


    Thank You Stuart for shedding light on the truths you’ve presented.

    Thank You Monica you are so very helpful, and I will definitely read your articles {when I feel better}

    I’m new at writing and this site, however, my soulmate, Casper, brought it to my attention 2 ½ yrs ago when he saved my life and my vision and my SOUL.
    I wasn’t going to start posting because I didn’t feel I have anything left to share.

    But I See The POWER of this Site and THE MOVEMENT. This Is Working.

    Also, ~KUDOS, AUBREY for your Spirit To Stand Up For The Truth ~It’s Not Easy

    ~Sarah Blair


    I Have EXACTLY this same skin condition on my fore arms and lower legs, believe it or don’t.
    I did not post this to Scare anyone. Nor, am I motivated to explain this openly for sympathy. I feel sorry enough for everyone who is a victim of our culture in any form or another.
    According to “DOCTORS”, This Proves The Fact That I Need Yet Another Psychiatric Diagnosis. “PARISITOSIS”.
    It’s ODD because As Soon As I My “Primary Care Physician” told me I was diabetic in 2008, I Quit Sugar almost completely and totally reversed it. I checked My Blood Sugar Levels 3x Daily.
    This lady does not have “Diabetic Neuropathy” as the “AMA GUN FOR HIRE” claims in this scene I posted. It’s important to me that I shed light on this subject because the sores on my arms and leg are something I wouldn’t wish on most psychiatrists, even.
    I’m 49 and I Took on “Triple Max Doses of Psychotropics” for 20 years. Iv’e Been on Almost Every Psychotropic Imaginable, except those that have been developed in the last 10 years. Why was I was on triple max doses? I’m what’s referred to as a “high metabolizer”. In short, they gave me Lithium Poisoning, which is pretty fun for Six ½ years. Then, my Psychiatrist took a $100 out of his own pocket, and sent a Seroquel blood level test to a special laboratory in slc, UT. Then he announced, “I have some good news and some bad news for you today.” “The good news is that the reason you have been Harassed by the Mental Health(what?) System as a “NON COMPLIANT” is because you are a high metabolizer.”
    “This means that somehow your liver and kidneys have the ability to dump off toxic substances at such a rate, that you will need to take 3x the max Dose of That A Large Man Should Take from now on, in order for you to respond at a therapeutic level. The bad news is, taking that much psychotropics could have serious and unknown repercussions for you years from now. It could eventually lead to a shorter life for you, but, because your Psychosis is so Severe, Taking the Therapeutic Ammount will save your life now because we both know you’re very Etremely Suicidal.

    What Does This Have To Do With Nutrition??? Everything. I would not be here to post this if someone had not taught me nutrition.

    I avoided trying to sort out nutrition my whole life. I’m a Baker. That means I love to make baked Cookies, Cakes, Pies, You Name It, It Tastes Good!

    After all, why would a person worry about “what should I eat”, when neither does anyone seem to have an answer thats simple enough a Individual to grasp and apply. Really? Doesn’t the average Victim Of Psychiatry Fight Minute by Minute for “RELIEF”. Let alone, what does the $100.00 in Food Stamps Buy Me That I Can Use? Doesn’t a Survivor of Sorts have SO MUCH CRAP ON THEIR PLATE ALREADY? Why Add To It!!!!!!!!

    I only learned about “Basic Nutrition” and “Body Function” because I was a “Dead Woman Walking”.
    When people complicate things and try to Force Their Crap on People who Are Like A Drowning Individual Grasping For Straws, No One’s Listening. “OH BOY LOOK AT ME, IM ILLUMINATI”

    “Complicate This! Complicate That! Complicate Life. Enslave The Meek. Take Away Lives and Spirits, Keep People Sick To Pay For Your Range Rover, Ignore Pain and suffering, when it’s the ELEPHANT in the room!”

    Goooooooofys if you want to add complication to my Plate Of Shit. EAT THAT!!!

    If anyone who happens to read this, and You Have These Kind of Issues, I’d love To Talk To You. If You Have Anything You Want To Ask Me Please Feel Free. Be Yourself ! But, if you think you’re better than anyone else. Gooofys! ~Sarah Blair

  • Therapist Or Life Coach? Why Not Friend? You Must Have Heard Me and Casper before we fell asleep. We both read this article and came to the EXACT SAME CONCLUSION TOGETHER AS YOU SAY, ~FRIEND!!!!!!!!!

    I Think Your Statement Is So Profound That It Could Escape Someone Very Easily. You Say 1000 words in just 1 word “FRIEND”.

    Who Doesn’t Need A REAL FRIEND?

    Who Forgets A REAL FRIEND?

    FRIENDS A PLENTY – “1 IN 20”. In Essence, If You Believe 20 People Are Your Friends Maybe One Is Your Friend If You’re Lucky. This Excludes FB lol.


    HaHa! Anyway, congratulations for seeing yourself as the individual you are. Yesterday, I told my best Soulmate and Psychiatric Survivor. “I just love a movie that makes fun of psychiatry, because there is nothing I find more gut wrenchingly funny and everyone loves it.”

    I also think that Nothing Is Funnier Than To Make Jokes About Psychiatry & Psychiatrists. Especially if you are Fighting For Survival From Day To Day, And Minute To Minute Because Of Psychiatry.

    The Psychiatrist that I had most of the time was like many other people in this world. Somehow, he went down a wrong path from which there was no return without First Doing Harm. My Psychiatrist was a man who tried to be a humanitarian.

    I think it caused my Psychiatrist a great deal of stress to “Have” to do a many things or loose his job, in The Hospital where I stayed. Anyhow, he believed he was doing his best, He said, “I would loose everything if my fellow colegues really knew what I think. I Believe That A lot of people get into the field of Psychiatry ( : [ ) X , for all Well Meaning Reasons. But it’s a very bad profession in my opinion. I will say this, one Psychiatrist (Was Different From The Rest) Saved My Life So Many Times. He Was A Man Of “Ethics”. He would say, “That means there are things I refuse to do if I believe it’s unethical.” He also admitted many other things like, “He Could Be Sitting In My Chair Just As Easily As He Was Sitting In His”. Or, “If my fellow Psychiatrists Really Knew What I was thinking most of the time, I’d loose my position as a Psychiatrist, but I have an Edge Over Them.” “What is it”, I asked. “Education,and Reputation.”, “Reputation for what”? “Reputation For Having More Money, And Power. Also, I work here for free, and without me, this hospital wouldn’t exist.”

    My first hospitalization was at 23. My second was at 26, after my daughter was born. But as soon as Services For Children And Families had taken my children for No Reason, I spent the next 15 years of in the Hospital I went to, than out of it. This particular Psychiatrist took care of me. The norm is that they rotate psychiatrists with patients. But I Made A Deal With The Devil. And this Psychiatrist would be mine, Lucky for ME. Reason 1 why i’m still alive today at 49.

    I Encourage You to Reach For Your Golden Ring, “Because You Can”, If You Do It. Why Not, You’ll Feel Better. Even the Best Psychiatrists are Miserable Because even when they believe their ethics are so strong, they watch the enthics go out the window, over and over again, with this crazy look in their eyes. Then, it’s business as usual.

    DO WHAT MAKES “YOU” HAPPY, and Make EVERYONE Else Happier. Isn’t That The Reason We’re SO MAD IN AMERICA? Because we’re Allowed to do what WE ARE ABLE TO DO, AND WE’RE NOT DOING WHAT WE WOULD LOVE TO DO?

    I Hope You are successful at all of your Endeavors Because You Have ETHICS. ~Sarah

    Now I Take A Nap, Then I’ll Weave A Basket, Then I’ll Drop my Blow Dryer into the Tub. Then I’ll Draw With Crayons (a Pretty Picture). Just For To FORCE myself to (fit the mold) whatever it is?
    Please Send Nurse Ratchet in with 2 cc’s of Haloperidol SO I CAN TAKE A NAP!!!

  • Hi Lisa,

    As I lay in bed posting this, I just took 1 mg of K just after reading all of the stories that were so heart wrenching. Anyone who has experienced withdrawals of any kind knows about the excruciating physical pain that pierces to the marrow. The Migraines, Muscle Pain, Spams, Tension, The Unimaginable Pain. The Depression, The Hopelessness. The Shame, And The 100’s of facets of withdraw that are too endless to bear.

    Since taking my K, I just lay back and observe how It affects me. First, I open my bottle and take it out, as I wonder if I will even feel the sedative effects this time.
    Next, A Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde morph of mood sets in. Soon, I forget myself. I have lost my pysical and mental sense of myself again. Pick Your Poison. The Pain in my body is not as strong for a while, but within 20 minutes, it’s back again to haunt me.

    One thing about when people are withdrawing I noticed is the Feeling To Blame One’s Self so much. Maybe because a incompletely inhuman Psychiatrist wanted us for a cash cow and nothing else except to gain a false sense of superiority for themselves. AMA PIMP AND DRUG PUSHER INDEED!

    Your letter Means Most To Us and You. I don’t believe that your doctor is concerned with you any more than a Pimp. He has no Shame Or Compassion. That’s how he got a licence to practice As a Sociopathic Drug Pusher. A Serial Killer With A “Get Out Of Jail Free Card.” Why Did They Hold The Salem Witch trials anyway? They Should Hold Them once again for All Psychiatrists. At least it would be deserved this time it happened. Look At The Crimes Against Humanity By The Crusaders. Vladimir The Impaler, converted and saved so many people’s souls as they slid down the stake so slowly from the gravity.

    You are a Beautiful Person. I can See that so clearly when I read Your story. I hope that one day or another we will all see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. See Your Potential As A Beautiful Person. Forget about what your psychiatrist said, because He’s A Seasoned Liar. Have You Ever Heard Of An honest Drug Pusher?

    I Posted the link at the beginning of this for anyone who is fortunate to have the desire or the time to realize why withdraw is so Extremely Difficult and Tedious.
    Your Body Has Been Storing the chemicals in all of the psychotropics you have ingested since the beginning. So, in short, the missing link is when your body no longer takes in a toxin, it is slowly realeased back into your bowels in hope that they will exit your body. But If you’re not eliminating because psychotropics are designed to block your body’s detox process by first Constipating You, that makes it impossible to ever do that. No wonder we’re sick. One Time I Went To the ER because I could barely walk. A Doctor yelled at me “If you weren’t so mentally ill, you’d know that you can’t walk because you’re constipated.” “Don’t Ever Come Back Here Again just because you are constipated. Why are so many people dying of colon cancer? ~AMA Toxins from psychotropics are stored throughout the whole body and even bone marrow because the liver and kidneys cannot contain them. ~Thanks, Sarah Blair May G-D be with you and give you the brilliance to fight off this attack on your life by a fortune teller and sooth sayer.

  • The Inuits were getting the same nutrients from the vegetation the animals they ate were eating. A friend from Pakistan told me that there was a man from his village who only drank butter. He Ran Everywhere He Would Go, And He Lived To Be Over 100, without ever having heart trouble.
    Exercise and Diet are Both Extremely Important in order to not feel sick. Even if you’ve never been Captured by the Mental Health Authorities Like A Stray Dog (Without a Bone Call To His Attorney).

  • I have always thought of my Grandma often, But usually my thoughts of My Beautiful Cherokee Grandma are Fun. As I mentioned, She Was A Lovely Woman, And the only problem my Grandma had was “Sick People Around Her Wanted Her To Become Invisible”. She Taught me how to communicate with a person without speaking when i was 3 and she made perfect sense. She Still Does. I Love Her So Much! ~Sarah Blair

  • Poet,
    I strongly agree with your statement that, “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. We all know that there is much wisdom in many of the coined phrases that we hear from time to time. The Apple A Day one went over my head for nearly 50 years.

    I became very ill in 2010. I had one foot on my grave and the other foot was on a banana peel. Two years later I found a person was also a surviving the Psychiatric Lie We All Trusted In. And we liked it, as if we were Mikey eating the “Bowl Of Life”. Just Another Brick In The Wall. Up The Creek Without a Paddle. Dust in The Wind.

    When my new survivor friend came into my life, I was carrying around a almost Ten Lb bag of AMA baggage of human toxins. Never forget that legally, if you throw into the garbage what a the AMA man gives you. To Mark it first with a scull and bones. You wouldn’t want to find out what happens if a mental patient gets sick enough to let a child accidentally get ahold of their psychotropics~Psych Patient 101. 1 Psychiatrist 0 Lawyers 1 Rope. But now if you’re a AMA man, you could sprinkle AMA Toxic Pellets (brought to you by you’re trusty friend, BIG PHARMA), all over the little childre’s “Life Of Brian Cereal”.

    I was a dead woman walking on the thin ice of the “Psychiatric Industry. Scull And Bones! I learned a lot from my new friend, including, how to Nourish and Strengthen Myself Physiologically ~Why separate the mind from the body, that’s the “Psychiatric Model” though! I never feel ok if I’m not ELIMINATING properly. And i never feel ok if I’m not eating food that is GMO, Processed, Dairy, Meat, Seafood(because of nuclear contamination of our ocean-most of us are not told about that secret),
    After learning a few basic principals about health and noutrition I Seriously Believe that Not One Person Can Feel Well And Not Follow These Basic Principals. I Definitely could not have gone through the withdwawls of quitting dozens of meds. Metformen(causes diabetes to escalate, but lowers the blood sugar by tricking a failing pancreas to process more White Devil ~sugar). Flex-aril, Pain Medication(for arthritis in my 20’s ~a Serious B12 Deficiency), Aspirin(in case my triple max dose of Wellbutrin triggered a Heart Attack). High Blood Pressure Skittles, Eye Drops for Glaucoma (cost minimum wage earners 100.00 an ounce to burn my eyes so bad). High Cholesterol Toxic Modern Geonicide Skittles(Caused paralysis in my left shoulder, arm, and hand, followed by atrophied muscular condition, and accompanied with tremendous pain for 2 years while my primary care fraud ama (used car salesman, type bedside mannered,self proclaimed “STINKER”) while he sat back thinking of me occasionally, while eating beef wellington with George bush “junior”Both tight as a crab’s ass. Don’t wanna do nothin’ for nobody, just wanna pleasure themselves and lie about it while they both sit there with a shit eaten’ grin on their monkey faces, Oh no I just broke out of my mold again (the man may come and take me away) Punctuation went out the window “Huston We Have A Problem”, “Im Sorry Dave, I Cannot Do That.” “Nurse Rachet, I Need Another Pill” =<( c
    “Help Me S.O.S.”~Sarah Blair ~I could go on and on forever and I WILL!~ With or Without A Psychiatrists “Help”.

  • David,
    My Great Grandmother on my Mother’s side was 100% Cherokee. Her Daughter was my Grandma. When my grandmother was 3yrs old, she contacted spinal meningitis. She ran a very high fever, as a result, she lost her hearing. She never learned how to speak. Therefore, she was a deaf mute. When I was 3yrs old, my grandmother came to stay with my family. I was told not to speak to her. The first morning with my grandma, she wanted water, flour, cereal boxes, and she wanted me to get it for her. I had no idea what she was doing. Soon she wanted newspapers? So, I got them. My parents had said that there was something wrong with my grandma because she was violent if she got pissed. So, by now I was a little scared what she was going to do next. Soon she was mixing the flour with the water to make a paste. Next, she was taking cereal boxes and breaking them down. Next thing I knew, she was making me paper dolls from the wedding announcements in the paper. They were so cool. Everything about my Grandmother was so beautiful. I love her so much. Not only was she talented, she could make anything she saw, if she wanted to. She loved me too. We had a great friendship. She was a georgeous woman. She was extremely clever and so talented. I totally understood everything she said to me by the end of the first day with her. It made me extremely sad and upset time, and again, throughout my life to see the way that my Grandma was severely abused and mistreated. I always thought that my Family was ashamed of Grandma, and wished Grandma would literally “disappear”, because they were embarrassed to be seen with a Woman who was an American Indian. Sometimes I know that when the abuse got severe and my Grandpa’s drinking and abuse escalated, they would commit her for years at a time to the same hospital Jack Nikolson filmed “One Flew Over The Coo’Coo’s Nest”. When I would see my Grandma twice after a long stay at that hospital in the early 70’s, she was not the same person I knew. I thought that my grandma was one of the other pateints who was inadvertently released by mistake, instead of my grandma. I did not think she was really my Grandma, and I thought she was still in the hospital by mistake. My Grandma could never speak for herself though when she tried, and they abused her even more and more. I hope whatever my grandma is doing right now that she is herself, and content. I’m sure she is. People who suffer mistreatment, continuously with no love or attention in this life so much become very brave and strong and wise eventually. But, it is such a long and painful process. My children were taken from me when I had my daughter 2 years later. I continued to deal withe the Services For Children And Families. The reason I fell into the hands of the Evil Mental Heath System (Agenda Gone Wrong), was because I was upset that my brother had done something terrible to my 3yr old son. I could not eat, nor drink, or sleep for 3 weeks. I was hospitalized at 23 as a single widow with a little boy (who was further abused by many other members of my immediate family for 8 more weeks, while I was in the hospitalized for 5 weeks, then my mother was given temporary custody of my son for 3 more weeks after I was released from the “Psych Hospital”, Services For Children And Families thought that it would be good for my son to stay with my Mother for 3 more weeks. Really, they Insisted! I had no choice of coarse, because I was such an incompetent mother for being sick because my son was molested by members of my immediate family. Although I reported all of these events with my son and my family to Church Authorities, Police, Counsellors, “Services”(what?) For Children And Families, and basically everyone i knew. The consensus was always the same one. Put her in the hospital now. I totally agree with your views of our twisted culture and it’s social agenda and everything else you say about it. Just think, if we set up our own homes like a psychiatric hospitals, and did to our precious little children the same as they do to us in psychiatric hospitals, what would the black market business Services For Children And Families do then? They would really have a reason to call us unfit parents, and sell all of our precious children like the Gestapo they are. They who are the truly SICK of this world, and weak individuals of POOR character, who FORCE and make others SUFFER. Those who consider themselves any MORE special than any other person. Those who truly have “delusions of grandeur” about being important and professional people because they have a license to call you sick for being human, then decide that you are therefore, an unfit person to you own children and family. Those who like to FORCE. Those who have nature like of a serial killer. Those who bring Death And Suffering to us with a smile on their face and a padded bill for all of the working class to pay. Those who oppress us by deciding our fate and our live should be horrible. Those who dare to even consider that some people are unfit to have jobs, families, lives, freedoms and a lively hood which would be so much better if not damaged by our social systems. But, rather those who are instead in a financial position to help us all be free. Those who consider themselves any more special than any other person. And we all know who I’m talking about! Those who have the audacity to judge another person. Stronger people are able to add to other peoples’s lives, and first do no harm. THOSE WHO ARE TRULY THE ONES WHO ARE NOT ONLY DANGEROUS, BUT OUT OF THER MINDS. Those who consider themselves Psychiatrists, and such, Are Truly The Ones Who Are Of Poor Moral Character, REALLY should be “Weeded Out” of society (like they did to us). And the dogs of our social system. But the won’t be weeded out by us because we are too kind and wouldn’t turn the tables on them. Because we are lucky that we are better people. STRONGER people than they are. Really what knowledge have the even accrued from this life except how to FORCE others and decide that they have the RIGHT to DO THAT at ALL. Those who oppress others in this life will truly be unfortunate when they realize that Karma IS REAL. those who vicimize and force and do harm, will seriously be the unfortunate ones some time in the future. AND it WON’T be FUN or PRETTY. Also, I can truly say that i’d rater Be Oppressed than TO Oppress Others if I had to Choose. Labeled Sick, or unfit, or whatever it may be. I could go on like this for days. And if some sick person decides that we are To Be Forced To Do Anything (including taxes, war, death,or anything else on their twisted agenda, THEY’RE WORSE THEN WRONG, BECAUSE IN THE LONG RUN, THEY WILL TRULY PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR CRIMES THEY HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST HUMANITY. AND IT WON”T BE EASY. ~I write this, not because i am more clever than the average mental patient or”HOPELESS CASE” as I was many times referred to as, But I Say These Things Because THEY ARE TRUE! Also the Psychiatrists and Doctors, etc. and “authorities” are the same type of people who Committed So Many Unspeakable Crimes Against Humanity and The Holocaust Of The American Indians, and all the other mass mushers that have taken place on the earth from the beginning of time. ~Thank You For All Of Your Efforts For Speaking Out Against Psychiatry.

  • What do you make of the fact that mental illness is being medicalized 2000 years ago? What does that fact say to you?
    I’m not sure exactly what to say. Perhaps Cave Dwellers Had Some People Who Were Called Psychiatrists, but my mother mentioned that Snake Oil Works Good For People Who Don’t Fit The Mold!!!

  • Ron,
    In your article, (about adjusting to happiness~vs~unhappiness, while people work through their lives toward healing physiologicaly), Your comments were extremely enlightening, as you expounded upon my own feelings and experiences, in you own special way of expression.

    Lets face it, Everyone Is Mentally Ill, According to Modern Or Early Fathers of ‘The Psychiatric Industry’. I include All of Mankind in the Quest toward Happiness. I believe that some individuals relate happiness with “Doing Oppressive Things To Other Individuals Who are Humble, “Because They Can.” Im am a ’49 yr’ old woman. At this point in my life, I believe that people who do mostly good things for themselves and others are “Black Sheep”. Black Sheep are Easier to Spot, Hunt, or Kill. Also, less compassion exists in these types of scenarios.

    I awoke from a fairy tale in 2010, when i discovered sores were appearing on my nape of the neck and also way up, inside my nose. I realized from that day on, that most people who consider them selves Doctors, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors (because they participate in the madness), or Authority Figures. The group I just listed, I believe contains the Highest Number of Participants who are ‘Destructive by Nature to Humanity’ (past or present day included).
    Also, a person can find many Participants in Mental & Emotionally Destructive Behaviors in places where they seek refuge from one bad situation to the next throughout their lives of struggle to thrive.

    Thanks to a compassionate person unlike any other taught me about So Many Things That Help Counteract against Social Patterns of Oppression against people who are ‘Less Fortunate, or Undeserving’, I have began to develop a new set of coping skills in which to deal with the Stress That
    Is Counterproductive to ones self. However, one of the hardest skills to learn is that when a person begins the awkward process of Recovery, in particular, Withdrawal from Psychiatric Cocktails~ ‘Happiness’ becomes just another verb, such as Fairness, or Human Rights, or Freedom, or Equality, or Non Prejudice”. These are merely words that were perhaps derived from some sort of a Story, that we were taught by the Propaganda and Educational Authorities.

    As you withdraw from these Bio~Hazardous Chemicals that we swollowed up like The Lies Behind their Origin, A Veil or Curtain of Reality Comes Crashing Down When You Realize that all along, you and I, and everyone who is a Victim of severe Oppression in life, of one form or another. That veil can quickly become like a plate of glass that you fall against thats “Too Small to Matter”, but Big Enough to Cut You into So Many Little Pieces. ~Evanescence ~