Friday, August 14, 2020

Comments by Michael Clark, PhD

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  • Interesting point about enjoying impairment. I knew one person who said their evening pill was like a daily drink (alcohol).

    I tend to view the issue like this. If any potentially harmful substance prevents someone from say, suicide, harming someone else, or being hospitalized, then it’s a lesser evil. That’s not to say that there are not better ways to deal with psychological unwellness. Problem is, we live within certain structures, at a given moment in history. So it’s true, many people do believe the sometimes dubious findings of scientific research. I think many people on drugs (note that I do not say “meds”) should do so with a view toward finding a better solution.

  • I like this site and the work you’re doing here. I just looked over this article quickly, but would like to add that the placebo effect isn’t only about the patient wanting to play the role of good patient. The patient can also actually feel better, for whatever complex of reasons. Forgive me if you’ve mentioned this here or elsewhere.

    Also, I’m not convinced that all psychiatric assessment hinges on patients’ self reports. I think a good psychiatrist could monitor the patient over time and make a reasonable assessment. So even if a patient says, “I had a lousy week,” the doctor might reply, “Well, let’s remember that over the past 6 months, you’ve made significant gains in several areas…”

    As for this statement:

    “psychiatric drugs; illegal street drugs; alcohol and nicotine, all have in common that they confer a temporary good feeling. That’s why people use them.”

    I don’t agree. Some people have “bad trips” with street drugs. And some say they “feel nothing,” especially with THC. Moreover, some say that prescribed drugs make them feel badly. That’s why patients often “play around” when beginning a new drug regimen.

    Pls understand that I’m not emphatically for or against psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. I think the benefit/detriment totally depends on the situation.