Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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  • Jim Carrey had an awakening and it is on youtube whereby he speaks about his experiences.

    I appreciate what the Dr in this article had to say because it was only through time, coming off my ADs and experiences of trauma – and subsequent recovery – that I came to a similar conclusion: many of us who experienced trauma turned inward to soothe and make sense of terrible circumstances as kids. We lacked the typical NORMALIZING parental safety net and had to develop heightened intuition and in many cases – prayer to a higher power for help. As a means for survival.

    In my case, these experiences opened up a safer world upon which I could draw strength.

    Over time the trauma was too much as I aged and I became depressed. I presume it was due to increasing awareness of the unfair situation I was in as a child and the enormity of those implications. It was difficult to accept my family would subject me to such damage and leave me to fend for my own care. ADs were damage control though mostly it numbed me.

    As I went CT from ADS last yr, I had a flooding of awakenings both positive and frightening. It was too much of a rapid re entry into the unmedicated brain and it overwhelmed me. I restarted the ads and now as I taper, the peace, joy and difficulties are being dealt with bit by bit. It aint easy – but I also am able to embrace my intuitive side with a healthy dose of rationality which would have overwhelmed me and no doubt, escalated had I resumed CT status.

    We speak about divinity in religion and prayer – spirits of Holy Ghosts and ongoing conversations with God (for those who believe) and pray to images and statues of icons. We read about fantastic stories in the bible and other religious texts while being told to embrace and believe in it. That is what faith is: believing in something unseen…yet told to doubt ourselves when we have religious experiences as though it were madness. It is suggested we are made in god’s image – which would allow for amazing graces if it were mainstream acceptable. In most cases it is viewed as negative. All this negating does is create more self doubt and further descent into the psych abyss. A form of self loathing for the things we think and feel beyond the “moral majority” of which is neither IMO.

    One of our senses is intuition and we are encouraged to ignore and stuff it by psychiatrists in favor of shutting up our senses with medication. I do feel, however, medications of certain types may help depending on the illness and severity along with patient consent – but to categorically deny the human experience as tilting at windmills – is to deny we are part of the universe as conscious, thinking beings capable of more than 9-5.