Thursday, January 28, 2021

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  • I wondered about this also. I am an incest survivor and my father was not your normal run of the mill pedophile, as bad as that is. He was twisted beyond the pale. In any case, as an adult when I sought treatment, everyone wanted to give me antidepressants, etc. Fortunately, all of these medications had horrible side effects and I worked thru the nightmare with therapy. I noticed that a woman I knew who had a similar background of extreme abuse went the psychiatric drug use route. She has been living on disability for over 20 years and I am still self supporting. I think the fact that the drugs did not work actually saved me.

  • I believe that the vast majority of mental illness is trauma based. I am an incest survivor and know many sexual abuse survivors. Some of them have been diagnosed as bipolar when what they really suffer from is severe PTSD. Then they are drugged out of their wits and never get to the true source of the problem, so they never get any real relief from their illness. While I do agree that we need a better understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of the brain, I don’t think that that is where the answers to most mental illness resides. The drug proliferation without much improvement is an indication that we are looking in the wrong place for answers.