Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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  • I am concerned to see an individual making false statements, claiming:

    “BMJ admits fraud claim against Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact. Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work being proven once again in a court of law to solidify the very real connection between autism and vaccines.”

    As the journalist working on the BMJ’s Wakefield investigation, I can assure you that the journal stands wholly behind its findings with regard to Wakefield and has at no time ever “admits fraud claim against Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact”.

    Nor is it true that his work is being “proven once again in a court of law”. The US court of federal claims vaccine division had lengthy trials of Wakefield’s theories and conclusively, and scathingly rejected them.

    Anyone who believes that the case against Wakefield is weak might want to read the longest account yet of my findings against him, set out on penalty of perjury. If you have a genuine interest, read this material and come to your own conclusion.