Monday, April 6, 2020

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  • @larmac

    I cant express how sorry I am for your loss of your son!!! Thank you for being apart of this community to help other parents going through this. You are inspiring!!! It is extremely hard when your child is not well and you can’t kiss them to make it better. I so desperately want to fix this for him. Sometimes he makes comments like ” he would rather have a terminal illness than to spend the rest of his life like this”. I continue to tell him it is going to get better. This won’t last forever. I don’t know if that is true or not but I pray for him daily and just hope that it will get better. He has had relapses with substances and I know the damage it does to him. He had an episode 2 days ago and has not been himself all week. My first gut instinct is that he did drugs. I test him and he comes up negative but I have noticed that he doesn’t have an episode right after using it will happen a couple of days after using. Some drugs are out of your system after 72 hours. When he is experiencing withdrawal that’s when the psychosis sets in. Its hard too because I’m dealing with a 16 year old. He is very intelligent and knows a lot about his symptoms but I think at times he don’t care. He just wants relieve even if its temporary. It’s heartbreaking.

  • @Suzanne Beachy

    Thank you!!! I did come across some information yesterday about the brain tissue loss. Is it true that episodes of psychosis hardens the brain tissue? I have a lot to learn myself. I have been following doctors orders and allowing them to educate me. I’m also a member with NAMI online and they agree with the doctors. I have observed my son on a lot of different anti psychotics and they did not help his symptoms at all. It turned him into a zombie and he still struggled with the same symptoms. If I thought it helped in anyway I probably wouldn’t be here looking for alternatives. I’m just afraid that what if this does get worse. I never medicated him as a child for his adhd, anxiety and depression and now this. Am I making the best decision for him? I been told maybe if I had medicated him when he was younger, he wouldn’t have abused drugs which lead us here to psychosis. I will definitely start educating myself more and I appreciate you all giving me feedback

  • @uprising @Richard d. Lewis

    Thank you so much for your responses. I greatly appreciate it. My son has experienced trauma and was abusing heroin. For a year now he attends a school for mental health which has benefited him as for as academics and his therapist is there 5 days a week. He likes his therapist but she pushes medication on him all the time. She said recently, how can we help you if you refuse treatment and he said just talk to me. I will never take antipsychotics again. He also attends a substance abuse program. We have had disputes about marijuana. So I will definitely find some literature on psychosis and pot. As far as the trauma. He really hasn’t opened up about it yet. Maybe seeing someone that specializes in that field will be more helpful. I didn’t know that a specialist for trauma existed. Thank you for that info. He suffers EXTREME anxiety. He is taking Lexapro, Bus bar, and recently started taking a mood stabilizer. What are your thoughts on this type of medication?

  • I am new on this site and am struggling with my teenager who is refusing his medication and honestly I can’t say I blame him. My son has tried many medications this past year for psychosis disorder. They all had negative effects on him which really didn’t seem to help much of his symptoms. He has been off his meds since June. He is not any worse or better since he has stopped but the doctors continue to stress that this is a progressive illness and he will get worse without medication. My son is 16 now but when he was 6 he was diagnosed with adhd, anxiety and depression. I never medicated him and I have recently been told by different psychiatrist had I medicated him then, it might not have progressed to psychosis. I have blamed myself for not medicating him when he was younger. Now I’m supporting my son’s decision not to take antipyscotics. I want to feel confident in this decision but it’s hard when the experts are telling us its going to get worse. For those that consider yourselves recovered, what does that mean? My son has auditory and visual hallucinations. Do they go away? Do you learn to live with them? Because he is 16 and his brain is still developing is it going to get worse before it gets better?