Monday, August 2, 2021

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  • TLDR; thanks for the article! I think anyone who has any experience in this “system” understands that what is needed the most is a glide path for those individuals experiencing this trauma. My efforts are focused on what I can do right now to bring relief to all those suffering this trauma. I believe it’s time for all of us to starting filling in potholes in this road at each and every step along the way, from prevention, support during the crisis (involuntary treatment), and long term recovery.

    Hi everyone. I’m not going to get into my life story or why I am getting involved. Let’s just say I have never been on any of these drugs, but I know someone who has been and have seen the damage first hand for the individual and everyone else involved. 15 years of being on the worst of the worst of these drugs for this individual has indeed created a landscape of a war zone.

    I do have a couple of observations, suggestions, and points that I will attempt to list here.

    1.) Thank you to the author and all of the other resources I have found in my brief look at the alternatives to treatment. You have no idea how much hope it gives me after facing off with what I call pseudopharmachiatry.
    2.) My personal background I believe is well suited to being a key component in bringing about change that everyone is talking about.
    a.) I have a family member suffering this “system” for 15 years
    b.) I am professional web developer of 10 years
    c.) I have been a political activist and have ties to large scale educational campaigns (presidential runs in 2008 and 2012 and gearing up for 2016)
    3.) It seems like all of the information for “alternative” treatment is out there and that is all well and good. From my perspective however, this information is “static”. In my profession, static information is not really information at all. A perfect example is this article. It was written over a year ago, there was a flurry of commentary on the information, and then the information got swallowed up by the internet. So unless someone happened to come along at this exact moment in time, they missed a chance to activate.
    4.) One of the things the “patient” that I am emotionally tied to has always wanted to do is have a radio program. He tried and tried, I tried to help him, but never really materialized or had a purpose.

    What I propose, as a way get this information and message out there in a dynamic/non static format is for ME to build a radio program. The goals of this program are very lofty in it’s production capacity, however I think the purpose would be very clear.

    I want dynamic content. I want a place on the internet where people can go and tune in to a program that is entirely focused 24/7 on sharing this information.

    There are certainly enough incidents occurring to have plenty of content. There are certainly enough professionals who are deeply vested in this core societal issue to give the program credit.

    In the coming weeks, I will be laying the ground work for this radio program. I will be looking to start gathering up ALL the static information that is out there, including the many videos films and documentaries, chats, forums etc etc.. and turn this into a dynamic source for “patients”, families, activists, and anyone else who wants to participate in the radio program.

  • Thank you for this piece. Although the circumstance that led up to my brother getting ensnared by this barbaric practice are not exactly the same, I can see the very common thread in the lives of this young man and my brother.

    I am banned from seeing my brother, and the Doctor is recommending that the court replace my mom as the guardian with a “professional guardian”.

    He began actively refusing drugs for the first time after he went to a university pharmaceutical study about the same time this article was written. My brother has always had petty issues with the law, like trespassing, but recently his objections to treatment became more vocalized and aggressive.

    His aggressiveness manifested when he kicked his new nurse out of his apartment after she disparaged him for his spiritual views. She told him there was no way that Jesus could have cured him from his problems, that he was delusional because was off his meds for 6 months. We think my brother was given placebo at the pharmaceutical study and had begun to withdraw and detox from 15 years of these hard core drugs.

    He ended up getting a new doctor to evaluated him after 40 days (trespass and bogus stalking charge) in jail and release to the jails private hospital affiliate. The doctor immediately filed commitment paper work. Our family had prearranged his jail release to a voluntary crisis center in hopes that we could make the transition smooth and begin discussing alternative treatment options.

    We got banned the day after the first commitment hearing for “not cooperating with treatment plan”, “interfering with treatment”, “harassment”, “trying to help patient elope”.

    long story but it seems like they all are. I feel like I have to share every little detail to get people to understand what is going on. We called and called the doctor for the last 2 weeks. He finally called today and I couldn’t believe this guy was actually a doctor with the way he spoke to my mother!

    He basically blamed my mother for the problems my brother is having and at one point told her that he is trying to treat my brother and not her!

    It’s like a broken record with these people.

    I think the patterns we are seeing in our loved ones and with the staff, doctors, fake courts etc are all caused by this big pharmaceutical companies pillaging the public tax money.

    For instance, this doctor that somehow has the ability to override judges decisions, block family members and parents, and basically rape my brother, he is the medicade #1 billing psychiatric doctor in the state BY FAR.

    That is because his facility is directly connected to the jail release. I am sure what he bills medicade is just the tip of the iceberg.

    He “treats” nearly 1000 medicade patients a year and bills 2.6 million dollars. This is on top of “private” practice. The next highest biller to medicade comes in at 200k.

    He sees his “patients” for maybe 5 minutes a day before he ships them off to a “state” hospital or injects them with god knows what and sends them out on there own.

    Even the doctor that my brother has been seeing for years was unable to contact this doctor. My brothers long time doctor was not invited to the hearing, and this new doctor never even tried to find out the history.

    I have done activism for other issues in the past, mostly libertarian elections. This is definitely a libertarian cause and I am surprised that there isn’t a much bigger movement already.

    I need to get the word out LOUDLY and CLEARLY for anyone else that has someone under the “care” of a psychiatrist, and definitely need to shed some light on the money side of things as well as the big drug company connections.

    My brother calls what psychiatrists do psychobabble. I think it’s to knock these power tripping mad scientists and witch doctors down a peg or two on the authority ladder.

    Who is with me?