Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • I think you have misinterpreted what Michael meant when he stated; “Szasz failed”. The meaning was not that Dr. Szasz failed, but society has failed to listen and understand what Dr. Szasz was pointing out. Tom was a close and dear friend. Dr. Szasz and I had many conversations about this. Dr. Szasz said he knew that what he rationally showed would never be completely accepted. In a conversation just two weeks before he passed, he said. ‘Even if every psychiatrist agreed with me, it still would not change’. I responded, ‘yes, because society wants it’. He said “Exactly!” “Psychiatric Coercion serves a role society will always desire to have access to.” Tom did not see this at all as some sort of defeat, just the sad reality of today’s society. He was an honest man, courageous and a true hero.